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Wuju need a guide? Season 6 Patch 6.23

Autoswitched Last updated on November 23, 2016
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Threats to Master Yi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox Useless champion, enough said. His q is so delayed you can have 200 ping and dodge it/follow it.
Nasus 1v1 him at almost all stages, bloodrazer shred, + bortk + his w doing nothing to you. Useless champion compared to you.
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Who am I?

I am autoswitched, I am diamond on EUW, and I main Master Yi I play casually and sometimes rank, i do stream sometimes feel free to follow on.

Like my facebook @

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I'll usually try and stream at around 6pm gmt + 1 time.

Guides I also made, or in the making of:


Full 37 minute of me carrying a diamond game with little effort, enemies invade for 3 kills early too

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Master Yi is considered a broken, easy to play champion, however I will show you that this is a common misconception, and in fact he takes a lot of knowledge. Master Yi can be quite overwhelming if played correctly, however you can easily distinguish a good Master Yi from a bad one. Master Yi requires timing, with his Alpha Strike, requires quick fingers, and reactions such as using Meditate to tank abilities, and using it as an attack reset to outduel, or secure a kill at a rapid speed.

Master Yi can be played in almost any lane, and can do very well. In the jungle is where he is considered to be a god due to his insane clear speed, and dangerous ganks. In lane, he is even stronger due to the fact he can become a high burst carry due the the fact one summoner can determine the outcome of a team fight, being Ignite, and this alone separates lane Master Yi due to ignite being able to secure clutch resets. I will discuss the differences and why each one has their respective strengths further in the guide. But for now, I will focus on jungle Master Yi

Remember, your team still needs cc so I highly advise unless you're really good with this champion not to pick him at all if you lack cc.

tl;dr Yi is an easy to play champion on paper, but takes more thought and is hard to pressure with if in the wrong hands. Jungling is all about pressuring lanes, so being a good Master Yi and a good jungler are two completely different things.

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Skill Sequence

Unlock a point in Alpha Strike first and max it first, get your Wuju Style second and max that second. Remember, always activate Wuju Style just before using Double Strike to get the most out of Wuju Style. Highlander will be always maxed before any of your skills as with most champions ultimate's.

Unlocking a second point in ppalpha strike]] rather than meditate is more efficient in clearing, but remember that not dying is just as important so during the learning curves of cleaeing the jungle, you can get away with Meditate first.

Meditate under normal circumstances should never be used for sustain in the jungle as you're wasting a lot of time in the jungle, should never be used in the jungle unless you either:

Ganked a lane, and very low on health,however you need some gold to finish your item.
Didn't get a pull, so you're forced to level this third
You got invaded, but low on hp however still high enough to be able to do gromp, get meditate second if you're under 25%.

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Pros / Cons

+ High AOE damage with thanks to Alpha Strike
+ Very difficult to catch and chase due to having highest base movement speed in the game, tied with Pantheon, as well as Highlander
+ One of the few champions who deals true damage on a consistent basis, and the only counter play to it is do not get auto attacked.
+ Untargetable Alpha Strike can make difficult to focus down
+ Resets make him dangerous if a person dies in a team fight.
+ Red smite makes him really overpowered in terms of dueling as certain champions who could duel Yi at all parts of the game now struggle due to damage reduction, and the fact he deals even MORE TRUE DAMAGE! Which happens to be overtime meaning if they flash with low hp, it can kill.
+ Can be a bit harder to itemize due to his true damage
+ Deceptively tanky thanks to Meditate and can tank high damage abilities whilst taking so little damage due to it.
+ One of the best champions in the game for cleaning up

- Weak to targeted crowd control.
- If abilities used incorrectly, can be left vulnerable
- Really difficult to play at high levels.
- Has no built in cc
- Needs something to Alpha Strike if gets caught out to escape
- Naturally Squishy
- Will always be focused down.

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Gives you stronger dueling power as you'll be doing more attacks per second thus applying on hits more, as well as Wuju Style Your clear also becomes greater. A personal favorite when you need quick clear speed.

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
This is important as it helps with dueling, how many times would you get a kill if you had 30-50 more hp, look no further.... Also sustaining in the jungle is important as jungle camps have a long timer so it is important you kill all of the camps in a quick time, thus giving you time to gank, and also it means you don't need to rush life steal right away. i Don't use em a lot but if you do, hey works for you.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
I don't use these that often, but they will give you more kill potential when ganking, and up clear a bit, but attack speed in my opinion is more valuable as it allows you to pressure the map a bit better due to quicker clears as well as higher dps.

