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Thanks for a Great Year MOBAFire!

Creator: FlashJ
January 10, 2013 7:13pm
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As the world looks forward to a brand new year, we’ve taken pause for a moment to reflect on the amazing accomplishments of this League of Legends community in 2012.

After 3+ years MOBAFire is still 100% driven by its fans and proud to say we are owned and operated by the original founders and a talented team of staff and volunteers who have joined us over the years. At the time of this writing, we are the most popular and most visited League of Legends fan site in the world. Month over month for 2012 MOBAFire has held a solid #1 position, all thanks to you, the MOBAFire community.

Over the course of the year readership has grown by almost 100%. Through dedication and hard work on everyone’s part more and more people are finding MOBAFire is a great resource to discuss LoL strategy. It’s a place where everyone can freely share their ideas and discuss them on equal footing and where millions of fellow players come to read those ideas and discussions in search of new, unique strategies to employ in their game play.

Authors have penned so much incredible content over the year, enough to fill the pages of approximately 360 novels! That much content could take a lifetime for any single author to write, many never writing that much at all. The time it would take to read all of that is staggering. If you spent all of your waking hours reading, and were a fairly fast reader you might be able to finish it all in 3 years. It would be an exhausting 3 years. Most of us would take 10+ years to read all of that. It’s an amazing amount of content and a massive community accomplishment everyone should be proud of!

eSports Central has collectively penned 200 articles over the last half of the year covering every major League of Legends event and some really interesting interviews. Readership of their collective works has grown, and continues to grow month after month as more and more MOBAFire fans realize we are reporting on more than just news, we report strategy as well.

A relatively new addition to the MOBAFire family, MOBAFire TV, has sparked its own fire by providing a new outlet for the MOBAFire community to express their passion for video! Right from the start there has been a lot of interest in helping to create and improve the content. Everyone is working so hard to put together their best. The team has some newcomers who have been very well received, along with some more familiar faces from around the MOBAFire community. All of the effort and talent contributed by this small but growing group is evident in the positive comments and a growing following with every new release. Well done everyone, we’re excited to see what 2013 holds in store for MFTV!

All of this effort has not gone unnoticed; almost 42 million readers from over 200 countries around the world have come to enjoy what you have all so passionately shared. That number says a lot about what you have contributed to the League of Legends community. 42 million… that’s a lot of value you have brought to a lot of people! Well done!

There are plans for even more exciting features and events for everyone to enjoy and to bring more value to the League of Legends community as a whole. MOBAFire will continue to blaze trails in 2013!

Don't forget to enter the "Thanks for a Great Year" contest where you can win a Digital Storm Bolt or 1 of 36 other great prizes!

Thank you everyone for an amazing 2012!
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Oh oh oh you stole this from RIOT!!

lovin' it
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Simply wow....
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Go MOBAFire! Happy 2013!
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:3 Some great figures up there!
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huehuehueheu brazil.
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What a numbers, that's just insane... well done though, proud of being a (small) part of this :)

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-Thanks to The_Nameless_Bard , Xiaowiriamu and myself for this awesome sigs-

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