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League of Legends Build Guide Author FalseoGod

Art of War, an in-depth Swain Guide (Season 6)

FalseoGod Last updated on May 4, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

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Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
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Legendary Guardian

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Threats to Swain with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Katarina Can't cs unless she uses Q, ult's grievous wounds aren't relevant unless you messed up the lane, can't trade, gets harassed to oblivion. Zone her early on and keep the pressure up. Be careful against high CC ganks. Otherwise, just be an ass and hurt her. Don't try to W unless her E is on cooldown/she's mid-ult because she can Shunpo away.
Akali Very easy to bully early game, you can keep this up post-6 even if she commits as long as you have mana. Pink wards may help you kill her and deny her even more. Just be careful not to ult randomly, or she can use the cooldown to kill you. Try fighting with enemy minions around post 6 so you heal harder. She might roam though.


Hello, I'm FalseoGod (SaltyChocobo on EUW) and welcome to my guide for the Noxian Lord of Cannibalism, Swain!

I have written this guide ever since I picked up Swain in season 2 and instantly fell in love. Although I play a lot of champions because I tire easy of doing the same, he is always my go to option and I have a very extensive understanding of how he works. In fact, from every Elo journey I have taken has been led by him, up until my season 5's Diamond.

This being a guide, I am offering more than just a cheat sheet: below you can find the reasoning behind the options I showed, alternatives, as well as all sorts of important information like how to lane or decisions to make during teamfights. I hope you like your read and feel free to ask any questions!


greater mark of hybrid penetration




Glossary for New Players


+ Constant DPS;
+ Nice crowd control (a slow and an AoE snare);
+ Inbuilt sustain with ultimate;
+ Tanky nature;
+ Good snowball potential;


- Low mobility and medium range;
- Lack of burst compared to other midlaners;
- Early game can be a struggle;
- Quite mana hungry during teamfights;
- Mediocre waveclear/pushing until midgame;
- Struggles versus comps with high disengage and healing/shields;


As a counterpick: Swain is generally a good pick against any champion he outranges like Talon, Zed, Akali, Katarina, Fizz. For more information, check my matchups list above ;)

Your team can use a frontliner that deals good damage: Swain can take a lot of punishment and dish out a lot of damage. He is not ideal for a poke comp (teams that deal a lot of damage with harass without actually forcing a fight), but he is good in teamfight-oriented teams, dive comps (teams that attack even under enemy tower), pick comps (teams that use their mobility and CC to separate one enemy team member from the rest).

Aggressive ganking junglers: Swain's early game isn't amazing against various different champions, but he has decent CC and great damage to followup or initiate allied ganks! Look for aggressive junglers like Lee Sin, Elise, Shaco, Vi, Jarvan IV,...

A mage that doesn't fade lategame If played to his fullest, Swain becomes more of a threat the longer each match lasts. If you make sure you don't get popped on the opposition's first rotation, you can soak up and dish large amounts of damage on both carries, bruisers and tanks! However, Swain does not offer a particulalrly strong burst at any stages of the game, lategame included (except midgame if really fed).


A standard pick for midlaners, specially those who are supposed to be in range to use this summoner spell. It deals true damage over 5 seconds and reduces healing effects.

  • This ability greatly increases your kill potential, especially from level 3+
  • During ganks, if one of the targets is low you can use this with your abilities and commit, most likely killing the target.
  • Late game, save this to duel marksmen or melee bruisers with high dueling/healing potential ( Master Yi, Fiora). Cast all your spells and Ignite, pop your Zhonya's Hourglass active and watch them burn.


Pretty much a must have to nearly all league champs. This spell offers both extra safety and extra playmaking potential. It allows you to instantly blink in the direction of your cursor.

  • If your opponent has low HP, you can consider casting this to pop Torment+ Ignite (and maybe Ravenous Flock and Decrepify) to kill them;
  • This spell can allow really aggressive engages if you follow it up with Nevermove. If you have Zhonya's Hourglass, you may even use this combination to start a dive, because the Zhonya active allows you to disengage from both the enemy team and the tower aggro;
  • Can be used to traverse walls, dodge skillshots, escape ganks, chase,...

