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IceCreamy's Mobafire Blog - Tag: 2012

21 Jul

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Yay, summer time is about to start! After weeks and weeks of pityful rain I can finally enjoy the sun! I can't wait, I will list some things I will do:

- Go sit outside and tan (too radiant! xD). While doing so, pick up my GameBoy Advance and finish the first 3 series of Pokemon (Leaf Green, Gold, Sapphire) once again.
- Go away for 2 weeks, though I have internet available so I will still bother you :P
- Don't play any multiplayer games, which is good because all I recently do is rage...
- Maybe I will write some stuff, dunno. Maybe a new guide, maybe a script that I can use when I finally make that game... No promises here :)

Just curious, what will you do this summer? Going on a holiday, or already went? Share stories and pics please!... Read More
29 Jun

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Hey everyone, it's me again ^^

Back with my monthly blog! Before I start ranting about stuff, I'd like you to comment on my previous blog and give me feedback on what sort of guides I should write! You can also suggest for other champions, or for a general guide if you like :)

So, on to what I want to share about the past month. First things first - I lucked out. I had scans made of my back, but everything turned out to be fine. All that I have to do is some physiotherapy about the way I walk, sit, etc. to help relieve my pain. Basically I have cramps in the muscles of my upper body, which can be fixed by mentioned physiotherapy. No need for a back brace or anything! :D

At school everything went well, I got very close to my "P" (short for... Read More
29 May

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Hey y'all, itsamee again :P

Just giving a quick review of the month of May. The one thing I noticed most, was the weather. It was absolutely delightful, it felt like it was summer already. Sadly reality is different and school still lasts for 3 weeks. I have a test today, and one in 2 weeks. Also I have to finish 2 projects before the end of the school year... Will be busy yet satisfying.

On MOBAfire, I just finished updating my guides once again. My Lux guide now features the brand new Read More
04 May

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Hey everyone, just another blog from me :)

The past month was really nice. I nearly passed all of my subjects at school, I became a Veteran here and I played my first international bridge tournament. That was a great experience, let's hope many will follow!
But let's not forget what has gotten me there. The many trainings, which I travel over 2 hours for, and the practise over the internet with my partner. I think I can get much further than this, and I will do my best to make everyone proud.
Speaking of making everyone proud, I am honored that you, the community of Mobafire, have given me so much +rep that I made it to Veteran! I try my best to give good reviews that people request in my review shop, I hope that many people have benefited from my 7 guides and... Read More
25 Mar
The month of March has been a productive one for me.
Not only on Mobafire, where I published 2 guides and opened a review shop, but also in real life.
I have played the Dutch Championships of Bridge (ended up 7 out of 12) and I am going to play my first international tournament on the 28th of March.
At school I have been busy as well, I had to spend quite a lot of free time to keep up with every subject. As a result my marks are okay, which makes me and especially my parents happy :P

I have also been planning on making a game myself. I figure that if I want to be done by the end of the summer holidays I should start it by now, so the Signatures & Art forum can expect a visit from me soon.
The only thing that I am currently missing in my life is a... Read More