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An (6.21) Kled and Skaarl Guide (in progress)

weewei Last updated on December 14, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
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Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 12

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Threats to Kled with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Illaoi If you play it right, her tentacles can't even touch you
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Hello, fellow readers, my name is Tong, and just like you guys, I got attached to this game and can't stop playing it. I purchased Kled on the first day of his release on the public server. I spent the rest of the hot day trying to get a good understanding of how to play this unique champion, Kled . I currently have around 80000 champion points on Kled .

I decided to play Kled because he has very interesting abilities , and has a weird personality, and the most important reason of all, he's such an adorable killing machine!! I continued to play Kled because later on, when I got a hang of him, he became fairly easy to play and master. The reason I like and enjoy playing Kled is, because he has good lockdown with his Beartrap on a Rope (q,) and his Jousting (e). Once you get onto an enemy, just slam them with your sword until they die!BOOM BOOM BOOM! Also, he has good initiation with his Chaaaaaaaarge!!! (ult,) and is overall a pretty high damage dealing champion. I learned a lot by watching pros like MaRin , Huni play aggressive champions. So here in this guide, I’ll teach you some simple tricks, combos that you can easily pull off against enemy champions, and get your mighty pet, Skaarl fed and he'll carry the game! I decided to make this guide, mainly to practice my English, but also to teach some people who are new to Kled to play this fun champion.If you guys have any suggestions or things I should improve one just tell me in the discussion section! I hope this guide helps you out! Thanks, enjoy your day!!

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Pros / Cons


-Good wave clearing with his extremely short cooldown Beartrap on a Rope

-Snowballs really hard once he gets fed

-Good initiation

-Good mobility (when Skaarl is around)

-Tons of damage


-Once Kled loses skaarl , he will lose all of his movement speed gained from items. He's either forced to fight or if lucky get out by shooting himself over a wall.

-Get's countered pretty easily

-His Violent Tendencies has a fairly long cooldown, so you really have to use it wisely in laning phase

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Things You Should Know About Kled

There aren't many combos you can do while playing Kled , but there are some cool jukes and tricks you can pull off playing Kled . The first isn't really a trick, but if you build 45% cooldown reduction (I have tried this,) you can basically lock an enemy champion using Beartrap on a Rope over and over. Basically, if you're laning against a super slow champ or a champion with no escape, in this case Illaoi , she's basically forced to fight you. It's easy for you to escape if are losing the fight to her just using your Exhaust or Jousting , but on the other hand, if she is losing the fight against you, there's no escape for her. Come Back Here!

The second trick you can do is, you can actually use Pocket Pistol and shoot yourself over a thin layer of wall! For example, you can shoot yourself over the dragon pit wall, and baron pit wall.

The third thing you should know is, Kled can pull an enemy over a thin layer of wall from the other side using your Beartrap on a Rope , but the enemy champion legit has to be touching the wall to do this. I didn't figure this out until an enemy Lee Sin attempted to steal dragon , so I harrased him with my Beartrap on a Rope ,but I didn't know it would pull him over the wall!

Next, when Kled 's Chaaaaaaaarge!!! chose the character to ram into, you can cast your Beartrap on a Rope while diving towards the target.

Note that Kled continue to charge towards an enemy champion once they are targetted. Say when they dash or Flash over a wall while Kled still hasn't landed onto of that target, Kled will follow that target over that layer of wall!

Most people aren't aware of this one, but Kled gains bonus attack range when Kled isn't on his pet Skaarl .

This I learned from VoyBoy you can studder step forward then backward on the speed up trail your Chaaaaaaaarge!!! left, this grants Kled a temporary speed up.

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Summoner Spell Options

The two summoner spells I love to take on Kled are Flash and Exhaust , but there are replacements for these spells if you don't think they are suitable or right for your play style.

I have tried using Ghost over Flash before. The pros for taking Ghost over Flash are, you gain movement speed, especially good when skaarl runs away. When skaarl runs away, Kled 's movement speed returns back to his base movement speed, so basically the only option is to fight. But when you have Ghost , you have 2 options, the first is to activate Ghost and continue the fight, or the second option is to use Ghost and run away. Another reason Ghost is pretty good on Kled , because you can arrive at your destination faster when you use Ghost alongside Chaaaaaaaarge!!!

The next spell I would consider is Teleport . If you prefer Teleport over Exhaust , just go ahead and take it, but here is my opinion on why Teleport is worse than ehaust when playing Kled . Exhaust is really good on Kled because it slows an enemy champion, giving you time to either run away, or slice them into pieces. Also, Kled 's Chaaaaaaaarge!!! is basically like using a Teleport you can either use it to get back to lane, or roam down mid or bot lane.

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Skill Sequence

Getting Beartrap on a Rope maxed out first is key, not only is it a good source of damage, but you could also use the ability to wave clear since it has a pretty fast cooldown. You can cast Beartrap on a Rope even more after you purchase The Black Cleaver which gives you 20% cooldown reduction! The next ability I would max would be his Violent Tendencies . Each time you give a point onto Violent Tendencies , it gives this ability lower a cooldown, not only that, his fourth hit deals, even more, damage than before. The next ability I would max would be his ult. This is pretty self-explanatory, it gives your ult a lower cooldown and your ult deals, even more, damage based on the enemy's health! Finally, you would max Jousting on Kled . While this ability is pretty strong on Kled , his other abilities are far more important than his Jousting .

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I have tried many starting items on Kled , and the starting items I find the most successful with on Kled are a Long Sword and 3x Health Potion . The first recall I would try to get a Phage which is one of the required items for a The Black Cleaver and a Boots of Speed . I would then try to get a The Black Cleaver as fast as possible. Now is the time to decide what boots to purchase. If you're winning say 2-0, then you should look to purchase a Boots of Swiftness . If the top lane is super competitive, with constant fighting and trading, then I would recommend buying Ninja Tabi . If the enemy team has tons of stuns or slows, then I would buy a Mercury's Treads . For my third item, I would either buy a Blade of the Ruined King , Ravenous Hydra , or a Titanic Hydra . Most of the time I would get Blade of the Ruined King for my third item as this item is super strong especially if you're dominating top lane. It's almost impossible for your opponent to escape after you purchase Blade of the Ruined King .

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Which Jungler Works Well With Kled?

Gotta go fast! Once Kled arrives, he can lock down a target, then Hecarim can fear that target, making it impossible to escape!

Chaaaaaaaarge!!! with Kled, lock down the enemy carry with rammus taunt and let Kled do the rest.

Zac has slow and stun, making it basically impossible for an enemy to escape, when Zac and Kled unleashes all of their abilities onto the target!