Currently, Swain has two very viable keystones: Thunderlord's Decree and Deathfire Touch . This happens because, although he will deal more overall damage due to the synergy between Deathfire Touch and his kit, a Thunderlord's Decree applied to a favorable matchup will help him snowball mosntruously. Obviously, you can still snowball with Deathfire Touch or fail to snowball with Decree.] It'll always depend on the game itself and the opportunities that arise.

Bellow you can see how you should choose between the two. If you're doing Blind Pick, I recommend Thunderlord's Decree .



- You want Thunderlord's Decree mostly for favorable matchups. This keystone is perfect to help a laner snowball, and snowballing makes you hit your damage peak faster.

- Use it to play aggressive, insisting on combos such as Decrepify + Torment + auto-attack.

- Pick up Precision to empower your overall damage output if you're going this route. Expose Weakness is good on Swain mainly because his ult ensures that up to three targets have permanently increased damage taken (which might stack if you have other team mates with this mastery).
Assassin and Double Edged Sword might also be considered to increase your damage even more, but only if you're really confident in the matchup!


- You want Deathfire Touch mostly for farm lanes. This keystone synergizes with Swain's kit, making him deal more AoE damage with his ult and DoT, meaning that it becomes more powerful on Swain later in the game than Thunderlord's Decree .

- If you're going this route, you'll probably be wanting more defensive masteries such as Secret Stash for sustain.

- Piercing Thoughts is the only option in this tier for Swain, giving you that extra magic penetration that you're not getting because you had to forsake Precision .



Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

This is a standard rune setting for Swain, although I use various rune pages just for him. Hybrid penetration is the better option unless you're against a longer-ranged champion that you have no hopes of reaching because a) Swain mixes auto-attacks a lot into his harass, b) He is most effective against melee matchups and assassins, making your harass more intense and c) Torment increased all damage from the demon bird, including auto-attacks.

The greater Quintessence is there for obvious reasons, plus you have fairly good scalings, made more efficient by E's damage increase. Scaling health and Scaling Magic Resist are both there to accompany your lane opponent's damage growth (unless, obviously, if they are AD-based), allowing you bigger bulk by the time you reach level 6.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

If you don't have IP for hybrid penetration marks, these will also do fine. However, do remember the hybrid penetration runes are a better option for Swain because your harass should have auto-attacks in the mix (and makes him better versus melee champions in general).

Against ranged champions, these runes occasionally can be better because some of these ( Xerath, Lux come to mind) should never be in range for frequent harassing, requiring instead either jungler presence, a good Nevermove or horrible positioning in their part.

Greater Seal Armor

These are great against Zed or Talon, and can also be used against Yasuo or other AD matchups that appear. They provide you with extra resistances to endure the occasional harass that you failed to dodge and to abate their level 6 kill potential.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Also good versus easy matchups that don't really require magic resistance. You may even pair with a combination of Scaling AP Seals and Scalling health to start with even more ability power!


Basically, killing an enemy unit (minions, monsters and champions) grants you mana.

  • Paired with a Doran's Ring, you can spam your abilities quite freely before you obtain Ravenous Flock, provided you last hit with some efficiency. Pay attention to your mana bar and try not to let it go bellow the 1/3rd threshold (unless of course you're getting a kill).

  • Post-6, you need to be careful how you use your mana as Ravenous Flock devours your mana pool.

  • Don't be afraid to use your abilities to aid your farming, as this will help you regain mana. I give more details and tips in the Laning Section, but Decrepify is the best for single minions since it applies the damage instantly ( Torment has a slight windup on animation and damage). After some points in it, Nevermove starts allowing you to clear entire waves when paired with Ravenous Flock.

  • In fights, pay close attention to your mana and, if running low, see if you can still fight with your ult turned off. Kills and assists will also regenerate a large chunk of mana, allowing you to turn your ult back on.


Swain's crow appears by his side and deals damage to it's target for up to 3 seconds, slowing them for as long as they take damage. If they leave the crow's range or die, this spell disappears.

