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[6.23] The Ultimate Assassin/Bruiser Shaco Guide

EvilLurker Last updated on December 1, 2016
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[November 29th 2016]
We're baaaaaaaaaaack!
Korean shaco god 유산됨 has updated his build, and even though AP shaco is currently
on the highest win rate, I still use the ad shaco with a few changes.
I updated the masteries, items, and now added another AP/Hybrid shaco, and a voyboy shaco.

Check out voyboy's latest game, damage is sick!

[September 8th 2016]

Korean builds prove to be so much more useful. Check out the guide based on these two korean top players:

Both builds are pretty much the same except for 2 items.

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Hello, my nickname is EvilLurker and recently changed it to Animal Instincts on EUW. I was Bronze Season 1, Platinum Season 2 and 3, and Diamond seasons 4 and 5.

I am playing this game since beta, and I have a lot of experience with Shaco so I wanted to share my build with you.

I currently stand on Diamond 4, with 2 smurfs - one in plat 1, and the other on plat 5.

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The God Clown

If you ever loved making a mess in teamfights, causing havoc in the enemy jungle, and just being an annoyance, Shaco is the best champion you can play.

It took me a long long time to find the perfect build for him.

If you want to play assassin shaco, go ahead and take full damage, kill your target,
but most likely you will die in the process or afterwards because you won't have many escapes.

However, if you want to deal tons of damage and still be able to sustain..
Or even better, ever dreamt of peeling against 4 enemy champions?

I have recently played against 3 supertanks - Dr Mundo, Amumu and Tahm Kench while the
enemy team had 2 carries. Basically what I did is kept them busy for around 10 seconds,
while Mundo chased their carry 1v4. He died in the process, and so did I, but afterwards
their team had 2 carries with half hp from my damage, and my team were able to clean up
and get a swift victory..

Not only that, you can completely nullify an enemy jungler like Amumu or others, and make them useless for half the game at least. When the enemy jungler is neutralized, all your lanes have to do is either play passive or win their lanes. No jungler involved, PURE SKILL GAME. And when he is weak, your ganks will matter.

That's what bruiser shaco is capable of.

Try this build and you won't regret it.

By the way, if you're new to Shaco, I suggest playing at least 100 games before judging.
He takes a lot of skill and cunning to master.

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Explanation for runes is quite simple.
I took extra armor for counter jungling, the magic resist per level gives you the
edge against ap champions late game, and the attack speed quints is for clears and dueling.

I have a lot of experience, these are the perfect runes.

NOTE: If you are not going to counter jungle I suggest taking standard armor seals and 3x attack speed quints.

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Masteries are simple 0-18-12 for burst and survival early game.

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Counter Jungling

This is the fun part with shaco.
This is why I love playing him.

Counter jungling.

Put 4 JitB on red buff (start at 45 seconds), kill it, put another jitb on the mini minion beside it, AA it once, and AA the rest on the other mini minion. Head towards blue buff.
If the jungler is there and started blue, all you have to do is smite it, since he won't have smite - he wasted it on grump. Otherwise, just take the buff and SEARCH FOR THEM

DUEL THEM! Make them cry! Put jitb and start auto attacking with red buff. The ignite you have will make sure you win your duels. Make them waste flash. Take their whole jungle.

If they call for help, watch the minimap. Sometimes you can even ONE VS TWO and get away with killing one of them. Enemy mid laner will most likely interfere, but I had times when I killed both of them. Just keep doing auto attacks with your red buff, and use your Q's and JitB to outplay. After a while doing it, you will master it and make chaos in their jungle.

Check my channel and search for Shaco videos on youtube (Search for "EvilLurker Shaco")

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Basically you have two options.
1. Peel for your carries
2. Distract the enemy carries

Oh and another option - Assassinate low hp targets.

If your adc is fed, you might want to peel for him. Just Q into the enemy gap closer and use your tools to slow him down and damage.

If their adc is fed, try to q into them, use your combo and ignite to scare them, and immediately R and send your clone into them, then back away. This will create confusion, they will start attacking your clone while you escape and distract them while your carries deal with the front line.

Your other option, if your team is ahead, just search for low hp carries and combo them to death, then proceed to peel for your adc.

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Shaclone's Current Build:
Skip to 5:08 for some really good elo tips:
Counter jungling:

Unranked to Diamond:

Funny stuff:

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Your team is the key to victory. I haven't realized this in a long time, but there is no such thing as SOLO QUEUE CARRY. You need your team for victory! Give them a boost to their morale. Tell them you believe in them, tell them to play smart and follow your lead. If they get flamed they will perform worse and won't care. Victory is in your hands, lead them to it!