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The New Shaco in Preseason 7 (Patch 6.24)

Breadnbeer Last updated on December 25, 2016
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Welcome to my very short Shaco Guide.
Its more of a build-path i wanted to show you guys.
I m not quite sure if i will update this guide, but feedback and queastions are always appreciated,

Have Fun with the Mad Jeseter,


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AD Shaco

With the Ad shaco build you try to get as much critdmg as you can get. DONT buy a statics or more critchance than the IE and or Essence Raever. As most of the crititems are combined with atkspeed i recommend you to get heavy ad instead. with slower atkspeed but heavier atacks, you hit your passive more often than with heavy AS, and you enhance your e as also your burst

The problem i still didnt manage to fix is a more efficient buiild order, as IE is your true damagespicke you need it as fast as you can. on the other side you have to be aware that you still have a jungle to clear and maybe need some sustain and splashdamage, (while eventually a vampiric cepter can be enough, when ganking alot). Also you have to take care of your cdr, as it makes your passive reset faster. Also you need something more than your passive slow, to stick to enemys, because your combo burst is only half as efficient as on old shaco. So you turn your shaco into a free crit champ like yasuo, with the difference that you really have to hit from behind. if someone wants to 1v1 you face to face you will definitly loose, when your ult is on cd, otherwise, you can chase down perfectly, take some damage and when your ult is activated you can 1v1 or 1v2 everything.