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[AD] Corki - Updated for S4!

Joxuu Last updated on December 31, 2013
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Triforce (Cheat Sheet)

Champion Build: Corki

Health 2101
Health Regen 14.4
Mana 1109
Mana Regen 10.3
Armor 139.5
Magic Resist 82.06
Dodge 0
Tenacity 0
Movement Speed 395
Gold Bonus 0
Attack Damage 323
Attack Speed 50.869
Crit Chance 35%S
Crit Damage 50%
Ability Power 30
Life Steal 15%
Spell Vamp 0
Armor Penetration 35
Magic Penetration 0
Cooldown Reduction 0%

Recommended Runes

Ability Sequence + Notes

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R



Offense: 21


Defense: 0


Utility: 9

Table of Contents

Hello viewer. My name is jjoxuu and I am a bot lane fanatic. I enjoy playing support role the most, but I'm also into the role of ADC and jungle. I can't back-up my guide for being in challenger or diamond, but I have knowledge and experience of playing Corki. I will take the coding frommy Lulu guide as I found this quite fun. I noticed some guides out there, but I don't think they're updated over to S3. Making this guide out of my own interest also. Usually I have just focused on filling guides for champions that lacked proper ones in my opinion, but this one is different.

What is the purpose of this ?

I want to discuss a little of ADC's playstyle, why would you want to play ADC and some generic thoughts of the role. First I want to clear very clear mistake that some do. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN BOT LANE. Bot lane in current meta is 2v2 lane, meaning you have to deal with someone else in your team. The most common mistake I see and I don't like is the fact ADC's go with the attitude mememememe. Just don't go throwing in the chat that your support takes one accidental or secured kill. The worst is if you go blaming your teammates for your death. By behaving negative, you're support in the lane WILL play a lot worse and stops caring. In stead of saying "OMG NO WARDS REPORT SUPPORT", you can buy 1 ward yourself or ask for ward without flaming. If you're support secures 1 kill that you would've gotten, do remember that the support may not have the same knowledge as you (for example if u had Q off cooldown), don't go flaming him, but say good job. It was good play from his point of view.
Why do I play ADC ?

I play ADC, because I enjoy communicating with someone in the same lane. I like doing heavy damage and team relying on it. It's also very strategic and important role where 1 mistake could cost you the whole game. Somehow I also like the overall combination of different compositions you can put bot lane, like you can combine 2 different kits into 1 strategic move to kill someone off. So I guess It's the high responsibility and doing tons of damage and communicating with support are the reasons why I play it.

Climbing as ADC ?

Really effective and fast way if you know how to play well. ADC can carry a team so hard, if has the right pick. Most of teams damage often come from ADC and all efforts are put in protecting him to deal as much damage as possible. Most of the top50 players have at least 1 ADC in their most played champions list. In lower tiers like bronze, ADC is the way to get out as long as you play well. You can even go 4v5 with AFK I'd say. That's how strong the role is. ADC's are often focused in team fights, but in lower tiers people don't do that so often or do it with too big cost.


+ High poke
+ Good kit
+ Mobile
+ Great push/burst


- Mana hungry
- Lacks sustain
- Vulnerable to CC
- Not so good late-game

You synergy



Preferred Role:


Corki in nutshell:

Corki is a bursty AD champion that excels in early to mid-game. Late-game he has a little fall, but is still very good. I think he has the best burst from ADC's in early game. He has a really nice kit and some mobility in it also. S2 Corki was underestimated and underplayed, because of high mana costs, S3 itemization. The buff for Trinity Force and lowered mana costs have increased his pick rates and win ratios. I never saw a problem with him S2, but he is even more fun now.

Your Counters


The closer to middle, the more vialable the rune is obviously. ADC runes are quite boring and work the best with only 1 kind of rune. In marks, attack damage marks are the way to go. It helps you to last hit and and you're passive scales well with them.


Basic choice once again to gain quite a bit armor for early-game resistances against enemy AD carry damage. I wouldn't recommend anything over armor seals. Some run mana regeneration from seals, but just don't do it. Armor is way much more beneficial and if you really want the regen take it from glyphs.


