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[S7] Last Rites - A Comprehensive Yorick Guide - WiP

Duosora Last updated on December 18, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 0


Cunning: 12

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Yorick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Maokai This lane literally COMPLETELY favors you. Mao's only mobility is his Twisted Advance and he needs you to cast it. Bait it out, then use your Dark Procession, raise Mist Walkers, walk out of the wall and E him. Pop your Corrupting Potion and take some popcorn to see how your minions are chopping this tree better than lumberjacks ever will. You can also contribute to this by your attack+Q combo. Don't trade with him under his ultimate and you're fine.
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Hello! I'm Duosora, a Shyvana, Poppy and Yorick fan! I'm doing streams occasionally, so feel free to visit me! ^__^

Last season I've reached Gold 1 in Ranked 3s and aim to reach higher goal in season 7. Since nobody on Mobafire actually went in-depth about Yorick, I've decided to share my thoughts.
Feel free to comment this work (it's actually my first guide) and add me in League (Simplar Duosora, EU West server). I'm always happy to talk with you guys! Challenge me in a 1v1 if you want or ask some advices about my mains, I'm opened for that.

Let your Maiden always focus the right targets!

I would also like to thank Raw Theory, my best friend and a good theorycrafter for helping me out with this guide! You're surely read that, brother. ^^

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A problem of Cooldown Reduction runes

Flat or scaling, Cooldown Reduction runes seem to be decent on Yorick since they reduce the cooldown of his main ability, Last Rites, making it able to proc more often in early game. You can compare that with a reason you want them on Nasus (for Siphoning Strike or Gangplank (for Parrrley).
It's good because you can proc your vital abilities faster. But is it really good enough? The answer will be no, they are not.

The target of any rune page is to provide maximum efficiency for a champion. By simple theorycrafting, I'll provide 2 facts:
  1. Flat cooldown reduction runes are not the most efficient since for heroes with mana: though they make ability casting faster early on, it drains much more mana to use the benefit to its extent. These runes basically break your mana management. Someone like Riven is able to use them since she definetly needs faster casts early on and has no mana. Yorick pays too high price for faster casts, though.
  2. Scaling cooldown reduction runes are not efficient unless your build doesn't make it to cooldown reduction's cap.


For Yorick, my personal choice of marks is Greater Mark of Attack Damage. There are multiple reasons for which I prefer them. They improve your last hitting, they add some initial scaling to your abilities. Better trades, after all.
Another neat option for Yorick instead of attack damage marks is Greater Mark of Precision. Remember that your Mourning Mist and your Eulogy of the Isles deal magic damage and getting some magic penetration while keeping a tiny bonus to attack damage (lethality) is pretty good option. It's pretty deceptive feature of Yorick: many people itemize armor versus him while he's like Shyvana: half of his damage is magical, e.g. he is hybrid.
Regarding taking 1 Greater Mark of Critical Chance: do NOT be deceived by its damage amplification! It may seem like a good option, but actually it's not. Say, you will take one mark. What do you get? 1% chance to crit for 200% damage. It's good? Yes and no. You will have a chance to deal more damage to a champion, that's true. But you will also have a chance to fail your lasthitting, especially under tower. The trick is, you will deal too much damage to a minion and he won't be lasthitted by you anymore. I prefer to avoid it after I tried it and recommend you to do the same.


I consider Greater Seal of Armor the best seal option which Yorick can get. It's not useless even versus ability power matchups (everybody uses basic attacks in League).
As an alternative, I can suggest Greater Seal of Percent Health since Titanic Hydra scales with health percentage. The old Veteran's Scars mastery gave up to 4% max health and it was good. From these runes, you will get 4.5% of max health this actually is effective on Yorick: his summons, Mist Walkers, as well as the Maiden of the Mist scale from his maximum health. Greater Seal of Health, flat or scaling, will be worse choice here and it is not underrated by me even in a little bit.