Greater Seal of Scaling Health
Hold on, health in the jungle? Yes, Master Yi has no need for armor in the jungle as his Meditate will sustain him, and once you get three, you can easily handle the jungle without getting wrecked due to the base stats. 216 health is like a Kindlegem for free, whereas 9 armor late game is nothing. Also, you're not up against a laner so armor is even more useless.

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

I use these most of the time due to them being very strong even in the early stages of the game as hitting level 3 will make killing jungle creeps pretty easy. These are great as they outscale flat armor seals quite early

Greater Seal of Armor
I hardly use, but i'd only advise using this in lane against an AD lane opponent. Self explanatory.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
You're a jungler, and do not take ap damage in the jungle. By the time you start ganking, you'll have decent magic resist, and of course these outscale standard flats.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
General cooldowns, makes up for the highlander nerfs and can make the difference between living and dying, use 6 of these for 10% cdr.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Gives a bit more dps, but cooldowns are more beneficial, 5% attack speed isn't really worth swapping 9 glyphs for.


Honestly the marks are more preference and dependent on build,

Greater Mark of Lethality
Do not build lethality, as it sucks now, only 40% of the value will be counted towards armor pen until you reach level 18 in which it will be equal to the old armor penetration that we know.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed
Use these as they're core, you can use flat AD but having more attack speed will give you more dps, and quicker clear.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
Useful for early ganks but fall of later on in the game, also helps with clears more than pen, but you won't see a difference when you get about level 6.

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Summoner spells

Sometimes people run Smite Teleport but these fall off late game as you're down an offensive/defensive summoner spell as well as half of the time in jungle until you get your sustain, you will be on average half hp if not under. It is good in certain situations, but I prefer fighting with my team. Ignite and Exhaust are also good options.

Useful spells to take

Self explanatory. If you're jungling, take smite.

Use this if you want to play it safe. Being able to escape bad situations or secure kills. Also enables late game, flash Alpha Strike Wuju Style auto, instantly kill the adc, no counter play as you'll be untargetable so the support can't Exhaust you and chances are you'll get the auto off before they can cc you assuming you go glass cannon with 100% crit chance of course, note good supports WILL Exhaust you as you become targetable as they can still SPAM Exhaust on you
Due to the changes, this spell is now a staple for me as it makes up for the Highlander nerf, and overall gives Master Yi the ganking power he needs due to its extremely low cooldown, also the movement speed buff scales with level as well as allows you to move through units, so this spell is excellent for flanking, early ganks, and generally over powered as it allows you to engage like a monster
Useful against high burst assassin type champions such as Kha'Zix Fizz Rengar Riven and a few more. Exhaust will allow you to pressure the map easier with a targeted slow that reduces their resists, attack speed, and damage output making Master Yi impossible to duel at all portions of the game, heck he can even 1v3 if he exhausts the main carry. Combined with red smite Master Yi will be unkillable in 1v1 situations even if enemies bring their own exhaust due to Yi being able to dish out true damage, and being immune to the attack speed slow, and movement speed slow
Use this if you're either in lane or just dislike flash and you want to play aggresive, this gives you kill pressure and can also secure those much needed resets to ace a team.
Good against match ups where you'll be forced out of lane a lot, and can be used to roam even more effectively by Teleport ganking bot for example. Adds a lot of pressure whether in lane or jungle.

Okay spells

Not really that useful, but good for baiting, or useful for tanking Ignite
Same as Barrier, but the movement speed can be useful. Heal isn't as good due to a lot of laners running ignite, and if you're ignited, half the effectiveness of heal along with Barrier able to shield for more damage, and running this along smite is poor

Completly rubbish, and never use:
All other spells.

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Yi has some animation cancels such as cancelling his Double Strike animation allowing for three quick strikes dealing massive damage, he can cancel his basic attack animations into an Alpha Strike which will allow for overall quicker damage

Very strong passive as it gives you more damage, and Wuju Style applies to it. Also after using it the first time, you only need to attack 3 more times as the second strike counts towards the passive. Applies all on hit effects including critical strikes... Enough said already. Also note, if the target dies, it will still apply the life steal of the second hit but it will not grant the additional hit so you need to attack 4 more times in order to proc the passive again.

