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Zac Build Guide by oj07

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League of Legends Build Guide Author oj07

Zac - The (S3) Flubber In The Jungle

oj07 Last updated on July 3, 2013
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Zac is extremely strong in the jungle. He greatly benefits from early cool down reduction because he gains more health then he loses from his passive and using each ability.

It is important that you have a strong leash early on as this can ensure you can clear the full jungle in one fell swoop. It also allows you to go straight from red to ganking as you hit level 3 from clearing the full jungle and you will have all 3 first abilities giving you a much stronger ganking ability.

Zac is an all in champion. He jumps in and he stays in. When there is a team fight he is the initiator so needs to be build for sustain.

Similar to Hecarim, he has great sustain while in large team fights. With a bit of spell vamp, the more damage being dealt from all of his splash damage abilities, the longer he will stay alive. The ult should be used after all abilities have been popped because while bouncing and cc'ing the enemy team, you can also grab the bits and pieces of yourself that have fallen off which will add to your sustain.

Zacs slingshot allows him to soar to the enemy squishies and with a bit of AP and a sunfire cape, you can drop them down before you get to beat up. This removes the focus from your team allowing them to come in from behind and deal the needed damage to whoever is on the perimeter. If your lucky, your team will clean up what you have started right after you die and so your four little buddies will have a peaceful slither back to each other.

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Skill Sequence

Unstable matter needs to be maxed first. The percent of health damage done is very strong in the jungle and the cool down is short so it allows you to quickly clear the jungle and move on to bigger and better things. Here is a link to watch my flubber beat down an amumu in the jungle. Within 15 minutes I have double his cs because I clear the jungle so fast and gank lanes efficiently.

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Ranked Play

If you didn't catch the above video here it is again. This is a 5v5 ranked game with the flub. He is most viable as a jungler as he has slingshot which will close the fight on nearly any fight. His crowd control is decent and better once he hits level 6.

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Pros / Cons


    Quick Jungler
    Strong Ganks
    Good Survivablity
    Adds AP to the Jungle
    Good escape
    All in Champion
    Damages himself with abilities
    Passive reincarnation is weak
    squishy early game