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How are you gonna face the wind?

Omega Zero Last updated on December 17, 2016
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Threat Champion Notes
Kassadin You should be able to stomp on Kassadin not counting outside factors, especially late game, as while you have good pre-6 pressure, Kassadin doesn't. Abuse him as much as you can.
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Welcome to my guide, This is my guide to Yasuo, the Unforgiven, before we start, I'd like to mention that by no means I force you to follow this guide, I'm currently in Provisionals (not the best computer...), but I was Gold V last season (to get the Victorious Morgana Skin) in the PH Server ^^' This is a simple opinion that I've thought about sharing it to you guys, feel free to add suggestions and your feelings about this guide.

Yasuo is a melee champ who requires high skill in order to be successful, if you're new to League of Legends OR not familiar with the mechanics, I don't recommend playing this champion in order to learn, once you get the hang of things, try out Yasuo, as in my opinion, if you master Yasuo, you will be better at other champs.

(You get better with Other champs since you know the basic build order, not the actual champs themselves, and better tactics.)

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More on Yasuo

So, I'm going to clarify things about Yasuo first, alright? As I mentioned, he isn't easy to play, you have to put effort and dedication if you wish to learn about Yasuo, and how to play him properly. (Think of this as an extended version of the first statement in the introduction)

Yasuo is a melee Champion that can take on 3 known builds (Thanks to Redmercy and his videos, I highly suggest learning from him), one of which I only learned from Redmercy, Fighter Yasuo, Assassin Yasuo, and Kite Yasuo. I'm going to assume you (the one reading this) have basic game knowledge and terms, so I'm not going to clarify what Kite is, Assassin, etc.

Assassin Yasuo is my preferred play style of him, focusing on dealing large bursts of damage to enemies rather quickly but at the cost of being squishy, for items I recommend taking Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Lifesteal, and Attack Damage, allowing you to deal Tons of Damage quickly and (hopefully, if you're not going to go ham) sustain through with your lifesteal.

Fighter Yasuo is a secondary way of playing him (Strangely it's his primary despite more evidences of Assassin Yasuo being more popular than Fighter, eh), focusing on a mix of Damage and survivability, for items I recommend taking Health, Armor, Critical Chance and Attack Damage, allowing you to tank some damage (Swap armor if dealing with Mages for Magic Resist) and do a good amount of Damage, though you are not as tanky as a Tank, nor as damaging as an Assassin.

Kite Yasuo is another way of playing him, focusing on chasing/escaping potential, making up for the lack of true escapes (Your Sweeping Blade needs a target and has a target cooldown), this is similar to Assassin Yasuo, but is not completely the same, similar stats for Assassin Yasuo, but you also opt for movement speed, Example: Boots of Swiftness with the Furor Enhancement, Trinity Force, Statikk Shiv, etc. Those 3 items giving a good amount of movement speed, I won't put it here for I am not familiar with building this. Yet.

Now for some actual info about the Champion himself, He has short cooldowns and hidden potential within him, some players are discovering his potential and are a force to be reckoned with, Unlike most Assassins, who rely on Attack Damage, Armor Penetration, Cooldown Reduction, etc. Yasuo relies on Critical Chance, Attack Speed, and Attack Damage. Since his kit has one of the best synergy, if not the best synergy, in the game, also the skills themselves are pretty useful, Steel Tempest's cooldown is lowered by Attack Speed, is essentially an Auto Attack, and can also, on the second stack of Gathering Storm, the buff you get on hitting Steel Tempest, can be used to pop spell shields, harass from afar, knock up, and so on. The regular Steel Tempest goes through Spell Shields. More info on his abilities are going to be given later on.

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As Yasuo is a champion who relies on getting in close to deal damage, I'd take Attack speed Marks, Armor Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs, and Attack Damage Quins (All Flat), but, if you feel like you lack attack speed, you can change Glyphs or Quins to Attack speed, although technically with your final build you've just wasted your attack speed, so if you don't want Magic Resist Glyphs (Which I recommend highly to keep) You can change it to whatever you want, although If you think you need higher Magic Resist late game, take per level, as Per Level runes exchange lower stats early for higher stats late.

