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Ivern Jungle - Nature Strikes Unseen [S6]

Supes Last updated on November 12, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R


Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 0

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Ivern with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Evelynn Extremely easy to kite at all points of the game. Her biggest threat towards you will be in the first 5 or so minutes of the game, as an early invade from her could catch you off guard (don't get yourself too low from preparing camps), but she'll have a much harder time shredding through your HP late game. DON'T FORGET TO BUY PINK WARDS.
Sejuani Tanks aren't an especially huge problem for you (this goes for most tank matchups). They're your easiest targets in the game to counter jungle, so you should be doing so as frequently as possible.
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Hi there! My in-game username is Supes, and I'm a Jungle ( Shaco) main from NA. This is my first attempt at making an in-depth champion guide, so without further adieu:

Welcome to my guide for Ivern, the Green Father!

So, what sort of relevancy does Shaco have on an Ivern guide you might ask? A leash-free jungle start, with amazing early-game ganking prowess, and a variety of options for potential counter jungling.

Ivern is uncontestedly the most unique jungler to date, and arguably, one of the most unique champions to hit the rift, period.

I've been vigorously testing Ivern from very the first hour he hit the PBE, and with this guide I'll be attempting to maximize your Ivern knowledge, as well as:

a) Navigate you through his particular jungling style. FREEING camps, not KILLING them!

b) Helping you decide when extra brush is or isn't necessary. He CREATES brush! Eep!

c) Teaching you how to properly dance with Daisy. His ultimate SUMMONS blue buff!

And much, much more!

*If you have any problems with my guide, or suggestions, please leave a comment as I'd love to discuss them further!
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Update Log

Newest to Oldest:

November 12th, 2016 - Added a "Season 7 Pre-Season Start" outline to the Jungle Route Section, added the new Redemption item to the build path, and updated Ivern's masteries. The outline also goes over the various other changes that came with the pre-season patch. So please, read it!

October 26th, 2016 - Added "Tips and Tricks" to each of Ivern's abilities (these will be continually tweaked and added upon). Check them out!

October 16th, 2016 - HEAVILY adjusted the Item Path section of the guide (Rod of Ages being built before enchanting your jungle item, Rylai's Crystal Scepter no longer being a core item, supportive item options, and a SECOND example final build).

October 13th, 2016 - Added a "Threats to Ivern with this Build" section (will add more champion matchups in the future).

October 7th, 2016 - Replaced Nashor's Tooth with Rabadon's Deathcap in the "Offensive Options" section of the item build (also tweaked the reasoning for Rabadon's Deathcap in the "Don't Forget Your Roots!" section).

October 6th, 2016 - Added "Don't Forget Your Roots!" section for support champion clarification, as well as a detailed map for Ivern's normal jungle clear.

October 5th, 2016 - Guide, "Ivern Jungle - Nature Strikes Unseen [S6]", officially published to MOBAFire.

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Don't Forget Your Roots!

Don't let the foliage and wildlife confuse you, you are still a SUPPORT!

This section is just a quick explanation as to why we're stacking HP/AP items on Ivern, as opposed to either full AP or resilience (armor/magic resist) items. So, why not some of those items? Let's see:

Nashor's Tooth - This is the big one that's boggling my mind the most. It's also the one that I CONTINUALLY see on other builds. Sure, your auto attacks are enhanced with Brushmaker's passive, and sure, it's included in the suggested items within the shop, but it's simply NOT GOOD on Ivern. 1) You're not a splitpusher, 2) When you're sieging, you'll be focusing on ensuring your SIEGE TEAMMATE'S safety with Brushmaker and Triggerseed, 3) Your focus should be the sheer utility you offer your team. Building such offensive items are entirely counter-intuitive towards the idea of what Ivern truly offers.

Rabadon's Deathcap - Similar to Nashor's Tooth, as in it's a very offensive item for a champion who's a support at their core, however it's a much more viable item on Ivern than Nashor's. While I wouldn't consider it a core item on him, you can't ignore just how much Daisy!'s stats are boosted from the sheer amount of AP it offers (her damage and stats are increased based on Ivern's AP). I would take this if I found myself not needing the extra health from Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and if Daisy isn't being focused down much in team fights. I wouldn't replace Hextech Protobelt-01 with it though, as it just synergizes so well with his kit and you'll be missing that 10% CDR.

Skirmisher's Sabre - I shouldn't have to explain this one. You're not picking Ivern for his dominating auto attack dueling. Stalker's Blade is borderline broken with your amazing Rootcaller, and makes one of the strongest basic abilities in the game even easier to hit.

Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk - I fail to see how relevant you'll be early on if you rush the Cinderhulk enchantment. Runic Echoes is infinitely better on him. It takes advantage of his strong base damage with Rootcaller (making it even more beneficial to land it on the proper target), and aids in your only wave clear with Triggerseed.

Randuin's Omen, Spirit Visage, etc. - Pretty self-explanatory. You're going to be as beefy as you need to be late game with your HP/AP items, Strength of the Ages , the survivability of Triggerseed, and smart usage of Brushmaker. Here's the big reason, however: Daisy!'S STATS AND RESISTANCES ARE INCREASED BASED ON YOUR ABILITY POWER! YOU KNOW, YOUR GIANT PEELING GOLEM WITH AN IMMENSE TEAMFIGHT KNOCKUP!

So please, try my full build out a few times before you downvote on theorycrafting alone (especially in games that make it to late) and study the results. Once you have, I'd love to discuss your findings in the comment section! Thanks for reading! :)

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Pros / Cons

Invisible text!


+ Amazing Initiate/Catch with Rootcaller
+ Mind Games with Brushmaker
+ Strong/Safe Counter Jungling
+ Can Solo Dragon with Daisy!
+ Kit Utility Remains Relevant
+ Calming Voice-Over and Personality

Strengths of the Green Father

Ivern has TONS of potential to be a threat to the enemy at all points of the game. He has a healthy first clear (using my Friend of the Forest path/method), the option to EASILY steal one of the enemy jungler's buffs at level 1/2, and Rootcaller is one of the strongest early ganking tools in the game. On top of this, he can effortlessly solo dragon with Daisy!!

Weaknesses of the Green Father

While packing loads of potential to be one of the strongest utility champions in the entire game, that potential doesn't come without a certain level of difficulty. Ivern's abilities require a lot of thought when deciding when/where to use them. His skill floor is fairly high, with a ceiling that will test even the most seasoned of junglers when attempting to use Ivern with maximum proficiency.

Don't fret, however, as this guide will surely help you out with all of that! :)


- Difficult to Truly Master
- Sometimes Struggles in Late
- Relies Heavily on Landing Rootcaller Properly
- Very Squishy Early
- Susceptible to Being Counter Jungled by Champions like Lee Sin
- Your Team Will Murder Your Jungle Friends

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Friend of the Forest

Ivern's passive is what makes him the most unique jungler in League of Legends - he doesn't kill the jungle camps, he frees them!

By targeting a jungle camp, Ivern will use some of his mana and health to channel for 2.5 seconds, and then begin to prepare the camp. While the camp is preparing (40 seconds at level 1), Ivern is free to go about and do other things. When the camp is fully prepared, he can return to that camp, right click it, and free the mobs - granting him gold and experience! Ivern can Smite the camp to prepare it instantaneously.

The second part of Friend of the Forest allows Ivern to duplicate buffs granted by Red Brambleback and Blue Sentinel from level 5 and beyond. A second buff will drop on the ground for a nearby ally to pick up, or if an ally slays the camp, a second buff will drop for Ivern.


Invisible text!


Ivern throws a skillshot in a line that roots the first target hit and deals magic damage if the target is an enemy.

Once an enemy is hit with Rootcaller, Ivern and ALL of his teammates can auto attack that target to immediately DASH into their respective auto attack ranges. Ivern can use Rootcaller to quickly jump to neutral jungle camps.


Invisible text!


Passive: Ivern's auto attacks gain bonus range and damage while in the brush. This effect persists for 3 seconds after exiting brush.

Active: You spawn a patch of brush. The brush grants vision in and around it for 3 seconds. Then, the brush exists for 30 seconds and can be used just like regular brush. This ability can hold 3 charges. The brush is extended if used on terrain or near other brush.


Invisible text!


Ivern places a shield onto himself, an ally, or Daisy! for 2 seconds. After those 2 seconds, the shield explodes, dealing damage and slowing all nearby enemies.


Invisible text!


You spawn Daisy!, a controllable minion that lasts for up to 60 seconds. If Daisy! attacks the same target 3 times, she'll shoot out a line skillshot that knocks up all affected targets. Ivern can recast R or use ALT + target to control Daisy! once she's summoned.