The best choice here is to get 6x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and 3s Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. Aside of cooldown reduction, it's the most useful thing on Yorick of all glyphs. It will help to negate any enemy mage's Sorcerer's Shoes or Haunting Guise, absorbing its magic penetration like there was none. These runes is one of things which force mages to buy magic penetration early on since else their damage on you will be a joke which you can outheal with your Last Rites and Grasp of the Undying .
I've said things about cooldown reduction runes above. But it's still up to you whether to use them or not. They are still viable.
You can combine these glyphs by your own liking, for example, get 5% flat cooldown reduction and 5% scaling cooldown reduction to get extra 10% (for example, when you lack 10% CDR to reach its cap). Just one more thing: never take only one type of glyphs here since it'll never provide the best efficiency. Be creative and this will be rewarded.


There are several options for quints on Yorick. I can't say which of them are exactly best, but I'll reveal my own opinion about them.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage provides you even more extra lasthitting, trading and initial ability scaling power. Take 3 of these when you think you can't outtrade your opponent without these or if you took Greater Mark of Precision and you lack AD to farm up.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed grants you a good movement speed bonus. If you're in the matchup where you need extra speed for dodging stuff or catching up with your opponent, these are your best friends.
Greater Quintessence of Armor boosts Yorick's armor. 3 of these make him heavily armored early on. Yet, if you decided to take percentage health seals, you can also take these to grant yourself the armor you sacrificed for health.

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Fury provides up to 4% attack speed. Yorick already has more than enough attack speed for good laning and trading plus an autoattack reset in his Last Rites, so obviously it's not really efficient on him.
Sorcery grants up to 2% bonus ability damage. This percentage is applied to Last Rites, Mourning Mist, also Eulogy of the Isles's Maiden damage as well as Yorick's on-hit damage if he attacks the target focused by the Maiden. If you want to invest your points in the Ferocity tree, then without a doubt go for this mastery here.
Fresh Blood is easy to understand. It empowers your first attack against any enemy champion but 10-28 physical damage (depends on your level). This thing works similar to Miss Fortune's Love Tap, but on champions only. So if you will attack a champion, then attack a minion, then attack a champion again after this mastery's cooldown is over, your Fresh Blood will trigger on both champion attacks. So if you plan to take this mastery, you need to be prepared for target swapping and attack timing for maximizing your damage. Plus, consider it as the bonus damage for your Last Rites. The bonus it provides is quite small, so you can consider that mastery as an overrated, but if you feel like it, test it out by yourself.
Feast is an opportunity to restore 20 health once in 30 seconds by killing any unit. In my own experience and opinion, this mastery is seriously overrated: it's only slightly better than Recovery by its efficiency (see below). Its potential is 0.6 extra health per second in average. Worth it? I think not.
Expose Weakness increases the damage your allies deal to the target attacked by you by 3%. Considering that the Maiden from Eulogy of the Isles procs this mastery and deals constant damage, your allies will also get constant bonus during your ultimate. Definrtly a must have compared to the two masteries above.
