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Quick Guide to: Master Yi!

Omega Zero Last updated on December 17, 2016
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Threat Champion Notes
Kalista Any ADC that can't stun you are basically your appetizers. The main course are the towers you're going to murder.
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Introduction to the Master D

Welcome to my quick guide to Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman, in the Jungle! If you wish to view a more detailed guide then I recommend looking at my guide that is yet to be published where I go into full details of Master Yi!

"Let us begin"

Master Yi is an AD Melee Champion who can be played as either a Fighter, a Right clicking Carry, or a Caster, Master Yi's strength comes from the fact that you can build almost any route on Yi as long at it emphasizes on the AD of course, not going full AP Yi since that is long gone, including a 100% Crit Build on Master Yi, normal Carry build, Caster Build, Attack Speed On-Hit Yi, and so on.

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Pros / Cons

Super Fast Farmer
Super Fast Pusher
Has two really strong steroids (Buffs) that allows him to be an extremely dangerous duelist
Has a good heal
His kit naturally lets him be a carry (You still need items, don't you dare go 6 Tears on Yi)
Multiple Build Paths
Large damage output
Can single handedly carry the game if played right (At least in Bronze - mid Plat)
Can be very hard to escape Yi
Screws over tanks with his Wuju Style
The hell are slows?
Has Offensive and Defensive Capabilities in his kit
Easy to Understand Kit
Can outright avoid nukes or reduce the damage taken with his Alpha/Meditate respectively
The Master Baiter with his kit allowing him to run away faster than how long I last in bed
Alpha Male : ^)
7 eyes, more vision the better. : ^)
The OG Dunkmaster : ^)
Sword Boots : ^)

Can be EXTREMELY Squishy
Isn't exactly tanky (Unless built tanky, but even then that depends with all the ******** Max HP% Damage we have in this game)
I asked what are slows, that doesn't mean you aren't immune to stuns and silences and snares and roots and knockups and other horrifying ****
If they build Thornmail (and Rammus) you're going to severely injure yourself.
I'm easy to play, not exactly easy to 'Master'

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Well tell me, why did you click on this guide? If you like: Being fast as ****, Penta-kills, Resets, AFK Farming into god-mode, Angel Arena, CAN'T BE SLOWED, True Damage, Healing and fancy asian swordsmen, then My Blade is Yours.

In all seriousness though, Yi is a beginner-friendly Champion, his kit is easy, he's one of the
original League Champions, so he has no advanced BS to get you confused. He can do AMAZINGLY well at carrying and damage outputting, especially to towers. And he's probably one of the best steroid-based champions in the game. He sacrifices defensive buffs and CC for Offense and mobility, and 3 out of 4 abilities can be used defensively on reflex and can award people who spend time and dedication to mastering this unique Champion. Hidden mechanics are hidden within this beautiful man, I mean just look at his eyes... Seven...

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I already said that I dislike Off-Tank Yi (Assuming you read my Author's Notes), and I'll actually get into more detail here. Won't give huge af explanations since this is supposed to be a quick guide:
Okay basically as a tank Yi is ****, sorry. He has zero CC, no innate durability (unless channeling where if people are smart they'll either focus your other teammates that aren't tanks OR they won't even notice you if you decide to go PURE tank)
Yi's Kit has a HUGE Emphasis on murdering people under Highlander's influence. Off-Tank Yi kinda reduces your damage output, especially post-nerfs. Again no CC.

So you should play Yi as a Glass Cannon imo, and when should you pick Yi? When:
You have a tank, good initiation team, your comp is a flank/split pusher comp (you're the split pusher mind you), or if you're in One For All/All the Eggs in one Yi. Basically if you have no tanks, especially if you have no initiators, I highly recommend picking someone else that can Initiate/Tank. Yi's good for: Splitpushing, Flanking, Team-Fighting if you got a good way to force a clash in your favor.

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Items, Master-Yis, and Runes.

Jungling: When you start off the game, decide what you want/need, do you need an AFK pusher that murders all towers, a guy who presses one button to crit 4 of the enemy Champions, or an annoying spellcaster that slow chunks off their HP while applying an armor debuff and being relatively tanky? I am personally the first and second Yi, luckily for you, the second path tends to include the first path as a built in benefit. So for items you want Bloodrazor since the AS is pretty much Mandatory, same for your Greaves, and BRK since it gives 3 of Yi's needed stats, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Lifesteal, if you're going 100% Crit then you swap the BRK for Shiv/Phantom Dancer.

Masteries: Get Fervor, no matter what, build into Fervor, you're jungling so your Warlord's won't do anything in there, Fervor can let you fight people early on, especially since your double strike helps you get 8 stacks ASAP, and Strength of the Ages, well, read my Author's notes, I'm a Glass Cannon guy.

