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Shyvana Build Guide by edgewater1364

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League of Legends Build Guide Author edgewater1364

[6.7] Dragon's Ascent

edgewater1364 Last updated on August 8, 2016
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Most of the build paths herein are/were created during 6.5 or so, so the ideology and pathology behind it are mostly infused from around that timeframe.

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Just Item Things

It's a new season, and with it comes new changes.

This year, the Rift's been enjoying some of it's most diverse itemization choices yet,
and Shyvana, the Half-Dragon is no exception.

The Rift is home to many champions, many builds, many options and many guides.
But as RIOT themselves have said, this Season is all about Clarity.

That said, this guide will not be about Tactics. It will not be about farming paths,
though I may recommend one later.

This is a home and a haven for itemization debate, and I present to you my ideas, my philosophy on my item choices, how they interact with runes and masteries, as well as how my build has evolved over time to reflect these choices.

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Half Dragon Dissected

Of the various types of junglers that roam the Rift, Shyvana is considered a farming jungle. Rather than focusing on ganking and lane balance, or even counter-jungling to a degree, she excels at clearing camps and positively outfarming the hell out of the enemy jungler*.

That said, anything other than the Devourer enchantment feels utterly like a waste on her.
Cinderhulk is considered by many to be a viable option, but I disagree. Here is why.

Shyvana is a unique champion in many ways, but the most poignant of these at the moment is her interaction with her Q, and the way her ultimate functions.

Every guide I've read thus far fails to take into account these important factors, or at the very least, fails to mention them.

In a nutshell, Shyvana has no hard timer on her ultimate,

"Dragon's Descent has no cooldown or initial cost, but can only be activated when Shyvana has 100 Fury. Shyvana also gains 100 Fury instantly when Dragon's Descent is first learned."

and is only limited by her Fury Gauge. How does one increase her Fury quickly and sustain it during her ult?

"PASSIVE: While in human form, Shyvana passively generates Fury every 1.5 seconds. In both forms, her basic attacks also each generate 2 Fury."

Let me repeat that. Basic attacks generate Fury. Are you furious yet? You should be.

Or at least with Sated Devourer you will be.

Basic attacks generate Fury. Devourer generates basic attacks. Sated Devourer generates on hit effects again every other attack. The effect stacks, then stacks again!

"Shyvana's Ultimate has an effective duration of 20 seconds when not attacking. If attacking continuously with a 2.5 attack speed, it has an indefinite effective duration. With Sated Devourer only attack speed of 1.67 is needed."

This means if you reach 1.67 Attack Speed, and are sporting a Sated Devourer, you can theoretically sustain her ultimate an unlimted duration. What's that? Everyone ran away? Who can blame them? You did after all, turn into a Dragon. No worries, though. It's a quick fix, my friend.

Pop back into the jungle, hit a a few minions, and you're ready to go.

"Shyvana's Ultimate has an effective cooldown of 150 / 75 / 50 seconds when not attacking. When permanently attacking at 2.5 attack speed, it has an effective cooldown of about 17.65 / 15.8 / 14.3 seconds. Combined with Sated Devourer, the effective cooldown is reduced to 12.24 / 11.32 / 10.5 seconds."

I'm sorry, wait, WHAT'S THE MATH ON THAT? Eat your heart out Lux, and in the meantime, I'll be eating your whole team because Shyvana's uptime scales Incredibly Well with Attack Speed.

In summation, You can gain health from any number of sources. Cinderhulk's passive is a sort of 'always Burnout' whereas Devourer may have, in fact, been made with Shyvana in mind. For the love of your team, please take Devourer.

Oh, Warrior exists too. But don't do that.

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Masteries and You

Having long experimented with and held on to the idea that the red mastery was the bomb diggety, my experiments with SOTA has made me a believer,

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Edits and Notes

Cut stuff. Silly editing notes I made or myself, lol.

-Yet, because math, here is her best build. gg.-

*Excepting maybe Udyr, her closest competitor.