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Illaoi, Playing as a real Priestess

iLLaoi Last updated on Today @ 10:23am
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Hey Folks, my name is
iLLaoi, and I'm an Illaoi Main (wheeeow, how recoureful).

Right now, im doing my project, to climb the elo ladder, just with Illaoi, on my smurf, iiLaoĆ­ (EuW).

Today I wanna teach you, how I play Illaoi, how I Lane, and how I win.

Lets Begin!

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Often, Ill choose between Dorans Sword, and Corrupting Potion (mostly Corrupting, just better rn), before ill start going onto the Lane. Ill start with my Q, but maximize the W first, because the Bonus Damage on your second hit is (especially in Combination with your Ult) a very Strong Tool during Teamfights. To farm, ill try to get all Lasthits with Normal attacks, but if i fail sometimes, ill spend my Q, to get 2 or 3 Creeps at one time.

In the Earlygame overall, you just try to safefarm (when the enemy toplaner plays like a gank will happen to his favor, better waste that minion instead of giving a kill!), and not to die. The earlygame is Illaois' Wound point and the reason why she can get heavily stomped in this, early game-meta.