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Blitzcrank The Robocop Of LoL Season 7

taker13 Last updated on February 11, 2017
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
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Ferocity: 0


Cunning: 12

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

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Soraka Not a threat to you
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This is me when the season 6 ended

Hello everyone and welcome to my first guide. I started playing LoL in early of season 2. Blitz was the first champ that draw my attention and the first one that i really really loved. I have played almost 60-70% normal games as blitz in almost all possible ways. This guy is awesome...he can engage a team fight, save your team ,be the off-tank and even get you first blood if played well. His grab can take dragon,baron. Also an awesome grab can win the game (grab AP,ADC carry) or make you lose the game if you grab the wrong person (their tank for example like Rammus ). When you play especially with blitz in ranked games you need the best pc performance...cause bad fps and huge ping can make you fail your grabs (this will make enemy team to attack cause they know your grab is on CD) or even worse grab the tank and get your team killed... Enjoy my guide and be free to give me any advice to make it better. I am a college student at Greece so i don't have much free time.

*UPDATE 25/11/2014*
Season 5 is upon us. My university studies are getting harder and harder day by day. I will keep updating slowly but steady through out season 5. I am really sorry for the delay but i have a rather busy personal life. I will keep updating with many more advices and changes and ofcourse new videos to keep up with season 5 map

** 2/12/2014 **
Thank you ALL for supporting me by commenting and by viewing my guide. When i first started this build i never thought i would achieve so much.
Funny thing when i look my first videos and warding photos, i was playing with 30 fps with very low graphics. With my new pc i am playing with over 80fps on very high graphics ....oh dear god thank you so much !!!!

*** 13/4/2015 ***
After many tries and a lot of work i finally got up to platinum!! Thank you all for keep viewing my guide and for helping this build get better!!!
After patch 5.7 landed, blitzcrank took a big hit on his Overdrive. Now you have to think twice before using it to escape or chase someone. More explanation given bellow

**** 15/7/2015 ****
OH MY GOD!!!!! 1 million views!!!! i can't believe it!!! Thank you so much guys for the support !!!! i couldn't be more happy about how this build have grow up!!

***** 15/11/2015 *****
Finally new season!!! Rewards are shiping and new masteries with some interesting new items are here! I will try my best to expain everything. I am still learning this new objectives but i will try to explain it as the season moves on and also i will keep updating through out the season.
****** 11/7/2016 ******
Gosh it's been a while since the last update. First of all i want too thank you all so much for bringing this build on No1 to Blitzcrank guides. Second of all i want to apologize that it took me so much time to reach platinum this year but with the univercity studies and my job i wasn't able to play enought games . Thats why Support Montages take so much time to created and uploaded . Lastly i hope i can keep up to your expectation and try for diamond this year or at least help you learn even more things about Blitzcrank.

******* 13/11/2016 ******* OH MY GOD!!!! 5 MILLION VIEWS AND COUNTING!!! I can't thank you guys enough!! It started as a simple test to pass my free time so many years ago and now look where it reached!!! Seriously guys THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU for all the support you gave me and keep giving me !!! THANK YOU for keep viewing my guide!!! JUST THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING :D :D :D !!!

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Pros / Cons

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Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration

New runes for this season boys and girls. I tested them in many games and i really like the results


Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Now for the guys that want juuuust a bit more aggressive stats this is also a good option.

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New Masteries For This Season

An alternate mastery page for those who want to play more safe and stay under their turret

Mastery Explanations

  • Wanderer When you are out of combat meaning after you havent taken or did damage for a brief time you get a percent of Movement speed .
  • Secret Stash basically making your Health Potion into biscuits and when you consume it your health and mana gets instanly 20 health and 10 mana. Especially effective when you have been ignited
  • Meditation a mini-passive like the one from Chalice of Harmony giving you a percent of your missing mana back
  • Bandit as a support you have to use it cause of 1 gold per minion that dies close to you means early-mid-late game gold. Also auto attacking or using an ability on an enemy champion giving you 10 gold. It's awesome so much "free" gold .
  • Greenfather's Gift interesting one. When you get in a bush and then attack somebody either with auto attack or an ability you deal 3% of their current health as bonus magic damage. Either you grab somebody or either your run from the bush to them with Overdrive & Power Fist you gonna apply this damage to them! If it's not your playstyle then don't force it .