The backbone of Master Yi. Max first. Use this to carefully avoid abilities, and tower shots, you can avoid almost anything, even a karthus ultimate if you time it correctly. You become untargetable and do insane damage, this ability can also critically strike dealing more damage. Auto attacks reduce its cooldown, and Double Strike helps reduce it too. It is also possible to avoid targeted abilities such as Lissandra ultimate however this will only be graphical side, and it will not go off cooldown however it can mind boggle them and they may not realize they can cast it again.

Max second or third, or split level. Honestly makes little difference, but it can help tank a LOT! It reduces damage and increases the heal the lower health you have. This can be used as an auto attack reset, and even reduces tower damage, but not as much as regular abilities or attacks. This ability can also help tank ignite, so don't forget! Use this ability if getting focused down.

Max 2nd, or 3rd depending on your needs. The passive itself gives Master Yi a huge damage steroid. True damage has 0 counterplay, hence why armor penetration isn't needed as much as you'll be hitting around 100 per auto from the true damage alone, stack it with Double Strike and your regular damage, you'll hit like a truck. Maxing it also increases the damage ratio of the true damage as well as the flat damage. Remember do not waste the active on towers as it does nothing at all, and while on cooldown, you lose the 10% extra attack damage.

Max whenever you can. Gives Master Yi insane mobility and attack speed, and allows him to become immune to ALL SLOWS! Yes, this includes attack speed reductions from champions like Malphite and Nasus. The passive is also what makes Master Yi a monster, not as broken as he used to be, but still a 70% reduction in cooldowns when he scores a kill or assist. This means score a kill, attack twice, and your Alpha Strike is off cooldown again, yes the ability that just hit 1000x4.

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New season, new masteries.

Keystone choices -

Yi is an auto attack heavy champion, so having more AD is helpful however in lane Thunderlord's Decree is the winner. This is reworked mastery is overall a nerf for Yi as it takes longer to stack, deals less damage overall, however it is still better than going any other mastery when jungling.

Vampirism gives extra healing, which also gives you healing when you Alpha Strike

Bounty Hunter is the mastery I prefer due to there being no really drawback other than needing unique kills, and as a jungler, that's quite easy to achieve. You can go for Double Edged Sword (Mobafire hasn't updated but the new mastery does 5% more damage, and take 2.5% increased damage) if you want flat damage but Bounty Hunter doesn't have the 2.5% damage drawback.

Dangerous Game ensures you will always have enough mana to at least Meditate after a kill, thus going cunning is better as well as the Merciless for extra damage. Wanderer will increase your gank strength as it will allow you to walk into the lane quicker as well as chase enemies who don't kite, thus make your ganks more dangerous, you can also use the Savagery for stronger clear, but in reality you'll save only 1 auto attack worth of damage which isn't all that good. as you'll have around 11 move speed more,

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Which jungle item to rush? This is mostly personal preference but if you plan on ganking a lot pre-6 I suggest using Stalker's Blade otherwise stick with Skirmisher's Sabre as it offers a strong DOT true damage effect which deals more damage, and even more if you're hitting them the whole time as the effect refreshes every auto attack and lasts 4 seconds, as well as burns them for 3 seconds. Effectively late game you can deal about 380 true damage which is only 100 less then ignite, on a 50 second cooldown which also reveals them and reduces their damage output by 20%. Remember that the upgraded smite items have no extra stats compared to the components so only buy them for the smites!

Master Yi now once again has a new build path due to Youmuu's Ghostblade being nerfed and in my opinion it's not worth getting anymore as the actives made Master Yi a monster. I now prefer going The Black Cleaver as my 3rd item after finishing Blade of the Ruined King this build is very strong however not as good as the old Youmuu's Ghostblade build however really good at shredding tanks, gives you a lot of cooldown reduction making your Alpha Strike almost spammable in team fights, as well as having a low cooldown on Highlander. Edge of Night is REALLY GOOD! Lethality, 1.5 second channel on a low cooldown spellshield, and magic resist. Build Mercurial Scimitar instead of they have specific cc you need to avoid like Ashe arrow, lux bindings etc. Build tank items such as Dead Man's Plate or Spirit Visage.

