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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flozzer

AD Ezreal Item Build With Tips / Twisted Treeline / Dominion

Flozzer Last updated on January 20, 2013

Just some quick explanations and tips.

***UNDER RECONSTRUCTION*** - I still need to add all those mouseover things but I'll try and do it A.S.A.P. Just need to read up on how to do them.

A quick note to point out that I have not explained how to play Ezreal, just some different items which you should consider. You don't have to follow the build exactly but try and account for different situations.

^ Cool pic :)

Summoners Rift

- Buy a Brutilizer if you really want to. It is a brilliant item but I don't like selling items later on in the game when you want to buy something else. The only exceptions are Gold per 5 items but they kinda pay for themselves after a period of time.

-Get Phage before Zeal as it gives health and a nice passive that procs with Mystic Shot.

-Try getting the BF swords before the Vamp Scepter or Dagger as it gives extra damage with your Mystic shot but if you can't afford it yet get the other items.

- Getting Ghost or Flash doesn't really matter.

- I get Essence Flux at level 4 as you get AP from your Sheen. At this point Mystic Shot is just as viable as Essence flux at dealing damage but you'll be building more AD items later on so Mystic Shot will be much better. Late game Essence Flux is all about the debuff and getting stacks for your passive.

Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline builds should be more cost effective than Summoners Rift builds. This is because the games are normally shorter and you don't have time to build the expensive builds that are capable of being bought on Summoners Rift.

- I get a Brutilizer in Twisted Treeline games. For the cost it is an amazing item. CDR and ArPen are both great on Ezreal.

- I get a Black Cleaver after Banshees Veil as you've already got some extra Armour Pen from your Brutilizer. Once you have your Black Cleaver though armour will never be a problem again with 95 ArPen. :D

- I prefer Flash over Ghost for Twisted Treeline because there are a lot more ridges where you can Flash over than in Summoners Rift, which is a more open map.

- Like for Summoners Rift Ignite can be exchanged with Exhaust.


Dominion item builds, like Twisted Treeline builds, are also about how cost effective they are. The games are also much shorter than Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline games.

- Ghost is a necessity on Dominion. It pisses me off when people don't get it. Being able to move to Capture points fast makes the difference between a loss and a win. Always get Ghost! :)

- I start with lvl 2 boots as you want the movement speed to get to top quickly. If you are going bot on your own (Bot should always solo) get lvl 1 boots and a Prospecters Blade for lane sustain.

- Both Prospecters Blade and The Brutilizer are great items for their cost. I get Prospecters Blade before The Brutilizer for the health but you can build both after your Sheen.

- Ionic Spark is a nice item to have as it gives you health plus attack speed to get Sanguine Blade stacks up fast. I think it also procs with Mystic Shot as it applies on hit effects but I'm not sure, I'll have to test that out.

- I know the build doesn't include much magic resist but most people go for AD on Dominion. If the enemy team are heavy on magic damage build an Odyns Veil.

- The Lightbringer is handy item to have if your up against Akali, which happens a lot on Dominion. This is because it renders her Twilight Shroud useless! Replace Ionic Spark with The Lightbringer and build it before Sanguine Blade.

- Sell Prospecters Blade for Black Cleaver at the end of the game if you have the money. This brings you back up to that magical 95 ArPen. :)

- I replaced 4 Greater Seal of Clarity Runes with 4 Greater Seals of Vitality. This is because you already have increased mana regen in Dominion and some extra health is always appreciated.

- I get Exhaust on Dominion because, like previously stated, most people pick AD champs.

That's it so far and I hope it helps. I update frequently so if something new crops up or if I've thought about more tips I'll immediatly add them. :)

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