So, we get back to the question of resistances over mana regeneration. Once again I highly recommend the resistances over mana regeneration, but if you want to, rather take the regen from glyphs than seals. Also it's the matter of preferication wether you want scaling resist or flat ones. I prefer flat ones, because you don't want to leave lane.


Attack damage once again to get more out of passive and more damage overall. Taking few life steals quints is very good with Doran's Blade, because you won't be taking more life steal before mid-late game, so they're really important.


Tier 1: Sorcery for some cooldown reduction, can also be flipped for the attack speed, but the CDR feels better and Butcher to help last hitting.

Tier 2: Then go for Brute Force . Small amount of AD for late game. It's like a extra Long Sword, worthy of 400 gold. Kinda meh, but it's so we can get to next tier along with Feast for extra sustain.

Tier 3: Martial Mastery to help farming, especially under tower. Gives some extra damage for poking also. Then Executioner for bonus % damage for late game.

Tier 4: Here I go for Warlord which is rather nice overall, because Corki already enjoys with brute AD without lot's of attack speed, so it's nice to increase the total amount of AD even more.

Tier 5: Here is deffinately the most cost worthy mastery: Devastating Strikes . Corki benefits greatly from this and puts the whole 12% in good use. Other ADC's won't be using the mastery point as efficiently than few, that includes Corki. Finally Frenzy, which could be switched around for the 1.5% increased damage, but I feel like it's 0-0 while Frenzy actually benefits you, even tough you don't need the attack speed that much.

Tier 6: Finally the last point for Havoc . Not a "wow" bonus, but 3% extra damage for 1 point is quite OK I guess. It's not really that much if you start to count how much the percentage is from ~2k damage, but it's worth it.


I did not choose defense masteries over utility. I was arguing and fiddling around the 9 points in defense, because the auto-attack damage block is really good. Another member in here Mobafire ran utility masteries and I tried it also. The 9 points in utility proved worthy and I chose them over these following masteries, but it's just the matter of opinion. Both work fine and it's up to you to decide.

Tier 1: Block and Recovery . The block mastery is really good. It seems very little, but it's much more worth than you may think. LoLmath has video of it in youtube I believe, go watch it, if you want to see math behind this. Health regen gives some extra sustain.

Tier 2: I take Unyielding to boost the effect of Block even further, making total 3 less damage per auto-attack and some reduction against spells. Then Veteran Scars for some extra tankiness, so you don't seem so squishy.

Tier 3: Juggernaut is worthy, because it takes only 1 point for 3%. Not that much if you compare my example for 3% extra damage from 1000, but this point is a fair ~+20 health in lane early-game.


Tier 1: I go for Phasewalker for improved recall that may just save you some time or save you cs. Meditation to ease mana problems a little. Fleet of Foot is possible chance over summoner CDR from next tier. Depends on what you prefer.

Tier 2: I take Summoner's Insight , because this can be a keyfactor in bot lane. I see lot's of Barrier and Flash exchanges. You can bait a fight with your 18 seconds faster Barrier. Little things matter and if you calculate correctly, you can surprise the enemy with faster summoners. Alchemist for improved potions along with Culinary Master . These two combined are quite helpful after all.

Flash is the most important spell in the game and is also the most used. Do not take anything over it! It can save you from tricky situations where you normally wouldn't survive. It's also a last hitting tool, if enemy is running away from you. It does have high cooldown, but even if it would save you once in the game, it is worth it.

Barrier is really useful summoners at any point of the game. It can be used for baiting and saving from close-call situations. This summoner became core summoner pretty much after being spotted useful. It shields more than Ignite does damage, so that's why It's taken over it. It's also more safe summoner considering late-game as you don't want to die and you do a lot of damage without the Ignite.

Ignite is a bit more offensive option. It is great not just for it's damage, but to shutdown the lifesteal and healing effects made during a fight. You should take the use of this really fast as extra burst tool. Remember tough that Ignite shouldn't be taken just based on "shutting down heals".

