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Ivern Build Guide by The Kush

League of Legends Build Guide Author The Kush

When Maokai Meets Weed [Ivern Jungle Guide] WIP

The Kush Last updated on October 6, 2016
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I know this guide may not be fancy with lots of picture but it is still a useful guide.

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9 Armor seals so when you gank you will take less damage than you would've if you didn't take them.

9 Magic resist marks with the same purpose as "armor" to withstand more damage from ap opponents while ganking.

9 Attack speed glyphs to utitlise your "Brushmaker" (W) to it maximum potential.

3 Quints of Ability power, it'll help your "Brushmaker" further with even more damage towards your basic attacks.

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Why would I do that?
Ferocity: Damage, what else?
Cunning: Damage, Longer buffs, More damage
Resolve: Speed for ganks, Health regen for groves.


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Skill Sequence

R > W > Q > E > AA

Summon Daisy as soon as the fight starts, the earlier Daisy comes in the more stacks it'll get for its knock-up then follow up with a brush on top of yourself for you to gain your empowered autos. As soon as you put of that brush try to land your Q on someone squishy, preferably their ADC or Mid (If they're fed), if your team knows about Iverns Q they'll all run towards the snared enemy and brutally beat 'em down. Use your E whenever it is ready on anyone you see fit, usually it will be the one who engages.