Switch boots for any situational boots you may need Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor Blade of the Ruined King Boots of Speed The Black Cleaver Dead Man's Plate Spirit Visage

item choices which are really good:
Randuin's Omen If they have a lot of crticial strike damage such as Yasuo
Guardian Angel is a really good late game item due to decent stats + second life.
Guinsoo's Rageblade is an overpowered item WHEN STACKED, however due to difficulty stacking, I don't recommend unless you know exactly what you're doing with the item, and how to stack it properly. This item got a nice buff in which it no longer loses the 25% attack speed when combined making it a very solid item, but once again difficulity stacking makes it weak. It is more for an objective base Master Yi game where you're split pushing a lot thus have the item stacked, or doing baron.

"Silence build"

Runes are exactly the same, and same with the masteries.

So, what is this build? Well, I used to use an adaptation of this build before the build became known in which I used to go infinity edge, double phantom dancer in season 5, and that gave us 90% critical strike chance being able to just mow through just about anybody, this was due to devourer being a sub par item, until the tank meta rose in which it became an efficient item when I released my tank build, and more so when sated came out. Aka I built this Yi Meta :)

You will want to rush your blue smite jungle item, and go straight for Infinity Edge. So buy a Pickaxe/ or B. F. Sword whichever you can buy first, and save up until you have the item, simple as. You'll now have a huge early power spike being able to crit around 500s in which the enemies have around 900-1200 hp bars, and snowball from there. Next get either Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer, after you'll want Quicksilver Sash if they have cc, or life steal, you can build a 3rd critical item Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer depending on item you built before. Generally you're very squishy but you'll kill anything, and everything. There's VERY few champions that can 1v1 you with this build as you'll just kill them with your insane true damage hitting over 120 per hit, as well as 1k critical strikes, along with your Alpha Strike hitting over 1k, but obviously if you make a mistake, or get cc'd, it will be costly! If you feel you'll need up front burst damage rather than dps which the [statikk shiv]] offers, going Essence Reaver will remove any mana costs you have. and offer you beefy stats as well as giving you 70% critical strike with two items, finish Statikk Shiv for the final 30% for 100%!

Unlike silence, I build Ninja Tabi as the item is BROKEN! It gives you huge early tanky spike in which the ADC can do almost nothing to you due to huge damage reduction, allows you to tank towers with ease due to insane early armor, I mean, 24% damage on top of a 60% damage reduction from armor, OUCH! I rarely build treads even vs hard cc champs as Mercurial Scimitar will do the job for me, the 30% isn't going to save you as you'll die instantly if you don't qss it anyway. If the game gets very late, sell your boots and buy a Duskblade of Draktharr which will offer you armor pen + deathmark + movement speed if vsing squishy targets, otherwise build a Lord Dominik's Regards to cut through those beefy tanks, also pay attention to what the adc builds as I've been in games where the adc picks up a Randuin's Omen thus itemisation is key. If vsing ap team, a Maw of Malmortius is an excellent choice. This build I would consider the hyper carry build where you can't rely on your team, aim the adc as you will kill them in usually 2 hits.

So? What champions threaten us?

Vayne with the 3 shot kill build, but if you have qss, nothing to worry about, just pop ultimate and kill her in 2 basics. Your Wuju Style will do 120-150 damage, and basics doing 1k, Vayne will only have 2k hp...

Other off meta item opinions

Trinity Force very decent but not as good on Yi as other champions such as Jax as Yi struggles to proc it often thus wasting the sheen component. It used to be a perfectly viable choice when it had critical strike chance, but now it's more of a fun item, or boot replacement item late game.

Essence Reaver surprisingly very good if you go for 100% critical strike chance but not exactly all that good on Yi by itself, the cooldowns are very strong but the item itself has very expensive components as well as only being able to build 1 "okay" component when full build. This item is more for the "I need damage, but also my cooldowns are too high!" Build this item if you need the final 20% critical strike chance.

Titanic Hydra very strong in top lane yi as it allows Yi to stay full mana at most times as this item has very strong wave clear. Use this or Ravenous Hydra if you want to split a lot, but don't build it as jungle Yi.

Frozen Mallet In my opinion, this item is a waste of gold as if you need a slow, Blade of the Ruined King Randuin's Omen and Dead Man's Plate will all suffice your needs for slows as by the time the slows run out, you'd have almost killed them.