Vampirism provides extra 2% lifesteal and spell vamp. Yorick relies on sustain pretty much, so this mastery is a good choice for him. It makes him restore health from every basic attack and spell which is definitely a buff for his Last Rites. Must have.
Natural Talent provides up to 10 AD and 15 AP on level 18. Nothing on Yorick's kit actually scales off AP, so it provides less than half of its efficiency. Also, will 10 extra AD save you in late game? For most of the times, you won't even reach late, so this mastery is completely outclassed by Vampirism .
Bounty Hunter gives 1.5% bonus damage per each unique enemy champion killed by you. Its cap is 7.5% bonus damage (when you kill every enemy champion at least once). I think that this mastery suits actively roaming champions more than Yorick because they can stack its damage to its extent much better and much faster than he does.
Double Edged Sword gives 5% bonus damage instantly but increases all damage on you by 2.5%. I think since Yorick is a tank this mastery isn't good on him since it lowers his overall tankiness for a bit of damage. Avoid it since he already has enough with his abilities and Shepherd of Souls.
Battle Trance grows the damage up to 5% gradually over 5 seconds. That's good for extended trades and Yorick is one of these champions who can utilize this because of Shepherd of Souls and/or Eulogy of the Isles. Definitely best for Yorick in this branch.
Battering Blows give 7% armor penetration. Before deciding which mastery to go, this or Piercing Thoughts , remember the fact: Yorick, his Last Rites and his Shepherd of Souls deal physical damage and are affected by this mastery.
Piercing Thoughts give 7% magic penetration. Before deciding which mastery to go, this or Battering Blows , keep in mind that his Mourning Mist and his Eulogy of the Isles deal magical damage and are affected by this mastery.
Warlord's Bloodlust increases lifesteal with decreasing life percent remaining, up to 20% (the formula is (MissingHP*(1+0.0375*MissingHP))*0.0625 where MissingHP is a percentage or your missing health). Since Yorick's Shepherd of Souls mist walkers proc lifesteal effects, this is a decent choice for Yorick.
Fervor of Battle increases attack damage by 1-6 (depends on champion level, the formula is 0.71+0.29*Level, rounded by the rounding rules) with each basic attack (if the champion is melee, grants 2 stacks per one attack), stacking up to 10 times. Stacks fall off after 4 seconds. My personal opinion on that mastery is that it's designed not for someone like Yorick, but for the most of ad carries and autoattack-based fighters (for example, Riven, Shyvana, Jax, Olaf or Fiora). Not the best keystone for Yorick.
Deathfire Touch deals magic damage over time equal to 8+0.6*BonusAD+0.25*AP. Note that base attack damage is not included in this formula. We have a spammy Last Rites, but this keystone mastery doesn't really shine on Yorick. The champion which can make the most out of it is probably Jhin because of his highest bonus attack damage in game (I think you've seen that many good Jhin players take this as their keystone mastery, and it's for a reason) resulting painful extra damage to his targets. But still, for our case it's not even half as good and effective.
Wanderer provides up to 3% bonus movement speed out of combat. Got no problems with farming without any mastery and want to grab some extra movement speed for quick roams? Take this mastery without a doubt since it outweighs Savagery for you in this case.
Savagery provides up to 5 bonus damage to minions and monsters. I strongly advise taking this mastery for beginners in League since it makes overall early farming process easier.

