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S3 Jungle Kayle - Wings of Aether

Mr.Vortigon Last updated on February 14, 2013
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S3 Jungle Kayle - Wings of Aet (Cheat Sheet)

Champion Build: Kayle

Health 2092
Health Regen 20.5
Mana 975
Mana Regen 16.35
Armor 93
Magic Resist 67.06
Dodge 0
Tenacity 0
Movement Speed 405
Gold Bonus 0
Attack Damage 145.7
Attack Speed 121.709
Crit Chance 0%S
Crit Damage 0%
Ability Power 40
Life Steal 0%
Spell Vamp 0
Armor Penetration 0
Magic Penetration 0
Cooldown Reduction 0%

Recommended Runes

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 15

Honor Guard

Defense: 15


Utility: 0

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Kayle can be played as a a top a jungler a support or a mid. In this guide I will be talking about her jungling capabilities. The reason you might want to give her a try is because of her fast clear times with Righteous Fury and Holy Fervor and her ganks and her overall utility she brings to the battlefield with Divine Blessing Divine Blessing and Intervention Intervention

Greetings novice judicators. From today henceforth I will be teaching you the secret arts of prevailing in the dark forest. Our ways are of old and mystic but with my help I will teach you to purge nooblords from Runeterra. As aspiring angels of justice, one must know when to thread into the jungle of the enemy. When an enemy does the same, repay them in kind. Teach them how wrong they are by cutting them down.

While it is quite uncommon to jungle as Kayle, she has adds a lot of utility to a teamfight one she hits lvl 6. This coupled with her great clear times and decent ganks makes her a viable jungler.

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Jungle Kayle Pros/Cons

+ Fast clear times
+ Decent ganks early game
+ Strong late game
+ Adds a lot of utility on the battlefield with her gamechanging ultimate
+ Quite Tanky

- Mid Game can get quite harsh if you fall behind
- Gold dependant when mid game starts
- Can not counter jungle early game
Note: Watch your health, and everyone elses. Your ult at the right time on the right person can change the tide of battle.

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Core This is what you need to function and what you will be finishing games with at their quickest. When you get your Madred's Razors and your Berserker's Greaves you will notice how fast your jungling will go. Keep supporting your lanes and fly through the jungle to get your much needed gold. When you get Wit's End you will want to stick to farming up your Guinsoo's Rageblade as much as you can. Your damage will be limited compared to your lanes and they will hurt you if you do not time your ganks well enough. Once you have a Guinsoo's Rageblade this will change and you will start hunting.

Angelic All-Rounder The All-Rounder starts where the Core falls off. Long games are plenty and more item need to be bought. The All Rounder focuses on covering all sides to become a utility bruiser. Your damage is high, you are decently tanky and they need to focus you first. If they fail to do this you will just Intervention your ADC and they will get destroyed.
Always take a look at the damage output of you and top when a teamfight is about to erupt. If he is stronger than you take the hits and make a loop. You'll come back later to clean up and support/ult. If you are stronger, stick to the sides/brush and go in when the top takes a few hits, not pokes, hits.

Pious Punisher The Pious Punisher is a build against heavy cc teams with double AP lanes or a strong AP support. WIth this build you'll focusing less on armor and will hunt for their magic users. The Mercurial Scimitar is a dangerous weapon against their foul magics. Turn them into jelly once you have your Sword of the Divine, they'll never see it coming.

Seraphic Shredder The Seraphic Shredder is based on you knowing when to gank hard and where to stand when a team fight erupts. This is what I usually use when I go Solo queue. You will mostly use your ult on yourself to make up for the fact that you lack any kind of defensive items. The glass canon so to say.

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Masteries & Runes per build

The Angelic All-Rounder

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

The Pious Punisher

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

The Seraphic Shredder

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

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Kayle's autoattacks against enemy champions reduce their armor and magic resistance by 3% each hit. This debuff stacks up to 5 times, leaving them at 15% armor and magic resistance reduction at max. This passive gives her enough penetration to substitute a Brutalizer The Brutalizer.

Note: Even though this covers armor penetration, Brutalizer is not a bad item on kayle. It's just a luxury.

Reckoning shoots out a bolt of energy that damages, slowes and amplifies any further damage while the target is being slowed.
This is the first skill you fire at your enemy when you attack to stop them from running away. Together with your Righteous Fury you decimate anyone early and late game. This skill is leveled second since it gives you extra damage and extra damage amplification. The slow remains the same on each level up however.

