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Annie Build Guide by Omgbomber

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omgbomber

Whats your favorite annie-mal?

Omgbomber Last updated on November 29, 2013
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Choosing your target

Most teams will have 1-2 tanks, Identify them, evaluate there hp/mr, ignore and evade them as much as possible.
Good targets are usually champions with escapes and low mr such as mid lanes, supports and adc's during mid game watch there builds close for MR. Around this time you should have a DFG built and will be able to burst any of them with everything you have.
When you catch someone try and get a q on them into dfg R and W combo E after in-case they live. which at this point in the game you should have chosen your target correctly and if they have no mr they will die Ignite if you have to.

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I chose to do 3 scaling armor/mr runes for a bit safer late game. you get all of your missing mr/armor back around lvl 6-7.

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Ranked Play

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Creeping / Jungling

I wouldn't jungle at all unless your stealing the opponents jungle.
When you have stacks up try and get cannon and mele creeps only while only last hitting with your Q to refund your mana let your adc know and ping the CS you want.

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Unique Skills(warding)

Do not ward when you do not have to!
I cant stress this enough you have 2 wards in your lane and should have +1-2 more from you BUT ONLY WHEN NEEDED.
I wouldn't ward against low roam mid laners if the jungle is something like a nocturn or eve any jungle you cant really ward against warding against these teams is just a waist of gold and will make your lane harder then it needs to be.