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One by One... (Kha'zix Season 7 Guide)

emress Last updated on December 12, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 12


Defense: 18

Runic Armor
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Legendary Guardian

Utility: 0

Threats to Kha'Zix with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nidalee squish + no cc= ez
Ivern squishy as hell, dodge his root and you can probably kill him before he can cast daisy, even if he does manage to cast daisy you should still be fine unless someone else shows up.
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Hi, my league name is emress and I'm a North American Kha'zix main with 150k mastery lvl 7 on Kha'zix. I'm only in Gold for solo que, however i didnt start playing ranked until about july and i have maintained a 60% winrate on kha'zix since i got placed all the way down in low bronze. Kha'zix has been my favorite champ since i picked him up way back in the middle of season six and therefore i have put a lot of time into learning him.

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Your Job as Kha'zix

You are an AD Assasin carry Jungle who is the most well rounded and dangerous assasin in the game. Focus on taking in as many resources as you can because you are almost always your teams carry. Picture Kha as that annoying split pushing jax toplane who forces your teammates to leave other parts of the map to deal with him only as Kha'zix you force people to leave area's of the map by killing them. You control everything the enemy jungler does, you force enemy laners out of lane so often your laners have nothing to do but take objectives. Kha is the best champ at controlling the flow of the game, therefore, take advantage of that.

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    Can 1v1 almost anyone in the game
    with new isolation on red and blue buff, his clear speed has exponentially increased
    due to isolation he can take very early drags and barons.
    has the power to oneshot all priority targets
    CC will beat him everytime
    if the target is not isolated you will have a very hard time killing them

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Item selection

Items on Kha can vary extremely heavily due to the situation ingame and the combos of items you buy. Overall you really cant go wrong with building straight AD however i want to discuss which ad items are best and when you should be buying defense.

early items:
Always rush warrior as it is the best item for the price and helps your jungle clear, now whether you go stalker blade, skirmishers sabre, or trackers knife is a question you must ask yourself. if you are going to need help sticking to enemies go stalkers, need better 1v1 or just damage in general, go skirmishers, and if you value vision heavily or if you are with a 5 man i strongly recommend trackers knife so you can have better map control.

So first off you must think about a well rounded build that includes life steal, armor pen, and flat AD damage. Therefore items you get to start with, dictate which items you should get later. For example dont go double life steal instead of one life steal and one armorpen item as that will severely impact your damage dealt.

    Youmuus Ghostblade -> Slightly weak due to its nerfs, however the passive and active movespeed give you much more map pressure and it synergizes very well with Duskblade of Draktharr which is core.

    Tiamat/Ravenous Hydra -> A very useful item on Kha as it helps his clear and burst damage, However, this dictates your build greatly. Since at somepoint you will be building this into Ravenous Hydra (not titanic because it lacks the same damage and burst), you cant afford to get Deaths Dance or Bloodthirster since that would give you double life steal and you would need to sacrifice armor pen or defense. Also since it is most efficient to keep tiamat un-upgraded, getting youmuus with it does not give you a sufficient amount of AD early as both are relatively low in their supply of AD.

    Duskblade of Draktharr -> essential on Kha in preseason because of the true damage it gives you every time you enter a fight or use ultimate. also gives you good map control with its ward vision thingy and a solid amount of AD.

    Edge Of Night-> Very useful item especially against high burst mages or cc heavy teams. The MR obviously helps reduce AP damage and the Spell Shield can allow you to jump into a team without worrying about one ability ****ing you over. Its lethality also increases the damage your Duskblade's true damage will do per proc.

    Black Cleaver-> Solid item, gives you a decent bit of tankyness for midgame along with the move speed passive that allows you to fight better. the 20% CDR allows you to get to 45% much faster and the Armor pen is great for midgame. Its downside is that the armor pen is not nearly as good as Lord Dominiks Regard and the Health isn't as good as an actual tank item therefore taking up a spot you might need later for a more specific situational item.

    Maw of Malmortius-> Now it absolutely should only be bought when they have an AP Mage that is ****ing you sideways as it no longer gives armor pen/ lethality

    Deaths Dance -> Used to be a god tier item on Kha'zix, but now it is not a good idea to get this when you are getting Ravenous Hydra due to double life steal. However this item is still so good i strongly recommend getting this instead of Ravenous Hydra when you need more CDR, Sustain, or survivability.

    Defense -> All defense items are situational, However, my goto item is Deadman's Plate because it gives you more map pressure with its move speed, more burst damage, and enough health and armor to not get oneshot.

    Critical Strike -> I bet it would be a funny build, but since crit doesnt proc on you Q
    its not worth getting any Crit items

    AP -> There used to be an AP build that actually worked but since they changed what his passive scaled off of, it does not work anymore :(

Edit: Apparently going Deaths Dance and Ravenous Hydra does work if you are ahead!

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Evolves are what make Kha'zix such a unique champion and they can very heavily dictate your play style according to which abilities you evolve. You get to evolve one ability every time you upgrade your ultimate. Since you only get three evolves for your four abilities and it takes so long to get them, it is very important that you pick the right ones at the right times.

New Kha'zix is very cool as now you must evolve based on the situation, there is no standard order anymore, therefore I will list the advantages to each and when you should be getting them.

Q evolve: Evolving your q ability now reduces its cooldown whenever it is used on isolated targets by 60% and increases your q and AA range. This allows you to take neutral monsters very quickly and to duel 1v1 much better. I Reccomend evolving this if you are spending a lot of time invading the enemy jungle and fighting the enemy jungler constantly or if there are tanks on the enemy team. If there are tanks evolving Q while you have a black cleaver will allow you to easily shred their armor and eat them alive.