Note: Use smart casting with this, you do not want to waste any second while you are chasing.

Your main heal and gap closer. As soon as you get the blue golem you start spamming this on yourself through the jungle. This will leave you quite healthy and ready to pick your targets if you see any. Level this last since you only want the movement speed buff for ganks and the heal for sustain. At late game you will want to use this as a gap closer for you or your adc.

Note: The sustain is great early on but it's power falls off later on. The speed boost is still a great tool to have even in late game.

With this we light up the enemies. Should they huddle up, then they will feel every bit of splash damage this skill has to offer. Together with Reckoning you can destroy anyone in mere seconds.
Positioning and timing is key in team fights when you use this. Try to hit as many targets as possible.

Note: Even though CD reduction will allow you to keep this up 24/7 battles will usually be over before this runs out of time.

A great game changer. Use it in team fights or when you are tower diving, they can not stop you. And while it is susceptible to cc from a non-damaging source, it is still immune to damage. The best way to use this is by baiting the enemies. As soon as you see your ADC/TOP getting targeted watch them carefully, should they go below 20% health cast this on them. Usually the enemies will still want to chase and wait till this skill is done. That's when they die, you cannot wait 2/3 seconds in a team fight.

The other way to use this is by blocking 2 or more ultimates from the enemy. If you have the godlike reactions to pull this off, go for it.

Note:While this skill is quite hard to land in teamfights because of all the chaos. It is advisable to use shortcuts or smartcasting.

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Righteous Fury will be absolutely necessary to jungle, The splash and the extra damage on each hit will speed up your gold income and make you that more fierce in battle. Divine Blessing heal is only used for sustain early on, the speed buff is sufficient while keeping it at lvl 1.

Max Reckoning second, this will give you all the damage you need in a gank coupled with your Righteous Fury.

Note: When you become lvl 2, Divine Blessing Divine Blessing allows you to go through the jungle with relative ease. Keep blessing yourself while the Golem's power runs through you.

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Summoner Spells

We take Smite Smite because it allows us to keep control of the jungle. With smite you can consistently take your strategic buffs even when the other jungler is watching. The 10 gold you get every time you smite will cover the ward costs that you need to make. Wards are absolutely necessary for control of the map. The support isn't the only one that should be buying them.

Flash is a good defensive spell that will make it possible to go back and forth in a team battle or to escape behind a wall. Flash could mean life and death in certain situations but it can also open up possibilities for you to gank.

Ghost is a good alternative if you want to go full turbo****** with your ganks and go all out. This is only a good choice if you do not have the ability to get rid of wards and want to get them out of position while you charge from outside the ward range.

With no defensive spells you are going to have a hard time counter jungling. You will however be a much stronger dueller and ganker. Take a point in Summoner's Wrath instead of Sorcery if you want to use this.

Same as exhaust, a dangerous pick. Possible but dangerous. You will need a point in Summoner's Wrath instead of Sorcery if you want to use this.

This is a little tricky, it is a lot more useful when you are supporting but if you want to go into a more tank support route you can try it out. it will give you an extra 80 max HP at lvl 18.

Note: Any other summoner spells are useless or borderline useless for Kayle in the jungle.

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Do not go out into the woods without your machete! You need this to start jungling. Going anything else will severely decrease your jungling speed. The only time when you can succesfully skip this is by taking boots instead. More on this on Boots of Speed.

So you want to go full tryhard and skip Hunter's Machete Take the boots and let your team help you with Wraiths and the Elder Lizard. This is for when you want to start the match with a quick gank, if this fails however you will be set back by a huge margin. High risk, high reward. When you do this, think about the options the lane that you want to gank has. If they have escapes, don't do this.

You'll want to get this as fast as possible if you're going for it. Without this you will be very mana hungry in the jungle.

Spirit Stone is really cheap for what it does, it gives you a lot of sustain and it increases your jungling speed by 10%. It builds into Spirit of the Ancient Golem which will make you incredibly tanky.

Take the right boots for the right job. Once you are upgrading your boots you should already have enough information about their builds and the one you want to follow. Be sure to make up for your tenacity if they have a lot of stuns and you don't want to build Mercury's Threads Mercury's Treads.

This item will make it possible for you to go through the jungle without using mana. It can be skipped if you can buy something with more firepower early but take this if the game proceeds as normal, it gives you a much needed ward for your team for free every 3 minutes.
Once you have wriggles you can get this if you noticed your team is lacking tankiness. If your support is going for it, leave it. you'll be able to go more offensive if you stay close to the support or position yourself well enough.

give's more health and damage, the slow will be great for chasing but it is quite expensive for what it gives. Only get this if you truly think you are lacking health or if you want to go rolling a wonky Fromog (Atmogs & Frozen Mallet) build.