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6.6 So now Master Yi received a nerf in which his Wuju Style now scales with 25% bonus AD which forced us to now build a bit more damage, the base got a bit of a buff, but overall a huge nerf early game as you'll have less AD, and late game it's also a nerf unless you build more AD. Base damage increased 12/19/26/33/40 from 10/15/20/25/30. Active's AD ratio changed to 25% bonus AD from 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% TOTAL AD.

6.8 Highlander cooldown increased from 75 seconds ⇒ 85 seconds. This nerf allows enemies to play around the fact your ultimate is down more. Duration decreased from 10 seconds ⇒ 7 seconds meaning you have to ENSURE YOU GET A KILL within those 7 seconds. EXTENSION ON KILL OR ASSIST 4 seconds ⇒ 7 seconds this equal to around the same duration if you land one kill, and any other kill after is a buff by 3 seconds meaning killing 5 people gives you an additional 12 seconds of Highlander

6.9: Guinsoo's Rageblade being reworked in which it has a higher cost, deals less magic damage, no longer deals aoe magic damage, gives less stats, and requires 6 basics compared to 4 to fully stack, however has the sated devourer on hit when stacked but due to it taking too long to stack, it isn't worth it. Sated devourer removed and replaced with Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor which is a buff early game as the item gives better stats than Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer and doesn't require stacks but overall is a nerf as the old sated Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer was overpowered making Master Yi a complete monster. This nerf makes Master Yi a much weaker jungler thus playing him because he "lacks skill and is easy" is not recommended.

6.10 Wuju Style 12/19/26/33/40 ⇒ 14/23/32/41/50 buffed base damage making it just slightly weaker than the old Wuju Style but regardless still forces us to build some AD. Meditate 0.15 ability power per second ⇒ 0.25 ability power per second makes almost no difference as we build 0 AP.

Sterak's Gage no longer gives damage to Wuju Style as it gives "base AD" as Wuju Style now scales with bonus meaning it has no effect making the item less of a buy.

6.22: Jungle pathing changed, overall almost identical experience and gold income to old jungle spawns, if anything it is a buff as you'll hit 6 quicker than before if you path effectively, and clear effectively whilst giving you a lot of time to gank.

New items which seem good - Edge of Night

Buffed items which will make Yi stronger if they go live - Blade of the Ruined King 6% current hp on hit damage increased to 8%

New masteries make Yi stronger if he can stack Bounty Hunter as he gets no increased damage penalty now, but overall in a practical sense, this change makes little to no difference.

Yi still bugged :(


Blade of the Ruined King now deals 8% of current health instead of 6%, does more damage thus an indirect buff to on hit Master Yi

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Really? I know how to farm. Not really... Teach me senpai!

You need to be able to farm effectively early game as you do not want to take too much damage.

Before anything, whenever using Wuju Style ensure you have the Double Strike passive up so on the double attack right when it's about to hit, activate the ability, your clear will be more efficient that way as you'll deal more damage, and thus take less damage. Do not waste Wuju Style on killing a camp in which you will not get the full 5 seconds of using it as the passive is lost when it is on cooldown thus your next clear is less efficient. Ensure you use Wuju Style on the scuttle crab due to Yi having no cc to stop it's movement and lower its resists.

I'm going to be breaking this down easily.

Start Hunter's Machete and NO HEALTH POTIONS, you do not need any potions in the jungle if you use the exact same runes/masteries as I do. Always start on the side that blue spawns as this clear is impossible to do with the runes/masteries above due to raptors hitting too hard as you need rank 2 Alpha Strike which you'll get if you start blue side.

Kill you blue by kiting it, try to save smite as you should take not much damage from the blue via kiting it. Smite the gromp unless you're high hp, alpha to dodge the attacks, and kill it easily, proceed to wolves by killing the little creeps, and then killing the wolf itself, unlock your 2nd point in Alpha Strike unless you're under half hp otherwise Meditate, kill the raptors and you'll have enough gold to buy a Hunter's Talisman and a Dagger This clear is about same same speed as the old skipping buff clear as well as same amount of gold. Kill your red buff next as krugs will take a while to do without it, and then kill the krugs by killing the mini krug first, and using Alpha Strike to kill the ones that split from the mini krug. Now proceed to take scuttle crab, or gank until around the 5th minute as by then your next gromp will spawn, and repeat the process over and over.

