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1Indian Last updated on August 2, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Trundle with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Garen Boi I kill tanks 4 days
Dr. Mundo
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Who are you???

Hey whats up guys I'm 1indian and I am gold this season in NA. I love tanks and play them often. tanks are great champs which you can fool around with in norms or go crazy with in ranked. They usually never die, and provide alot in a team.

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Why Play Trundle?

Trundle is a tank killer and has a pretty good lane phase. He can break up team fights and become a scary tank with his ulti. With nice movement speed the only champs you really shouldn't pick him into top would be ranged champions. With ranged champions like Ryze and Lissandra its just really easy to kite Trundle and you'll get destroyed in lane unless they mess up really badly.

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Pros and cons

-great movement speed
-Tank killer
-great sustain
-damage reduction

-Easliy kited
-weaker early game(imo)
-can be mana hungry

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Passive: King's Tribute

Whenever an enemy dies near Trundle, he heals for a% of their maximum health.

Explanation: So basically when you low, just stay near the minion wave, the dying minions will heal you and gives phenomenal sustain

Q: Chomp

ACTIVE: Trundle's next basic attack deals additional physical damage and Slow icon slows his target by 75% for 0.1 seconds.

After biting his target, Trundle gains bonus attack damage for 8 seconds and reduces his target's attack damage by half that amount for the same duration.

Chomp resets Trundle's autoattack timer.

Explanation: The Key here is the auto attack reset. So you can auto>q>auto for quick successive attacks. If you build a ravenous you can auto> Chomp>auto> Ravenous Hydra>auto for a good deal of damage.

W: Frozen Domain

ACTIVE: Trundle coats the target area in ice for 8 seconds. While inside, he gains bonus attack speed, movement speed, and 20% increased healing and health regeneration from all sources.

Explanation: Frozen Domain is great to fight on especially when dueling an opponent because you heal faster and auto faster meaning that you will have the upper hand. This is also useful for running away since it gives you bonus movement speed whilst travelling on it. When you ult make sure you have frozen domain active because unless the 100 to 0 you in 2 shots ( Rengar) then you will not die.

E: Pillar of Ice

ACTIVE: Trundle projects a pillar of ice at the target location for 6 seconds, Airborne icon knocking back everyone directly over it on cast, acting as impassable terrain for the duration and Slow icon slowing enemies around it.

Explanation: This ability makes for a nice engage or disengage. You summon a pillar to cut off an enemies escape, so they have to walk around it at a reduced rate, or Flash it. Enemies with dashes or hops can get [ohis so mao] use this only after they have used up their dashes. Sometimes your opponent can get stuck in between the terrain and the pillar. Also helps to separate out a single target from the team. When running away use the pillar to block off pursuers.

R: Subjugate

ACTIVE: Trundle drains the life force out of the target enemy champion, instantly dealing magic damage, healing for the damage done and stealing a % of their armor and magic resistance. He then applies the same effects to the target again over the next 4 seconds.

Explanation: This is why Trundle is a tank killer. No one will stand in your way especially when you ult a tank, because then you are just so freaking tanky. Laying down frozen domain just helps you heal faster and better, pair all this with a spirit visage and you will be an unstoppable force of doom.

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: I personally like the dorans shield start because of the health regen and it gives you better sustain in lane

: This is a good start for any laner that uses mana. If timed correctly the burn is useful and it restores health and mana.


: gives you better mobility especially with Frozen Domain makes you go fast

: bonus tenacity, m and magic resist are really nice for ap teams or teams with alot of cc


: Titanic Hydra gives you the wave clear to make you a split pushing threat. It also gives you health which is good for any tank

: Ravenous Hydra gives you better duel potential with a really fast damage combo which is auto> Chomp>auto> Ravenous Hydra active>auto. This item also gives you lifesteal which makes you even stronger on your Frozen Domain

: This gives you health, armor and better waveclear/ split potentail. Also damages opponents that are within a certain radius of you which is good for long duels.

