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Aatrox Build Guide by thatsnotmypirate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thatsnotmypirate

ThatsNotMyPirate's Aatrox - Blade of Blood

thatsnotmypirate Last updated on March 19, 2015
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Aatrox is the new top laner to enter the League. In this guide I will cover counter builds and how to destroy your lane. Aatrox has very high sustain and does a very good job at pushing the enemy out of lane. He is very good at farming and a bully. He is pretty easy to pick up and all level of players will enjoy this new champion.

This guide is for players New to LoL and learning a new champion. Also good for vets that looking for a starting build, but vets know how to counter build and hopefully you guys will learn in my guide as well.

**No two games are the same and each call for different items**

Please check out my video in "Laning Phase"

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Pros / Cons


+ Great Harassment.
+ Out last most champtions in lanes.
+ Great revive passive with shorter cooldown then other revive passives.
+ Dark Flight is great for engaging and disengaging.
+ Great Heals and farming
+ Amazing ult and good range that counts as melee


- Long cooldowns early game.
- Blades of Torment can be hard to land at long ranges.
- Bad ranged poke, and easily out poked.
- Passive can be wasted if no blood in your well.
- Dark Flight can be stopped by some cc.
- Heal reduction and really hurt you.
- If you fall behind early game, can be really hard to recover.
- Weak vs ranged tops with pokes like Jayce

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a great spell for getting into range for a kill, or getting away. Still one of the most powerful spells in the game.

Ignite Great spell for any carry. Get for people with heals and deals true damage all game long. Very good.

Exhaust Another great spell. This can help you solo someone because it lowers their damage. Also help you stay on top of someone trying to run. Also good for if they flash after, they will still be slowed enough for you to get in range.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage - Flat AD is great for Aatrox. Early game burst is pretty high when you can do your whole combo at lvl 3. (As you can see in my video)

Greater Seal of Armor - Helps you stay in lane longer, and early game the point is to farm and stay in the lane the longest! Aatrox is hard to push out of lane and this makes it harder. Out farm top and you will win your lane out right.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - Gives you a lot of MR late game. Also great for staying in lane. This frees you up for building more damage.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - This will help early game, they complement your flat ap runes. Makes you win most fights one on one early game.

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Fury - Attack speed is great for early procing of your Blood Price.

Deadliness - Small bonus AD for late game, every little bit counts!

Havoc - 2% may not sound like a lot but its pretty big. It will scale big into end game.

Weapon Expertise - 8% Armor pen is a must. This helps a ton with your early flat AD runes.

Butcher - Helps with last hits,

Brute Force - This will help your last hitting early game.

Summoner's Wrath Gives some ap which helps with your damage. But also with exhaust if you get it

Sunder - Flat armor pen. Great for early game and late game and will boost your damage.

Executioner - Low foes will fear your damage!


Durability - More Hp helps your blood well.

Hardiness - High armor will help you stay in lane longer so I put 3 points here.

Resistance - Your mr runes will be enough late game.

Veteran's Scars 30 HP early game is a lot. I love this mastery.

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Skills Priority

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Blood Well - A revive passive. This one is amazing with a 225 cooldown. A bit shorter then most revive passives. Takes a bit of your HP cost of skills and puts it in your blood well. When you die, you heal for the amount saved. This will make the other team really have to think about forcing you down. Also the close you are to max blood well, the more attack speed you have. This makes you shockingly tanky on low hp with all your heals. Also with Maw of Malmortius you may even want to stay at half hp because of the crazy high damage and as near death. Also removes Ignite on death so other team may end up wasting it on you. Also with Spirit Visage and max Blood Well this heals 70% of your HP.

Dark Flight - Great for getting into fights. A dash and knock up that can give you the edge you need in fights. You can jump over walls and clear waves. Has a pretty high HP cost so I don't get this at level 1. Knowning when to use this skill to start fights or saving it to get out will weed out the good Aatrox from the bad.

Blood Thirst - This is a toggle. Heals you ever 3rd attack or heals you. This skill is amazing at keeping you in lane. If your having a really hard time in the lane then Max this first. Also deals massive damage. In your main combo you can blow someone up with this (Watch video to see lvl 3 combo.) Really good for soloing fights, healing or going on the offence.

Blades of Torment - A great slow. It can be hard to hit at long ranges because it gets smaller at the end of its range. It's slow gets longer the more points you put in, this skill is great for running away and staying on top of someone.

Massacre - Good for bating. Even with low hp the attack speed with this can make you heal fast enough to get anyone off guard. Does damage when you start it and anyone trying to get away will be shocked at the nice range buff you have. With Frozen Mallet this can be very hard to run from.

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Core Items and Why It Works

Offensive Core

Item Sequence

Mercury's Treads

Spirit Visage

Blade of the Ruined King

Randuin's Omen

The Bloodthirster

Last Whisper

First off let me talk about this build. So I see people building crit on Aatrox. Aatrox isn't a crit champ and shouldn't be build this way. He should be in the middle of fights doing dps and tanking a good bit of damage.
He doesn't this two ways:
1: Building life steal/AD and attack speed keeps him healing through out the fight.
2: Building High Armor and Magic resist to keep him tanky and making other team really think if they should force you down or not.