RESOLVE TREEspacespacespacespacespacespace

  • Unyielding Bonus armor and magic resist increased by 5% . Bonus armor means the stats you get from runes or items NOT the base stats that you gain per level.
  • Explorer flat 15 movement speed when you walk on the river on in the bush. as Blitzcrank having extra speed without the slow from Overdrive its awesome! It can really save you when you are cornered .
  • Siegemaster Flat armor and magic resist when you are next to your turret. Get this if you are a person that prefer underturret hugging or if you know that you gonna get underturret cause of poking enemy lane like Caitlyn & Nami or Sivir & Soraka for example.
  • Veteran's Scars increasing your Health by a small amount. It's good for early trades or when tanking your jungler mobs (Mobile Objects= Jungle monsters in this situation)
  • Insight as Blitzcrank having Exhaust and Flash more often it's the best thing for you.
  • Fearless basically you get 10%+2 per level of your champion bonus armor and magic resist when damaged by an enemy champion for 2 seconds (e.g your are 6 level then you get 12 flat armor and magic resist) . You just gotta love it because now when you grab somebody even if they attack you, you gain a lot of resistance to make it worth the trade!
  • Now Legendary Guardian its really strong this season. whenever an enemy champion is coming near you you get a flat amount Armor and Magir Resist depending the enemies that are close to you. So if in lane you have 2 enemies so its 6 armor and 6 magic resist. when in teamfight with 5 enemies to fight then you get 15 armor and 15 magic resist.
  • Bond of Stone now you can really share the damage that hitting your teammates aaand you have a great reduction of incoming damage, also if you have an ally next to you you get 6% of damage reduction.
  • Courage of the Colossus holy sh*t i am in love! Basically you grab somebody and you gain a shield that scales with your maximum health and some flat stats depending how many enemy champions are close to you. E.g in a situation where you are level 18 and you grab with a full enemy team close to you then you get 10+180(10*18 champion level) and 7%*5=35% of your maximum health so let's say you got about 3300HP(35% is 1155hp) +the 190 you gain a shield of a total 1345 for the next 4 seconds!!! (30 seconds cooldown) Makes the trade SUPER worthy !!! even with a mere 300 shield for lets say having grabbed 1 person still its a great mastery point for you!!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Please ignore them if you already know blitz. It's just a custom game with some tricks with blitz that most of you already know :)

click here

If you have time to spend i highly recommend to check out ScrapComputer VERY detailed Blitzcrank guide. He covers so many chapters on how to play Blitzcrank but he has also other interesting things to check out.

Because videos were getting out of hand and it was really really bad to just scroll down from this section i am dividing the videos in old/new and puting them in spoilers so you will have the option to either see or not see them.


old videos

Blitzcrank's Death

New Videos

This songs make me really energetic to play blitz or even to set my mood for ranked games , I hope you like it
click here

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What Path To Choose

When To Pick Blitz : When the enemy team has champions like

When To NOT Pick Blitz : When the enemy team has champions like

Pick Defensive Blitz if your team composition requires a more utility support.Your team just need an engager and a support that will use stuff like . You can go a bit tanky mid game here. still recomended but you can always choose your way of getting "tanky".

Pick Tanky Blitz if your team composition requires a tank (I found my self required a more tanky build because my teamates where all assasins or stable champions with no tankyness at all) Keep in mind that tanky blitz requires a really expensive build, so keep using . Forget about in this situation. Just go super tanky with and . You are the tank you still do the engages but you also control the teamfights.

** Adapt with how the game is going. Change your items path if it's needed. For example i have found my self starting with but never finish it cause i went super tanky with and stuff **

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Starting Items And Explanation

Lets clarify some points about my given items and when you should pick specific items.
Lets start by defining your experience on blitzcrank.

  • Have you played more than 50 or less than 50 games?
  • What is you current division?
  • Do you plan to just learn blitz for having a support pick option?
  • Do you plan to master blitz as support main?
  • Are you good with landing hooks?

If you have played less than 50 games with blitzcrank then you should start with the following items 3x . The reason i recommend this is in order for you to learn to control your mana. As blitzcrank player you should learn when to waste mana and when to keep it just in case an enemy got out of position

If you have played more than 50 games with blitzcrank then you should have already "grasped" mana control so you should starting with 2x 2x . Now than you know how your champion works you should start learning how to position your self and protect your adc because lets face it, thats your job.

If your current division is unranked i would recommend starting exactly like my Aggresive build prioritize. You need to learn how to ward also before going in ranked. Wards wins games!!!. Check my Warding Places for an introduction and examples.

If your current division is bronze then i would recommend starting exactly like my Defensive Build prioritize.You need to learn not only how to ward but and how to play your champion in teamfights. Awesome grabs can seriously win you games especially at bronze, because people still learning the game and the lack positioning and side-stepping skillshots. Don't worry practise and you will get UP in ranks.

If your current division is silver then i would recomend starting exactly like my Defensive Build prioritize. Now that you have an understanding of the game,champion,warding and build options ,you should learn when to grab and if you should grab. Yes the enemy malphite is low hp and you can probably kill him with your combo, but dont forget than he might still have his ultimate and use it either on your adc or even worse to your whole team literally giving away the teamfight.

If your current division is gold then you can choose whatever build suits you better. You have the understanding of a little bit from everything, but you want to learn the champion (probably) so i would recommend either Defensive or Tanky blitz depending on your situation (your team composition,enemy team picks). You can also learn when to pick or while playing blitz in order to win some lane matchups.

If your current division is platinum or higher then you already know everything about this champion. The only thing i can recommend you to practice is predicting your enemy sidesteping your skillshot. Still if you want to check a couple of things be my guest and some feedback would be great.

If you plan on having blitz as a support option (last pick sucks sometimes right?) then you can pick between Aggresive and Defensive builds. Don't forget that practise makes perfect. Check my lane matchups for some tips.