: This item is really good on trundle but you need to get it relatively quickly to get its impact. the movemnt speed is great, plus your first auto once you hit max stacks slows your opponent. This makes it easier for Trundle to stick to his target

: Spirit Visage works fantastic with your Frozen Domain and Subjugate. Spirit Visage increases the healing you do as well as giving you health. This synchronizes so well with your kit, it is a must get item for when your opponents have strong ap champions

Other items

: this isn't a bad item but personally I am not a fan of going full ad Trundle, as op as it can be. It does give you magic resist and a shield, but there are better magic resist options

: this item is great especially because it makes you immune to one ability, and it's not a bad buy for Trundle but make sure you have Spirit Visage first because Spirit Visage works better for Trundle

: This is a really good item, and I think it works well on Trundle however the passive auras do not stack and usually your support will pick up this item

: I haven't tried it since its update, but it seems like it'll be good on Trundle and it would give him a decent amount of damage giving him bonus damage, movement speed and attack speed

: I love to get this item when I am ahead. This paired with Dead Man's Plate makes it virtually impossible to run away from you

: This is really good since it reduces attack speed of your enemies usually a support will pick up this item, but you can pick it up as well and it is good against attack speed champions such as Irelia and Yasuo

: The health and health regen given from this item are phenomenal and a great pick up for any tanky Trundle

: This will help you with your sustain in teamfights or duels. It also gives you a decent amount of health and works well with Trundle

: This is good on any champion if you are dying to quickly in fights

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Difficulty: Easy

An easy matchup is one which you should usually win
: Garen is relatively easy to beat simply because he is a tank. You can steal his resistances, do more damage, slow him and heal just as well as he can(but not as fast)

: He does have his AOE ability ( Burning Agony) and his kite potential( Infected Cleaver) but at then end of the day if you can get up close and hammer away at him, you have essentially won

: just don't get too cocky untill you are 8/0 and you whould be fine. be careful with her passive Duelist's Dance

: dodge his Rupture and be careful with extended duels. NEVER FORGET THAT HIS Feast DOES TRUE DAMAGE. DO NOT LET A FULL AP Cho'Gath SNOWBALL OTHERWISE IT IS GG.

: now Malphite is a little bit more tricky because his kit is designed to counter physical attackers, even more so for Trundle. Brutal Strikes increases his armor and Ground Slam reduces his attack speed. The key is to not have a prolonged duel. do brief skirmishs and when he is low, ult him and take him out, but don't forget mal-fight can turn into mal-run with his Unstoppable Force

: can be outplayed and I have done so on many occasions. Just becareful of his Parallel Convergence and cut off his escape( Chronobreak and Phase Dive)

: always play safe against a Yasuo, but if he trys to trade with you make him regret it. If he starts getting jg pressure or starts winning trades then play extra safe

: don't let him Shadow Dash you under turret and you should be fine. use Pillar of Ice to stop his Stand United

: If you are playing against a Galio its probably me :3 rarely anyone plays this champion but the two things you should be careful of are his heal( Bulwark) and his taunt/ulti ( Idol of Durand)

Difficulty: Medium

a medium matchup is one which tends to be more skill based but can be won

: There are two keys to jax 1) Counter Strike and 2) Grandmaster's Might usuallly a Jax will start channeling his Counter Strike and then get close to you using his Leap Strike. mid jump you can use your pillar to interrupt his jump and prevent him from getting his stun off. lvls 1-5 Counter Strike is the main form of dueling with jax, the stun can prove to be lethal. once he hits 6 be careful of the third proc from Grandmaster's Might. When he uses Grandmaster's Might Jax gains increased resistances. this is when you should use Subjugate on him. This way you get tankier and its harder for him to kill you. After approx. 6 autos from jax you should back off because he will have near full stacks of his passive relentless ***ualt making his attack speed much higher than yours.

: god that Spear Shot is annoying thats what most Pantheon's will try to do. poke you down using Spear Shot or they will Aegis of Zeonia to stun, then use Heartseeker Strike to proc Thunderlord's Decree and as an execute they'll use Spear Shot. its hard to block the Aegis of Zeonia stun but you can get pretty lucky. My personal suggestion is don't let him get kills and he'll fall off : HARD. unless Pantheon snowballs early he falls off faster than a grand piano off of a cliff. Just make sure that you are constatly pingin mia whenever you lose sight on Pantheon once he hits six with his ulti Grand Skyfall being semi global.

gnagplank : The problem with any and every freaking Gangplank is the stupid freaking Powder Keg they do so much damage and the possibilities with the chaining of them its just annoying to deal with. Take out the Powder Kegs quickly once the hit the second timer by autoing then using Chomp as an auto reset. also try not to get poked out by his Parrrley. The last bit of advice: DO NOT FIGHT IN THE Cannon Barrage

: i don't reccommend Trundle in this matchup because he is ranged and he does have a blind ( Blinding Dart does blind you, who would've guessed? A+ rito) and Trundle is auto attack reliant. However if you get some jg pressure you should be able to win the matchup

: I really like playing Irelia and before i played Trundle i used to play a ton of Irelia her true damage is ridiculous( Hiten Style active), she has 2 abilities that heal her( Hiten Style and transcendant blades), a stun/slow( Equilibrium Strike), and a dash that has a cd reset when it executes( Bladesurge) harass her early and remember she is really strong when she hits 6. Also due to her passive( Ionian Fervor) she gets bonus tenacity when there are more enemies. Out push her or snowball off of teamfights, just make sure someone peels for you ADC

: She is a huge lane bully but remember not to fight in her ulti Leap of Faith because of the huge amounts of damage it does, and you should be fine. If she does become a threat get your team to group and help you take her out.

