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Amumu Jungle Season 7 Guide

IAmTheShoosh Last updated on January 16, 2017
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
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Offense: 12


Defense: 0

Runic Armor
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Utility: 18

Threats to Amumu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi You outscale. You have two abilities (Q and R) that can lock him down even in ulti
Jax He just wants to farm mainly. Also rageblade changes hurt him
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Hello to all those leaguers out there! This is my first guide EVER and I decided to make it to help those who want to climb through lower elo, or for those who just want to see random guides on Amumu, The Sad Mummy. Although we will never know if this guy is a yordle, we DO all know his great presence in League of Legends, and for his game changing ult (Not as game-changing as the Equalizer...Lol). During Season 6 I ended Plat IV, and for the most part main Jungle Mid and Top, where Amumu, Ahri, Skarner and Irelia are my consistently best champions.

I hope the rest of the guide can be helpful to you all!

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Pros / Cons


    Great overall jungler
    Tanky with Good CC
    Great Bronze through Gold
    Somewhat fun
    Game Changing Ult

    Easily counter-jungled
    Somewhat weak early game
    Not good 1 v 1
    Ult and pull can be countered with disengage abilities, QSS and Mikaels Crucible

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Runes & Masteries


3 X
Personally, I like to build Amumu more on the tankier side, with high armor and magic resist. To make up for this, are these 3 Quintessence of Ability Power. If the enemy team has a lot of AD, I will sometimes just go 3 straight Quintessence of Armor.

9 X
Similar to above. I don't recommend building items with magic penetration (except the occasional Liandry's Torment). To account for this I like to include 9 Mark of Magic Penetration.

9 X
Like most tanks, you need armor in your runes. The 9 Seal of Armor provides a good early game armor cushion. Scaling health can work too, but it isn't necessary unless they have almost all magic damage.

9 X
Similar to above. You need an early cushion for magic damage. So take 9 Glyph of Magic Resist


Just use what I have listed above. Strength of the Ages is a must on Amumu currently IMO, although Thunderlord's Decree can work if you want extra early power. So 18 Points in the Resolve Tree. The other 12 I suggest putting in Ferocity for the extra damage, especially since Oppressor (2.5% increased damage to targets with impaired movement) is very strong on Amumu.

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Skill Sequence

Max this first obviously :)

Max this first(Excluding Curse of the Sad Mummy); it is your main damage output. If starting Gromp (most of the time you should), pick this ability level 2. Your 'W' is more effective at clearing Gromp level 1. If starting ANY other jungle camp, start your E first.

Max this second 75% of games. Basically, you gain very good CDR when leveling this up, and the more pulls, means the easier it is to gap close and CC successively in skirmishes. However, if the enemy team is very tank oriented, or is super immobile, you can max 'w' second because the percent health damage will be more effective.

Max this last 75% if games. Like stated above, the percent health doesn't really take into affect until the late game, and having more bandage tosses is better, especially since Amumu is somewhat immobile.

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Always get Stalker's Blade. The 20% true damage slow from Chilling Smite when smiting a champion is very useful for engaging and disengaging.

My personal favorite choice. The 30% tenacity can sometimes be a lifesaver. Also the magic resist is good considering your second item will be an armor item( Frozen Heart or Sunfire Cape)

Another good option. If the enemy team has a lot of slows but not so much hard CC, go with these boots, since it does reduce slows by 25%.

Buy if the enemy team has a lot of AD

This item does surprisingly work well on Amumu. It gives him good early power and also the 18% of missing mana gain when hitting a large monster with the echo proc is great. If you buy this item, be sure to get a Sunfire Cape next.

Another (more traditional) option for Amumu. I personally like going this route because I like Amumu tanky, especially when I am the only tank on the team. Bami's Cinder also got a recent small buff in patch 6.9(Scales per level).

A must buy item on Amumu if you decide to go the Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes route. The AOE damage of Bami's Cinder is perfect for Amumu's kit.