Note that I take Flat AS marks since Yasuo is a beast late game, but needs that Q really badly early game. He is however, squishy early game, hence armor seals.

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18/0/12, the 18 is self explanatory, and the 12 lets you tank more early game. Overall prefer it more than 18/0/12

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What Yasuo's kit is.

His Kit synergises EXTREMELY well, I'll explain what it does right now before we get deeper into the guide.

Passive: Way of the Wanderer, This passive has two components:
Intent: Yasuo's Critical Chance is Doubled (etc: you have 25 critical chance from an Infinity Edge, 25 x 2 = 50%, which is now your critical chance), however, in exchange, Yasuo does 10% reduced critical damage.

Resolve: Yasuo generates flow by moving, increasing faster if Yasuo moves faster also, upon max Flow, getting hit by a Champion/Monster pops the shield, which lasts for 2 seconds, The Shield's starting health is depending on your level, subtracted by the amount of total damage that the attack that pop'd your shield dealt.

Intent: This affects Shiv and Steel Tempest, but Yasuo is really strong even with these downsides.

Resolve: The shield absorbs the damage instantly, so once you have full flow, think of it as extra Health Points.

(This is what makes Yasuo unique, he has two passives, only other one being Akali (Viktor has four if you include his Hexcore's upgrades) Yasuo can fill up his flow, and poke the enemy, while blocking incoming damage thanks to his shield.)

Q: Steel Tempest: Yasuo thrusts his sword foward, dealing damage, this skill is counted as an auto attack, meaning it can critically strike, proc on hit effects (only on the nearest target), and scales with attack speed, This skills Cooldown and Cast time is reduced by attack speed, until a cap of a 1.33 Cooldown and cast time, this isn't reduced by Cooldown reduction.

Additionaly, upon casting Q for a third time (Saying he hits someone twice with Q before his third cast), Yasuo unleashes a tornado toward the target direction, knocking up enemies hit, still applies crit, but doesn't get blocked by Pantheon Shield, nor is it parried, or can miss if blinded, at the least, the knockup (HAH! IN YOUR FACE TEEMO!) although it might not give on hit effects.

Regular Steel Tempest pierces through Jax's Counter Strike, it is blocked by Fiora's Riposte and Pantheon's Aegis Protection, however, it still grants a stack. Regular Steel Tempest also goes through Teemo's blind, and still grants the stack obviously. It also pops spell shields. Critically striking with Steel Tempest is calculated INDIVIDUALLY for each enemy.

As for the Tornado Steel Tempest, it acts as a spell
(This is Yasuo's main source of poke along with his E, which has a surprise with this skill, explained Later on, Yasuo's first two casts though, will be blocked, parried, and will miss if blinded, only the tornado is safe from getting blocked, etc.)

W: Wind Wall: Yasuo brings a wall made out of wind to block EVERY SINGLE PROJECTILE that hits it, the duration of the wall is 4 seconds, and the width is increased per rank, no longer provides bonus percentage flow since patch.

(NOTE: THIS SKILL DOESN'T NOT BLOCK LASERS, JUST PROJECTILES (Ex: Ezreal's Q, Lux's Q, Vel'Koz Q and E, Nidalee Spear, Teemo's annoying blind, This includes ultimates, :3)

Since this is a utility spell, and the recent nerf, I don't see any better reason to level this ability up first.

E: Sweeping Blade: Yasuo dashes a fixed distance towards his target, dealing magic damage, additionally, each dash increases the base damage dealt by 25%, until 50%, The target will then be marked for 10/9/8/7/6 Seconds, meaning that they cannot be picked to dash towards again, if Yasuo's Steel Tempest (Q) is cast WHILE dashing, Yasuo will spin around in a circle on where he stopped dashing, dealing damage and knocking up enemies if Yasuo's Q was on the third stack (tornado),

This is the ingredient to Yasuo's poke and escape in the laning phase, It's simple actually, fill up flow, put your Q on third stack, Dash to a minion near the enemy champion, cast Q while dashing, and Dash to another minion behind you, escaping, and blocking any damage thrown at you, won't be as effective if you can get snared or immobilized though!