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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
Invisible text!
Invisible text!
This is where I figure we'll see a bit of a divide. A lot of people are going to want to run 3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power over any Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, which is understandable, given Ivern's surprising early damage. That said, I've seen way more results with the movement speed, and sometimes even run 3 of them, relying on early base damage and points in the Ferocity skill tree.
Invisible text!
Invisible text!

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Invisible text!

Invisible text!Invisible text!
After tons of mastery variations, I've finally settled upon 12/0/18 with Strength of the Ages as being my favorite page for Ivern. It has as much built-in beefiness and survivability as it does raw early power, to ensure that you're making those early plays but also staying relevant when it comes to late game.
Invisible text!
Invisible text!
Mastery Explanations:

Resolve - 18 Points w/ Strength of the Ages

Tier 1 - Recovery > Unyielding : Health regeneration is excellent on Ivern, especially early. Since taking camps with your passive will require both health and mana, even the smallest boost of HP regen will help in allowing you to lengthen your jungle clear. It also pairs well with the Tier 4 mastery Perseverance.

Tier 2 - Explorer > Tough Skin : Simple, you don't take hits from jungle camps (unless someone else aggroes the mobs first) and you won't be laning against a champion where you'll be getting auto attacked constantly. Also, the movement speed in brush synergizes well with Brushmaker!

Tier 3 - Runic Armor > Veteran's Scars : This one could probably go either way, honestly. Seeing as we'll be taking Strength of the Ages as our Keystone and that we build primarily HP/AP items, Veteran's Scars isn't much of a necessity unless you plan on invading early. Since Triggerseed's shield scales very well and you'll be maxing it second, the bonus shield from Runic Armor tends to be more effective throughout the entirety of the game.

Tier 4 - Perseverance > Insight : The health regeneration granted from Perseverance is so good! It's what will allow you to efficiently clear your jungle using the path I'll be outlining later.

Tier 5 - Swiftness > Legendary Guardian : This one could go either way as well. Legendary Guardian isn't awful if you plan to visit bot lane frequently or force dragons, but the tenacity and slow resist from Swiftness will grant you noticeable ease in making it to the targets that you wish to hit with your Rootcaller.

Tier 6 - Strength of the Ages > Grasp of the Undying & Bond of Stone : A fairly definitive choice. You're going to absolutely LOVE the extra late game HP, and the other two Keystones just never seem to match up.

Ferocity - 12 Points

Tier 1 - Sorcery > Fury : You won't be hitting your camps, silly! But for real, Fury could be worse. Your autos are enhanced by Brushmaker's passive, and sometimes auto attacking will be your only source of consistent and reliable damage. Mere preference here!

Tier 2 - Expose Weakness > Double Edged Sword & Feast: Damaging an enemy causes them to take 3% more damage from your allies? Well, it's a good thing that Rootcaller potentially grants your ENTIRE team to swoop within auto attack range and more than justify that damage boost.

Tier 3 - Natural Talent > Vampirism : No crazy explanation here. One is just better on Ivern than the other.

Tier 4 - Oppressor > Bounty Hunter : This synergizes so well with Expose Weakness ! Damage amplification all around makes this an EXCELLENT tool for ganking top after your first clear. Seriously, try it.

Cunning - 0 Points (BUT... BUT... WHAT ABOUT Thunderlord's Decree ?!)

While I'm sure that many people will suggest it, and many people will take it regardless, I stand by the choice to strive for that mid-to-late resilience with Strength of the Ages . You're quite squishy early on, and while you'll be dealing respectable DPS and dishing out strong CC, you die fast. Very fast. This HP, on top of the HP granted from our item path, will ensure that you don't fall off completely if the game makes it to late.

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Invisible Text!
Coming Soon (the items at the top of the page will also be fleshed out and detailed!)

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Jungle Route

Invisible text!
Here, I'll be outlining the first clear possibilities with Ivern in relation to Friend of the Forest. I'll also be quickly going over the jungle camps and the buffs they offer, because let's face it, Ivern will probably be introducing a lot of non-junglers to the role. Which is great!
Invisible Text!

Invisible Text!
Jungle Camps
Invisible Text!
A quick and basic outline on the jungle camps/neutral mobs (map taken from the League of Legends Wiki):

Ancient Krug (Krugs) - Coming Soon!
Gromp - Coming Soon!
Crimson Raptor (Razorbeaks) - Coming Soon!
Greater Murk Wolf (Wolves) - Coming Soon!

Rift Scuttler - Coming Soon!

Blue Sentinel - Coming Soon!
Red Brambleback - Coming Soon!

