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Lucian Build Guide by Mofwolo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mofwolo

AP Lucian ! Lets be the male Nidalee! [ AD, Hybrid build add

Mofwolo Last updated on December 14, 2013
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Hey Guys! Im here too introduce...

TA-DA!! AP Lucian !!

Okay,this is my first time making guide, so why we play Ap Lucian, why should we do that ?
Like blue Ezreal, at start,people might say " WTF !? What are you building you stupid Ezreal ! Report him ".
But if you farm well in game , when late game , people will say " WOW THAT DAMAGE" or something else.

Just like i said , TONS OF DAMAGE .

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Pros / Cons


    -High burst late game
    -poke like nidalee
    -spam skill when u get cdr
    -can taunt people wth the black skin
    -nice aoe skill


    -Weak in early game
    -people will laugh on you with the black skin
    -Low damage early game
    -People blame on you if u didnt farm well

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Nice Chooses

- One of the best summoner spells.You can combine it with your ult and make you more easier to kill

- This is also another choice if you don't wan use Flash
- Use this so you won't miss your ult

- True damage.Burn them all huehuehuehue

- Save your *** with this summoner spell

- Not a good choice but it can save your teamates' *** sometimes

Bad Chooses

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For the masteries , i take 21/4/5 for this champion.
I think this masteries is aggressive enough and it also give ability power in normal attack to let us deal more damage.

For the Utility,i take full manaregen so i can poke in lane.
And for the Defense,i take health per. level for more chance in surviving the team fight.

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Here come the items

- one of the mage's best damage output as an item.You should buy this for more damage output.

- If you 1v1-ing other champion,this item will double-up your damage.

- It gave you extra damage on your basic attack after you use skill.Its a very nice item too pick up last hit. :P

- Best item for this champion.Give attack speed and ability power that power up your ult damage , and this item also give coldown reduction.

- This item give a lot of ability power and nice passive that let you easier too kill

- Ability power version of Red buff ( almost like it ). Deals more damage to other.

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In the lane, try to use your Piercing Light like a basic attack and pick up last hit.
This is because your Piercing Light deal least damage in your skill ( Relentless Pursuit not counted in) .

Try to use Ardent Blaze to poke enemy and let them cannot farm well

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Team Work

In team fight , lucian needs teammates like Amumu,Malphite etc .
Lucian can use his ulti nicely and miss 0 shots with AOE champion.

If you didn't got that kind of champion in your team, just position yourself at the backside and just run and spam skills if have any trouble.

Before team fight , you can spam Ardent Blaze(w) too poke and wait ur teammates to engage the fight

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Hope you guys enjoy this AP Lucian guide.

Please give me some suggestion to make me improve this guide or make even more nice guide.
Thank you guys very much by reading this guide

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