Red - Not much to say, Alpha Strike to dodge the basics, lure into the brush as it prevents the jungler from seeing how healthy the buff is unless they deep warded.

Blue - You can actually kite this buff and take little to if not any damage at all, lure it in the brush in case the jgler has it warded.

Gromp - You can also semi kite this, but generally simply kill it

Raptors - Raptors in season 7 are very difficult to kill, i recommend you ALWAYS to have at least rank 2 alpha, kill the little creeps first as they do a lot of damage, but regardless easy to kill.

Wolf - Can semi kite but kill both little creeps by auto attacking once if you have red buff, and twice if not, eventually you will only need to auto attack each little creep once and Alpha Strike to kill both.

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You can use a ward over most camps and Alpha Strike onto it to escape. Other escapes include using it on minions but be careful when using it on low hp minions as you will not teleport to the minion you used Alpha Strike if it dies, if this happens, you will stay where you were, whereas if the Alpha Strike killed it, you will teleport to that location.

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How to dive correctly

Use Highlander auto attack either once or twice depending on attack speed as well as distance (1.90 at least needed if you want to go for 2 basics) and Alpha Strike as the tower shot will vanish, and it will lose aggro on you, if target still alive, auto attack, time a perfect Meditate to absorb the tower damage whilst still dealing damage as it is an attack reset. If you're low health and score a kill, hit the tower/minions twice and Alpha Strike onto them and you will survive as this will disengage tower aggro, if there's no minions/allys to re-aggro the tower you will have to try and bait the minion to walk out of the tower and hopefully you'll be able to walk out, if not try to Meditate to tank the final shot but ensure you're out of range of the tower beforehand.

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Lane Yi

Quick update to show the essentials on lane Yi and how to win.

Basically Yi in my opinion is very surprising to see in lane, and thus people under estimate and don't respect your damage as he's very hardly played in lane, nobody expects you to do so much damage thanks to the Double Strike passive. I will go over lanes and how to play them.

Middle lane

In reality you don't want to go up against a range mage caster who can auto harass you in lane, as chances are if you use your Alpha Strike on them it may put you in tower range forcing you to either take huge chunk of damage, or forcing you to waste mana on Meditate to reduce it, however if you're getting pushed, see if you can get a Double Strike proc on them for an all in, your Wuju Style applies it, meaning you may be able to kill them or at least force a flash if they don't respect you enough. Summoners to always take are Ignite and Flash. Champions who you'd want to take Master Yi against:

Zed Diana(You bully her early) Fizz (You bully him in all portions of the game, just alpha to dodge his fish) Varus Kassadin Veigar Some matchups require more knowledge but generally you will kill them at level 1, level 3, and level 5. Be aware that it is easily possible to lose lane if you die even once. If that does happen, the only thing I can suggest is maxing Meditate to sustain, and build defensive items such as Hexdrinker and Ninja Tabi.

Top: Generally the same as mid however you have a lot more room to move around thus can alpha strike freely sort of. Your only real worry is jungle ganks as if you're all the way at their tower, even flash might not save you so I advise you to simply kill whoever is the lowest health to make the trade worth. Top champions which you will wreck. I usually take Ignite for the kill pressure as well as the 1v2 potential.

Nasus Malphite Yasuo Rumble Irelia Cho'Gath Please note: These matchups are somewhat favorable but all it takes is one mistake and you can lose, the lane. Irelia also out scales you once she hits 7/8 so try to dominate her, and push her constantly but safely.

Alpha Strike Use it to avoid their high damage abilities, and pay attention in lane i.e. Did Zed use his shadow? Did Fizz just pop his pole? Did Ryze just use his Rune Prison? You can harass with this tool if you use Alpha Strike on 3 minions and they're nearby, they can get hit. Also beware if they have dashes/blinks when you Alpha Strike the champion as if they react to your Alpha Strike they can dash into tower and force you to flash, or even kill you.

What I do is I take Ignite Teleport in easy matchups where they're tanky, and Exhaust Ignite and dangerous match ups as the Exhaust can bait them in, and even force spells, but then you can Alpha Strike to follow them, Meditate auto attack reset is ESSENTIAL, LEARN IT.