  • This spell has no casting animation, meaning it casts instantly as long as the target is in range. The damage also starts ticking as soon as the ability pops.

  • Try to cast it a little closer to the target than it's maximum range. This will help you setup Nevermove or get a free Torment. It'll also stick a bit more and they will have to choose to move away instead of accidently cancelling this ability. If you cast it just at the edge of it's range, the target can easily break free and take no noticeable damage.

  • If you hit Nevermove, immediately pop this with Torment so you'll get the most damage from it's duration.

  • At higher ranks, this ability is a great tool to peel melee champs from you or your allies.

  • Use this to farm under your tower or last hit when your AA is still being thrown at a second minion. The cast and damage being instant means you can use it to last hit minions that are just a tiny hit from dying. Under the tower, a tower hit, one auto-attack and Decrepify will kill a full hp caster minion.

  • Decrepify deals damage as long as it's target is in range. This means that, even if the target becomes invisible or untargettable you'll still deal damage, ignoring abilities such as Twilight Shroud, Deceive, Alpha Strike, etc.

Other League Interactions


After a short delay, enemy units in the cast area take damage and are rooted (meaning they can't move or use abilities that would move them).

  • This spell requires a bit of prediction, but it can also be cast after Decrepify for an easier hit or as a followup to a team mate's CC.

  • Nevermove can be used to deny CS from your enemy laner by casting it as they move to farm (otherwise they'll risk taking damage from you).

  • Always try to have the enemy champion close to the center of the ability, with the largest remaining area of the spell in the direction they're going. For example, if they're running away from you, you cast this with the larger portion of the AoE in front of them, but always with some behind them, in case they decide to walk backwards.
    You can also force opponents into choke points where this can hit them with more ease. Midlane, per example, both river entrances create choke points in their edges, so if you can come from the side it'll force them into a smaller escape area. Towers can also work as choke points. Enemies closer to towers have less directions they can run to.

  • Cast it to peel yourself from ganks, to enable ganks, followup on CC, peel your allies, etc. An example would be in case you're getting ganked by a melee gap closer such as Xin Zhao: consider using this AFTER they reached you (in case they flash over it to reach you). Simply cast it on top of you after they dashed, followed by Decrepify, and run towards your freedom. The same applies to allies: it's generally better to wait for the enemy champion to spend their mobility spell and THEN get them snared.

  • If you're zoned, you may use this to last hit minions that are too close to the enemy champion now and then.

  • You can use this on a pushing minion wave early game to temporarily stop it from moving, so it doesn't get to your tower before your allied wave does (lane freezing). If you're going for this tactive, make sure the minions aren't bellow 1/2 hp or this ability will deal too much damage and the freeze won't take place.
    Mid game, it can be used as a nuke to waveclear with Ravenous Flock.

Other League Interactions


Swain's bread and butter. Deals over time damage and amplifies ALL damage from him (except Ignite) by a fixed percentage.

  • Whenever possible, try to hit your enemy with this ability and either an auto-attack or Decrepify (or both for a Thunderlord's Decree proc if you have that mastery set and are sure it'll win you the trade). This ability is great for trading because it's targetted and doesn't leave much room to answer back, you can just go in and cast it + auto-attack or you can decide to commit and deal a great chunk of damage.

  • The damage augmentation benefits all your abilities, including your ultimate Ravenous Flock, because you'll be dealing more damage and healing more. Thus, try to cast this on your targets with less resistances for extra healing.

  • While farming under tower early game let the tower hit the caster minions once, cast Torment and immediately auto-attack. Torment's damage isn't instant so if you do it the other way you'll miss the creep. However, prioritize Decrepify as an ability to farm with because it has a lower cooldown.

  • Early game, combo'ing this with Ignite is very destructive when going in for the kill in lane. Usually, after two points on Torment (and considering the enemy doesn't have a shield or self-heal) you can cast these two spells and auto-attack for a kill on a target with around 1/3 HP, or slightly more depending on their runes and base magic resistance (melee champs have higher base mres so make sure they're at slightly less than 1/3 hp).

Other League Interactions


Swain's unmistakable ultimate: up to three different targets will be hit by damage dealing ravens every second. The damage they deal heals you by 75% if they're champions and 25% if they're minions.


