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MonkeyButt444 Last updated on December 15, 2016
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Cunning: 18

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Threats to Singed with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiddlesticks Barely a threat as you can just fling him if he uses his drain.
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Hey everyone, I'm making this guide on Singed because he's a really underrated champion that people don't use a lot. I personally love Singed in the jungle because I don't get poked out of lane. Most people think you're a troll when you play Singed in general, but he's actually really strong in the jungle.

Playing Singed is definitely a different play style from other champions as your get into peoples faces and annoy them. If you haven't played Singed jungle yet, I highly suggest you try it as you might have a lot of fun playing it.

Everything in this guide is of my preference and it works for ME. Which doesn't mean it will work for you. Most importantly have fun!

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Pros / Cons

+Good split pushing power
+Can carry a game
+Good jungle clear
+Good mobility
+Relatively good ganks
-Squishy early
-Stuns ruin ganks
-Team might hate you
-Weaker early
-Need to kite camps

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells you have 3 major choices.

Ghost This Summoner Spell allows you to catch up to people as well as escape the dangerous situations while split pushing, ganking and farming (getting invaded). Ghost has a lower cooldown time than flash so don't be scared to use while ganking as it will help your gank be so much more successful.

Smite This Summoner Spell is core as you need it to smite the Neutral Monsters for their buffs.

Flash This Summoner Spell rarely seen on Singed since you can usually run out of bad situations. Although flash does have its advantage of going over walls to escape and to engage.

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The items I have put in the guide are ones I use all the time. You don't need to have the same items as me because that's just how I play Singed jungle. I like putting AP on Singed because nobody ever expects the amount of damage a Singed can do, especially if you land a goo flip. Every item have certain purposes for being bought, whether its for more speed or to counter all the cc on the other team.

Armor and Speed

- The two items strongest items in the game for Singed would be the Zz'Rot Portal and Dead Man's Plate as they both provide a good amount of armor as well as passives that buff your movement speed. These two items are almost a must buy in every game, the only reason you wouldn't want to get a Zz'Rot Portal is when theirs an enemy Nasus or Veigar as they can get free stacks off the little voidlings.

- Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen both have the Attack Speed Debuff which is very strong versus Attack speed reliant champions such as; Master Yi, Xin Zhao, Jax, ADC's like Kog'Maw and Vayne.

- Sunfire Cape is a very strong item as it is cheap, has a lot of damage and a strong tank item. This item would be used if you see you and your engaging a lot in team fights that you'd want to participate in.

- Thornmail is pretty self-explanatory as it is a very situational item against heavy AD teams.

Magic Resist and CC Prevention

Their are many magic resist items in the game and some have greater benefits than others. Whether it's for split pushing or for team fighting.

- One of my favorite items to build on Singed is Abyssal Scepter as it gives a good amount of MR and AP.

- The most common item to stop any sort of CC and give a good amount of MR is Banshee's Veil as it will allow you to get to the back line or to the priority target with more ease.

- Banner of Command is another strong split pushing item as it allows you to push a lane without even being in it. This item gives a decent amount of AP but a low amount of MR, the passive lets your team get more MR without them having to build it. The only con to this item is that if you are split pushing or distracting the enemies for your team to get objectives, your passive +15 MR to nearby allies is useless.

- Another counter to CC is Quicksilver Sash as using its active with get you free from any CC, allowing again to get you to the back line with more ease.

AP Items, Damage

- Rod of Ages is a strong item on Singed as it gives Mana, Health and AP. The only down side to it is the 10 minutes of stacking required to gain the full potential of the item.

- Lich Bane is a good item on Singed as it gives Movement Speed, Mana, AP and a good damage coming from the Spellblade Passive.

- A risky item on Singed would be Liandry's Torment as it would be when you're really ahead.

- Recently with the new Mage updates that came I tried the new item Hextech GLP-800 and I thought it was a pretty strong item as it gave Mana, Health, AP, a active slow for fighting and the Healing and Mana regeneration from the new Passive. I personally like it a lot more than RoA because you don't require to stack it as well as the active on it allows you to catch up faster.


Boots come down to the amount of CC and what kind of CC it is. Mercury's Treads for the reduced duration of stuns and etc, Boots of Swiftness for slows and more speed. Sorcerer's Shoes are a risky buy but if your team is lacking damage it can work very well. The rule I have when buying Sorcerer's Shoes is "Am I ahead? Am I being stopped by the others being peeled for the squishies on the other team?"