W evolve: Evolving your W ability changes your spikes to shoot out 3 in a cone rather than just one. Also if the target hit is isolated then the target will be slowed by 80% rather than 40%. Evolving this is useful when you need help sticking to the enemy or when your team needs help getting Picks. i reccomend evolving this later into the game either when your team is grouping and trying to get Picks, or when you fell behind and simply need to peel for the carry(s) on your team.

E evolve: This evolve was not reworked, it still drastically increases your jump range and whenever you get a kill or assist, the cooldown is reset. This is useful in teamfights when you need to easily jump from target to target, or in the early game to create new gank paths or just simply stronger and safer gankss. I reccomend always evolving this first or second because it is crucial to your ability to assasinate out of position enemies or to carry teamfights.

R evolve: Evolving this ability causes you to gain a charge of void assault (gain true invisibility for 1.25 seconds and a move speed boost) every time you enter a bush out of combat and in the bush you will keep the invisibility for 2.5 seconds. Each bush has a 10 second cd. Although this evolve no longer grants you increased outplay and teamfights capability, it allows you to traverse the map MUCH faster and if you play it right you can traverse some sections completely invisible to enemy wards. I reccomend getting this evolve whenever you are carrying by getting solo Picks across the map or heavily banking lanes where having extra speed and invisibility will allow the gank to go more smoothly.

So in my opinion you should always evolve either R or Q first depending on if you're ganking a lot or invading a lot respectively. Second I strongly reccomend evolving E in almost every situation just because of how much mobility it gives you. For your final evolve I think the best ones are W and Q(if you haven't already evolved Q) because this will allow you to have better teamfights and better baron/elder dragon control. R falls off late game because you do not need to traverse the map as much in most situations and the W slow will probably result in you allowing your team to help in getting more kills.

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Kha'zix's early game is one of the strongest in the game right now and it is VERY easy for you to get kills and start snowballing.

First clear: this is fairly weak and it is important to remember if you start red side then you cant clear raptors, otherwise you will be too low to gank. Also if you gank before getting blue buff you have to be careful about running out of mana.

Ganking and Farming: Ganking is very easy due to your gap closer, heavy slow, and insane burst. i strongly recommend you take as many kills and buffs as you can because as a hyper carry assasin it is very important to be ahead of as many enemy champions as possible. Be careful on balancing your ganking and farming because it is very easy on kha to just be nonstop ganking due to how easily it is to get kills. On average you should have between 70 and 110 cs at 20 minutes.

Enemy Jungler: If you are already a high elo jungler then you should know this, But for those who dont, as a jungler your most important job is to track and control the enemy jungler and be prepared to countergank and counterjungle. Especially as Kha'zix it is very easy to control the enemy jungler because you should almost always win 1v1's with them in their jungle, just pay attention to laners to make sure they arent going to get help. Overall try to get vision in their jungle and predict where on the map the will be so you can either countergank or ping the lane they will gank and steal their jungle camps on the opposite side of the map.

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Midgame/ Teamfights

Map Control:This is your time to shine, you should have your evolved E by around 17 minutes and when that happens tell your team to group to force fights, or ward their jungle and watch their rotates to get picks. constantly be aware where the enemies are so you can force specific objectives.

Teamfights: This is the hardest thing to do on Kha as you are as squishy as an adc and expected to jump into 5 enemies at once. How you and your TEAM play this will decide the outcome to the fight. At the beginning it is helpful to get into a flank position or tell your team to engage ahead of time so you can get a good cleanup. ALWAYS tell/your team to engage before the enemy team. if they do this, the enemies will blow their cooldowns and their healthbars should be getting lower, even if this is happening but your team is still losing the fight, you should be able to turn it. after important cooldowns are burnt leap in onto either a high priority target or low frontliners. the most important thing to think about is "can i get the reset" and "do they have an ability that will cc me or kill me" if you are clear on both of those then you probably just got yourself a penta kill.

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If you are guaranteed to hit them with your W from where you are standing and you need to slow them before you engage: W -> E -> Q -> Auto -> Tiamat -> Auto

If you arent sure about landing your W or they have a Gap Closer Do the same thing as above except use your W after Q

Dueling/Kiting: First off DO NOT USE YOUR E FOR DAMAGE UNLESS IT IS NECESSARY FOR A RESET! Your E does minimal damage and wasting it on that means you have no escape or way to chase the enemy for approximately 15 seconds. Other than that remember that your Q, Tiamat, and W are both AA resets so therefore it should look like this; AA-> Q -> AA -> Tiamat -> AA-> Q. Your W should only be used to slow the enemy if they try to run or after you begin to take damage, otherwise you are wasting its heal in a situation where you wont oneshot your opponent

Tips: The Q and W AA resets are extremely useful for clearing the jungle in early levels.
Use Brush as much as possible while dueling to reset your passive AA and use your Ultimate to juke and dodge dangerous abilities and to reset your AA Passive.
Your Q can be cast while you are mid leap.

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Double Jump

This mechanic looks awesome, is incredibly useful, sounds easy, and is actually kind of hard to pull off all at the same time.

A Double jump is when you leap to an enemy that is about to die and while you are still in the air you Q them for the kill and immediately leap again. That sounds easy, but what makes this so useful is when you are already in melee range of the target. you have to leap towards the direction you want to travel and bring your cursor all the way back to the low target and q before you are out of melee range. when done smoothly you can cover twice as much distance as if you simply killed them first and can be extremely useful in teamfights when the enemy team is retreating, or when you need to escape quickly.