  • Pre-emptively cast this if you see some CC or hard engage coming your way. Only you can cancel Ravenous Flock by either pressing R or running out of mana, which means disables (stuns, silences, etc) won't take you out of your ult but, if they catch you by surprise, you might die or cast it too late for it to help you sustain.

  • In skirmishes/teamfights ALWAYS pay attention to your mana pool because of the increasing mana cost. If you need to leave your ultimate due to low mana (aproximately 1/4th and lower), fall back until there's either only one enemy is at range (or if the fight went poorly just get out) and focus on that target. If you get a kill or assist on them, Carrion Renewal will allow you to re-engage due to the mana recovery.

  • Works with Zhonya's Hourglass's active, which means you still deal damage and heal yourself for as long as there are targets around. This means that, for 2.5 seconds, you will be able to deal damage with Ravenous Flock, regain health due to your ult's self-healing and be unnable to take any damage.

  • In lane, try to fight your opponent with minions around so you get extra healing sources. However, do not spam it even if the cooldown is low, because assassins like Diana or Zed might be able to use this down time against you.

Other League Interactions



NOTE: For clarity, I'm using as an Auto-Attack indicator



The most basic lane harass combo. If your opponent does not back off and you have confidence you'll outdamage them, you may follow this with other abilities (usually Decrepify + Nevermove). Try to get 2 auto-attacks in or another ability if you have Thunderlord's Decree

However, when you start harassing and committing to damage an opponent, enemy minions will start aggro'ing you if you're too close (and if the lane opponent doesn't fight back, your minions will only hit enemy minions, slowly starting to push the wave). Circumvent this by either positioning away from enemy minions or only doing quick waves of harass. In the GIF above you can clearly see the minions closest to me and LeBlanc changing target to us during the trade.

> > > () >
Decrepify > Nevermove > Torment > (Ravenous Flock) > AA

This is how you start scaring some of your opponents. It doesn't work against ANY champion without at least getting you in trouble ( Anivia can block you, Cassiopeia hits harder, Viktor may hit harder until you get your ult, Azir has more sustained damage before you hit 6, Syndra also hits harder), but this sort of commitment works for winning trades/setting up ganks as long as you know how much damage your opponent can output.

You generally start using this over the basic lane harass combo once you have Ravenous Flock, because it helps you heal back and come on top from the trade. catalyst the protector is also a great help in succeeding with this combo due to it's level up healing passive.

The basic idea is to use Decrepify to lead them into Nevermove (although you can start the other way around: hit Nevermove and immediately move into them while casting Decrepify and Torment for a lot of damage) and then rotate through your skillset for a nice chunk of HP. You don't start with Torment mainly because it'll probably not allow you to do the rest of the combo since it immediately discourages your opponent.

You can test how you can set this trade up based on your opponent: if they have similar or lower range, use decrepify to try and test their response and slowly work up through the combo. If their range is higher, try to either position closer to them and bait some skillshots/zone them so you can try casting Decrepify, or you can try and force them into your Nevermove by making them move towards midlane choke points.

> > > >
Torment > Ignite > Ravenous Flock > Decrepify > Nevermove


Your daily "melt into nothingness" combo mid/lategame. If you had the possibility of landing Nevermove early (they positioned poorly/dashed onto you), start the rotation with Torment + Ignite anyway.

You want to use this combo when you're 90% sure that your opponent either can't flee because they were cc'd/had their mobility abilities on cooldown or, per example, when they're trying to commit to killing you and you're sure you can win that trade.

Lategame, you will generally want to try and get this combo on enemy carries and use Zhonya's Hourglass if they have any type of self-healing (lifesteal/spellvamp). This is because, since you don't have a burst, you're using Zhonya's active to deny them lifestealing/spellvamping from you, and your full combo lategame still deals massive damage, it just takes more time.


These are the only two core Swain items, everything else revolves on matchups, how fed you are and what do you need to overcome the enemy team. And, even so, Rod of Ages may be skipped if you had a bad start (will go over this further down).