If you plan on making blitz as main support option then you should practise A LOT and check everything i have spend time on this page writing. Escpecially ScrapComputer very detailed video guide. Practise with items with masteries and even try your preferable masteries/runes .

Landing a hook is both an awesome feeling and an embarassing situation (if your grab killed your team/carry). But the question is this... Can you land a hook? How many grabs do you land and how many do you miss? As said before practise makes perfect. Sooner or later you will learn your skillshot range, you will start to position your self better and you will start landing more hooks. If you missed a grab and your team is yelling at you for it (I know the feeling bro) don't write them back and DON'T start raging, it will only get your mood gloomy and you will keep losing hooks. Calm down, take a deep breath, if you have the option to hear some music either from youtube or from your phone,mp3... etc, then please do so. I can't count the times that hearing music made me feel better and i would improve my hooks during late game winning us the fights/game.

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Abilities Explanation

Mana Barrier||Passive

When Blitzcrank's life is brought below 20% health he activates Mana Barrier. This creates a mana shield equal to 50% of his mana for 10 seconds. Mana Barrier can only occur once every 90 seconds.

#This Passive is one of the things that makes this champion so unique. Basically what is does is that when you are at 150-400 HP (depends on champion level and items) Blitzcrank automatically pops up a shield just like spell . The amount of your depends on your remaing mana pool.Thats why is so important. It makes your enemys missjudge the potential to kill you.

Rocket Grab|| Q

Cost: 120 Mana
Range: 925
Blitzcrank fires his right hand to grab an opponent on its path, dealing damage and dragging it back to him.

Blitzcrank fires his right hand, if it encounters an enemy unit it will stun them (*Also disrupt*) and deal 80/135/190/245/300 (+100% Ability Power) magic damage while he pulls them to himself.

#Ahh grab...the looooong hand of law...1st to max. Your signature ability. This thing can make you win your team's favor or get you reported. Skill shot ability so i recommend NOT to set it in smart cast until you really really know the grab range and speed.

A grab under your turret can give u a good DMG output. If you grab and then use can give you almost 300 DMG (later levels do dramatically higher damage output) and a full combo of and maybe even 1-2 turret hit can get your opponent reaaaally low. Also you will make them use their ...if it's on CD then they are as good as dead

If the enemy team do baron you can use all your sightstone in the baron pit ( only if they more than one sweeping lens or vision wards) so make sure you grab one of them out of pit in your team when they try clear your wards ;) same applies for dragon pit or even out of your 3rd turret base

Overdrive|| W

Cost: 75 Mana
Range: Self
Blitzcrank super charges himself to get dramatically increased movement and attack speed.

Blitzcrank super charges himself to gain 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 % movement speed and 30 / 38 / 46 / 54 / 62 % attack speed for 5 seconds, with the burst of granted movement speed rapidly decaying over the duration of the ability. When Overdrive ends, Blitzcrank is slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds.

#Thats what makes you a robocop at super fast speed. You can chase champions,evade skillshots,position your self for a fast and ofcourse run fast enough to escape your pursuers
#Don't use it recklessly , If you been chased try to escape with just side-steping or with your Boots of Mobility and only activate your W if you sense that you can't escape otherwise. Same thing applies for when you are chasing a target, yes you need the speed to reach him but you might get your self in a lot of trouble when the slow comes on and you have no flash to escape, so ward around map and make a desicion

Power Fist|| E

Cost: 25 Mana
Range: Self
Blitzcrank charges up his fist to make his next attack deal double damage and pop his target up in the air.

Blitzcrank charges up his fist to make his next attack deal double his total attack damage as physical damage and pop his target up in the air (*Also disrupt*).

#That spell makes your combo. Combine it with or use it to disengage your pursuers or to protect your allies. Also as said doubles your next Auto Attack, thas where works great, cause your E will do 300 damage just by itself with no combo around it and with such a low cooldown.

Works with ultimate

Static Field || R

Cost: 150 Mana
Range: 600
Passively causes lightning bolts to damage a nearby enemy. Additionally, Blitzcrank can activate this ability to damage nearby enemies and silence them for 0.5 seconds, but doing so removes the passive lightning until Static Field becomes available again.

Passive: Lightning arcs off of Blitzcrank to hit a random nearby enemy for 100/200/300 (+20% Ability Power) magic damage every 2.5 seconds.
Active: Deals 250/375/500 (+100% Ability Power) magic damage and silences surrounding enemy units for 0.5 seconds. The passive is not in effect during the cooldown.