Edit: I now recommend alternating the level up order between Steel Tempest and Sweeping Blade, start with Q, then E, W, E, Q, SS, then alternate, E is already near enough for infinite dashes at Rank 4.

R: Last Breath: Yasuo blinks to a nearby Airborne Enemy champion and other champions close to the target (which can be picked by moving your mouse arrow over them, although if no one is selected, picks the NEAREST one to Yasuo.) Airborne champion doesn't need to be from your Q, it can come from anyone's knockups (Won't work on champions that bring themselves to the air though! That would just be plain broken!) Dealing Physical Damage and instantly fills up your Flow, and resets your Q stacks, upon finishing the animation, Yasuo gains a 50% Bonus Armor penetration, comes from Runes, masteries, items, etc.

This is what I LOVE About Yasuo! It's just so epic to see him suspend everyone in the air and slicing them apart, and if they live, well Yasuo is just gonna cut through their armor.

Also, a tip, when you use Last Breath, try to use it where everyone is already affected by the knock up of Steel Tempest/Your allies' abilities, so you get the maximum amount of airborne enemy Champions.

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Pros / Cons

PROS: High Mobility
Good Trading Potential
Amazing Passive
Doesn't use Mana/Fury/Energy, instead uses Flow (explained what it is later on)
Pretty short cooldowns
He actually has 2 Auto Attacks (Not really, it's a spell but it's counted as an Attack)
He can block projectiles with his W
Snowballs amazingly, and a Late game monster.
Tristana-Power curve (Fine 1-3, good 4-5, noticable spike at 6+)
Can adapt to any role.
One of the best ultimates in the game.
High Chasing/Mobility Power (E targets dependent)

CONS: Not so nice early game
Squishy the entire game w/o defense
Although can go any role, He's hard at jungle and bot, making Yasuo more of a solo laner.
Team Lineup Dependent.
Conditional Ultimate (Enemies need to be airborne, and he only has 1 lined Skllshot, hence team dependent.)
His W has a REALLY long cooldown.
His targeted dash (E) Can only work on the same target every 10-6 seconds (They'll be marked, meaning they can't be dashed to again.)
His Flow is increased by moving around, and his Flow provides his shield, meaning you'll need to get used to moving around ALOT just to fill this up.)
Most of his lane sustain comes from his Flow, which is filled up by moving.
If he doesn't get fed, he might be a bit useless.
Low chasing/mobility (E Dependent)

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For Items; I highly suggest taking Statikk's Shiv and Infinity Edge as core items, then follow up with Blood Thirster, Guardian Angel, and Boots, if you want more survivability, add a Randuin's Omen, or Banshee's Veil onto your sixth item slot.

Infinity Edge - Damage boost, usually paired with Phantom Dancer or Shiv.
Shiv - Offers wave clear/Quick burst, I don't use this as much as I do use Phantom Dancer. It's more expensive and offers burst.
PD - Dueling power, Stats, Cheaper, I prefer this over Shiv, especially since you tend to get other items which tend to more than make up for Shiv's waveclear, additionally you don't risk overpushing w/ PD.
TriForce - Snowbally, usually take this with PD, it's good in general.
Greaves/Treads/Tabi - First: Offensive and AS choice, sell later for the latter two, Treads/Tabi for Magic Resist/Armor respectively.

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What is the best item? Hydra? Ruined King? Or Bloodthirster?

Hydra on Yasuo gives Yasuo even better waveclear, good AD, and can give you incredible sustain if you build other lifesteal items (So Hydra + Bloodthirster can work on Glass Cannon Yasuo), but, I find it kind of meh now, if you stop to think about it, Yasuo already has OP wave clear, you could spend that Hydra's gold, which by the way, focuses on Wave Clear, on other items, such as Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, etc.

Ruined King gives the least raw attack damage out of all, but is the only one to give attack speed, and gives cool chasing potential, so it depends, if you find yourself needing to chase, attack speed, deal with High HP opponents, or to escape, you grab this one.