What you need to keep in mind is this Swain is a frontline mage, he is supposed to take and dish damage. He requires HP, a decent mana pool, ability power and a decent combination of armor and magic resistance, which are more stats than most midlaners need to procure. However, AP is the main focus ALWAYS because 1)Swain scales greatly with AP and 2) The more damage Swain deals, the more he heals with Ravenous Flock.













  • Always start Doran's Ring except versus Zed and Talon against which I recommend you take Cloth Armor. The reason behind this is that both this champs can wear Swain down pre-6 with poke and they usually start with 3 Potions to outsustain. This way you're taking more sustain (4 potions) which in turn allows you to last longer, making sure you don't give them an experience and gold edge by forcing you to recall earlier. Zed in particular will pretty much force you to blow Flash if he kicks you out of lane and gets level 6 first.
  • NEVER GO BACK TO LANE WITH A Sapphire Crystal. If you can't buy catalyst the protector on your first recall, get a Ruby Crystal and a second Doran's Ring for added tankyness and damage. You can also buy tier 1 boots, but only if there's absolutely no other option.
  • Always try to finish Zhonya's Hourglass and Rod of Ages as your first two items. The exception is if you really need an Abyssal Scepter as a second item versus melee mages that get it against you and are constantly in your face ( Ekko, Diana, Akali). If these matchups don't buy Abyssal, skip it unless you're getting beaten.


  • Rabadon's Deathcap is an amazing third item versus teams running little magic resistance. If they do have MRES, consider a Liandry's Torment: it's passive procs on every single Swain ability (even his ult, meaning you're getting it in up to three targets).

    Rabadon also highly increases Swain's damage output and self-healing.
  • Void Staff is an exception o Swain, when compared to Liandry's Torment. This is because Swain not only increases Liandry's damage with Torment, but every single spell he casts refreshes it and/or makes the passive deal double damage, making it more effective on him vs higher mres matchups than every other mage. Not only that, he also applies it on 3 targets thanks to Ravenous Flock. I personally never get Void Staff unless enemy carries have stacked mres or the enemy tanks have an abnormal amount of magic resistance.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great item to follow up or build before Liandry's: it gives great HP, good AP and it's passive procs on every Swain ability. It's also a great way to add extra utility to your kit.
  • Spirit Visage is only really worth if the enemy team is completely overflowing with AP damage. It's passive may increase Swain's healing, but remember that your goal is to deal as much damage as possible, and heal through it. Also, your healing is limited to your mana pool anyway.
    Do understand one thing: this item is not CORE, it's a niche pick and should only be considered under the circumstances described above AND if your team has enough remaining damage, because you're giving up on some DPS for extra survivability.
  • Likewise, Frozen Heart is only worth versus AD and auto-attack heavy teams because it gives amazing armor and some mana and cooldown reduction. It's good versus teams with 3+ auto-attackers (both ranged and melee). The mana it gives is also a decent stat.
    Like with Spirit Visage, this item is VERY niche and only build it if the rest of your team has enough damage and you feel like you really need that extra armor to endure fights. Otherwise, skip it and try to time your Zhonya's better.


Either Sorcerer's Shoes (99% of your games) or Mercury's Treads (versus AP and CC heavy teams). Ninja Tabi isn't really worth it, if you're against that much AD just get a Frozen Heart.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity (and tabi for that matter) aren't amazing on Swain when compared to Sorcerer's Shoes for a simple reason: Swain's healing is affected by the damage he gives, which in turn is affected by Magic Resistance. This means that the more damage you're being able to dish (through flat AP and Magic Penetration), the more you'll be able to heal. Getting some extra cooldown reduction just isn't worth it since your ultimate can be kept on and, since it's AoE, that extra penetration will assure extra damage and healing.

As for enchantments, either Furor or Alacrity. Furor is good on Swain because it procs on his Ravenous Flock crows, which means you gain a permanent movement speed boost in fights. Pairing that with Rylai's Crystal Scepter means you're a permaslow tool. Alacrity is just good in general to pick off people or reduce odds of getting picked off.