#Awesome spell. 1st of all this passive must be used smart. What i mean is that don't rush in and use it when sometimes you can take full effect of this passive by just Auto Attacking enemy or by using your other spells without pressing R. You ask me why? because in 7.5 second with just your you can do 300 extra damage (level 1 R), combine it with your other attacks you get a much higher damage output than just pressing your R. This tactic works rarelly and must be used with FULL AWARE that can kill you... cause it depends with the champion you are facing,your HP,enemy HP and your itemization so far. 2nd has a really small silence tha is enough to stop the enemy from casting spells for a short duration or even stop channeling spells (*disrupt*) like katarina's or warwick

Remember that silence stops your enemy even from flashing away

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Always...for combos like it's your MUST have spell without question

Pick ignite on Blitz ONLY when the enemy team doesn't have assasins and you want to bring down the enemies faster. For example i pick ignite on blitz when i know that i have to win early game hard or otherwise we are doomed, depending on your team and enemy team if thei have late game champions or early mid game champions

Pick exhaust on Blitz to counter the enemy assasins hard. The power of exhaust is shining at late game when the enemy assasin or adc will have the debuff and it's so much easier to bring them down

After Patch 4.5 and Patch 4.6 heal became mainstream for supports and Adc again. So if you ask me about this Yes take it but ONLY if your adc has taken . DOUBLE HEAL ON BOTTOM LANE DOENST WORK after Patch 4.6. If your adc has taken and you still want to play safe please take

Another great video from ScrapComputer . If you have time to spare check out his youtube channel cause he has amazing stuff.

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I prefer choosing this item as my support/gold income because of his great stats and shield. Basically this item gives you tankyness,cooldown reduction and a great mini-passive called Execute. So when you hit a lane minion with 200-250 health left in it you kill it instantly and you gain the gold of the minion but so does your laning partner if he is close to you. Moreover this mini-passive we talked about also heals you and your laning partner when you kill a lane minion . It maybe look small healing ability, but it helped me countless times to win my laning phase or win a simple teamfight

It's a new season item that i have been testing. The results are amazing. It gives you sustain from catalyst the protector. When completed it gives you also what lacks from blitzcrank and that's CC (crowd control) with a small AoE speed boost to you and your nearby allies when moving towards enemies for 3 seconds. When this speed boost ends, it emits a shockwave, slowing nearby enemy champions for one second.

You got to love this item during this season. Not only it can disables enemy turrets that are close to you (even the 2 nexus turrets if you are close to them) but also gives you a great sustain with health and armor. Also it gives you a small speed buff when you are next to turrets. The only thing that i hate about this item is that in a very late game situation 40+ minutes his active is kinda useless cause you don't have turrets to disable (probably) so if you have completed your build and you have enough gold you can sell this item and buy something else that can and will help your team. Also situational item (if you are behind in turrets for example)

This is a MUST HAVE item in order to help your adc(attack damage carry) or your apc(ability power carry-also known as mage) to counter heavy enemy CC. If you know the spell or the qss then this item does exactly the same thing BUT it also heals your targeted ally by a small amount(depends on his maximum health). Also it has great stats with magic resist and a passive that gives you mana regen.

Great item for chasing or escaping . When activated you and your nearby allies get a small speed buff that can help you either reach escaping enemies or use it as an escape for your team.

This item is Blitzcrank bread and butter. It's giving you mana that you can use with your , armor for tankyness,cooldown reduction and an awesome passive. Basically every time that you will use a spell your next basic attack will be do + 125% of your base damage. Timing is the key to this item as blitzcrank player. You must use ONE spell every 2 seconds(item's cooldown) in order to utilize this item passive at MAX and not just pushing every button on your keyboard

If the enemy team has a lot of AoE (Area of Effect) damage take it . It gives you an active that provide you and your nearby allies a small/huge shield (scales with levels). I can't count how many times this active has won us teamfights and eventually the game. It's a good item when you are facing fed insta burst damage enemies like Galio, Diana, Graves, Riven because the shield given to your allies can win you teamfights. Level 18 activation gives you and your nearby allies 630 shield!!! More than the spell Barrier on level 18!

I just LOVE this item on Blitz. On certain occasions i like to buy this item after my if i have picked up a couple of kills or if i have assisted on many more. This item can be upgrated on and later if you reached 750 charges it automatically evolves in in late game giving you kinda bruiser status . REMEMBER!!!! don't take it on every single one of your games. I have foung my self selling in late game cause it was useless, we needed a tank not a bruiser, so adapt to the situation.

If the enemy team has a lot of AD(Attack Damage) champions and you don't want to build or your playstyle is just more of a tanky/support, then take this item. It gives you a lot of armor,mana,cooldown reduction and an awesome AoE passive that slows the Attack Speed of your nearby enemies . Great against hyper carries like Or , basically every champion that relies on his attack speed.

If the enemy team has a lot of AD champions or just a really fed or etc. This item will just do the trick with his TONS of armor. The passive of this item is awesome also. Basically what it does is that if you get hit by physicals attacks then 30% of the damage you just received is being returned/send back to your attacker/'s

Tankyness,armor and an awesome passive with an an also awesome active. Basically this item passive means that if you get hit by a basic attack then the enemy that attacked you will have his attack speed lowered by 15%. The active of this item is kinda like the but it just has the AoE slow effect. Having both of this items sometimes gives you so much control on teamfights. Personaly i dont recommend having both of them on your build but it's just my opinion.