A great item for Kayle, it boosts her healing on herself, it gives her health, cooldown reduction and magic resist. be sure to get a Ninja Tabi first if you go for this one.

Witt's end is a good investment when you need some extra defense and attack speed. Kayle scales incredible with attack speed because of Righteous Fury and when you become more magic repellent after each hit. Go punch that mid into submission.

Your ultimate weapon, it increases your Reckoning Reckoning by 70 damage. And it gives you a ****load of attack speed and life steal. You will be feared once you have this in your hands.

You think Phage is for sissies? Take Bilgewater Bilgewater Cutlass then, you can upgrade it into a Hextech Gunblade if you get to that point in the game. Hextech Gunblade is great on kayle to be honest because you are investing a lot into some extra ability power and a nice extra nuke that scales with your AP.

With Malady you become Lord Shredder, no noobs or turtles will stand between you and the nexus. It amplifies your E and it shreds them to pieces giving you more damage on top of more damage. It has a little bit more attack speed than Wit's End and it gives ability power giving your heal a little bit of extra power. If your mid catches notice of this they are in for a noggin'.

Gives you cooldown reduction, huge amount of armor and some nice extra mana. If you are fighting a heavy sustain team you will notice that you will be getting mana starved if they keep a strong offense going. Take this and build it into Frozen Heart Frozen Heart later on if you have the money.

The anti carry, not only will you usually decrease tops firepower but their ADC will lose 20% attack speed. That is huge, not to mention the survivability this gives you. Pummel their carry into submission. It is very expensive so only do this if you feel that your team has enough damage output.

This baby will do wonders for your damage if you have guinsoo. If you don't have guinsoo Guinsoo's Rageblade and you want to upgrade that bilgewater Bilgewater Cutlass, don't do it. get a guinsoo Guinsoo's Rageblade first. You are hoewever paying for spellvamp, not that usefull and it is really expensive. Think it over before you buy this, there might be better options. Unless you are makin' alotta monie.

This is a bit unorthodox but if you manage to handle your ganks well enough to get a quick BF sword B. F. Sword instead of upgrading to wriggles Wriggle's Lantern then rush this baby as fast as you can.

A cheap way of increasing your survivability, one of the best items in the game to be honest. Anyone auto attacking you will be severely slowed. Making you that much of a better dueller.

Stinger is great, the attack speed, the CD reduction. Well maybe not the CD reduction, it's not really helping that much when you get this early. But it's cheap and it builds into zephyr.

This used to be a no-brainer to get on Kayle but with Guinsoo's Rageblade getting buffed and Malady getting an overhaul I am reluctant to get this. You can however get this instead of a Rabadon's Deathcap or Malady.

Zephyr is a strong offensive item that gives you some tenacity. If the enemy is stacked with CC go get one.

This blade will pay for itself, take this only if you also take Frenzy and Lethality It will give your ganks a little RNG into the mix so I hope you like gambling. it does speed up your gold and farm by quite a lot.

A fierce weapon. The AoE will work wonders with your already "AoETIC" personality. It gives you much needed movement speed, a boatload of crit and a lot of attack speed.

This should be last on your list, it is a way to cover your weakpoints while also increasing your damage. If you truly dislike this weapon then you can switch it in for a bloodthirster and work on your positioning. Remember, you are only getting this to take hits from the APC or Top. If they are not focusing you for whatever reason (positioning, chaos, Cho'Gath trollling them) then take a The Bloodthirster and LIGHT UP THE NIGHT!

The pillar of the Pious Punisher. No APC will see the amount of burst from this coming. You'll stand before them, and they will die.

The only build that uses this is The Seraphic Shredder. It's pretty much icing on the cake since you will almost never get the chance to build this but if you do build this, it will give you 75 extra damage on your Righteous Fury.

Gives you all the sustain you ever need, armor, tenacity and a load of health. And lets not forget the increase in speed you get when jungling. A good item when you are completely naked since it covers most of your needed bases.

If you can get this after your madreds razors then it will speed up your ganking and creep killing. No more going back for a while and 120 mana is all you need for 1 gank. It pays itself back after the 6th time you drink from this so it's well worth it for an early purchase. Use life as currency when you have this in the jungle, don't drain your mana too much with E or Q.