Cleanse is considerable against heavy CC bot lane or overall team composition. It removes all CC, so It's great tool to turn up against Exhaust in laning phase for example. The question is wether you can take advantage of it over Barrier. I'd say this is a more experienced summoner pick. Just get CC reliefing items if you aren't familiar with this.

Starting Items

These items are really versatile and any of these could be picked as first. With the incoming Phage nerfs, I would question rushing it first tough. The best option is Sheen pretty much guranteeing to win trades with Q + auto-attack. Phage provides pretty much the same with extra HP and extra AD. It's more of a long-term item-pick. It's good when pushing lane for example. Then Zeal - It's quite ballsy item. Attack speed ain't all that great early-game, so picking this leaves you completly in hope of getting criticals out. All of these items should make you more dominant early-game and that is the purpose. Other ADC's often go for long term picks, so you should have upper hand.


Rushing Trinity Force is the way to go at the moment. It gives such good stats and Corki benefits from every single passive/stats it gives. You do so much damage after that. Constantly proccing 200% AD damage and almost impossible to escape without landing CC or using summoners. At this point if you already haven't gotten kills, you should try to go for some. This build path is assuming you have gotten really good start, grabbed few kills and are way ahead. Next item is either Blade of the Ruined King or Infinity Edge followed by boots. Boots can be skipped as Corki has the W as gap closer and Trinity Force passive. Blade of the Ruined King is for complete snowballing in lane, making it impossible to escape from initiation 1v1. It gives sustain if you decide to go for it, so you won't get poked out from lane. Infinity Edge is a bit more expensive item and taking normal boots before completing it is completly fine. It increases damage by a bunch and you should leave lane and look for objectives if you go for this in stead.


All of these boots work. I'd prefer Berserker's Greaves most of the times. Basic AD carry item for some attack speed. Ionian Boots of Lucidity I haven't tried that much, but it's a vialable pick for the CDR reduction. Corki deals much damage with just the ultimate spam, so why not. Mercury's Treads are my second most favorite boots. Corki doesn't need that much of attack speed, so you can comfortably change the boots around, if you are facing a heavy CC team, where you are CC'd fast.

Rest of the build

Item order is again pretty much just up to you, but I'll explain the picks here. The Bloodthirster is for much needed sustain which you lack a bit due rushing Trinity Force. It is possible to take some life steal before trinity, if you are focing poke lane. so BT gives you sustain and nice amount of AD to scale with. Last Whisper is usually followed after BT, because this is where enemy will be getting armor, if they wish to get to get it. You will deal more damage to the front line which is trying to keep you away from carries. Guardian Angel is pretty much the only defensive item you need. It's especially good against assassins, whose damage you can't handle yet and are just 1 bursting you. Infinity Edge is either your second or last item. It's traded around with The Bloodthirster, because skipping other item would just hurt too much. You either go all damage or invest some in sustain, depending on you're gameplay. I often go for sustain over Ie, but maybe it fits you better.

Situational items

Banshee's Veil and Mercurial Scimitar are for the same purpose: Deny enemy AP caster from bursting you or high CC initiator catching onto you. Scimitar is just 1000 gold more expensive, but gives attack damage along the way. The Black Cleaver works as a Last Whisper, but is more expensive and it relies on stacking the buff, which Corki can do effictively of course, but I haven't found this better over Last Whisper.

Ability Sequence

This ability sequence is all about damage. Ultimate is maxed first which is no surprise. It gives nice amount of poke in teamfights and a great finisher. Q is maxed second, because of great damage scale per level. It's damage is really great even with the AP scale. Provides extra 1-2 auto-attacks if used right after one. Then E third for all-in damage. It's damage is really great if you can keep the range. W is taken last, due it's not much of a damaging spell, just take 1 level for it early-game, so you can escape/chase.


Hextech Shrapnel Shells: Quite OK passive I'd say. It gives you enough bonus damage to come out as a winner from auto-attack trades and a nice tool to make last hitting easier. Ain't got a screenshot example of this one as It's pretty self-explainable and is spotted as white true damage.