Dragon - Dragon first spawns at 2:30 and then 5 minutes after each time it's killed, until 35:00, when Elder Dragon begins to spawn in its place. (Coming Soon!)
Rift Herald - Coming Soon!
Baron Nashor -Coming Soon!
Invisible Text!

Standard Jungle Start

This is Ivern's standard jungle route for when you're not planning on invading early to steal a buff or cheese the enemy jungler. I'm going to be detailing the route as if you were starting on the BLUE (bottom) side of the map. If you're starting RED side, Krugs will equal Gromp, Razorbeaks will equal Wolves, etc.

Invisible text! Invisible Text! = Use your passive on the camp.
Invisible text! Invisible Text! = Smite the camp immediately after using your passive on it.
Invisible text! Invisible Text! = Claim the gold and experience from the readied camp.
Invisible text!
Invisible text!
1) Start at Krugs by using Friend of the Forest (creating a "grove") on them.

2) Immediately run up towards RED BUFF. Create a grove on them and then IMMEDIATELY Smite them to take the camp.

3) Move up to Razorbeaks and create a grove on them.

4) Next, run up to Wolves and create a grove on them as well, while also activating ONE OF YOUR POTION CHARGES.

5) HEAD BACK DOWN TO KRUGS. You can use Rootcaller to quickly jump to them over the wall. Click on them to activate the now-readied grove.

6) Run to Razorbeaks and activate them as well.

7) Run to Wolves and activate them.

8) Finally, go to BLUE BUFF and place a grove on them, immediately using Smite to remove the camp (also activate your SECOND POTION CHARGE here).

9) NOW IT'S TIME TO GANK! If you've followed my route exactly, and have used your potions accordingly, you'll be extremely healthy at this point. And since Ivern's early ganks are so strong, you'll want to gank as soon as you finish your clear. TOP IS THE BEST TO GANK AT LEVEL 3, AS YOUR Q DASH TENDS TO SYNERGIZE WITH THEM THE BEST!

Invisible Text!

Invading Start

This jungle route is going to outline how to steal either the enemy jungler's RED BUFF or BLUE BUFF at level 1 or 2.

A few things to note before getting into it: a) Most junglers start bottom side for the better leash, as well as the opportunity to gank top early and potentially snowball the lane (also because having to focus top lane less later on allows for more Dragon control). So for this reason, you'll be starting at your top side buff. Some junglers (Amumumu, Fiddlesticks, etc.) are known to sometimes start at their BLUE BUFF regardless, so start accordingly. b) Some junglers will ward their buffs to prepare for potential invades from Ivern players. BE WEARY OF THIS, as the enemy laners may converge onto you. Starting with a Sweeping Lens can help with this. c) If a jungler suspects that you're going to steal one of their buffs, they might choose to steal one of yours as well, rendering your steal nearly useless. Have your laners ward your buff so that you know if you're being invaded. If this does end up happening to you, feel free to steal MORE of their jungle camps.

Alright, I think that's about it. Let's get into the route.

1) Instead of starting at Krugs how you normally would, start at either your BLUE BUFF or RED BUFF, depending on which is at the top side of your map. PLACE A GROVE ON THIS CAMP, BUT DO NOT Smite IT.

2) Run directly to your enemy jungler's buff that is on the opposite side of the river to you. PLACE A GROVE ON THEIR CAMP, IMMEDIATELY USING Smite TO CLEAR IT. You can use Rootcaller to quickly jump onto their buff, or save it to escape over walls by attaching it to other camps.

3) You're now level 2 and free to gank one of their lanes, and since you're at your enemy's buff, you'll be able to gank from behind the enemy laners. Almost ALWAYS resulting in burned flashes or kills.

Alternatively, you can skip placing a grove on your own camp, and start at their buff to begin.


Invisible Text!

Season 7 Pre-Season Start

Ah, yes. The pre-season for Season 7 is finally upon us and the jungle has seen many changes with its arrival. Because this is the pre-season, and many things are subject to change, I will NOT making permanent changes to the guide AS OF YET. I may decide to create a smaller section dedicated to the pre-season here shortly, but as it stands - this will be the place for the minor changes. I will, however, most definitely be creating a page solely dedicated on how to adjust to the current season once the season finally drops. Thanks for reading!

1) The Jungle Route - So, with the pre-season, the red and blue buff camps now spawn BEFORE the other camps. The buff camps now spawn at 1:37 (the same time that mid-lane minions meet each other) and the other camps spawn at 1:50.