Crit isn't a bad build but its not the best build. Crit takes up a slot that can be use for a better item. Life steal AD and AS is what you want, not crit.

As a top Laner, your job is to be DPS/Tanky, not a full on carry like other Aatrox are trying to be, leave that to AP mid and ADC. You can still carry with this build and over all bring more to your team.

- Give a good amount of mr and cc protection, build boots of speed and finish this after Spirit Visage

- This item give great starting health and magic resist. Also makes your life steal, passive, item actives, and W better healing. Great item for you. With max Blood Well You should heal 70% of your HP which is crazy talk. 20% cooldown is also a huge plus and your ult cooldown will be next to nothing so don't be afraid to use often.

- Attack speed is very important for your w. Attack speed ups your procs and there for heals and damage. On top of Spirit Visage the heals on you are epic and its heal active is buffed on you. This item is a must on you in most builds.

- At this point you will need armor and HP. Omen fills both this need and makes you pretty tanky. The attack speed slow also give you an edge on dueling. Very good for you. The active is great in team fights or fleeing foes.

- Gives you epic damage and life steal. With Spirit Visage and Blade of the Ruined King you will be healing like a crazy person. You will have epic damage and be super hard to kill. Sadly now that it's changed it doesn't give as much Life steal but still a good buy!

- Late game you will need armor pen. Last whisper is cheap, great armor pen and damage.

Defensive Optional

- Give you epic hp and its passive makes you really hard to get away from. Even more so with your ult cause you can keep them in range much longer. It still counts as a melee even with the range so super good.

- This makes your passive better with massive hp. Also the passive is buffed with Spirit Visage giving you Mundo/Garen like hp regen.

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***Optional Items***

In all my guides I stress the importance of building different depending on the game. There is never 1 all end perfect build. Each game is different and calls for different items!

Offensive Optional

- This is a great item, give you attack speed and a movement speed boost which is really good all game long. The damage is alright too. Your a pretty slow guy and this item with Frozen Mallet can really make you hard to get away from

- Great attack damage and life steal. Has pretty good aoe which helps with your farm. But I tend to like BT over this item. But really you can change this item if you want to.

- The lower your hp this most powerful you become, with your passive your AS will be crazy making you have amazing last stands and turn fights around. This item comes with a great shield that will save your butt. On top of your heals and passive this will make you scary when on low hp.

- Helps you stay on top of people with its active. Good attack speed and armor pen. I would get this item if your having problems keeping up with people or if they are getting early game armor.

- If you have a lot of money grab this. Sheen passive stack with your proc does epic damage. Movement speed buff, Good amount of health also. Over all a great item but mana and crit is a bit of a waste so may want to pick something else to finish your build.

Defensive Optional

- Give vs cc. Gives good ad and its active gets rid of all debuffs, even suppression ults. Gives you a speed boost to help you get away or catch a feeling foe. If you are cc you can use this along with Dark Flight to get away pretty fast.

- If your having problems with magic this is great. Makes you tankier while your fighting and gives you a bit more damage with passive. It's best as Aatrox to stay in the fight as long as he can to heal, so this item helps.

- If AD Heavy teams are a problem this will help a ton. The attack speed debuff lowers there dps on you on top of massive armor.

- With this and your passive up. The other team will really have to think about if they want to force you down in a team fight. Most of the time this will free you up to deal free damage.

- Good HP, mr and passive shield. Give you a good edge in duels and helps protect you from cc. Shield stops almost every skill, its pretty op.

VS Tanky

- Good vs armor heavy teams, great AD, good extra hp and cooldown reduction. Awesome. But if they really stack armor then Last whisper beats this item. But both together is a beautiful thing. It is better now since its passive works with skills now.

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Laning Phase (HD New Video Guide!)

How to Lane Aatrox

Laning Mechanics

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Remember Counters aren't unbeatable, you can always outplay someone. But these are match ups which can be hard vs someone with good skills.

Hard Counter - Jayce has high poke and out of range of Blades of Torment. If you try to heal up with auto attacks or last hits he will auto attack you pushing you back. His Q combo will poke you down and he can be very hard to solo. Hug your tower and ask jungler for help as much as you can. Also by pink wards to clear out his which will keep them from pushing to hard unless they want to be ganked.

Hard Counter - Riven is a movement based champion which is bad new for Aatrox. Aatrox has to stay fighting to be most effective, this is hard to do when riven is dancing on your face. She can get in and get out and this can be very annoying. Hug your tower and try to out lane her that way. Ganking will be hard, best to bait her in to stun you then have jungler gank while her stun is down.

- Not only does he have a stun and a lot of ways to get away. His Counter Strike can dodge your Blood Price. Jax is always hard to duel since he gets stronger the more hits you let him land on you. Has good poke and get away and good movementspeed. Over all best to out farm him, even with all of that you should be able to stay in lane longer then him. Out level and farm in lane and you will win the lane.

- Fizz is a rare top but he is a counter. His Seastone Trident give his attacks Grievous Wounds making him hard to heal against. Has high damage and alot of ways to get away and you will have a hard time landing hits or staying on him at all. Very dangerous foe for you.

More to come!

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