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Blob Blob [6.22 Diamond guide]

Sammystinky Last updated on November 30, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R


Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 0

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Zac with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
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1 to 10 relative to other junglers

Early game:
4- Mobility
4- DPS
4- Burst
6- Clear speed
7- Sustain/health
6- Ganking
3- Difficulty
9- Tankiness
7- 3 v 3
5- 2 v 2
3- 1 v 1
58- Sum

Mid game:
9- Mobility
4- DPS
3- Burst
5- Clear speed
8- Sustain/health
7- Ganking
4- Difficulty
8- Tankiness
8- 3 v 3
6- 2 v 2
3- 1 v 1
65- Sum

Late game:
8- Mobility
6- DPS
3- Burst
4- Clear speed
9- Sustain/health
8- Ganking/catch
5- Difficulty
8- Tankiness
8- 3 v 3
5- 2 v 2
4- 1 v 1
70- Sum

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Summoner Spells

The only way you can mess this up is putting flash on f, so just don't

In theory I guess it is possible to maybe take ghost on Zac. You already have a jump and your e and flash don't make a good combo.

The most common used flashes are when I miss an E (which is never) or simply need more distance to get behind someone and knock them back towards teammates or away from tower.

It would allow you to get around fights easier, pick up blobs faster, and be more of a menace, but the fact that your ult gives you movement speed makes it unnecessary.

(I will try this more and get back to you.)

So I don't think Zac needs flash cause of E or ghost due to ult

Heal- 6: you get spirit visage bigger heal, good 2 v 2 early

Barrier- 3: cause you heal like a ***** they might have Mortal Reminder or Morellonomicon so with reduced healing barrier might be better, but just go heal

Ignite- 6: lets burn some ****, reasons Shaco runs it: he has escapes, good for early gank, this is somewhat true for Zac, but the instant mobility of flash is nice to have for tanks

Exhaust- 6: this is a pansy summoner, but it isn't bad for early ganks and scales into late by exhausting carries

TP- 2: ever wanna farm so much you are never with your team, go tp, you can even tp to you blobs for op combo (this is a joke, please don't)

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His sustain and early clear is fine. You can stay even and counter gank anyone early and scale well into late/mid

Your e provides the majority of your damage all game. If you can hit it, you can gank pretty much anyone.

You are a tank, you need resistances
You have okay ap scaling but high base damage- aka time to penetrate
You are ability based and the scaling cd gives you 20% at 18. With spirit and lucidity bots get to 40%

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I don't think any choices in the resolve tree are controversial except Legendary Guardian and maybe Tough Skin

I prefer Ferocity to Cunning. I just generally dislike early cunning and prefer straight combat stats over utility

(Detailed- ratings out of 10)

Rec- 2: you have good sustain and being on high health even hurts it
Uny- 7: great value with the amount of tank you build

Exp- 5: it's good, but move speed isn't that good, as jumping in is the only relevant engage
Sei- 2: you don't gank close to ally towers or jungle near them
ToS- 6: who doesn't love taking less damage and jungle sustain
Run- 8: he heals a lot
Vet- 4: you already have health items and decent health, don't be greedy
Ins - 4: reducing the cooldown on smite really feels like a wasted cool down to me, but it isn't bad still, if you are conservative with flash you should have it when you need it
Per- 4: you have decent base regen and this is good for sustain, but sustain is good and you are rarely that low for a while
Fea- 6: you build lots of tank stats and are a pretty committal champion once you E in
Swi- 4: with E and ult movement speed it is really hard for people to stay away, combined with the fact that people rarely cc tanks and you are away from your team for AOE purposes
LeG- 7: basically every time you fight you will have friends close enough or acquaintances I guess
Gra- 2: you have mad health, but who autos, better in lane
CoC- 7: you are a health tank and this summoner is just op. Missing E can hurt early tho
BoS- 5: you are a more supportive tank and that is good, but I don't feel that supportive front line tank is Zac's best play style
Sum 18 (at best) = 41
Sum 12 (at best) = 27

Fur- 3: I have experimented with a Titanic Hydra Zac build, but it is just bad. YOU ARE ABILITY BASED
Sor- 7: you are basically all ability damage
FrB- 5: the cooldown is just high enough that it is a once per gank thing, but added burst for ganks is nice
Fea- 3: you have sustain don't be a wuse
Exp- 4: your team doesn't do the damage, you do
Vam- 4: life steal is about as useful as you are in real life, not very, and you already have sustain
NaT- 5: generally it is bad, late game flat stats, but the ad helps in the jungle and flat ap isn't terrible. So i guess it doesn't completely suck?
Bou- 5: 1.5% per kill, this is a late game champ and a jungler gets around
DEd- 4: pluses and minus, but doing more damage for less tank is worth for me
BaT- 6: helps we early ganks and late scaling is bad, but not terrible
BaB- 1: seriously
PTh- 7: pen even better than ap
WBl- 1: just no
FoB- 8: really? no dumbass 2
DFT- 5: really easy to apply, but we aren't building enough damage to get full value
Sum 18 (at best) = 35
Sum 12 (at best) = 23

Wan- 5: the movespeed is nice, but with Zac recentish move speed buff and the fact that you can just E jump from your jungle instead of walking around, it isn't amazing
Sav- 2: your only single target damage is autos so attack speed Zac or bust
RuA- 3: Zac is a jungle (really?), but neither buff is that good on him
Bct- 1: you go refillable potion (but Zac is always low on mana)
***- 4: you are never alone, you always have friends. Nah you play league, you have no friends. You can catch out carries and invade solo
Merciless- 3: I have to try this out see if it feels different
I refuse to rate Meditation
GfG- 4: you don't have a problem fighting tanks (out sustain them) or auto much, but you are kinda big on bushes
Bdt- 1: you are in the damn jungle
Dan- 3: you have lots of health and spirit, but no mana. Rarely does health after help with ganks, so teamfight focused
Pre- 6: scaling pen even better than flat pen
Int- 7: cd is Zac's best friend, I think this comes down to personal preference, more hitting or more damage per hit
SrS- 4: you can proc it, but it isn't recommended and the ms isn't very helpful
ThL- 7: it hurts, bad, it is burst which means you are more of the carry killer/assassin Zac
WsB- 5: 10% stronger heals is great, but you cannot help allies (Some good Zacs run it)
Sum 18 (at best) = 30
Sum 12 (at best) = 16

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E is Zac, without E you suck

it gives you cd, range, and damage- mostly cd and range tho

W is your most commonly used spell and a lot of your constant damage
Putting points into it does more damage, no cd, doesn't help you gank and is a capped spell in the jungle.
Late with Zac the goal is to carry dive from out of vision 60% of the time, so an ability based around percent health damage is ineffective to kill carries

Q points slow more, hurt more, and lower cd

Ult does stuff, don't be edgy with your level 6 point

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