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How to prevent invades

Well, in this season invading early isn't as productive due to buffs spawning first, so the only strength in invading is counter jungling as camp spawns take longer to spawn. Get top/bot to ward your red and problem solved. You always start on blue side so regardless of what the enemy jungler does, you can always react to what he does, unless you wish to start with a refillable potion which will slow your buy time by 150 gold as well as clear speed as you'll get a Hunter's Talisman hunter's machete]] and a Dagger

Remember early to beg your team to place their trinkets down.

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Overall, master Yi is a very high risk, high reward champion and in higher elo, he isn't an easy champion to play. You have to be very knowledgeable about the game, and have good reactions/reads to be able to time Alpha Strike correctly. He may seem easy, but he is actually very hard to use effectively. You also require a team who can hold their own until 6, and hope they don't push too hard without wards as this can lead to their jungle ganking more.

How to deal with counter jungles? Wards. Second back if possible try and get a pink ward to ward either your blue, or top bush red as it will make it impossible to invade your side, and you'll have nice warning.

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Counter jungling

Generally people will want to counter jungle you to deny you, and I will list a few champions to watch out for and how strong they are against you.

High risk of dying, and impossible to out duel at lower levels without help:

Shaco Rengar Kha'Zix Udyr

Why no Lee Sin ? In my opinion you can easily duel a Lee Sin if you Meditate his second part of his Sonic Wave and have a summoner advantage as Master Yi doesn't need flash whereas Lee Sin will, therefore you can swap Flash for exhaust and win, whereas the other junglers I mentioned are a lot stronger in terms of killing, as Lee Sin needs to LAND his Sonic Wave and you can Alpha Strike to avoid it,as well as being able to out scale him a lot quicker than the others. Pre Crippling Strike nerf, I would have said Lee Sin wins due to the attack speed slow, but not anymore, Yi can easily out duel now assuming both are at the same health. Remember to never use Highlander for Lee Sin as he can easily kick you away, you out duel him at around level 9.

Shaco He can be annoying as he will usually have Ignite and can cheese you quite well with places boxes in a bush, you face checking it, and instantly dying.

Udyr is a nightmare as his damage is insane, he has a strong attack speed steroid as well as high damage DOT with Tiger Stance which alone can take 1/3 of your health as well as a AD self buff increasing his auto damage thanks to the passive on Tiger Stance phoenix, giving even more dueling power, as well as a stun to troll your Meditate . He is also a lot more mobile and has a more efficient clear than you. You cannot duel udyr at all until you have some items, or he's low health, or your're ahead.

Kha'Zix Is also impossible to duel due to isolation damage and him being able to spam his Taste Their Fear with a 3 second cooldown as well as his passive adding to his burst as well as slow. You cannot duel this guy until you get either some armor such as a Chain Vest or snowballing, but even then he can still use his ultimate to kill you, best way to counter that is to just activate your Meditate and wait out the first portion of his damage as he cannot cc you.

Rengar he has insane dueling power due to his low cooldowns and high damage,his w gives him an armor buff, and if he has full ferocity he can force your flash with his high damage,you outscale quite early unless he gets fed. If he uses his ultimate on you, chance are is you're dead if you don't have ultimate, even activating Meditate isn't enough as he can just wait it out whilst still having full stacks. If you go full damage yi, he can literally, empower q, jump, normal q, w and you will die if he critically strikes twice which will happen in under a second.

How to deal with all cheeses etc. Ward your top bush at red side at 1:50, this will ensure you will know if they entered your jungle or not. Kill your buff first, and problem solved, if you do this YOU WANT THEM TO INVADE as it would have wasted a lot of their time, and if they do, I suggest invading their buff.

How to counter them? Easiest if you're starting red, get a smiteless krug pull, walk up and smite their blue as your movement speed means you'll get their quickly, if they're low health consider using Alpha Strike to kill the little minions too as they will not try to fight a full health Master Yi . Doing this will put you ahead as you'll have a free buff which you got quickly due to them essentially giving you a pull, and you losing no health. Kill your red, and back for jungle item, and rush your blue incase they try to invade it, but unlikely as you'll be a lot stronger with them being level 2, and you being level 3 with double buffs. Risks with doing this is time waste if they have quick clear speed such as Shyvana or they lure their buff into the bush meaning you can't smite it without walking into the bush or warding. Of course you have the standard risk of being surrounded by their bottom lane and middle lane if you chill out for too long.