How to transfer yourself from Savagery to Wanderer : Start with Savagery maxed out. Every day move one point from Savagery to Wanderer . You will soon notice that you can farm with same efficiency without the extra damage mastery. I'm sure that you'll be thankful for this tip plenty of times.
Runic Affinity prolongs the duration of neutral monster buffs by 15%. Toplaners usually don't need these buffs and Yorick isn't an exception. Useless mastery for us, avoid it.
Secret Stash transforms every Health Potion into a Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation which instantly provides 15 health and 15 mana when used. All potions also last 10% longer. It's actually pretty useful self-sustain mastery for Yorick since he uses Corrupting Potion and this mastery also influences its effect. Use it when you need better sustain on lane.
Assassin increases your damage by 2% when no allied champions are nearby. That's good for almost every top laner since top is a solo lane. There isn't much jungler presence, so feel free to poke your enemy with additional damage. Take this mastery if you want some additional lane damage.
Merciless provides up to 5% damage to champions whose health is lower than 40%. Basically this mastery scales off your damage: the more you have, the more it provides. In tanky builds, this mastery is useless, though if you'll build a bruiser Yorick, it'll shine. You must watch your own intentions for every concrete game to decide whether to pick this mastery or to avoid it. As an example, if there are many tanks in enemy team (for example, Alistar, Sion and Sejuani in one team) and your team lacks damage to shut them down, you want to deal more damage and go bruiser (I'll cover the builds below in this guide). In that case, taking Merciless is benefittable.
Meditation regenerates up to 1.5% of your missing mana every 5 seconds. A nice mana sustain mastery. You can make some use of it.
Greenfather's Gift adds 3% of target's current health as bonus magic damage to the first attack or spell cast from a bush once in 9 seconds. That's probably a good option for assassins or sneaky bushy carries/bruisers, but not for tanks. It might look attractive, but just don't. It's a waste of mastery point.
Bandit gives 1 gold per each minion killed by allied champion. It also provides 3 gold for ranged champions and 10 gold for melee champions for hitting an enemy champion with a basic attack and putting the mastery on a 5 second cooldown. Since Yorick is a melee champion, this mastery seems like a good choice on him, especially versus melee champions whom you can freely poke with your attack + Last Rites. Its peak efficiency will provide you 2 extra gold per second. It means that you'll get up to 1200 extra gold in 10 minutes (the average time of laning phase). If you're bad with farming but good with poking your opponent, I highly recommend to take this mastery since it compensates up to 60 missing creep stat per 10 minutes. Keep in mind that realistically this mastery only gets you around 30 creep stat in 10 minutes since you couldn't always proc it constantly.
Dangerous Game instantly restores 5% of your missing health and 5% of your missing mana on champion kills and assists. I consider this mastery as one of the best things in this tree. Especially for a tank. It's very effective in both teamfights and duels. Imagine that you were dueling with Olaf. You won the duel but an enemy ignited you and you are like 20 HP. This mastery's heal is not reduced by Ignite, so you'll get full benefit and your enemy will not kill you. Take it over two others if you can.
Precision grants up to 8.5 lethality and up to 3+0.3*Level magic penetration. Regarding this, I hold the same opinion as for Battering Blows and Piercing Thoughts . Scroll up to read more about that.
Intelligence increases your cooldown reduction cap up to 45% and adds up to 5% cooldown reduction. This mastery has a good synergy with your Last Rites, so if you feel like spamming your shovel, take this one. It also reduces significantly longer cooldowns like Eulogy of the Isles, so this may also show up some use during the game. I recommend you to take this one if you feel like putting 18 points into Cunning tree.
Stormraider's Surge gives you a burst of movement speed when you erase 30% of enemy champion's max health in 2.5 seconds. Note that even in a tanky build Yorick is able to erase a great amount of health from squishy champs. He can utilize Stormraider's Surge to effectively chase them and deal even more damage, so it mostly excels in teamfights. This keystone is matchup-dependant and works better against most of melee glass cannon champions than against tanks.
Thunderlord's Decree unleashes a burst in area, dealing 10*Level+0.3*BonusAD+0.1*AP magical damage in it. It has a 25-15 seconds cooldown (decreases with champion level). That is useful for erasing squishy champions but I wouldn't advise you to even take Cunning tree till its keystone in different cases.
Windspeaker's Blessing gives a 10% bonus to healing and shielding power. If a shield or a heal is applied on a target, this target gets bonus armor and magic resistance. Since Yorick has no heals for allies, this mastery is pretty useless on him. Avoid it.
Recovery provides 0.4 bonus health per second. It is considered to be lower efficiency on Yorick than Unyielding . For Yorick it's important to be tanky and he has all necessary sustain from his Last Rites which by all means is more than enough for a tank. If you will ever need an extra sustain, just start with Doran's Shield: it is much better option than investing 5 mastery points in its weaker version.