Athene's is decent versus teams with beefy frontlines, against which you expect to spend a lot of time in R. The passive regen boost on kill/assist from Carrion Renewal and Athene's greatly help regain your mana. If you're going this path, get this item after either Rod of Ages or Zhonya's Hourglass.


Will of the Ancients is awfully mediocre on Swain although some people still think it's ok. Seriously, the item applies less healing on AoE and DoT which is basically all that Swain has. If you want to heal more, get stronger AP items and position better.


This is a lane phase video I made to help you see in practice
some of the concepts explored in this section

This chapter is separated into various SPOILER fields so that you may choose those you want to improve on instead of having to scour through all the information I'm providing. Many of the tips provided are Swain-specific.


Farming Tips

Minion Wave Control


This section is basically filled with tips. Teamfighting is one of the most situational events in League of Legends (depends on both teamcomps, levels, items, objectives attained, champions involved and their cooldowns, etc.) The idea itself is pretty much "(help) kill as many as possible while trying to have the least number of deaths on your side", but it's never this simple.


  • Use your team's trinkets to your advantage and don't be caught off-guard. Vision Ward, Farsight Alteration and Warding Totem are key for this. Either way, if you see them coming for you and you're sure they can get the initiate on you (think Leona/Malphite ult, long-range CC), ALWAYS pre-emptively pop Ravenous Flock, because it'll allow you to heal and deal damage even if cc'd.

  • Once you get Zhonya's Hourglass, consider positioning much closer to the enemy backline during the fight (unless your team can't followup well or you're too behind): the active is really strong on Swain, allowing you to engage, deal damage, bait their engages and become immune to a lot of stuff while that active is working. Up until you have zhonya's, position a bit more conservatively, preferably together or by your tank's side in case he's also on tha fight;

  • Remember your carry! Swain has some really good peel options versus divers and champions that jump carries (think Xin Zhao or Nocturne) in the form of Decrepify and Nevermove Sometimes, soaking damage while peeling for your ad carry is the best option. A good example is when your carry is fed, which means that if you can help keep them alive they can ramp up through the teamfight by dealing with the divers first. Position in between the diver and the rest of the enemy team, so you can simultaneously deal AoE to up to two more targets and try to help your adc survive. This positioning also makes you an easier target to reach, which reduces the odds of your adc getting other champs to followup on the dive.

    If your adc isn't doing that well or you can't reach them, you should try to be in the frontline or at the enemy backline with the rest of your team's fighters and tanks, to try and dish as much damage as possible.

  • Using Nevermove well is essential: be it picking up targets (or even casting it under their tower and happily diving them with Ravenous Flock on and Zhonya's Hourglass ready to take the heat off of you) or separating engagers from their back line (the diver engages, you cast Nevermove on their backline and suddenly they're alone against you and your team). Missing the Nevermove can be as harmless as not getting an engage to something harmful like failing to peel for someone/stopping an engage, perhaps making the difference between a won or lost teamfight. Again, if you're not too confident about hitting it, try to use it as a followup of your team's remaining CC.

  • Keeping track of enemy cooldowns: ultimates, CC combos, mobility abilities, all of these create openings for engages that otherwise would not be possible. Likewise, this is true for your team's own cooldowns, it's often play stupid to engage when you have major cooldowns on standby (unless of course a great opportunity arised, such as a poor engage from the enemy team or a great pick).

    Your major cooldowns are Ravenous Flock (sometimes you cast it pre-emptively for an enemy engage that got stopped but didn't actually create a window for your team to fight. Fall back, wait for it to come back up) and Nevermove (is using it to engage/followup engages working? Should you be saving it for a particular champion of the enemy team that keeps diving you/your carry?)

  • Try to keep track of how each teamfight went: if your carry played well but got dived by assassins, if you exaggerated in the amount of time you exposed yourself to the enemy team and didn't back off, how well was the engage, etc. Learn from each fight and try to guarantee they'll go favorably each time. Also, make sure you're buying your items according to who's strongest on the enemy team, their main sources of damage, their resistances, etc. This means checking if them for Mres and if you got Void Staff or Liandry's Torment to help abate it, having Zhonya's Hourglass to dodge AoE or focused damage, Abyssal Scepter if they have two or more good sources of AP damage, etc.