Bloodthirster is my favorite out of all these at the moment, since it's Rework, it's arguably has become the best among the 3 for Yasuo, it gives a shield, giving you a high amount of shield with your passive, it has the highest AD out of all, and gives the most Lifesteal out of all, too! So I highly suggest this one, for Hydra: You already have your own Hydra.... your E-Q combo. For Ruined King: Yasuo already has good chase potential, it's a good item, but it's not THE item.

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Statikk's Dancer.... That sounds wrong.

Changes happened, always take PD over Shiv in general now, more duel power, more stats, less gold spent, and syncs better with your Fervor.

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Skill Sequence


Always max ult whenever you can, max E for better burst/mobility, and max W last for obvious reasons.

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Flash : This is pretty much needed on Yasuo, and other champions, making hard to chase Champions even harder to chase now, this sets up combos for Yasuo and acts as a free Sweeping Blade to a Minion if you're chasing down someone and there is nothing to dash to.

Ignite : Yasuo's kit is already high in burst, why not add an DoT to make it better? Hehe, sustain reduction, vision, and true damage, this makes Yasuo strong.

Teleport : You can swap Ignite for this, but I personally find Ignite better, take this if you're planning on taking Minions and segging.

Exhaust : Gives better and easier dueling power, safer game, and reduces your targets resistances so yeah.

Barrier : You can swap Ignite for this, if you're looking forward to surviving often.

Revive : Strange, but.. Okay.

Clarity : I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

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Laning Phase

Laning Phase depends really, you can either start off with the Standard Doran's Blade and Pots, Cloth Armor and Pots against superior AD foes such as Pantheon, Fiora, etc. Long Sword if you want to be aggressive (And I highly suggest this one at the moment), or Boots + Pots, though I recommend this the least, it can give you early movement speed advantage against ranged opponents that rely on skillshots such as Ezreal, Nidalee, etc.

For tactics, you want to just last hit on Minions, no need to worry on kills, you benefit more thanks to your stats, having Shiv and Infinity Edge skyrockets you to 80% Critical Chance, while for other people it would just remain at 40%, giving you a huge advantage in terms of Critical Chance, and dueling power (Except against Jax, you can't just outduel a Jax, but what would he want with Critical Chance anyway?), Be aggressive, deny your opponent farm, keep pressure, rarely, you can cause your opponent to panic. If you're against someone you know you can't pressure early on, let's say... Renekton. Then just focus purely on Last hitting. To poke against such Champions, dash to a Minion, hit them with your Steel Tempest, regular has farther range, and 360 deals AoE damage and can push the lane, but can ensure a hit if they're close enough.

Yasuo has a weak Level 1, but a strong Level 2 thanks to learning Q and E immediately, once you hit Level 6, adjust, if you can kill your opponent, do it. You can even use your ultimate to drop your opponent to critical health since your ultimate's cooldown is rather quick, especially for an ultimate.

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Mid Game

This is arguably where Yasuo shines, having Shiv, a couple of items, and having a good amount of farm, your power spike is strong, too.

By now you should have at least Statikk's Shiv, along with your starting items, at this point, you either take Ruined King (Attack Speed and huge chasing power, along with kiting), Bloodthirster (Grants the highest survivability, and Attack Damage, along with lifesteal), or Infinity Edge (Same AD bonus as Bloodthirster, 80. But gives absolutely no surivability, but gives you the most damage out of all, thanks to your critical chance being 80% with Shiv.)

What you do is entirely up to you, want to keep farming for late game? Go ahead, but be careful, If you're doing this, try to gank with your team various lanes every now and then, since you'll likely be going top, to mid, to bot, and again and again. By now your jungler should be ganking other lanes, so take some of his jungle, some, not all, okay? Probably like Krugs if he's at top, Raptors or Wolves if he's passed the enemy's Outer Turret.

If you're going to stay at top lane, then continue pushing, not only do you farm, you create pressure, and spare your allies from dealing with the other enemies as they will likely be ganking you, in which case, WARD. This is very important! That yellow trinket isn't an excuse, you think one puny regular trinket is enough to save you from an oncoming Lee Sin that passed at the Tribush but then the Nautilus and LeBlanc came from the bush in front of the Krugs? You think 2 minutes is enough to keep your hide safe? Buy wards if you plan on staying on top, 75 Gold is refunded by 3 Minions! and 2 if you do a Cannon Minion! You have absolutely NO good reason to say "But I need to save for this item" NO! You keep warding boy, it saves your life, and your allies. And hell if you're fed, you could ambush those gankers with your allies, scoring you all kills, so if you don't support warding, think again.