Unyielding increases bonus armor by 5% and bonus magic resistance by 5%. This mastery scales with each item slot, increasing its efficiency over time. Initially the bonus will only consider armor and magic resistance which you get through your runes and other masteries. I repeat, this will not take your base armor and base magic resistance into consideration! It's just that every armor item you'll buy will have its armor increased by 5%. Same with magic resistance.
This mastery increases gold efficiency of armor and magic resistance items, so it's definitely worth to take it on Yorick for extra tankiness.
Explorer is not worth taking here because sacrificing extra tankiness for a bit of extra movement speed seems really bad. Yorick's main role isn't in quick roaming, it's in tankiness and splitpushing. Since all he needs for a splitpush is his Eulogy of the Isles and Teleport, extra movement speed in bushes is pretty useless for Yorick since he already has enough mobility with his Mourning Mist and boots of his choice.
Tough Skin provides you a bit of extra tankiness by reducing damage you take from basic attacks by 2. Maybe for one unit it's not a lot, but considering that sometimes you will need to fight in enemy minion waves, it means -2 damage per each attack of each unit attacking you. Now that's much bigger value. As many theorycrafters say, every number matters when it comes to reducing the damage.
Siegemaster must be taken if the matchup will force you to fight and farm under your tower because in this case it outweighs Tough Skin 's reduction. A couple of good examples of matchups which will try to bully you under your tower are Rumble, Teemo, Kayle, Pantheon or Renekton. When you face one of these guys, get this mastery ready because it will be more useful. Simple as it is.
Runic Armor provides up to 8% extra efficiency to heals, shields and health regeneration on Yorick. That means that his Last Rites will heal by 1-6.5 extra health, doubled when below 50% health. That synergizes pretty well with Spirit Visage.
Veteran's Scars provides up to 50 extra health. Actually, the sustain based tanks like Yorick scale extremely well with the amount of health they have since they can proc the sustain, in case of Yorick, it's his Last Rites. So, if Veteran's Scars would give a percentage of health like it did before, we'd definetly took it over Runic Armor unless the team provides a lot of healing or shielding (if it has Lulu, Sona, Soraka, Janna or somebody else with a strong heal or shield).
Insight provides 15% cooldown reduction to all summoner spells. Well, that's pretty neat. With it, our Flash and Teleport's cooldown will be 255 seconds instead of 300. So, this mastery will reduce the cooldown of both these spells by 45 seconds. I think that with clever usage of Teleport and Flash we won't ever need this reduction, so I advise you to search for a better (and more useful) option.
Perseverance provides 50% additional base health regeneration which increases to 200% when under 25% health. It scales over time and won't be that useful in early game, yet I recommend taking it versus poke matchups.
Fearless provides 10% bonus armor and magic resistance, adding 2 flat armor and magic resistance per every level of the champion when damaged by an enemy champion. I insist on taking this mastery over two others since it also grants significant tankiness to Yorick in combat. And combat is obviously a place where tanks desire to be.
Swiftness provides 15% slow resistance and 15% tenacity. Definetly a must have versus teams with any form of crowd control: not many things in-game will provide you tenacity which is a necessary stat especially effective versus hard crowd control (stun, root, suppression, taunt, charm, flee, knockup, knockback, silence, polymorph), but also reduces slow duration. Combined with more tenacity ( Mercury's Treads) or additional slow resistance ( Boots of Swiftness) this mastery proves itself as a valueable element for any tank.
Legendary Guardian provides 3 bonus armor and magic resistance per nearby enemy champion. Before pressing that mastery button five times, ask yourself: will 15 armor and 15 magic resistance save you better than 15% tenacity and slow reduction? Absolutely not. So the choice here is quite obvious.
Grasp of the Undying is a perfect keystone mastery for a health-based sustain tank like Yorick. Every 4 in-combat seconds you gain an empowered attack which deals 3% of your maximum health as bonus magic damage and heals you for a half of this value. Proccing it together with Last Rites will significantly outsustain your opponent. Thanks to this mastery your sustain scales up over game time with health increases and item slots. Considering that you can stack around 5000 health, you'll get up to 150 bonus magic damage and 75 extra healing. Don't be deceived by these low numbers, though. Just try using it and constantly proccing it and you'll see why I recommend it.
Courage of the Colossus gives a powerful shield after you hit an enemy champion with a stun, root, suppression, taunt, charm, flee, knockup or knockback. Since Yorick haven't got any of those, this keystone mastery is useless on him.
Bond of Stone gives 4% damage reduction, but 6% of the damage dealt to the allied champion will be dealt to you instead if you have more than 5% maximum health. This is more of a tanky support keystone, in my opinion. Of course, it's pretty good option on Yorick if you plan to group up with your team pretty often. It still means that you will drop your health faster in teamfights, so I consider Grasp of the Undying much better choice.