Almost always a must buy item on Amumu if you decide to go the Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk route. It provides him 20% CDR, 90 Armor, and 400 Mana. The attack speed aura is very good on Amumu, considering you will be in the middle of most team fights.

Another good choice on Amumu, especially against high AD and crit teams. The active slow is also good utility to stick to enemy's better. Combining this item with a Frozen Heart will reduce the attack speed of whomever is attacking you by 30%!

A decent choice on Amumu, although I think Randuin's Omen is a bit better due to the 10 extra armor and the attack speed debuff. However, the movement speed build up is good if you are versing mobile enemy's.

Buy if the enemy team is composed of a lot of AD basic attack champions.

Not that good of an item on Amumu since he has no abilities that scale with the more health you have (Like Volibear's Chosen of the Storm).

Similar to Warmog's Armor, getting health and no resists isn't really needed on Amumu. Also because you already have the mana or mana regen from previous items, the 300 mana is unnecessary. The active is very good, however Amumu's Bandage Toss is how you will engage, thus no need for the active.

This item is a decent item on Amumu. The 60 Ability Power, 60 Magic Resist, and 10% CDR is perfect on him, as well as the increased magic damage aura to enemys around you (Especially with Amumu's Cursed Touch). There are two main situations where I wouldn't buy this. One, if the enemy team doesn't have a lot of magic damage. Second, if you have an mid or top laner who already bought an Abyssal Scepter(The aura doesn't stack), who also plans to be in the middle of team fights(such as Lissandra, Galio, or Malphite).

Another good item on Amumu. Especially good against AP burst champions such as Brand, Annie and Lux.

Not as good as Banshee's Veil since Amumu doesn't have any healing in his kit (other than health regeneration). Only buy if you really need more magic resistance.

One of my favorites as a 6th item on Amumu. Provides good resists, and coming back to life after death can actually be quite deceiving in the breakout of a fight.

A great item on Amumu if you want to go more damage oriented, although not as good late game due to the AP and health nerfs to the item. The slow on this item are great for Amumu's constant damage output through Despair and Tantrum. This item works well with Liandry's Torment for the double burns.

Similar to Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Good for when ahead. The magic pen is a plus as well. I recommend buying Rylai's Crystal Scepter before buying this though.

Not a personal fan of building this. However, if you are very ahead and have other tanks on your team, feel free to buy this.

This item can be decent when ahead if you want to have some fun. It does provide health, ability power and 10% CDR, as well as an active which can be useful for finishing off enemy's or engaging in a teamfight.

A fun item if you need to counter act hard split pushing. Also provides good armor and magic resist.

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Jungle Clearing/Tips

For Amumu's Jungle clearing, you almost always want to start on blue side, since Amumu is very mana hungry early in the game. You will want to start Blue Sentinel , then go to the Greater Murk Wolf , then go to Crimson Raptor , then to Red Brambleback . During this route, you should be smiting any two of the four camps (Personally I like smiting the Greater Murk Wolf and the Red Brambleback ). Assuming your health was around 3/4 after clearing Blue Sentinel , and you took a Hunter's Talisman, you should be at level 3 with around 3/4 health after clearing Crimson Raptor , and then be able to finish taking Red Brambleback by 3:00-3:10. (Sometimes with a good leash and good kiting you can only use one potion from Refillable Potion and do this clear). After this you can look to gank (mid or bot), or (mid or top) (depending on if you started top or bot side). If both lanes are pushed, you can instead continue farming. I recommend getting Rift Scuttler or Ancient Krug . Before backing, try to get enough gold for a Stalker's Blade and either Boots of Speed, Hunter's Potion, or Ruby Crystal and possibly a Control Ward.


1. I recommend warding(or having a teammate ward) the river at around 1:30 near the middle river brush in case the enemy jungler decides to invade you at your wolves. This is especially important with early game junglers such as Lee Sin, Shaco, and Kindred.