When you activate the item pointing on one of your lane minions, then the minion transforms on a mega-minion, think of it as a kind of baron-buff on ONE lane minion, preferably choose the cannon minion . This minion is invulnerable to magic damage and holds a lot more damage and hp than a normal lane minion. When you want to split push but your team want you with them on teamfights then you use the active on the opposite lane of your team grouping.For example you are pushing top or mid so preferably use the item on bot lane for better results. Situational though.

Really funny item. I really like it. Strong resistances and a lot of HP . A neat passive also. Having more movement speed as blitzcrank rocks. It's passive kinda look like Statikk Shiv. When the item reach 100 stacks (item charging up only by moving not attacking) then your next basic attack deals bonus physical damage and slowing the enemy for a brief time. That being said it doesn't mean that you have to wait for 100 stacks, you can still do bonus damage even with some stacks but you won't slow the enemy . Also when this item passive charging up you get more movement speed until you either attack the enemy or get slowed,snared,stunned etc. Keep in mind that when you get Crowed Control effects used on you the item will lose charges by a small amount

On this season this is a must get item . This is the season of the marksman. Keeping your ADC's damage high it's one of your TOP priorities. Basically you point the ally champion you want and as long you stay close to him and fight with him as the passive charge up then at 100 stacks you and the champion you bonded have now a great passive with damages for some seconds.

If you combine your Targon's Brace and your level 1 Sightstone you have the active of the Sightstone and the passive of the Targon's Brace. The only reason i would pick this item is if i wanted a more tanky build and didnt want the basic support stuff. So this is situational also. Also recommended if and i say again IF your team is behind in gold/objectives ,like reaaaaaally behind, in order to get quickly health and wards until you come back in to game

The new passive of this item rocks!!! I mean you get all your item's actives down by 10%. Meaning more Righteous Glory more Face of the Mountain

It's time boys and girls. This item in combination with Banner of Command are used for a split-push lane, meaning when you need objectives really bad but you need to stay with your team to help in teamfights, you can buy this purple thingy, place it preferably near bushes close enough to enemy turrets, then some little purple friends of us will get out from zz rot and either push the wave on the enemy minions or hit their turrets, in combination with the mega creep fron Banner of Command you can really split-push aaaaand stay with your team. Also has some neat defensive stats and a passive that when you are close to turrets(destroyed or not,enemy or yours) you gain a small Movement Speed buff while in their range. A Situational items that can be really funny sometimes.

New item for this season! You get a good portion of stat bonuses on health,armor,hp regen and an awesome active/passive! The passive of this item is like lets say Janna 's Tailwind , when an ally comes towards you they gain extra defensive stats and movement speed! Now about the active effect (that enables the other passive of the item) you bond with an ally (imagine like Zeke's Harbinger ) and that enables the following passive, 12% of the damage your bonded ally does it's healing you. So if your marksman is fed or pretty strong for every damage he does you gain health. Now counter wise the second passive it works like Bond of Stone , 12% of the damage dealt to your ally is being dealt to you as TRUE damage meaning no armor or magic resist stats count. It's a great item generally for most of the situation but take care with which one you get bond and remember to get it AFTER you already completed 3 main items cause even if the stats,passives etc. that provides for the gold its awesome! You simply can't leave behind your Sightstone , boots Frozen Heart or Face of the Mountain. Last thing Zeke's Harbinger and Knight's Vow are made to combine together (even their bond arrow animation).

Ok since things came out of hand with this item this season i got to explain my self here. Redemption is a support item that provides with health,cooldown reduction and base regen stats. The important part is the active of this item, in a huge circle you call down a beam on a target area (after 2.5 sec) and it gives health base on champion level for your allies ,counterwise it does 10% true damage to enemies in the targeted area. What is beautiful about this item is that you can use it EVEN after you are DEAD! Yes you heard me. You can use it even after you died to turn the tables in your favor. I questioned this item a lot but you can even slightly use the shield power thingy by either Relic Shield stacks or some item with shield like Face of the Mountain or Locket of the Iron Solari

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Build Paths And Explanations

Before i start saying anything i am gonna explain my self about this Chapter. Sometimes my friends asks me why do i play blitzcrank with a messed up build like that. Some other guys that added me in league asked me why i don't have a specific build and that they can't understand my logic behind my build paths. So i will try to expain myself as much as i can. Remember that situations vary too much and you can always change your path mid-way of completing it.

Winning The Lane Hard As F**k

When i win my lane so hard means that either i have given my adc 4 kills or more during the first 10-15 mins and we have no deaths or just 1 death or even more when i have more kills than my adc and i need to protect him until he gets back on his feet. Face of the Mountain is my top priority because of the active shield and the cooldown reduction (CDR) , so i can protect my adc while waiting for my cooldowns. Iceborn Gauntlet for the aggresive stats the CDR and basically everything that it gives helps your kit, don't forget that the slow zone that it creates can hold back some champions from reaching your carries. Dead Man's Plate the movement speed that it provides with all the tanky stats and the empowerd auto attack will do a great damage in combination with your Iceborn Gauntlet, also it helps you run without the need of pressing Overdrive so you can evade the slow that you get after using it. Locket of the Iron Solari i always get this item to provide my team with the defensive stats and the shield active that provides, also you get cdr which is win win in that case. Think of it as sharing the power you got in your laning phase to help the rest of your team. Ruby Sightstone no need to explain much here. It reducing your actives cooldown by a percent and great health boost with WARDS. Boots of Mobility your main boots, gives pretty much enough speed for you to move around fast so you have the option in certain cases to EVADE using your Overdrive.