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- L = Yorick's level (1-18)
- M = Yorick's maximal health
- D = Yorick's attack damage
- AP = Yorick's ability power
- qL = Level of Yorick's Q
- wL = Level of Yorick's W
- eL = Level of Yorick's E
- rL = Level of Yorick's R

[P] Shepherd of Souls

The Cursed Horde: Yorick and the Maiden of the Mist can each have up to 4 Mist Walkers at once, each with [95+5*L+0.15*M] health and [5+5*L+0.3*D] attack damage.

Mist Walkers will proceed down the lane once they enter combat in that lane, and their health will decay if they move too far from either Yorick or the Maiden of the Mist.

Final Service: Every [12-(4 per every 6th level)] non-champion enemy unit and every enemy champion that dies near Yorick will raise a Grave.

Tips and Tricks

[Q] Last Rites

First Cast: Yorick's next basic attack within 6 seconds gains bonus range, deals bonus [5+25*qL+0.4*D] physical damage, and heals him for [10+(2 on levels 1-6, 4 on levels 7-12, 6 on levels 13-18)], doubled if he is below 50% maximal health as well as spawning a Grave if Last Rites kills the target.

If there are at least 3 Graves nearby, Yorick can cast Awakening within Last Rites' cooldown.

Second Cast - Awakening: Yorick raises a Mist Walker from each nearby Grave.

Manacost: 25 mana
Cooldown: 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds

Tips and Tricks

[W] Dark Procession

Yorick summons a circular wall of spirits around the target area after a brief delay, forming impassible terrain for the next 4 seconds. Allies can walk through the barrier without impediment.

Dark Procession can be targeted by enemy basic attacks and takes 1 damage per attack, dissolving after taking 2/2/3/3/4 damage.

Manacost: 70 mana
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds
Tips and Tricks

[E] Mourning Mist

Yorick hurls a globule of Black Mist that splashes across an off-centered area, dealing 15% of target's current health magic damage to all enemies hit, down to a minimum of [35*(eL+1)+0.7*AP] magical damage.

Enemy champions and monsters are slowed by 30% for 2 seconds, and marked for 4 seconds.

Yorick, his Mist Walkers, and the Maiden of the Mist gain 20% bonus movement speed when moving towards marked targets, and Mist Walkers that were near an affected champion gain the ability to leap to them on their next attack.

Manacost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

Tips and Tricks

[R] Eulogy of the Isles

Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist with [700/1500/3000+0.3*M] maximal health, along with [2/3/4] Mist Walkers.

The Maiden of the Mist moves and attacks on her own, dealing [10/20/40+0.5*D] magic damage every second to her target enemy and raising Mist Walkers from nearby enemy deaths.

Yorick's basic attacks against the Maiden of the Mist's target deal bonus [2.5*(rL+1)]% of target's maximum health as magic damage. This cannot happen more than once every 2 seconds, and cannot trigger against structures.