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Pretty straight forward.
Maxing Q first, E second and W last.

Poison Trail gives more damage and better wave clear.
Fling makes the goo flip last longer as well as increase its damage.
Mega Adhesive helps in the ganks by slowing the enemies but it doesn't do damage. Putting levels in this ability will increase the slow percentage which helps a lot in ganks against mobile champs.

Your ultimate Insanity Potion is gonna be what you use for almost every gank, if not, you could use ghost and don't be afraid to use both. If the person I'm ganking has stuns and slows I will activate both to make sure I get the target as well as make sure they don't get away by flashing over a wall or flashing away.

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As you can see, I don't run any movement speed runes in my because I'm used to playing Singed like this as well as I find i get enough movement speed with the items I get.

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Thunderlords on Singed is very good especially when you're going AP since it gives good burst. This damage will make you less tanky stats but you will still but able to be quite tanky with the items you buy.

Strength of the Ages is is also a very good Keystone as it gives you more health as well as give you a good passive of the dying large monsters later in the game.

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The only big problem with Singed is his early game... Either than that he has pretty good ganks. When you're in the jungle you want to be kiting a lot as you only have your poison that doesn't do a significantly big amount of damage. Not only that but you have to be toggleling your poison on and off to save your mana.

What I usually do is Poison Trail run around the camp, toggling it on and off to save mana and then flinging the bigger monster. Auto Attacking every time i have a chance. The reason for toggling the Poison Trail is because the monsters will still be taking damage even when its off.

If you kite properly on your first clear you should be able to do Krugs, Red Buff, Blue buff, Gromp, Scuttle and maybe Wolves.

I say maybe wolves because if you see an easy gank you can make them possibly waste a summoner and/or make them back.

Singed can either farm all day if the lanes are doing well or gank all lanes when your team is behind.

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Team Work, Fighting and Pushing

Early game

You will be either farming a lot or gank lanes and get them fed. Singed is good at doing both even without ult or ghost. The ideal gank will be for you to run up to the target and fling them into your ally/allies and get them to waste a summoner spell such as their flash.

Mid game

When you guys are grouping up to protect a tower or to get a tower you will be wanting to peel for your carry by flinging the enemy away. Second goal will be to target the carry. Since it is still mid game and since you don't have full build yet you will not be super tanky but you will be able to get to the enemy carry and fling him him into your team. After you've done that you have the option to either stay and fight or run away. Depending on how your team is doing you might need to join the fight to fling the enemies into your team if not hopefully they try to chase you while your teammates back.

Late game

This is your time to shine as you will be able to be running around your enemies while tanking and taking quite a bit of damage. You will usually want to target the enemy carry whether they have lots of CC or barely any you might go in a 1v4 just to kill the carry, it's very easy for you to get in with your ult and ghost as you will be super fast the only problem would be running away. Using yourself as bait by getting your teammates to kill them or by letting your teammates get a free tower top lane or bot lane. Making it out safely you can place a ZZ'rot bot or top to create pressure in that lane.

Zz'Rot Portal is a lot like Singed as it's very annoying and can get the enemy distracted. For example when enemies find a Zz'Rot Portal they might have 1 or 2 people going to check it out while your entire team is in the opposite lane pushing. Zz'Rot Portal grants your team "vision" when they are chasing the voidlings to the Zz'Rot Portal. I personally find this item amazing as it can push to a turret and create a big minion wave. The only reason to be putting next to a turret is when an enemy Nasus thinks of getting stacks off the little voidlings.

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Fighting and Threats

Fighting with Singed is quite fun as you run around spreading your poison as well keeping the enemies away from your carry and slowing them from getting away. CC completely ruin your engage as it will give them a good amount of time to run away. Banshee's Veil will help you a lot against the CC as you will be able to catch up to the high priority target or get you out of death. obviously Banshee's won't stop everything so you could consider getting a QSS if their really is too much CC for you to handle.

The threats for AP Singed and Tank Singed are basically the same its just that I find that AP Singed is a little squishier as he builds a Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes instead of a Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk. The bigger threats are the ones with lots of mobility and burst or the ones with lots of CC to peel for the enemy carry.

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Just feel free to ask me any question(s) on Singed jungle for more information.
Also this is my first guide so I would like to have some constructive criticism and suggest any idea for me to improve the guide and maybe future guides.