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Shyvana Build Guide by Mojo991

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mojo991

[S4] Shyvana Top And Jungle

Mojo991 Last updated on June 21, 2014
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This is my own way to play and build Shyvana. I think this is going to improve your Shyvana skills.

All comment is welcome!

Here is Shyvana champion spotlight.

Shyvana's Lore

A half-breed born from the union between dragon and human, Shyvana searched all her life for belonging. Persecution forged her into a brutal warrior, and those who dare stand against Shyvana face the fiery beast lurking just beneath her skin.

Dragonkind considered Shyvana's impure blood an abomination, and she spent her youth pursued relentlessly by one cruel drake. Constantly on the run, she and her father, an outcast dragon, never knew a lasting home. A brutal reflection of countless battles, Shyvana grew hateful and savage. After years of strife, her father finally fell to the other dragon, but not before gravely wounding his foe. Furious with grief, Shyvana pursued her father’s murderer as he fled north to recover. There she encountered a group of humans on the trail of the same drake. Though the men looked upon her in fear, their leader approached Shyvana peacefully. He introduced himself as Jarvan IV , the Prince of Demacia, and offered to aid Shyvana in her quest for vengeance. Together they hunted down and confronted the vicious dragon that had slain her father. Shyvana did not expect the men to survive, but in the clash of fire and steel, Jarvan and his men fought with strength she had never believed humans to possess. The ironclad warriors drove their foe into submission, and Shyvana struck the final blow, tearing the beast's heart from it's body. Inspired by her ferocity, Jarvan offered her a place in the ranks of his elite guard. Shyvana could still see fear in the eyes of his men, but she longed for a true home. Trusting Jarvan's word, she accepted his offer and now serves as a Demacian warrior. Though her human allies admire her power, they keep their distance. Shyvana strives to repay the prince’s kindness with the power of the dragon within, but she cannot help but wonder if the humans are right to fear her.

"I have proven my might to dragonkind—what challenge shall humans pose?"

You should watch this video, this video explains Shyvana really good

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Pros / Cons



-Great mobility
-Good AoE
-No mana
-Good for pushing and clearing minion waves
-Good ganking with ultimate


-Not much CC (ex. slow, taunt..)
-Can be kited by ranged champions
-No sustain
-Bad against % damage dealers
-No sustain
-Ultimates cooldown can be seen by enemies

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These are the runes that im using while playing Shyvana.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

"Here will be more"

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I use these masteries on Shyvana jungle

I use these masteries on Shyvana

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Summoner spells


I think this is the best summoner spell in the game, you can escape, you can engage or you can steal barons :3. This summoner spell works with Shyvana really well. I recommend taking this summoner spell.

I think this is the 3rd best summoner spell in the game. This spell will finish all your kills in lane and it can be very good against 's ultimate.

I think this is the 2nd best summoner spell in the game. It's really good for tanky tops and for coming back to lane. You can also teleport gank bot lane or even backdoor :)

This is good for Shyvana because she doesnt have any gap-closers so he can catch up on escaping enemies.

This is a must have spell on junglers, but don't take it if you are not a jungler

Good summoner spell for gap-closer or just some speed.

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Skill sequence

I use this skill sequence with Shyvana in lane

I use almost the same skill sequence on top and jungle

I use this skill sequence with Shyvana in jungle

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31.12.2013: Quide published
31.12.2013: Fixes
31.12.2013: Runes and skill sequence fixes, and added new item
21.6.2014: Updated items: S4Meta

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