Or, you could start roaming, grouping with your allies to hunt down enemies, take objectives, especially Dragon, that 1st Dragon stack is nothing but it grants you access to the other buffs, which get strong later on. Buy a few wards every now and then to help your team have vision control and map pressure, as mentioned, you could gank a lone enemy Champion farming. No one can win a 1v5 even if caught by surprised...
(Unless of course you guys have no CC, zero items, and you're fighting a full build Katarina/LeBlanc/Jax, in that case, how did you even feed them that hard and how do you not have any good items?)

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Late Game

Yasuo's other time to shine, having gotten nearly all of your items, you must now focus absolutely on those objectives and denying the enemy team farm, finish the game quickly, alright? Don't fool around, it's HIGHLY recommended to take Baron, recall, get all your items, then finish the game, keep strong vision control on both Dragon and Baron, and their jungle, you can keep vision out of Baron for a minute, and next thing you know, you're dealing with an enemy team that came back with a strong buff.

Teamfights? NEVER, EVER, INITIATE. Unless you're absolutely damned sure that your team is going to follow up OR you're so far ahead of the enemies, never initiate like a tank. Even then, it varies, if your team is set, and is going to follow up, and you have either 3 enemy members or 2 crucial components of their team (Say, a fed Nidalee/Lucian), then go ahead, go E-Q them, then have your team follow up, if you burn their flash that's good enough already, they won't have any escape next time you catch them.

If the game goes so far as to 50 minutes, where everyone finally has full build, check your comp, if it seems you guys have the better comp, take advantage! Pressure them! Take objectives! Some maybe useless to you but the enemy team may need it desperately! You guys already have 4 Dragon stacks? Take that damn Dragon every time, deny your opponents ANY stack, you guys are so fed you don't need Baron? Bull! You need that buff! It gives you a huge advantage and could potentially win you the game! Start the clash often if you guys know you will win! Always kill the enemies, the longer they are dead, the longer they can't farm. One time we denied their Marksman any form of farm, he was so useless to the point where our Support (Nami) could take him on without even needing to kite!

If it seems you guys are at a disadvantage, then do something similar to having the advantage! Take objectives, keep the vision, hunt down the enemies, when you are going to kill a lone enemy Champion, make sure no one is near him, it could be a bait, keep vision in their jungle, your jungle, everywhere! You got to deny them from getting Baron or Dragon, take them, you can eventually come back and finish them off, of course never to forget to ADJUST ACCORDINGLY TO THEIR BUILD AND COMPOSITION.

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Team Work

This is an important factor to have for Yasuo, if his team sucks, he sucks then, (Not as much as I mean, but you get what I mean, He's so reliant on his teammates.), If you have friends and you're 5, see if you can try to get this lineup

Top laner: Yasuo, Maokai, Pantheon.
Jungler: Jarvan, Rek'Sai, Lee Sin
Mid laner: Zed, Yasuo (if you decide to go mid), Orianna.
ADR: Any, although preferably Ashe, Ezreal, Twitch, Lucian, etc.
Supp: Leona, Thresh, Kayle, Lulu, or Nami, all depends.

Your synergy with your allies will be so strong that if you guys do teamfights properly, you are absolutely sure to win, focus the AP, ADR, etc.

Easier said than done

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This is gonna be a quick session of what to do in laning phase and counters, and who to be aggressive at and who to not be aggresive at. Please take note this does not include the obvious "If you're under pressure, play safe, last hit" blah blah blah, as I said, game knowledge.

Note: Tanky Champions are natural counters to Yasuo, Tanky Champions who can dish out tons of damage and/or Have hard CC/Silence is just gonna be a pain in the neck.

Jax: Goodluck dealing with this guy, you wanna poke him? Do ya? well too bad, he'll just dodge and stun, and if you get stunned, you can bet he'll do some damage, his stun deals damage, which means it'll trigger your shield, he can AA you while he's dodging, popping shield, stunning you, and not having to wait for 2 seconds w/o your shield blocking some damage.