Sight ward Buying wards for top/mid (depending on how good they are) or strategic points like baron is absolutely detrimental to success as a jungler, the support isn't the only one that needs to spend his money on these things. You want to have control of the map as much as possible.

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Jungle Route

Ancient Golem Route

wolves Ask for help on the wolves, move on to the golem.
ancient golem Use your pots and kil him quickly, move on to the wraiths
wraiths Kill these guys, keep an eye on mid or top and see if there is an option to gank.
Elder Lizard Take him down with your smite, look at the mini map for ganks or go towards wraiths
wraiths Kill these guys, and start ganking, if everyone is pushing their lane hard for some reason go for the the golems
golems Take these guys down and move in for ganks or go back and get your items.
wraiths * If every lane is pushed either force some damage on the enemy in a a lane optionally kill the wraiths one more time.

Ancient Golem Jungle Route Video

Elder Lizard Route

wraiths Ask for help and go toward the elder lizard when they're dead.
elder lizard Go in for a gank once he is dead at top or bot or go towards the golems .
golems Take them down quickly, look for ganks, proceed towards wraiths
wraiths Kill them and see if mid needs someone dead.
wolves Take them down and move toward the ancient golem
ancient golem Kill this guy and move in for ganks.
golems * If every lane is pushed either force some damage on the enemy in a a lane optionally kill the golems one more time.

Elder Lizard Jungle Route Video

Note: Do not counterjungle without a team in your back at low levels. Kayle is not a good dueller without any items. If you do try your luck be sure to always have both summoner spells ready in case of an emergency.

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Kayle and team composition

Kayle is a champion that is very dependant on her team composition. Down here I will list the champions that have good synergy with Kayle.


Draven is a powerhouse both in early and mid game. With his insane damage about he will turn most if not everyone into jelly. His weakness is his lack of escapes, you can help with that. Not only can you boost his movement speed, he can too. Coupled with your ult makes this a very good composition.

She is a bit like Draven in a sense. Her damage is amazing but she requires a bt of tactical positioning to really shine. Her early game is quite bad but once she hits lvl 10 she will start to show her true damage output. Vayne usually has Cleanse as a summoner spell so this makes her impossible to lock down once you ult her.

An ADC without any escape tools and with high damage, ring any bells? This guy is made for you, no one is safe with him around and just like vayne, he can eat tanky champions for breakfast. be sure to give him all the Divine Blessing to make up for his slow movement speed.

Shreds on top of shreds. Even while stunned his Gatling Gun does not stop firing. Let him do his thing and ult him when he needs it most. with both of you targeting the same enemy, no one is safe.


While Tryndamere is usually a champion that has a hard time on top, his lategame is absolutely devastating given enough time and gold. What you want to do with a tryndamere in your team is giving him as much ward coverage (if he does not do so himself) of top and enough ganks to make him snowball. Babysit him as much as you can.
When he and you are both lvl 6 you can start destroying the enemy team composition. His ult and your ult will give him 7 seconds of invincibility. Be sure to count to 5 when he uses his ult and then cast yours. Urge him to get a Quicksilver Sash cause this covers their only counter against the both of you, CC.

Jax is an annoyance with a lot of health, cc, and with mostly damage items. This champion will give them all the grief they need to stop focusing you. Having jax in your team gives you the opportunity to build a little less tanky and go more offense orientated.

This pirate is dangerous up close, and while positioning is key he does not survive long when he actually is in their face. That's were you come in. Ult him and let him dissect their carry. Without the enemy carry your team only has to deal with the APC. When Gangplank gets CC'd he just eats an orange and he okay. No need for Quicksilver Sash, this pirate and you, match made in heaven.

If Sion goes AD you have yourself a hypercarry that becomes dangerous at lategame. Be sure to communicate well with him and tell him if you will ult him or your adc. He will usually heal himself up fully if he gets your ult.

A hard lane for Wuju Bladesman, but hypercarries are a good match for Kayle. He usually gets bullied when he goes top. But he truly shines when he has enough farm. Guard him well and he will win you the game.


Each assist reduces her cooldowns by 15 seconds. Keep her alive for 3 seconds and she can turn around a battle in the blink of an eye. She is probably one of the best targets to ult given the right situation. Keep an eye on the enemy hp though cause if no one dies while you use Intervention on her she will not do much.

This guy has the dps to make something happen. If he initiates he doesn't die but he's a good second pick to ult if your ADC is already dead.


