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13 Aug
Yeap, it's time - it's my 2 year anniversary here on MOBAFire :)

I must admit, both due to school and my own laziness, it hasn't been as interesting as my first year here, but the second one certainly wasn't bad :)

Some highlights:
- Archived all of my good old ****py guides (reading them back really makes me cringe) and started some new ones. Haven't gotten around to finish all of them, but one is :) But no worries (or... :D) more are coming up, and to give a little hint: Think support ;)
- I've reached the post count of 5000, and am nearly at 400 rep. I don't consider that a bad average, though it's gone down a lot from what it used to be.
- I've managed to play against some more famous people, after Guardsman Bob I've now also played... Read More
30 May
Hey everyone!

Today marks the start of a new series of blogs I will write! I will try to write a blog like this weekly, taking a different item every week of course.
This week I want to talk about Executioner's Calling - one of the least bought items according to Elophant. As you can see in the second graph, the popularity is about 0 %. I've been wondering why this percentage is so low, and to find out, let's get... Read More