Difficulty: HARD if Stun is not evaded, Hard- if evaded, Post 6: Will be still hard if you dodge the stun, and you will die if you don't

Malp: Yeah, he's tanky alright, he can reduce your attack speed alright, you should be fine though if you can block his Q with your windwall, and manage to land a Knockup before he sends you up. And actually, despite what I said earlier, he isn't as tanky as he looks, AP Malphite's Q will be annoying though, and could cost you your life.

Difficulty: Average+ - Hard-

Master Yi: Oh no! An Ionian found you! Is he gonna capture you? NOPE! I beated every single Yi I've met, except if I get ganked to oblivion, In a head on fight, you might lose, but if you get ahead, you're gonna win w/o doubt.

Difficulty: Average-, seriously, It's hard to lose to this lane if you play properly and poke often. It's more of a skillcomp.

Volibear: Okay this might be a bit of a challenge, just try to poke him and trigger his passive, Grab ignite if you must. And asks for ganks often.

Difficulty: Average+ - Hard

Teemo: Ohohoho, The punk you/I wanna kill, Just Wind Wall his Blind/AA, and when you kill him, Spam /laugh and /taunt. Poke him whenever you can, and use Wind Wall to block incoming AA/Q after you do your poke, If you have a WW on your team, let him gank at 6, so that Teemo is screwed, don't forget to buy Oras Lens.

Difficulty: Teemo (He deserves his own difficulty, he's either easy, or hard, depending on how well you play and he plays.)

Jayce: Eh, not to sure, just fought him once, and I dominated the lane, still lost though, since Fid raged about us not reporting (When we warded his mid for him AND reported like 10 times.), From what I feel, just block his Cannon Q with your wind wall often, it's predictable, I blocked every single E-Q he threw at me (Cannon), Ask for ganks from your jungler, since You won't win a straight out fight between you two though, Also, if you use Wind wall, Jayce either misses out on CS, has to move closer to a riskier spot to cs, or be forced to use Hammer Stance, where you can poke him, but he's still gonna pack a punch on you.

Edit: You can win if you poke often and be careful of enemy jungler's ganks. But be careful around him, if you can't dodge/ Wind Wall, Jayce is going to poke you down, and he can out damage you early on.

Difficulty: Easy- or Hard-, Depending if He's passive or if he's aggressive, Although he's exposed to ganks if he's aggressive, also his poke can be blocked via Wind Wall.

Darius: I always played this champ at ranked, I always won lane as Darius (Bronze, so yeah.), I fought a Yasuo, I got owned pretty dang hard, It scarred my record of Darius, I went Yasuo vs Darius top, I actually wrecked him, here's the key, for your harass, you'll want to consider, do you want to use the E-Q knockup combo? Or do you just want to fill up Q stacks then strike him from a distance with the tornado, Learn to balance it, Here's a quick tip, ALWAYS fill up flow no matter what, Every time you have max flow, do the E-Q knockup (Always have the knockup, otherwise he's just gonna pull you and start beating you till you get 2-3 stacks), While your flow isn't maxed yet, poke him atleast twice with the tornado before going E-Q again,Darius doesn't exactly have the fastest movement speed, Consider taking an extra point in W so you can regain flow faster (Saying you'll dash often, otherwise don't even bother taking extra points).

Head on Fights: This is the challenging part, fill up your E stacks, and your Q stacks, upon both of them being max, Dash to Darius (Be the one to initiate, otherwise fights are alot harder, same applies to everyone else.)Knock him up, AA him once, Use Ultimate, and by then your Q should be off CD (Saying it's atleast 3 Seconds Cooldown), If Darius starts attacking, Your shield should block some damage (Especially if he casted Q Blade Range), Once your shield is gone, dash to atleast 2 minions and wait for the mark on Darius to expire (Don't forget to keep him chasing you though! Otherwise you've just wasted an ultimate, and Darius will have the upper hand, do this by keeping Darius in your E Range), Then Q him again, He has 2 Choices, keep fighting, but get a chance to lose, or run, but get hit even more by E-Q, possibly dying if he has no ghost or Exhaust , or Flash

Warning: If you do just happen to get pulled by Darius in the middle of your Dash, attempt to get away, or fight back (Depending on how much damage you did).