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Some tips

Alpha Strike only makes you untargetable during the CAST animation, not on the start up hence why you can still get hit during it, so timing is key. Still buggy though XD

Wuju Style does not do extra damage to towers, and using it will just make the passive 10% damage go away.

Maximize damage by using Double Strike, and then Alpha Strike to buffer the auto attack recovery within Alpha Strike itself hence increasing your damage per second and dueling power

When you have max build, unless going glass cannon, your auto attacks will do more damage than Alpha Strike and thus using it will slow your dps down, however spam Alpha Strike in team fights for the aoe if using the critical cdr build as it will be on 8.4 second cooldown going down rapidly per auto attack, obviously try to use it to dodge abilities.

Meditate is very strong to tank towers with, use it to tank towers when diving, and then Alpha Strike to lose aggro, Master Yi is amazing at tower diving as he's one of two champions that can make tower aggo constantly reset, the other being Fizz however of course Master Yi can tank better.

Yi can also use Alpha Strike to ignore certain abilities such as Death Mark applications, note that you need to alpha JUST BEFORE HE LANDS, you need to Alpha Strike a unit to stop the application of it, and his mark will go on cooldown.

Damage dealt by Blade of the Ruined King and Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor will not be reflected back to you as damage dealt from Thornmail

ALWAYS HAVE Oracle's Lens AT ALL TIMES, this build you want to catch people out since you can kill them so fast that they won't be able to react if they face check, Yi can easily 1v4 if enemies face check. Flanking is your best friend as if the enemies are in a fight, they're not watching out for you thus hit them when they least expect it.

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Bugs? Alpha strike fixed?

His alpha strike received a full revamp.

1. He now gets granted assists if his alpha strike bounce targets someone, but they die mid cast #BUFF! Now, if you alpha a target who dies mid alpha, not only do you get an assist, but you also get a reset as this could be game changing if you alpha'd a target, they'd die but you'd have no alpha to kill the next target, or no reset for meditate etc.

2. His alpha now looks to have a flat cast time, before his alpha would cast within 0.1-0.2 seconds, now it has a flat cast time of around 0.15 seconds or something from my observations. It also feels less clunky compared to the old one

3. He no longer gets locked out of casting meditate, this is a bug fix but also buff in theory since he can now cast meditate on the exact frame he leaves alpha as he couldn't do this before due to the lockout.

Now, the bugs!

Currently there's a few bugs still with his alpha strike, as of 6.21, they apparently "fixed" his alpha strike but it still appears to have some bugs with it, they are as follows:

1. Still can't dodge abilities, enough said.

2.Alpha strike sometimes bugs out and says it's off cooldown but in reality, it is on cooldown which can brainfart you since you don't know when it's up unless you auto attack something.

3. Crit Yi even with 100% critical strike can no longer critically strike a monster if he alpha strikes, and then auto attacks, doesn't make much of a difference late game but can be annoying to deal with.

Hit in alpha during riven ult -

Hit whilst untargetable by blitzcrank e, usually this would be a buffer, however what happened was he clicked me from a slight distance, and due to the new alpha strike not disengaging his attack, his attack still went through anyway. The last clip is where my alpha didn't follow his flash, I've had this happen to me numerous times since 6.21. I'd much prefer old alpha to this new one if they don't fix this bug.

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Master Yi is a monster at taking objectives, leave him top for too long and his Double Strike will destroy the tower in no time, if he has red buff, he is even more dangerous as not only can he take the tower, but he can also potentially dive anybody who tries to stop him.

Dragons which work best on Yi?

ALL OF THEM! Every single dragon including cloud has some purpose on Yi, cloud gives Yi a lot of mobility making him hard to catch after doing a split, making his ganks harder to react to due to higher movement speed, general map rotations.

Infernal dragon is the dragon that makes Yi the best champion in the game to benefit from it due to his Wuju Style passive giving him even more AD.

Mountain dragon is overpowered on Yi when taking towers, dragons or baron due to his double strike also applying half the mountain dragon true damage.

Master Yi can solo baron with ease. If he has: Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor Guinsoo's Rageblade, Blade of the Ruined King Ninja Tabi Spirit Visage he can solo baron with ease. If he has double life steal with Mercurial Scimitar and Blade of the Ruined King he can also solo it. Always have your red trinket, but remember soloing baron can be risky as if you're caught, not only do you risk dying, but you also risk giving the baron away.

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How do you beat Yi?