: so here is the interesting thing. Gnar is supposed to be stronger when he goes mega, however in this match up, mini is stronger than mega. if he trys to fight you in mega you win, but if you try to fight him without jg pressure in mini, then you lose. wait to use Pillar of Ice for his hop/crunch to be down, because then his only other form of escape is Flash or instant backing(a.k.a death).

: so technically Darius does counter you, but if you play it right then you will end uup winning. Never forget that his Decimate does less damage the closer you are to him, and that his passive Hemorrhage hurts. Make sure you don't have long trades, but rather duels where one of you ends up dead. During duels you want your Subjugate and Frozen Domain to win the duels.

Difficulty: High

a difficult matchup for you, expect to lose lane

: This is a really dificult matchup for you because of the updated Ryze. His Overload cd gets reset everytime he uses an ability and with his waveclear poke combo, its honestly a bad idea to fight him in a minion wave. Also he now has a a 2 second root with the Rune Prison Spell Flux combo. All of the above makes it ease to beat you because he can out poke you and out farm. Rush MR and look for plays around the map as well as ganks from your jg or mid laner.

: This is just a really annoying matchup because of his passive Mark of the Storm this makes it easy to kite you. Also when Kennen has his Lightning Rush it makes it easier to put distance and get out of your Pillar of Ice. Many people won't realize now but right now Kennen's ulti Slicing Maelstrom is actually broken, like picking Kennen usually means a win unless he gets camped early. ask your jg for help pre-6 but after 6 get the ulti out then make team plays because without his ulti, Kennen's pressure and kill potential is alot less.

: This is an annoying matchup because Jayce is melee and ranged. With his ranged kit he can kill you from a distance, with his melee kit he can engage or disengage with ease. overall just a bad matchup, however you don't see many people playing him so you should be fine

: quinn top is honestly the bane of my existence. it is the most annoying thing(excluding Teemo) to go up against and its freaking annoying for three reasons:
    1) she has a blind which makes your autos useless and you lose vision excluding a certain radius (
Blinding Assault)

2) she has an escape that she can use to get over walls, including you're Pillar of Ice ( Vault)

3) I can't play her at all -.-

: This is honestly a really difficult matchup unless you get snowballed early, like lvl 1 or 2 early. her kit is filled with cc and escapes and she can easily kite away from you. a really bad matchup, id ask for a lane swap.

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Try to cs to the best of your ability and you can use your q to help clear winions(I call minions winion because champions dont win games, winions do). If your enemy gets too close to them feel free to auto>q them for a bit of free damage then back off a bit. If your opponent is hard engaging on you that usually means one of a few things:

    1) The jungler is coming and trying to kill you, meaning you should be on the alert
    2) hes going to get a lvl on you within the next winion or 2 and he'll have the lvl advantage on you, meaning you should try to get some distance till you guys have the same lvl
    3) he's realy freaking stupid
    4) he's really freaking fed, meaning run and cs under turret, even though he'll most likely dive you
When you do encounter a situation number 3 fight back on your frozen domain. If they start to run the use your pillar to cut off their escape, and never forget about your auto>q>auto combo. Once you hit 6 if they try to hard engage onto you, the through the fight make sure you ult, if you do it at the beginning then they'll just run away. Also if you do turret dive make sure you use your ulti and that you have your flash to make a flashy escape.

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Team Fights

The best source of engage is something that appears from nowhere........Like a giant Pillar of Ice cutting you off from the rest of your team. Your Pillar of Ice will help you make easy picks or force a flash or an engage. If you do go for a team fight, ult the most fed or closest tank on your team and jump onto their mid or ADC and get rid of them. The reason you ult the tank is because your team can tear apart the tank with more ease and you get increased resistances making it harder for you to be taken down. Using your Pillar of Ice and Frozen Domain to catch up to enemies is never a bad idea
*credit given to player I was not involved in said gameplay

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Personal Notes

Hey guys this is my first guide on mobafire, and I will try to make better with time. Any comments suggestions or things you want to see are welcomed (as long as they are relevant). Let me know if you guys want me to include something more specific in lane matchups or items or rune/ mastery wise. Hope you enjoyed this guide.