Runes: Get Attack Speed Marks/Quints, Armor/HP per level Seals, and Scaling MR Glyphs, Attack Speed is more core on Yi than anything imo since it reduces your Alpha Strikes Cooldown AND lets you get in more True Damage Autos, DON'T BUILD TOO MUCH THOUGH, your Highlander increases your AS%, so it's easy to cap out your AS (Using ult).

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Serious Thoughts Though.

ACTUAL Topics on Items
Thing is this on Yi, a lot of items could be built on him and it would fit him, Wit's End isn't a bad choice at all against Magic Damage teams that DON'T burst you down instantly but does a good chunk, while keeping attack speed. Another item is Rageblade followed by On-Hit effect items, Hell I even went Tank Yi once (Cinderhulk, Boots, Warmog's Armor and Black Cleaver were the core items, I added Death's Dance and a Titanic Hydra) Since I was dying way too fast but we still had a pretty good amount of damage outside of me (ALBEIT this was a 3 man game in a voice chat).

Now let's onto the Runes and Masteries, shall we?

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Runes And Master-Yis. (Heh)

I despise myself for that pun.
"Speed is the essence of all things"
For Runes, you'd preferably want to go do the style the Diamond in KR Server but actually isn't Korean Yi player, Cowsep, does. Run *nothing* but attack speed runes, for a safer route i tend to take Armor seals though. I really don't see the huge difference between the Armor Seals, at least for me. You take this since a LARGE amount of Yi's damage comes from his Auto Attacks, and his Alpha's Cooldown is reduced per attack. So yeah, even his E scales with AS since the True Damage allows Yi to still hurt while doing damage.

For Masteries I take 21/9/0, taking attack speed, lifesteal, Double Edged Sword, Battering Blows, Fervor, and Dangerous Game. Alongside Wander since your clear speed is already fast and this gives you that *small* faster clear time and better chase potential to start a gank. Assassin since you want to do a lot of damage and Yi isn't TOO reliant on buffs to clear, and really only needs Red Buff/Smite, maybe even no Red Buff sometimes if you have Highlander, as long as you know how to gank properly. And Dangerous Game and Executioner since you'll be wanting to kill people a LOT, and really you literally only burn your Mana on Alpha Strike and Meditate in the jungle, which your mana pool can support, ESPECIALLY if you have Blue Buff and a Smite item.

Onwards we go into Skill Sequences

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Skill Sequence

"One Strike, Many Foes"

Now obviously you want to start Alpha and Max Alpha Strike as Yi, your E passive doesn't scale per level, and if you're maxing Meditate first, you probably shouldn't even be playing Yi in the first place. Alpha lets you clear SO much faster, a Level 2 Alpha Strike clears the ENTIRE small raptors camp, Level 4 Clears the Wolves, and Level 5 should clear the small krug with one Auto Attack. TIP: Early one, hit the small monsters once THEN Alpha, this actually speeds up your clear and reduces the damage taken. Obviously Gromp you hit Gromp first, since he's Single. Even though I take E on Level 3, I recommend doing Level 3 Q for the faster (and I DO mean faster) clear, taking E allows you to duel other people should they try to fight/gank you early on.

TIP: Your Alpha Strike can do a few nifty tricks, it can chase opponents, even after they flash when you reappear, you disappear from the map, dodging/canceling skillshots and AoE abilities if timed right. Your Alpha can be used to jump over walls if you have vision of a target on the opposite side. But you *can* still get killed in Alpha sometimes.

*You have been slain* BUT I WAS IN ALPHA!

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Summary and a Few key tips

First, you trade a lot of mechanical abilities in exchange of learning the importance of timing and positioning, you're squishy as hell and your saving grace is the fact you do an INSANE amount of damage AND almost all your abilities (Thanks Wuju Style) have offensive and defensive capabilities, your Q can dodge abilities and nuke multiple targets, Meditate reduces damage AND acts as an AA reset, Highlander allows you to chase and run away easily, and Double Strike can hopefully get your Q up in time for a dodge.

Additionally, Yi HAS been getting attention lately, not entirely sure about Ranked, but in PH I've seen some Yis on both my team and enemy teams, and they lack the traits of a GREAT Yi, and they end up as either a "Good" Yi, "Average Yi", or sometimes even bad (WHY WOULD YOU MEDITATE DURING A DUEL WHEN YOU'RE AT MAX HEALTH YOU BOOSTED OBJECT? -Me to some random Yi on my team while he was ganking me (Yasuo) against a bloody Darius.) So this might cause him to get attention from Riot, and maybe get a nerf. Shouldn't be anything major though. So good luck since this is only supposed to be a quick guide. I'll make a more detailed one eventually. Bye!


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