2. Another option in case you are worried about getting invaded on blue side, is to start Red Brambleback instead of Blue Sentinel , and then clearing Crimson Raptor and Ancient Krug . Now head over to blue side, and if Blue Sentinel is taken, it is inconvenient (but at least you didn't die), and just clear the rest of what you can (careful with leaving Despair toggled on and spamming Tantrum when you don't have blue buff.

3. When clearing the monster camps, be sure to move around (kite). Try to step away right after the monster swings at you as you continue to do ability damage. This will decrease the rate at which he attacks you, and will allow your Tantrum to start cooling down. Also, you do not need to be touching the monster for your Despair to do damage to it, thus another reason why moving around helps clear better.

4. I stated before that after finishing the normal clear, you can gank (mid or bot), or (mid or top) depending on what side you started on. Now lets say you start bot side, but you think you may want to gank top side around 3:15. To do this, I recommend coordinating with your top laner to not push his lane and that you will arrive around 3:00-3:20. Keep an eye on top lane as you clear and as you are at Greater Murk Wolf , you will need to decide if you will be going top. If you do decide to go top, smite the wolves and go straight to clearing Gromp , and then head to top lane (You will be level 3). If you don't think you will be able to gank top, continue the normal route to the red side of the jungle.

5. When clearing jungle camps, your Bandage Toss has two good uses that I don't see utilized often. One, is to use your Bandage Toss to jump over walls to different camps to clear faster, or even to escape from enemy invades. (This is why you should not level up any of your abilities until around 1:35. In rare cases you may need to take that Bandage Toss first if you are caught off guard. This is also better than burning Flash). Another tip is to use Bandage Toss to interrupt the monsters right as they are about to swing at you. This will reset its auto attack timer. Specifically when clearing the Rift Scuttler , try to have your Tantrum ready to cast after you stun it with Bandage Toss, since the Rift Scuttler takes more damage when it is CC'd.

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General Tips and Tricks

1. The cooldown of your Tantrum is reduced by 0.5 seconds every time you are hit. When clearing the jungle or even minions in a lane, take this into account. For example if you are clearing a big wave top lane, use your Tantrum on some of them, and then move to the other minions with more health and use it on them. Basically try to keep as many minions alive without killing them since more minions = quicker cooldown on Tantrum.

2. When going to gank a lane pre 6 (from behind the enemy), NEVER use your Bandage Toss initially. What I highly recommend doing is just walking in, and using your chilling smite, along with Despair and Tantrum. Then once the enemy or enemies jump, flash, or is close to their turret, then use your Bandage Toss. For post 6 the same idea applies, except you want to use Curse of the Sad Mummy once you can get as many enemy's within ult radius, and then after that 2 second duration, use your Bandage Toss to catch them fleeing. Feel free to also incorporate Flash with your ganking combos.

3. One of the most frustrating things I see many low elo Amumu players do is to rush Curse of the Sad Mummy right after entering a team with Bandage Toss or Flash, no matter what the enemy's positions are. This can be good in some scenarios, if you can catch carries off guard. Most of the time though you want to wait for the right moment before ulting. Waiting a bit is also good because you can a lot of the time panic burn enemy disengage abilities such as Janna's Monsoon or Kindred's Lamb's Respite. Also make sure your team is following up (Ping On My Way), before trying to go in. Always look to get in the enemy carries faces, as much of the time in low elo they will panic when a mummy appears in front of them :).

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Well that is it everyone! I hope those who viewed this guide got some insight on Amumu, and can use this guide to help climb through lower elo. My three biggest tips for climbing in general are to keep a small champion pool, to try and ask yourself during/after every match, "could I have done anything better", even if it seems as if your team just "sucks." Lastly focus on having fun, and less on your rank. Some other common tips you may have heard are to just "/mute all" if you or your teammates start to tilt. Also watch youtube guides and gameplay for the champions you wish to play.

Here is the corresponding YouTube Video! Check out the rest of my channel!

Here's a little extra video you guys might enjoy:
Have fun on the Rift!