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Thresh Build Guide by moxyyye

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League of Legends Build Guide Author moxyyye

Thresh - The Flaymaker (September 2014 Update)

moxyyye Last updated on September 23, 2014
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Hello my name is Moxyye. I'm a Platinum support main with around 300~ games on Thresh. I'm going to describe my type of Thresh playstyle. Enjoy reading and dont forget to leave feedbacks. Any kind of criticism is really usefull for me. I would really love to see lots of feedbacks just to see what I did right and what wrong, so i can improve it.
There is a lot of usefull stuff to read, so read it and support my hard work please <3

Ty in advance gorgeous peeps.

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Champion spotlight

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Pros & Cons

×Strong auto attack damage E passive Death Sentence
×Low mana cost
×Your jungler can easly gank bot lane
×If you land a hook into the brush it gives u vision :)
×It's a really good counter to Leona/Shyvana/Lee/J4 since u can deny Leona's E ( Zenith Blade), Shyvana's R ( Dragon's Descent), Lee Sin's Sonic Wave and Jarvan's E/Q combo.
×He is really fun to play.


×His E ( Flay) is easily dodged
×His Q ( Death Sentence) is thrown with a delay (It's not like blitzcrank's Rocket Grab)
×Is countered by a yordle ( Lulu)
×With new patch his Q ( Death Sentence) can be cleansed ( Cleanse)

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In my previous updates i was still adding two rune setups, now im using only this page :).

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1. Utility page
I use this when i dont go for ruby crystal start

2. Tanky page
I go with this when i start ruby crystal

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Summoner spells

When should i take Ignite and when Exhaust:

Usually if you have a kill lane botlane it is very good to take ignite, but ignite kind of falls off late game. U can pick ignite to counter champions with healing abilities such as Dr. Mundo, Soraka, Nidalee, Sion etc.

If u need to shutdown someone with lots of mobility/gap closers such as Shyvana, Renekton, Jax etc.

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You start with yellow trinket(warding trinket) after you buy sightstone sell the yellow trinket and buy red trinket.

Start ruby crystal + health pots (its even better if you have health regen quints, because it works almost as same as dorans shield.
PROS of this start:
-you can build it into sightstone next back
-you can buy more sustain with this start
CONS of this start:
-no auto attack block passive

For the second start you can start with ancient coin/relic shield and health pots/cookies.

(you should buy this in ideal chance's but overall this are the optional buys)
When u back first time u should buy sightstone, boots of speed and pink wards + 2 or 3 health potions.
When u back the second time you should buy nomads medallion + sightstone level 1
(We can call this early game core.)

You should buy boots of mobility + ruby sightstone + talisman of ascension(Shurelya's reverie)

Here you can improvise. You buy only tanky items such as Sunfire Cape / Randuin's Omen etc.

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He goes very well together with:

Lee Sin(He can W on your lantern)
Jarvan IV

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Support Match-Ups

Here i am gonna be describing how hard is to play Thresh against other support's. (im going to describing only supports that are popular atm
Ranked from 1 to 5


Before Alistar hits 6 it is very doable to just pull in the Alistar and harass him. However Alistar has a Triumphant Roar heal and tons of CC (Crowd control). Also Alistar has a difficult time ganking a Thresh lane even if he uses Flash due to Dark Passage as long as Thresh isn't the one being focused.


Morgana has a really good protection against Thresh hooks with her Black Shield and a really good disengage with her ultimate. But if you can bait Morgana's shield, then you can go all in on her.


Lulu is very difficult for Thresh. Her strong poke makes it difficult to trade and the amount of CC (Crowd control) that she has makes it hard to kill her. At all stages of the game Lulu has the disengage to make it difficult for Thresh to be useful.


Very similar to how Lulu works against Thresh, but a good Sona will stay behind minions and make it extremely difficult for Thresh to get grabs. Sona's poke ( Power Chord/ Hymn of Valor) and sustain will win if you can't engage. Always aim for Death Sentence grabs, and avoid as much poke as possible.


Taric is also tanky and has a CC(Crowd Control) of his own. It is not smart to pull in Taric while his stun is still up. Aim to poke at Taric as much as possible with autoattacks, only go all-in if Taric's Dazzle stun is done or they are low enough to be bursted. Otherwise, you will likely take more damage and eventually die.


Zyra is an amazing counter pick of Thresh. Her long range poke makes trading very difficult, but if Zyra gets pulled, she will most likely get bursted down. You must gain control of the brush versus Zyra, use autoattacks for harass, while dodging plants/snare and land Death Sentence grab for all-in trades.


At level 1 Thresh has a great advantage if u start E( Flay). Because of your passive/AD marks u can make use of Leona's week level 1.
Thresh is tanky enough to be difficult to focus and she has a great advantage he is ranged. This makes it very hard for Leona to engage, + each time Leona uses her Zenith Blade (E) to engage, you can counter with a Flay, blocking her in the air.


Karma is an amazing counter pick of Thresh. Her Q ( Inner Flame) poke and her E shield ( Inspire) makes trading very difficult, but if Karma gets pulled, she will most likely get bursted down. You must gain control of the brush versus Karma, use autoattacks for harass, hook her and Q her whenever you can and poke her down.

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Q + E combo brings you success in all-in engage's. Tell your jungler to make lantern gank because it is very easy to execute. When u are engaging with your jungler on botlane via your lantern, flash forward when your jungler clicks lantern for making your lantern fly by range longer. If you are playing against ezreal flay him first and let him E away then Q hook him.

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Final words

If you came to this chapter and if you read it all i must thank you for supporting me. I hope you find it usefull. As i already said in introduction chapter "Leave feedbacks!"
By the way follow my stream

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