Winning The Lane

Winning the lane means that you win your lane by 1-2 kills or that you have successfully zoned your opponents enough for your ADC to have more that 30 cs than the enemy ADC . Can't say many more here about Face of the Mountain as it is your primary support item and i have already explained about it in the previous paragraph. As about Frozen Heart i find it extremely good on Blitzcrank because he can utilize every single aspect of that item . Cooldown reduction , mana, armor, and that awesome passive that if the enemy step in to your range you reduce their attack speed by a percent. That being said means that as a support tank you can help your allies even if you can't quite reach them. Banner of Command is a great choice but of course you choose either this one or the Locket of the Iron Solari . When you winning and you want to keep a lane pushed while you help your team in an other lane , this items make dreams come true, i prefer use it on the cannon minion which evolve it in a strong super cs that push the lane hard , meaning that as long as you are fighting for that mid turret the super minion will try to take the other lane that you want to be pushed. Mikael's Crucible is a great option when you are winning cause it gives you great mana regeneration and the active that removes the Crowed Control effects from an ally champion. To sum it all up imagine in this situation that you use your power to help your team in teamfights and to splitpushing.

Neutral Lane(not winning not losing)

Basically not winning or losing means that either nothing has happened during the laning phase that will give more power to either you or the enemy, this means that either the cs or the kills of both teams in lane are the same . Nothing changed in the item path as for the Face of the Mountain or the Iceborn Gauntlet or even Locket of the Iron Solari because it still applies what i said in the previous chapters , the only thing that changes here is that you are trying to get your self stronger while trying to protect your teammates so the build path might change depending on the situation if you got the stakes on you or if in the end something went wrong. Also here i would recommend the Randuin's Omen because of the great active that slows everybody close to you and because of the great defensive stats that it provides.

Losing The Lane

Here my friends you are in a really ****py situation. When Blitzcrank losing his laning phase then most probably so will the game. The only thing you can do here is trying to give power to your team and hope that things will work out...eventually... also thats why here we prefer to take Righteous Glory so we can take a good amount of stats and use the active either to escape the enemy team or to chase them down.

Losing The Lane Hard As F**k

If you are in this situation then you can only try to help your team with your items since you lost so hard that you even if you grab someone it might don't do a thing after all. The reason i recommend the Eye of the Equinox here is in order to build more tanky or to build something different that gives you back some power until you can stand on your feet. Also Zeke's Harbinger can help you fed teammate to have more power in t he game and so you try to power up the only man or woman that can carry you right now.

Splitpushing Option

When you have so big problem in controling the game and you must constantly be next to your ADC and basically in your teamfights but also you want to push this is a good option, you can use the voidlings from the Zz'Rot Portal to keep the lane pushed and you use the Banner of Command to make your cs wave even more stronger. When i am out of options and i see my team keep fighting between them in chat i know that i have to do something about it . If i can't put them together as team when i talk to them then i have to do that by giving as some advantage and thats why i prefer this splitpush option.

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Team Work

*In my opinion there are no counters and such. Yes ofcourse some bot lane combos are awesome...but a really good blitz can win lanes even from or or . Timing skills and the knowledge of your champion abilities make that possible. The following champions i picked is just my opinion and nothing more. You are not obligate to follow my advices in order to be a good blitzcrank player, cause everyone has his own playstyle and i am not in possition to judge anyone*

Calculating jungler on many scenarios, you can do all-in fights even if your laner doesn't his main damage item (sometimes mana/health is still needed). Also if you have all your spells and level 6 when the enemy lacks both it might be a good time to do the all-in fight because most adc gets a power spike at level 6. Becarefull because enemies can do the same to you

RED Means either really great cooperation or really great threat
ORANGE Means either great cooperation or great threat
YELLOW Means either good cooperation or threat
All depending on which section you are reading

Carrys that synergise with Blitz

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Supports countered by Blitz

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Carrys countered by Blitz

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Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Carrys countering Bliz

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Supports countering Bliz

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Questions & Answers

I played blitzcrank since season 2, and hit platinum with him. Even though he is a niche champion, I would like to share some tips.

1.Don't level your ultimate when you hit level 6. Because if you level it after you hook someone (use ctrl + R for quick access) then the lightning will hit whoever you pulled. AND you don't accidentally steal cs from your ADC.

2.Hook fires from your right hand. It's not a big difference, but you you'll slide by minions more often on the right side than the left side.

3.If you're below Diamond, always, ALWAYS invade after buying items quickly. (I know this tip will be controversial) The zoning potential from warding deep early and having blitzcrank on your team makes your invades 9001 times scarier. Remember, you DON'T have to get greedy and try to get kills. Even a flash is worth it.