Difficulty: Average+ - Hard+ (Unless you know Darius' Weakness.)

Garen: Well, he's tanky, he has a silence, if you get silenced, he won't have that much of a hard time to Spin To Win on your face, So yeah, just be careful and poke often with the E-Q (Just use tornado if Garen has godlike reactions).

Difficulty: Average+ Skillcomp

Mantheon: (Pantheon real name btw for new players), He's the Might of Sparta (Artisian of War), He has one of the best laning phases if not the best laning phase, he can harass repeatedly with his Q, which does considerable damage, this is also on a 4 Second CD w/o any CDR, so prepare your an*s, since he stings, he can stun you at the same time leaping at you, he can use it on minions to escape, just like your E, but luckily, this W isn't spammable, his E isn't used too much asides for pushing and part of his combo, Q-W-E-Q, his ultimate is just so epic, hence the name Mantheon.


Difficulty: Hard- - Hard +

Riven: Well, she's tankier than you, has a better poke than you, has a better chase/escape, a better ultimate, If you die to her even once, you're gonna have a really, really, REALLY bad time.

Difficulty: Hard like Cr*p!

Wukong: Counter his pokes, and don't let him catch you in his ultimate, Cyclone, otherwise you're screwed if he has Ignite.

Difficulty: I predict Average - Hard

Yorick: Say your prayers, his pokes will force you to burn pots more than you think, Don't bother fighting head on alone, you'll die if he got armor and some sustain.

Difficulty: I would've said easy-ish, but man, his pokes are annoying, I'd say average.

Aatrox: Easy, just... easy, Thanks to nerfs, he's not gonna be able to kill you often, even if you die once, (Unless he's way ahead in CS), although he makes up for it by having his Blood Thirst, which gives HP every 3rd AA since learning it, he can toggle it to instead deal DMG every 3rd AA, at the cost of some of his HP, focus on CS and even forcing him to back is horrible for him.

Difficulty: Easy+-Average-

Kha'Zix: Alright he's a challenge a bit, just avoid being isolated and counter poke him, that's it, out CS him if possible and poke often. Try your best not to get caught by jungler ganks, or else, GG.

Difficulty: Average - Average+

Vel'Koz: You own him man, You own him, just avoid getting all the hits in his ulti, which means I recommend flash when facing him, once you catch onto him, he's as good as dead.

Difficulty: Easy+ - Easy-

Fiora: Contrary to popular belief, Yasuo owns Fiora, Yasuo can outpoke Fiora, outtrade Fiora, out damage Fiora early on pre-6, and so on, you just need to be wise and only fight her when you have your shield up, if she goes in to last hit, E in, 360 Q, then E back out, if you want to go even further, get your tornado ready, E in, 360 Q w/ knockup, AA once, then E out, if you want, use E on another Minion instead. For Fiora I recommend either Long Sword or Cloth Armor. Be warned though, give her any advantage and the tables may be turned around suddenly...

Difficulty: Easy - Average +

Rumble: You...are....toast... that's all, his damage is already painful, you can't block 3 out of his 4 abilities with Wind Wall, he's too tanky for you, you're gonna get murdered here. Do your best to play safe and take creeps, otherwise request for a gank from the jungler.

Difficulty: Hard+

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Yasuo is a fun champ, but high skill-cap. If in the right hands, he can score a Pentakill all by himself, he's actually kinda OP though, but only in the right hands, so yeah, Good Luck Summoners! Bronze, Silver, Gold, and so on! I wish you all luck!

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Change Log

3/27/2014 (From Philippines)
Guide Added, Grammar fixed, added more counters, updated items.

3/28/2014 Highlighted Pros and Cons (Green and Red respectively).

4/16/2014 Got into Silver Division!

5/28/2014 Added new build and counters

6/25/2014 Got into Gold Division! Woot!

01/21/2014 Infinity Edge nerfed, updated guide

4/9/2015: I really don't like updating much, do I? Updated guide, rehauled some parts, etc.