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Nautilus Build Guide by Mukluck

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mukluck

[S3] Titan's Wrath- Strategy Guide to OP Jungling.

Mukluck Last updated on March 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello. My name is Mukluck and in this build, you will learn how to PROPERLY utilize the ability Titan's Wrath . With proper play skill applied, this build is a rare sure-to-win strategy. Like every build, it doesn't matter what items you have if you don't play well. Bottom line. Lots of builds are made using only the BEST items, the ones with the most amazing stats. I say that's all g and flash, buth where's the strategy? This guide will illustrate how to properly incorporate inter-working items into an abilities strong points. Titan's Wrath Is the most important ability Nautilus has to offer. Think of it as his bread, butter and lifeline. When fully leveled and with some Cooldown Reduction, you can remain in a constant state of Wrath. The ability gives a shield bonus lasting for 8 seconds, or until damaged beyond it's threshold. That means every 8 seconds you have a free amount of health! The shield's strength is increased by your HP. Simultaneously, it boasts the best AOE DPS basic attacks in the game. In this guide you will learn which items work best with this ability, and how to stay tanky while having a very large AP pool.

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Summoner Spells

Use Ghost and Smite when jungling. Smite goes without saying. Most people would recommend Flash over Ghost. I say Ghost has way more utility value incomparably. Great for ganks, enables you to use different boots, keep up with fast moving champs, get away. It's CD is actually shorter than that of Flash. Plus upgraded boots and the Ghost mastery make it amazing.

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Pretty much everything is armor/magic resist scaling. Essential for an off/tank build throughout game. Using scaling runes will enable you to buy the aforementioned HP/AP items without absolutely requiring the tankiest items- assuming your skill level is high enough. The attack speed is necessary to properly utilize Titan's Wrath and the other items used to build the ability up. A wee bit of Cd is in there to be combined with masteries and items.

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Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potion are imperative for every jungler, regardless.

Bring your Hunter's Machete up to a Spirit Stone if you find you aren't doing enough damage to creeps. I don't till mid game. I find going straight for the catalyst the protector is optimal becaus you can spam your spells to kill the jungle faster while the health boost builds up your Titan's Wrath . Good mana/health regen as well. Move to a Haunting Guise and Ionian Boots of Lucidity (don't need mobility b/c of Ghost ) for huge amounts of damage. Haunting Guise will increase your Titan's Wrath even more-so, as well as the rest of your abilites and giving you a minor amount of health. At this point catalyst the protector and the Haunting Guise should have your health beating that of a Giant's Belt and with way more other stat boosts and damage potential.

Upgrade your catalyst the protector for the Rod of Ages first. This is your most important core item. It's health gain is similar to Warmog's Armor , mana gain like the Tear of the Goddess , and ability power gain (80) rivaling most AP items. PLUS hp/mana regen. Upgrade your Haunting Guise for Liandry's Torment . AP/HP Makes your Titan's Wrath unrelenting and OP. The magic pen. is nice, though it drops off late game. The 5% of current health damage over 3 seconds when you deal spell damage + Titan's Wrath own AOE DPS = Enemy surrender.
Move on to upgrading your Hunter's Machete to Spirit of the Elder Lizard for awesome AOE DPS to go with your Liandry's Torment and Titan's Wrath . Plus, the CD combined with that of your Ionian Boots of Lucidity, means almost constant Titan's Wrath . (when fully leveled)

These late game items are to enhance even more AOE DPS and to add tankiness for defence against whatever enemy carry is doing the most damage- be it AP or AD.

Depending on the circumstanses of your game, you have different late game options.

These are all of the MUST HAVE items required to fully utilize Titan's Wrath

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Skill Sequence

Must level up your Titan's Wrath first before anything else. The shield and dps is necessary for jungle so you don't actually take much damage, enabling you to conserve your Health potions. Sure Riptide has a way shorter CD but after Titan's Wrath ends (without losing the shield) the CD is quite similar. The shield and AOE DPS overweigh the benefits of Riptide. After leveling Titan's Wrath , it's your choice- either Dredge Line or Riptide. If you want better ganks, I'd recommend Dredge Line. For better jungling, use Riptide.

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Summoner's Wrath is a great boost for ghost! Fury and Sorcery are always good. (Especially for a melee tank with slow AS). Blast / Arcane Knowledge are must haves with any ap character. Spellsword is must have for melee ap characters as well. (In this build, it will inter-connect with items and abilities such as Liandry's Torment, Spirit of the Elder Lizard, Sunfire Cape, Abyssal Scepter combined with Titan's Wrath.

Durability with Veteran's Scars are an HP boost which empowers Titan's Wrath. Hardiness and Resistance are must have for tanky characters. Use only one point in Tough Skin not so much for damage, but for filler, so you can use your last three points in Juggernaut , which also boosts Titan's Wrath

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Start with wolves then move to blue. Get top and mid to help and paired with Titan's Wrath, you should recieve very little damage until halfway through blue. At which point of course you are two basic attacks away from the Smite kill. As a result, you are left with your starting amount of Health Potion- possibly minus one after blue. Then move to gank directly after blue. Try to go in with mid and top or at least one of either. Pop Ghost right before entering the enemy's sight range, then mash on the mother-sucker, using Riptide or your Dredge Line when they start to get away to ensure the kill. Remember the red buff gives good dps as well!