Manacost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 160/150/140 seconds (begins after Maiden's death)

Tips and Tricks

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is a pretty neat summoner spell. It allows you to move through units and get significantly higher movespeed. There are better summoner spells for Yorick since his Mourning Mist already provides him all necessary gapclosing tools.
Heal restores some health and provides movement speed in a radius from a champion. Yorick isn't one of these who can use this effectively. There is no matchup where this summoner spell will be useful for him. And by the way, this spell is a bread and butter for most AD carries!
Barrier provides you a shield which blocks some incoming damage. Take this versus bursty opponents, though don't pop it for free (use it only to negate that juicy Ignite or a graceful auto attack which was supposed to lasthit you in any other case).
Exhaust reduces target enemy champion's movement speed, attack speed, armor, magic resistance and damage they deal for 2.5 seconds. Pretty good versus strong snowballing matchups if you're not sure if you can duel them without this. Probably, the second-place summoner spell next to Teleport for a top lane. You will sacrifice some of your mobility by this, though.
Cleanse removes all negative buffs, blinds, charms, flees, slows, polymorphs, roots, stuns, taunts and damage over time effects from your champion, granting 65% tenacity for next 3 seconds. This is very powerful anti-cc summoner spell, but grabbing a Quicksilver Sash will still be better for cc erasing since it also erases suppressions, airbornes, knockups, knockbacks and suspensions. Of course, if crowd control bothers you, take this spell, yet never spam it every game.
Teleport transfers you to a target ward, minion or tower after channeling for 4.5 seconds. One of these bread-and-butter summoner spells for a top laner. Top is mostly a 1v1 lane far from other action, so getting into the heat of fight in right moment is always great since you can pull out some good picks with its right usage. Pick it in a generalized case if you're heading top lane.
Flash instantly relocates your champion from current position to the cursor's position. It's a necessary summoner spell in absolutely any case, so always have it with you. It can have a large variety of usage: gapclosing, escaping, instant repositioning and much more. It's a king of versatility in League, try this spell to see what it is capable of.
Ignite deals 70-410 true damage over 5 seconds to a target enemy champion (14-82 damage per second). It also grants vision on it and reduces healing effects. Very effective summoner spell versus sustain and lifesteal-based lanes.
Smite deals 390-1000 true damage to an enemy minion or a large/epic monster. That's a bread-and-butter spell for every jungler. If Yorick goes jungle, he must have this spell. Simple as it is.

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Yorick can use a high variety of items thanks to his hybrid damage and ability to serve as both tank and fighter. I'll analyze some of his items below.

Corrupting Potion is a great start item for Yorick. It offers the HP/Mana sustain on lane and gives better effect when you have a couple of your minions from your Shepherd of Souls up and ready to attack your opponent (you hit Mourning Mist) since your mist walkers do proc its Touch of Corruption. Start with it no matter what matchup you'll face.

Sunfire Cape is especially good when you choose Grasp of the Undying as your keystone mastery. That's not only about health and nice armor. Bami's Cinder, as well as its upgrades, Enchantment: Cinderhulk and Sunfire Cape, got Immolate passive. It burns nearby enemies for 25+Level magical damage to nearby enemies, increased to 37.5+1.5*Level against minions.

The synergy behind Grasp of the Undying and Immolate passive: Immolate auto-stacks Grasp of the Undying if you keep staying near enemy minions. That will allow you to stay in-combat and proc your keystone mastery without a need to actually fight an enemy for 4 seconds.
Zz'Rot Portal is a good slot for pushing the lane. I suggest rushing that versus tough matchups like Poppy, Tahm Kench or Kled. This thing will allow you to zone them from your tower since these ones can easily dive you. Plus it provides pretty great defensive stats for a reasonable price.

More items coming soon!

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To-Do List

Here are my goals by their priority:

  1. Items section for in-depth item usage explanation.
  2. Ability tips and tricks section.
  3. Polishing Masteries section's visuals.
  4. ...coming soon...

I'm eager to hear out your suggestions for the guide, so feel free to drop them in comments!

We shall perform their rites!

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  • Added Abilities section with tips and tricks.

  • Polished Poppy matchup's information.
  • Added Zz'Rot Portal to Items.

  • Changed my mind on Crit Chance rune. Edited.
  • Designed Introduction page.
  • Added Items section.
  • Added Tahm Kench and Kled to matchups.

  • Initial release of the guide.