We're still going to try and start bottom side, but now we're obviously going to be starting at the buff. Seeing as the other camps' spawns are delayed a bit, we can't really avoid the fact that we have to stand at them for a few seconds and wait for them to spawn. The route is essentially the same, however. Instead of starting at Krugs/Gromp, we now start at the buff by readying it with Friend of the Forest and moving to where we would have started beforehand. You'll then ready that camp and immediately Smite it. After that, the rest of the clear is exactly the same!

2) Plants and MIA Jungle Buffs - So now we have plants to worry about. Plants spawn at dedicated areas within both sides of the jungle and along the river. They have fixed spawns, and only some plants can spawn at some of those points, but other than that, it's not as RNG as you might think.
Invisible text!
Invisible text!
Red = Blast Cone
Blue = Scryer's Bloom
Green = Honeyfruit

You can attack these plants to unleash their unique properties. Attacking the Blast Cone will knock back anyone that's within range of the plant's proximity. Attacking the Scryer's Bloom plant will cast a large area of vision in the direction that you were facing when you attacked the plant - revealing any enemies AND wards in the revealed area. Finally, attacking the Honeyfruit plants (which start to spawn later in the game) will drop pieces of fruit that heal and restore mana when walked over (slowing you as you do so).

The other thing I wanted to mention is that we NO LONGER RECEIVE BUFFS FOR SMITING CAMPS. While I'm honestly rather fond of the plants, I do hope that jungle buffs return. Red and blue buffs still apply when those camps are cleared, but you won't be getting any other buffs from the other camps (NO MORE WOLF SPIRIT TO HELP YOU OUT WHEN YOUR TEAM SIMPLY WON'T). They took away our diversity as junglers, and the choices that WE'RE able to make accordingly, and have given those same choices to everyone else via plants - nullifying our uniqueness to how the game shapes out.

3) Items/Runes/Masteries

One new item has been added to the game that peaks our interest as jungle Ivern. That item is Redemption. If you were to take this item, you would take it in place of Ardent Censer. I only have limited testing with it as of right now, but I certainly do think there are scenarios in which it might be a better pick up (a lot of their champions fight in melee range, they have good dive champions, etc.). That said, Ardent Censer received a little change that now makes it so that those we shield now heal themselves with their following auto attacks. Overall, it's a fairly strong change to the item that will make it even harder for us to choose Redemption over it.

Nothing much to say for rune changes regarding us.

Masteries have received a few changes that we should be cognizant about. Firstly, Strength of the Ages has been replaced with Courage of the Colossus . While we're definitely going to miss our HP from Strength, CotC is VERY strong. Probably too strong, and I imagine we'll see some stat nerfs to it shortly. In short, we're given a beefy shield whenever we hit an enemy with our hard CC (30s cooldown). Since we're stacking a lot of HP items, Courage of the Colossus proves to be EXTREMELY strong for us late game, as it increases based on our maximum health. The only other changes we really need to consider are to the Cunning tree. In the time that I've been able to test these new masteries, I'm much preferring putting the other 12 points into Cunning. Greenfather's Gift was literally made for us, and the other points leading up to it are quite good for us as well. You could potentially take 18 in Cunning and 12 in Resolve with Windspeaker's Blessing as your keystone (maybe more so once Courage of the Colossus gets nerfed).

*This is all I have to mention for now (jungle camp specifics aren't particularly useful as Ivern doesn't attack them anyways) and will continue adding to this section when something crosses my mind, as well as when the PBE is updated with changes. Good luck!
Invisible text!
Invisible text!
A quick note on Rift Scuttler :

Most junglers take scuttler not only for the vision, but also for extra health to help with their jungle clear. Ivern however, STILL LOSES HEALTH AND MANA WHEN TAKING SCUTTLER. Because of this, it's rarely worth it for Ivern to take scuttler early, unless you're about to back and/or have a free Smite available.

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Closing Thoughts

Invisible text!
Well, you've made it this far in the guide... so, the last proper thing to do is to thank you for reading it!

There's TONS more I plan to do with the guide - such as champion matchups, tips and tricks regarding Ivern's abilities, overall polish, etc.

Your feedback is EXTREMELY appreciated. I've been busy this past month, so if there are strong items on Ivern that I'm missing out on, or runes/masteries suggestions, PLEASE feel free to share them with me in the feedback section. Together, we'll craft the ultimate guide for Ivern, the Green Father.

Thanks again, and happy jungling! :)