4.Save your ulti like a finisher early game. The lightning procs do more damage than you think and you want to get as many procs as possible.

5.(A collection of small tips)
# Max Q, not W or E.

# Tear of the Goddess is not as good as you think it is. It takes too long to build and you don't want either final builds.

#E is a AA reset. If the enemy doesn't have escape, Rocket Grab -> Auto Attack -> Power Fist

#If your enemy adc DOES have an escape (ex. Trist Rocket Jump, Corki Valkyrie) then Rocket Grab -> wait -> Power Fist. What the waiting period does is it cancels the enemy jump animation. Usually they will panic and jump away as soon as they regain the control over their champions, so wait.

#After you hook, try to move in front of the enemy. Even though the body block in LoL is not as great as HoTS, you will block some movement by the enemy.

#Don't right after you Rocket Grab. Exhaust after they are out of your cc (Crowd Control).

#As you go higher up in rank, you'll have more success from Overdrive -> running up to enemy -> Power Fist then Rocket Grab.

#I see this mistake more often from lower elo, but ALWAYS look at the minion difference before hooking. If the enemy has more minions, even if you hook right, you'll end up losing the trade.
Why do i miss hooks so much?

#People only miss hooks because they are fishing for them. You should never fish for hooks as it is only a low chance you actually hit something and it gets lower the higher ranked you are. Not to mention that you loose a lot of pressure because of that.
Also, I want to mention that people here discredit maxing W first too much. It's actually pretty good and helps with everything that you do like roaming or applying pressure in lane instead of the extra damage and 4s cd less on Q. Don't forget it gives attack speed for early fights as well.
Everyone keeps on saying to max Rocket Grab but no one explains why?

#Because they think it's self explanatory.
Rocket Grab is your play making ability. It's what makes blitz good. Having it more often = being more useful. It goes from 20 seconds to 16 seconds which is very good but it also scales the damage of it insanely - from 80 to 300. That's 220 difference.
On the other hand what does maxing Power Fist give you? Nothing much. 4 seconds lower on an ability AFTER you hook. Meaning you won't use it often unless you hook often and when your hook is on 20 cd it won't be very often. It literally gives you nothing maxing Power Fist.
Rocket Grab is good because of the insane burst it puts out early game. You are able to secure way more kills. If you max Power Fist and land every hook early/mid game you still won't be getting kills. You will do no damage and early game it's you who deals the damage. The adc is just there auto attacking with 90 dmg.
And Overdrive was good before Blitzcrank nerf, but now you just put one point in it in just in case you need to catch someone or escape someone
Power Fist gives 0 worth when maxing first but you can max it after Rocket Grab for having more control and peeling better for your adc. 5 seconds cooldown isn't low enough for you to put to E's on someone early game. It doesn't make a difference. Even if you could do it in the early game, it still wouldn't be as worth it as maxing Rocket Grab. The cooldown and especially the damage that scales is too much to miss out on.
R>Q>W>E 90% of the time. but for sure not always and in every scenario
I feel like landing a single hook in the early/ mid game is all you need?

#Exactly! This is why you max Rocket Grab= lower cd, higher burst. Your team doesnt want to wait 20 second for every Rocket Grab that might not even hit. And you are not gona knock up people real often unless they are melee range from your Q. In my opinion best option is Q E W 90% of the times.
When to max my Power Fist and when to max my Rocket Grab?

#the choice between maxing Rocket Grab and maxing Power Fist is, respectively, burst vs. sustain as far as damage is concerned. but for utility they provide different things. different conditions call for different maxing order.
but mostly it's Rocket Grab > Power Fist, since your primary purpose is, usually, threatening and zoning with your speed/hook.
a situation i would max Power Fist in, for example, is if the enemy team is filled with in-your-face engage champions like etc. champions that need to dash in but can't dash out. a maxed Power Fist with 20% or more cdr (cooldown reduction) is devastating for kiting them, and your Rocket Grab acts as an execute when they try to disengage (they run away, you hook them back in).
I am maxing Rocket Grab first but losing most of my hooks... even like that i can tank up damage and follow ganks ,but why do i keep on losing my lane ?

#If you miss a hook in the laning phase your opponents can use the next 20 seconds( Rocket Grab early cooldown) to zone you hard, you are basically defenseless. Any second that you can shave off Rocket Grab cd is a plus for you !!! Tankying up damage is not enough as a Blitzcrank player. Practise on landing your hooks and you will see better results on your games not only laning phase.
When to pick Tear of the Goddess and why?

#I take Tear of the Goddess when I'm winning lane hard. It's an investment that pays off later when upgraded (damage and huge mana shield).
Tips to land my Rocket Grab on adc with escape mechanisms?

#Against targets with escape, run up to them and when in pull-range, do a quick laugh. The animation is about the same as the pull animation, lured some flashes like this when i was at lower elos.
#You can also just run up to people very fast in low elo, 80% of the time they use their escape in panic before your hook.
#with most of the AD carries having some kind of a dash, jump or other escape ability, I do like to use my Rocket Grab after i run to them with Overdrive and then Power Fist so he won't get away right away. So combo goes like W E Q
I love champions that have hooks. Thresh is one of my favorite champions and I have a high win rate with him. Still, I can't do **** with Blitzcrank, what am I doing wrong?

