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Ezreal Build Guide by Embracing

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Embracing

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Embracing Last updated on July 23, 2014

Hello and welcome to Embracing's fifth guide on MOBAFire. This will be a brief but concise guide on Ezreal. Hopefully my guide will contain my valued experiences and help you all improve as an Ezreal or ADC player.

First off, before I get into the details, we must first understand Ezreal as a champion and why we would choose to pick him.
In comparison to other AD carries, Ezreal serves as an all-around versatile ADC that excels in many areas. He has a safe early game due to his long harass from his Q and his escape with E. He also can situationally outtrade enemies with his Mystic Shot and all-in with his Arcane Shift to reposition for his Mystic Shots. However, he has a distinct weakness in trading with autoattacks, so generally speaking Ezreal cannot outtrade enemies when minions are blocking.
This early game then transitions to a stronger mid game, where he has insane poke damage, mobility, and damage in teamfights. Later, however, his damage falls off (in comparison to other crit-scaling AD's) and all that remains for him is his strong kiting abilities.

Ezreal focuses on more of his abilities than flat-out autoattacks for his damage output. His Q is his primary tool for damage. Essentially, his Q is used for kiting the enemy (along with damage), and his autoattacks are used to follow-up with damage. This, however, does gimp his damage late game, because he will have to use his abilities to come into full effect, which limits potential crits, while other carries can simply autoattack and crit. Furthermore, his small range forces him to act like an AD caster to poke from a distance.

As an Ezreal player one must be able to recognize his / her damage potential. Ezreal has the ability to outplay many other AD carries due to his ability to easily reposition and deal damage afar. Decent players, in teamfights, will choose to simply Arcane Shift away from the fight. Good players, however, will recognize his ability to reposition with Arcane Shift and maintain consistent damage output.


The 21 points in offense provide the damage output a carry needs. The above masteries maximizes damage output from the tree.
The 9 points can be placed into utility, defense, or both. If opting for utility your ability to trade will be gimped but your lane sustainability will be much stronger. If opting for defense you will have more problems with mana but you will be much stronger in trades. Generally speaking, as of now, placing the 9 points into defense is ideal because of the buff to supports and nerf to ADs.


9 AD marks allow for strong last-hitting and lane control. ArPen is weak on minions because they have extremely low armor values which pose ArPen as unnecessary. Armor is essential for tanking minions and enemy auto attack harass. Both 9 MagRes glyphs and 5 MagRes + 4 Mana Gen are good. The MagRes mitigates damage from magic damage in the lane, mostly damage from supports, and the Mana Gen helps greatly with mana in lane. AD and LS are still the best quints for maximum lane presence and sustain.

Summoner Spells


Always choose to take Flash and another spell. Flash is essential for almost all champions, and even though Ezreal has a built-in blink, Flash is still best on him because of the double-blink potential ability to go all-in in more dangerous situations. For the second summoner spell, Barrier, Cleanse, and Ignite are all superb. Heal is the FOTM summoner spell for ADs because it helps greatly in skirmishes. Cleanse is also strong against strong CC enemies and allows for quick re-positioning. Ignite allows for stronger all-ins and gives larger killing potential.


This passive allows for extremely strong dueling for 1 on 1s and also greatly improves your DPS in extended teamfights or skirmishes. It also allows you to push relatively quickly as well. This passive combined with Mystic Shot allows for extremely strong combos. Your ultimate, Trueshot Barrage also procs this for every enemy hit, so hitting 5+ will instantly max this out. This passive is very effective throughout the game.

This ability is Ezreal's most important ability. Earlier on in lane phase it can be used to farm and last hit from a distance, poke enemies, counter-harass, and refresh cooldowns, while later on it can be used to kite people around ( Iceborn Gauntlet), and even outduel others.

Earlier on this ability doesn't come into play as often because it has a large mana cost, but later on it's a great utility tool for pushing down towers as a team and taking down objectives. The AS buff you throw on allies greatly increases efficiency. This ability can also be used to poke through minions earlier on.

This can be used offensively in situations where you want to catch up with the enemy or re-position yourself in teamfights or skirmishes, or defensively when escaping. This ability allows for Ezreal to position more aggressively because it allows instant escape. Note that this ability is a blink, which means it can be used to dodge Blitzcrank grabs even if hooked.

This ability is extremely strong in skirmishes. Later on however, it is used as more of a clearing and poke tool. When you're pushing a lane and another lane of yours is getting pushed, you can use Trueshot Barrage to clear it instead of being forced to go back. This ability can also be used to snipe low health champions that you have vision of. Note that the ability does take time to travel and can be relatively difficult to aim.


