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Yasuo Build Guide by SirQuacksAL0t

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SirQuacksAL0t

How To Build Yasuo

SirQuacksAL0t Last updated on January 26, 2014
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If there is anything that should be done differently feel free to comment

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Introduction and Pros/Cons

Yasuo is a high skill-cap very mobile assasin melee carry, he also can be played as a fighter with a tankier build. But he is mainly used as an assasin since he has "infinite" dashing capabilities and consistent DPS.

+ Very Mobile
+ High and consitent DPS
+ Wind Wall
+ High synergy with knock ups
+ OP shield
+ Strong late game
+ Harmonica/Flute skills

- Can only ult airborn targets
- Doesn't have that many escapes
- Hard to master
- Hard to remember Q range

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If you are playing mid you would want play play passive until you are at least level 2, and what you would want to do is e to an enemy minion then either e the enemy then q or just q them then e to another enemy minion back to saftey and you should have your passive up to win the trade even more. Other then that farming is very important and luckily he is a very good farmer.

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Team Work

What you usually would want on your team are champs that make enemies airborn like Malphite, Janna, Jarvan, etc. All they need to do is make them airborn then you come in with your ult which has pretty damn long range. But if you have no champs that can make enemies airborn then hopefully they have cc so you can get up to them.

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The reasoning behind this is well more DMG!!!

The reasoning behind this is to have more armor which will make you more tanky and help you survive longer in the lane and teamfights

The reasoning behind this is to have magic resist so you are tankier, but if you are not vs an ap laner use MR per level

the reason behind this is because he has no built in sustain so life steal helps lots but I feel like you only need two of them

the reason behind this one is because like I said i feel that you dont need three of them so i just add more AD

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