I too love hooks, Blitzcrank and Thresh are my main supports. One thing to remember is that Thresh is very versatile, whereas Blitzcrank is a more situational pick.
Blitz is bad against champions like: He's strong against champions like
You also want your ADC to have good damage compared to the your lane opponents, or you will lose trades even if you grab someone. Ideally you want to play Blitz against an immobile ADC with a squishy support.
Blitzcrank hook is also quite different from Thresh hook(Hook animation speed,Range,Predictive etc.) so that's just a matter of practicing a lot.
Exhaust on blitz? i feel like Ignite is better 98% of the time.
The champ is all about setting up kills for your teammates

Agreed.Though Sometimes Exhaust is really powerfull late game to push back strong assasins or fed adc's. Situations vary too much. I personaly find Exhaust a most needed spell for Blitzcrank. Rarely i will take Ignite if i know my laning parterners potential (duoQ) or if i really want to win early game hard and fast cause the enemy has more late game champions or champions with massive regeneration like Dr. Mundo or a lot of healing abilities,spells like Nami , Soraka
Some tips for blitz?

1) r>q>w>e is the best skilling order.

2) if you use range indicators: the Rocket Grab goes always a bit further than it shows. i always try to max range hook, enemies feel save at that distance and often have bad positioning.

3) sometimes go 0-18-12 masteries, and go for tanky runes. this will allow you to survive "bad pulls" in lane and lets you survive teamfights you initiate also having the cap of cooldown on 45% gives you the ability too hook more(if you get better at hooks then switch to 0/12/18 masteries in most of your games)

4) as i do with all tanky supports i go for Relic Shield so i can heal my adc a bit. i think its necessary for better sustain in lane, especially if the enemy lane got sustain and poke

5)for new Blitzcrank players if you dont go for Tear of the Goddess as second item you will find yourself mana starved, also it scales nicely with your passive and often baits enemy adcs to overextend for the last hit when suddenly -> massive shield; you can either re-engage with Rocket Grab or one of your teammates can take profit.

6) Always invade

7) if noone invades, you can still try to snipe enemy blue from enemy jungler (situational - most often not worth to roam that early)

8) Blitzcrank is a good roaming support - with mobility boots and Overdrive you are faster than any other supp. Roam to mid-top for ganks, dont forget to leave a ward there(carefull about your raging adc in low elos)

9) once you got boots and lvl 2 Overdrive: run to adc, Power Fist and Rocket Grab after and IF your health,creep wave and situation match the criteria of a great success.

10) Blitzcrank in lane works best in early with ADCs that got some form of CC. example ( Rocket Grab -> Power Fist and hope that your adc realizes fast and places trap under enemy adc; sh*t is broken if executed well) or . high burst is good too ofc ( e q w)
11) in teamfights you either initiate by trying to Rocket Grab a squishe or you stand next to your adc and CC the ones going for him with Rocket Grab and Power Fist

12) your ultimate has a silence. use it to interrupt channels like ( , or even a ) In Teamfights always wait with your ultimate till the most dangerous channel is casted and interrupt it

13) Important: play him alot, and HOOK ALOT even if you miss(For new players with Blitzcrank i recommend Tear of the Goddess for mana issues). thats the only way to learn how fast animation and the range of your Rocket Grab is, how people move etc. nothing more satisfying than hooking an enemy out of fog of war(blind hook)

14)Time your hooks with your ADC's last hits. Opponent thinks he's smart by standing behind a minion? Timing your hook so that it passes through the minion right as it dies makes for a very hard to dodge hook.
This can also be applied to clearing the last few minions with your Static Field, or your ult procs in general.

15)Roam to the middle lane top lane, especially in lower ELO's this has gotten my team SO many kills! Just make sure you let your ADC and midlaner,top laner know beforehand!

16)Sometimes a Flash Power Fist is better than a Flash Rocket Grab.

17) Blitzcrank is the only support that can actually really mess up the game for his own team by basically killing his own adc by grabbing wrong target.

18)Sometimes it's better not to hook at all, as without it you have completely no pressure. Especially when you lost first skirmish and enemy ADC is ahead in kills/minions or there is massive minion wave coming to your tower.

19)Not every hook that lands is a good hook.

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Warding places

Please Notice That I Only Give Examples. You Are Not Forced To Do It Like This

click here to see MORE warding places

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Awesome Robocop Lines

-Dead or alive, you're coming with me!
-Come quietly or there will be... trouble.
-Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening.
-My Friends call me Murphy. You can call me robocop
-Thank you for your cooperation. Good night.
-You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent...
-Madame, you have suffered an emotional shock. I will notify a rape crisis center.

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Well thats all folks. I will try to update with more videos and more tips Special Thanks to DeZ3rX for helping me with my guide and Joxuu for he's awesome advices about improving it and ScrapComputer for letting me use his VERY detailed Blitzcrank Guide

Credits from the animated blitzcrank picture goes to Lionsketch

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