Take Mystic Shot at level one before minions spawn to help scout / poke the enemies. Also, it's most effective for helping a teammate deal damage to red buff or counter-harassing an enemy if they're stupid enough to engage at level one. After that take Arcane Shift at level two for the escape and gap-closer and another point in Mystic Shot at level three because Essence Flux accomplishes little early game. Always add Trueshot Barrage whenever you can because its your ultimate. Aside from that get Mystic Shot whenever you can because it's Ezreal's most effective damage output from early to mid game. After that Arcane Shift becomes the priority because the lower cooldowns help during skirmishes, engages, and teamfights. Finally max Essence Flux last because the damage is minimal and the attack speed buff is seldom necessary. Of course, when playing in competitive if you're going for a heavy push comp that isn't as reliant on damage output / skirmishes maxing Essence Flux would be better over Arcane Shift.

Starting with Doran's Blade is strong because of the strong sustaining capability with the lifesteal quints + doran's blade lifesteal and strong engage / harass with the AD bonus. Earlier on, if necessary, rush Vampiric Scepter for the sustain in lane. Doing an early Sheen helps with sustaining in lane (mana). Sheen allows for extremely strong short trades. However most of the time you'll be getting Phage due to the fact that the movement speed and health helps a lot with trades.

Both build paths aim to purchase Trinity Force as the buffs made it an amazing item. Normally at this point, when the game is even, upgrading your boots here is a good option. Ezreal is pretty versatile when it comes to boots. Then you have three choices to make. When even or ahead, you can purchase Blade of the Ruined King or The Bloodthirster if you want burst damage or survivability and more damage to carries, respectively. If behind, aim for a Last Whisper. Note that even if enemies don't have any armor items in their inventory they may buy it any second, so aiming for a Last Whisper will always be good.

Generally, if wanting to purchase a defensive item, it will be best near fifth or sixth purchase. Each has its own purpose. Guardian Angel and Banshee's Veil are great against burst because of the resistances + passive. However do note that GA will be useless if the fight ends before you respawn. Mercurial Scimitar provides a decent amount of damage along with an instant Cleanse which helps greatly for re-positioning and escaping. Banshee's Veil is chosen when an enemy team has one game-breaking spell that will kill you for sure, such as Malphite's ultimate or Blitzcrank's grab and also helps for general bulkiness.

Lane Phase

Ezreal has an extremely safe early game. Earlier on Mystic Shot and an auto-attack gives decent harass. Ezreal is extremely strong at poking from afar so most supports will choose to stay relatively far from you. Keep in mind to not go too far as enemies can easily counter-harass you. Generally a good marker is where the minions are at. In most situations you will always aim to stay behind large waves of minions when harassing or going all-in. Minion block really messes up Ezreal's trade, however.
If pressured heavily (from jungler or ADC/ support) you can also choose to play defensively, last hitting with your Mystic Shot from a distance. Once you hit level 6 your all-in potential increases by a great deal. Trueshot Barrage is a great damage tool for cleaning up enemies or initiating a skirmish.


Ezreal is extremely versatile and meshes along with all types of supports. With passive supports like Nunu or Soraka, Ezreal can choose to farm at ease with the occasional trades that you can sustain. With aggressive poking or killing supports like Zyra, Sona, or Leona, Ezreal can easily get kills by positioning himself with his Arcane Shift to then harass with his Mystic Shot and autoattacks. Ezreal's playstyle is the same for both poke and kill supports because the damage output that comes out is often more than enough to kill enemies.

Lane Control

Lane control is very important as an ADC. Your prime objective is to push to their tower so they'll lose cs, experience, and vision of what you're doing. However, when enemies try to freeze the minion wave outside their tower range, continuing to farm will only leave you susceptible to enemy ganks. As such, pretending to leave lane will leave the enemy to push the wave because they will have thought you went back to base. When enemies leave the lane it's best to push to their tower so that you can force them to lose CS. Also, when pushing heavily reminding the support to ward further away will help you get better vision of enemies incoming to gank. Always aim to push the enemy tower down, and when you do so, you can choose to roam mid lane to gank or push the mid lane turret down, or farm the jungle (potentially red buff). Pushing the tower down will give you a lot of leniency because you will not be forced to stay at bot lane. However do go back down when the wave is pushed to your tower because you don't want to miss out on the experience and farms.


As an ADC, you will always want to stay in the back line during teamfights. However, prior to fighting, whenever you can, without leaving your zone, aim to poke enemies down with Mystic Shot. When enemies are obviously wanting to engage on you, back out. Positioning is relatively easier on Ezreal because once enemies dive you you can just use Arcane Shift and start kiting again.
You will always want to be near your tank line while attacking anything you can. Often times your main focus will be the tanks and bruisers because to focus carries you will need to leave your safe zone and get in range of enemy tanks and bruiser who could easily CC you down. Use your Trueshot Barrage either before a teamfight you know would be tough so your passive will be proc'd or after a teamfight to snipe down running enemies.

Flash on a Blink Champion

Maxing Essence Flux First

Why not -Fill in another item- ?

Selling Boots late game

Focusing Front Lines


That's it for the Ezreal guide. Special thanks to astrolia for the banners and dividers.
Hopefully this guide has opened your eyes to something new or reaffirmed some of your previous thoughts on Ezreal!

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