You've reached the end of my guide! I do hope you enjoy Swain as much as I do, knowing someone will be eaten alive by your DoTS before they do, tanking and dealing huge amounts of damage! Swain is not as immediate as some other mages, but he's very fun once you start to manage him.

I shall keep this updated and am completely open to questions/suggestions ;)

- Jhoijhoi for her how to make a guide guide;
- Astrolia for all the info she gave me about BBCoding that I couldn't find around or herpaderped about;
- Castermaster because I would've never been where I am with Swain (for better or worse) without his guides;
- Deluth for the criticism and suggestions;
- Xeronn for the amazing critique that helped me improve the guide's appearance and info display by 9000
- Albableat for pointing out some details and providing info to pending questions;
- Throatslasher and Polsemanden for further feedback on itemization, mastery priorities and runes to go with these options;
- Xenotechie for his review and for pointing out some details in the matchup section;
- tehAsian for his review and attention to detail;
- Teyso for more details like broken code;
- CrimsonSkyz for pointing out spelling mistakes and outdated rune names;
- TheNamelessBard for reviewing my guide;
- Utopus and Maintained for giving a great in-depth review on the guide;
- Levask for the patience and continuous feedback and support;

03/06/2012 - Added the "Update" and "Twisted Treeline" chapters; Updated the items on the cheat spread and added a small Note on the "Items" chapter; added a difficulty rating to the lane opponents chapter, and reworked it's looks;
04/06/2012 - Added The "Credits" section; minor tweaks on the laning opponents chapters;
08/06/2012 - Added Draven Patch Notes and some to-be-tested details;
15-06-2012 - Updating coding and guide information thanks to Xeronn; Finished updating all sections, as well as the build;
20/06/2012 - Added abilities to each lane opponent
26/06/2012 - Corrected some silly mistakes, such as writing Boots of Mobility instead of Boots of Speed as an item for facing Ahri
01/08/2012 - Added Zyra and corrected Orianna according to her recent buffs (she's op again. Don't tell anyone.)
28/08/2012 - Corrected a little code error pointed out by Xeronn and removed the "Swain got buffed" chapter since it was out of date
06/09/2012 - Reviewed important options on this guide; old options are still mentioned;
11/09/2012 - Reviewed every guide section;
21/09/2012 - Added a new chapter on itemization; Added Fizz to the lane opponents section (thanks for pointing him out BluAnimal);
29/09/2012 - More details after a review from tehAsian;
30/10/2012 - Detail feedback from Teyso;
08/12/2012 - Season 3 update;
07/01/2013 - Rebooting the guide's contents and visuals;
08/01/2013 - Finished the reboot. Added Zed to matchups. Added a matchup navigation system;
14/03/2013 - Added a table of contents;
15/03/2013 to 17/03/2013 - Updated the guide;
10/04/2013 - Edited out some items;
03/06/2013 - Edited some contents;
14/08/2013 - Changed some items content, preparing for deeper review;
11/09/2013 - Major content update, finally added Lissandra to the mid matchups;
30/10/2013 - Updated due to patch 3.13;
30/11/2013 - Preseason Update *whew*;
13/12/2013 - Sad day, Torment+ Ignite interaction removed with patch 3.15;
13/02/2014 - Updated with Xerath rework, still hardly any Swain vs Yasuo data;
04/06/2014 - Minor update with the runes on the sheet;
09/06/2014 - Yasuo added to matchup section;
13/01/2015 - Added a few notes on Morellonomicon vs Athene's;
28/01/2015 - Updated for patch 5.2;
04/02/2015 - Beginning of a visual and informational overhaul;
10/02/2015 - Major overhaul completed;
16/02/2015 - Information clarification/correction according to Utopus' review.
17/07/2015 - Patch something something update, Swain got buffed through items <3
18/12/2015 - Updated for Preseason 6;
15/01/2016 - Updated the guide visually and added content;
18/01/2016 - Added videos and GIFs to the guide;
03/03/2016 - Guide updated after Utopus' and Maintained's suggestions;