Oh nunu I love you so much. Not only will you keep them in range with your slow but your Blood Boil will give me so much extra dps, broken. His annoying fat hide will surely attract a lot of attention away from you, people will keep their stuns for his ult so you are relatively safe from CC.

Lot's of CC makes her a target for the enemies. Be sure to take advantage where her snare or ult hits and strike them hard.

Aura's and an AoE stun. You will become that much stronger with her around and she can make plays just as much. A well placed Crescendo can win a teamfight.

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Matchups vs other junglers

If you go Seraphic Shredder you can definitly slap his ****, just don't expect him to go down easy without a rageblade. His mobility is really high so keep an eye on Top and Mid and meet him when he goes in for ganks. He might not be a fast clearer in the jungle but if he keeps bullying your lanes you need to start doing the same.

He has a second smite on a low cooldown with Consume which means you will get counterjungled hard. the good thing is that you can take him on any day of the week. Use wards to cover your entries and crush him when he tries to take a red, blue, or wraith from you. His clear speed is quite fast so expect him to gank around the same time when you start ganking.

She ganks all day long and when she's done with ganking she becomes a wall of armor and stacked hp. Her clear speed is slow so try to take her creeps as much as you can. Blade of the Ruined King counters her hard so give it a try if you're taking a Bilgewater Cutlass

You either need a Quicksilver Sash or watch your footing because of his ultimate. He doesn't clear fast so taking his creeps will cripple his income and will force him to gank. Don't focus him though when you see him coming in for a gank. Try to kill the one he's trying to help, he is way too tanky to waste your time on.

I don't like taking kayle against kha'zix. Kha'zix will counterjungle you. But it's not the creeps that he wants, it's you. If he finds you before lvl 6 you're in danger, run away. His damage is insane when he catches you without any allies close by. Ward your entries and stick to farming. Only gank when you know he's not coming up in your back.

Malphite like to build armor, lucky for you, you're hybrid. Slap him when he tries to take your creeps. He is still chunky because of his passive but he will go down if he tries to take you on. His ganks however are dangerous at lvl 6. nothing you can do, just ward properly.

Not that dangerous, his ganks are good but you have much more damage to give when you see something going on. Just don't stand in his ultimate while you are hitting him.

Don't duel with Dr. Mundo, he will just slap you around and when you almost have him he will run away and heal up. He ganks fast so try to do the same, start at wiki=elder lizard] and take first blood before he gets the chance.

You are much stronger than him at any lvl. Look for him in the jungle, hunt him down. If he thinks he can almost kill you ult up and prove him wrong. Always have flash ready though since the other lanes will chase after you.

Trying to kill him is useless, he will just dash through walls. He's a tanky fat*** anyway so just focus on counterjungling and ganking. He doesn't have the damage to do the same so kick him out when he shows his ugly face in your jungle.

He clears fast but his ganks are awful before lvl 6. Try to gank hard before he turns lvl 6. You want your lanes to have as much of an advantage over him before teamfights erupt. that's where he shines most. His disruption with his ult is just impossible to ignore.

He can't duel with you, but you can hardly counter jungle him. His clear times are really fast. You won't kill him either after a while. Ward your entries, he will counter jungle you. His Feast will give him the opportunity to jump into a creep camp and take your gold.

This troll has a quick jungle route but his ganks are decent. He's a bit like you only with less damage. Don't counter jungle him at early levels he will just slow you down and you will get caught by their lanes.

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Warding as a jungler

Warding as a jungler can be confusing, some guides tell you to focus fully on wards since you are responsible for map control. Others tell you that the support should be doing all the warding. I won't tell you the right way to do this if you have already made up your mind, but as kayle it is really dependant on your build.

As an All-Rounder, Punisher or just with the Core, you want to focus more on wards than with the Seraphic Shredder Build. The reason for this is that with the these builds you are focusing on being middle of the road and supporting your team as best as you do, in damage, utility with healing and invulnerability but also with wards. Getting a sight stone is by no means a bad thing to do.

When you build Seraphic Shredder your wards will be kept to a minimum. You will mostly try to hunt down stragglers that reside in their jungle. This goes for both the mid taking Wraiths or the other jungler trying to get golems or buffs. Since you will be going as a hypercarry you want to snowball as fast as you can. Buy wards to counterjungle, not to defend. Let the support ward Baron Nashor, and gank bot to take control of dragon.

Below is a video showing you where to wards and what warding those spots mean to you.

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More to come including:

- When do I gank & when do I farm?
- Counterjungling