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Teemo Build Guide by felipesanches

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League of Legends Build Guide Author felipesanches

Make your enemies suffer!

felipesanches Last updated on February 16, 2015
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Teemo like you've never seen.

Hello guys its my first build here on moba fire and it's the one I created while playing with teemo because it's a very fun champion to play, but I wasn't satisfied with what I saw, so I just took my ideias and placed here, I think it' a great build because you farm like hell and can spread your vennon like a monster on team fights with your Runnan's, it's a great build for those teemo's who like to play agressive and even get Penta Kills without depending so much of mushrooms.

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Pros / Cons


-Very fun to play
-Usually controls the lane
-Great movement speed, you can't be ganked!
-Get's invisible
-Free wards that lasts 10 minutes each!


-Very fragille
-Focused on team fights
-Vunerable to ap and casters champion