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Shen Build Guide by nerodutchy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nerodutchy

[5.24] |NOTYOURMOM2| Shen Jungle: The purple power ranger

nerodutchy Last updated on January 18, 2016
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Pros / Cons

- very good sustain in the jungle
- ultimate is a global
- can taunt multiple people
- no mana

- slow clears
- bad duelist
- vulnerable for counter jungle
- energy cost are high
- high ult cooldown

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I play shen with attack speed marks and quints, as with attack speed he will proc is passive quicker.
I also take armor seal, but they can be replaced with health seals.
For the glyphs I used to pick mr or scalling mr. But these days I prefer playing with scalling cdr as it gives me 15%cdr at lvl 18.

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Summoner spells

When i play jungle shen i dont usually pick up flash. That is because with 40%cdr shadowdash is becomes a more reliable gapcloser. So instead of flash I usually pick exhaust. The reason why I pick exhaust over ignite is, that exhaust has more impact in late game then ignite, as you can reduce the damage output from a enemy carry.

The second summonerspell is smite for obvious reasons.

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Skill Sequence

Level 1: Q
Level 2: W
Level 3: E (from here u can start to gank)

SKill priorty order:
R --> Q --> E --> W

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The masteries I like to run on Shen jungle are:
Ferocity: 6
- Furry
- Feast

Cunning: 6
- Savagery
- Runic Affinity

Resolve: 18
- Recovery
- Though Skin
- Veteran's Scars
- Insight
- Swiftness
- Bond of Stone

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More comming soon

More comming soon