Phosphorus Bomb: Your main ability to deal damage and come out in trades. Also the certain ability to proc Sheen passive. It's also great against certain stealth picks such as Vayne, because it reveals stealth. Can also be used to keep vision on enemies going to bush.

Valkyrie: This is a funny ability. It's mainly used for mobility either to escape or to close-gap between opponents. Not really for damage as people won't be staying on the trail of fire anyways. Do remember that you can use this to jump over many walls like at the dragon pit, over the baron, red and blue buff walls etc.

Gatling gun: This is really great pushing tool for your lane and a high DPS to shred enemy front line later on. You will most likely be attacked by tanks with lots of armor. E reduces the amount of armor and works well with Last Whisper.

Missile Barrage: Really nice ultimate to poke and finish off people with. It's really important to have few always in case of sudden team fight. You need it to proc off Sheen. Use Missile Barrage a couple times just to poke their team or clear minion wave, but save at least 3-4 in case someone charges towards you, so you can do enough damage to shred trough the front line.

Corki is meant to be played offensively early and mid-game to gain item advantage later on in the game and keep up with late-game scaling ADC. If you are not getting these item advantages, you will have hard time keeping up with them. Offensive supports with CC or heals work really well with Corki. Defensive supports are a bit meh, as you need to get that kill or two. I'm not saying you will suck and do next to 0 damage, but ADC's like Vayne and Tristana are just beasts at late-game and you need something to be more useful than them.




These champions can cause problems. Rest of the champions are just skill match-ups and I'll propably get into them later on, but let's focus. Sona as a support who can sustain her lane partner trough early poke and provide massive amount of level 1 damage with Q and ultimate to shutdown escape / engage. Depends on the ADC pick of course, but it's not very nice to play against a good Sona player. Then we have Caitlyn whose range is ridicilouse. She outranges you and pokes you off in early levels and you can't really poke back. Her traps can also make you're Valkyrie less effective. Then Draven. This guy has so much damage from Q. Using Valkyrie towards this guy can end up in a fast loss. He can greatly outdamage you once you're out of abilities and stop escapes with non-stop chasing. Lastly, propably the least is Varus. I was sort of "meh" at first, because he has quite the mana cost on abilities, but I agreed on having some difficulties. His ultimate stops you're escape and has great long-range poke.



These champions don't stand a chance against Corki. I'll speak generally here, seperating only Taric. You counter that poor MANLY support by having mobility which he really lacks, having great burst and true damage with armor shredding Gatling Gun. Then to the ADC's: You counter them by dealing so much more damage then they do. You can stop escaping trough stealth and just poking them to death or just go man-mode and destroy everything. These are all late-game champions that build towards late-game, giving you the perfect chance to hunt for kills with early-game damage.

Early-mid game

As said many times already, but I shall repeat it once more: Get kills. Early levels you should poke immediatly when enemy is going for cs. Use auto-attack followed by Q to deal lot's of damage. Repeat doing this process when enemy ADC is going for cs, but do look at your own farming also. After reaching level 2, you can already seek a kill with Valkyrie and supports help. Support landing a CC = go in. Level 4 is the same process, but you gain Gatling Gun in the combo. It's really good if you gave money for Sheen pre 6 (you actually should have by now). Go buy it and then just kill everyone. It adds so much damage to your combo. If you have gotten many kills, you should be completing Trinity Force soon after 6 or so.

Mid-game team fights should begin and you can poke back-line with you're ultimates and then proc Sheen on closest enemy on-sight within safe position. This is what you should be doing. Focus the closest enemy you see. Usually this is a front line charging towards you, but keep your clam and use Valkyrie to back off a little and then go in with all you got. Constantly keep proccing Sheen with ultimates, this is really important. Then continue to next enemy after dealing with the first one. If you couldn't handle the first fuy, think what you lack. Did you do no damage or did you die to the enemy too fast ? Based on this, continue the build by taking damage or defensive item for next fight.

Late game

Late game is very much about positioning correctly and continuing where you stopped from mid-game. This is the part which is not that favorable for Corki if the enemy is having late-game team, but there is no need for desperation. Positioning is yet again really important and I'll show you the perfect position for team fight.

Corki is positioned behind your own front line and is off-range from initiation, but is in range to keep dealing damage with ultimate and possibly to shred enemy tank charging forwards. There is really good opportunity to change position with Valkyrie and switch targets within safe range.

Let's start off with a story first to make my point clearly. I've been wanting to climb ELO and I wanted to see what I didn't do properly. I took the chance and played few matches with and against few Diamond I/Challenger bot lanes. I obviously lost every single time more or less, because of positioning.

I was playing quite fair lane Draven, Thresh vs Miss Fortune, Leona.
  • Every time I mispositioned, I got punished by basic attack.
  • Every time I went to get last hit, I got punished.
  • If I was late from my lane, opponent was level higher and punished.
  • Support went warding, I got zoned.
  • I was alone in lane, I got zoned.
  • Every time I lost vision, jungler ganked and I got zoned.

The more I got punished for mispositioning, the more frustrated I got --> Loosing cs, overcommitting, making more mistakes --> Dieng, loosing tower + objectives. This was clear difference between me and my opponent. I knew when I should poke and how to avoid getting poked, but there are so many chances to punish/avoid. He simply used the chances better than I did. Learned a lot that day and I'll share even some basic ones which may seem obvious to some.

Let's get to it. I expect you to know bot lane locations, but I'll just make a quick explain in case I use different terms than you. Locations and situations are from BLUE side.

(Red bush = 2nd bush furthest from your tower)
(Blue bush = 1st bush, closest from your tower)
(River bush = Bush closest to enemy tower at the end of river)

Keep this in mind while doing this: Minions > Small poke
Here are few very simple ways of zoning/punishing;

Enemy assisting blue

So you know they have mana hungry jungler and will start at blue. Depending on how good ganking potential the jungler has, place a ward at river. Have your support be placed at red bush to either land CC/poke OR zone the enemy towards their tower or force ward there. Then just push the lane as hard as you can and keep the red bush vision. Basically what this does is you achieve level 2 faster. With your stat and ability advantage, you can either go trade off with the enemy if they go contest minions or they will back-off and you are denying minion gold.
Lane farming

This is where things get tricky. Let's assume you are even at lane and both supports are not doing anything special to control over the bushes. Basically having control of enemy bush is the base of zoning, but you can't do that at the moment. Poking with abilities is OK, but you can punish the enemy for taking CS, within limits of not loosing CS of your own while doing that. Look at your own minion wave HP, if you see he is going for your melee minions which are low hp and he has full hp minion wave, FIRE EVERYTHING. At least hit 1 auto-attack. It's not worth it if you loose minion on the way. The most important minion deny is the big siege minion one. Time it right.
Enemy alone in lane

This is really easy and can often lead to burst of summoner/loosing resources/dieng.
The most simple rule is when either your enemy has only ADC or support at lane, go kill/poke/zone. Deny everything you can by simply containing red/blue bush control depending on where your lane is. Second situation is where support leaves lane to ward. Either punish ADC by zoning/poking or try to kill support on the way.

How to prevent getting zoned ?
  • Have sustain
  • Have high CC support
  • Man-up. Know when you can win the trade in stead getting poked 24/7 for nothing
  • Have jungler ganking. No matter if river is warded, just CC enemy bot lane.
  • Have vision and deny it

More useful information;

Thank you for reading the guide over and I hope you learned something about Corki. Hopefully I have opened his world and ADC role for you. At this point i'd like to credit Jhoihoi for format of abilities section! The format can be spotted in this Vayne guide.

Feel free to ask questions or recommend feedback - I will try to respond to them all. This turned out to be quite long guide after all, but if you truly are interested in Corki, I think you should read it all. I could post some Corki stats over here also, if someone wants to send scores :)