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[Season 7] hybrid guide

wiru Last updated on December 6, 2016
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Let your imagination guide you

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Threat Champion Notes
Shyvana I personally think that there's no such thing as a hero advantage or disadvantage. the only thing you are to look at is your own skill vs your opponent. If you think you are having a hard lane this means that you just need to improvise a solution or to enhance your skill better.

Table of Contents
About Shyvana
Summoner's spell
Starting Items
Items to Use
get out of you comfort zone
closing remarks


Hello, I'm Wiru from PH server. I usually play on normal game since I just want to play and have fun. as for my rank, right now im in diamond.

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Before update/EDIT :
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Welcome to my first guide titled:

[6.23] Shyvana - the hybrid guide .

Shyvana is the very first champion that i bought. I usually play her at top lane with my friends. What i love about shyvana is that she is mostly a tank dps champion. you can have put many builds in her and most of it can still fit her because of her Twin Bite.
and after her rework, i fell in love again with her :) , the one thing i like about her update is that her Dragon's Descent is now more reliable since you cant be CC'ed during her flight. also it now gives HP boost during dragon form which further enhance your damage if you are building Titanic Hydra .

before update/edit:
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About shyv

  • Have chase/escape mechanism her Dragon's Descent and Burnout
  • Dragon's Descent is now reliable since you cant be CC'ed anymore during flight
  • Using Twin Bite after your basic attack can give a good burst since its a attack reset skill
  • with her new passive she can have an early armor boost if you get the dragon early
  • half - dragon , half-human , cool and sexy aura + dance <3

  • the only CC you have is the push of your Dragon's Descent its a one time cc during clash so use wisely.
  • during late game after diving in she gets CC'ed alot.
  • her passive is a double edge, either you gain your bonus armor or not.
  • her default skin gives her a blue/violet skin

    Before update/edit :
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Passive Dragonborn

  • Shyvana deals 10% bonus damage to elemental drakes (including Elder Dragon) and passively gains 5 armor and magic resist. For each elemental drake Shyvana or her allies defeat, she gains an extra 5 armor and magic resist
  • its a double edge passive, since you either get buff or not.
  • she is a freaking dragonborn FUS RO DAH

Q - Twin Bite
  • this skill is mainly her nuking kit.
  • after normal attacking using Twin Bite will make her reset her attack and with this you deal 3 hits to the opponent in a short amount of time.
  • you can simply use that technique to simply kill a ward that was recently placed upon your vision.
  • this apply on hit effect , double the damage plus double the action
  • will become cleave if she is in dragon form
  • normal attack any enemy champion or minion will reduce this skill cooldown for 0.5

W- Burnout

  • this skill gives a huge boost that can be use for chasing and escaping
  • every attack can extend its duration up to 7 seconds , (3 sec if you are not attacking and additional 1 sec per attack up to 4 seconds )
  • during dragon form Burnout will have a bigger AOE
  • this is a magical damage which means you can use spellvamp and it will work
  • this skill scales with you + .2 per bonus damage.

E- Flame Breath

  • shyvana's only long range attack
  • this is a magical damage so you can use spell vamp to it
  • enemy that get hits by Flame Breath will get a debuff mark in which shyvanna's basica attack will deal magic damage equal to 2.5% of thier maximum health
  • using Flame Breath then normal attacking then activating Twin Bite can dish out a minumum of 7.5% hp of the enemy in just a short amount of time.
  • in dragon form after hitting the target , it will leave a flame zone that deals damage and gives the debuff mark

R - Dragon's Descent

  • shyvana will have a new passive in which every time she attack an enemy, she will gain 2 fury from it
  • while not attacking she will gain 1/1.5/2 fury per 1 second
  • you need to fill up first 100 fury before can use the Dragon's Descent
  • this is your only CC which can interrupt any channelling ability
  • you cannot be disabled during flight
  • this is a magical damage spellvamp will work on it
  • shyvana will lose 5 fury per seconds, and if all fury is consume she will be back to her human form
  • this will give you 150 / 250 / 350 bonus health and her attack range is changed to 175 / 190 / 205. Dragon form also increases in size by 8 / 16% at ranks 2 / 3.
  • this is the only skill that does not have a cooldown

before update/edit :
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During your first return to your base purchase Boots of Speed so you can already harrass or escape danger. you can then choose
if the opponent ap carry is fed early go for Hexdrinker
if the opponent ad carry is fed early go for Chain Vest
if you have a good laning phase go for Bilgewater Cutlass
if you have a good jungle phase go for Stalker's Blade or Skirmisher's Sabre

then proceed to the following items

for your jungle item

enchantment to use

  • Enchantment: Bloodrazor
    - this item have a very good synergy with Twin Bite .
    - This item can clear jungle mobs faster and can also use to deal a lot of damage if your enemy are hp based
  • Enchantment: Cinderhulk - it's similar to Sunfire Cape without the cape and the additional armor . use this if you think you need additional HP for tanking your opponent and jungle.

Damage item

  • Blade of the Ruined King - this is a must have on shyvana, this item give her a nice amount of damage , a lifesteal , attackspeed and addtional CC when using the active of this item (short slow + lifedrain)
  • Maw of Malmortius - this item can give you an increase damage , an armor penetration and additional magic resist. if your opponent have a burst ap that targeted you the passive of this can give you a shield that absorb magic damage not to mention this item also gives you additional attackspeed and spell vamp (all skills except Twin Bite will benefit from this) if the barrier is trigger.
  • Sterak's Gage - additional damage + hp , this can also give you a shield and additional damage if the threshold is triggered.
  • Phantom Dancer - if you need more attack speed and crit chance
  • The Bloodthirster - gives a huge amount of AD + lifesteal for sustain and fighting while your shield is on gives you a small advantage.
  • Trinity Force - this + Twin Bite is <3 . additionally it gives shyv additional movementspeed and attackspeed and cooldown reduction.
  • Ravenous Hydra - for mob clearing , useful for split pushing and during clash if you dont have your dragon form.
  • Titanic Hydra - if you are building tank with HP on it , this can help you give a huge damage even you are building tank. for me this is one of the core item for her.
  • Frozen Mallet - hp + damage + a passive slow this can help shyvana on catching her opponent when she attack it once
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade - bonus damage + armor penetration , also activating this gives you a bonus movement speed.
  • Wit's End - will give a bigger bonus damage. the increase of magic resist is also good if you don't have an item that increase your magic resist. not to mention more attackspeed
  • Mercurial Scimitar - if you dive and your enemy have many disable or/and you get cc'ed alot get this item , it also have magic resist which can be used if the disabler is an AP it also have a lifesteal which can help shyv to sustain when diving from the enemy's formation
  • Guinsoo's Rageblade - attack damage + ability power + attack speed not to mention the passive.
  • Death's Dance - gives you a good sustain , after you dive in you will be the focus of the enemies attention, with deathdance the damage will be converted first into bleed which can give you enough time to get to the enemy. not to mention it also gives you lifesteal and cdr.
  • Mortal Reminder - for enemy that have abusive lifesteal or hp regen. also gives you armor penetration
  • Lord Dominik's Regards - armor penetration and addiotional damage for HP build enemy


  • Thornmail - use if all are hard hitters , not to mention thornmail got buff if you have more armor it means bigger return damage
  • Randuin's Omen - to slow the champion when hitting you, it also gives you additional hp and armor for sustain. not to mention the active of this can be a good way to slow nearby enemy
  • Dead Man's Plate - it gives armor and hp . additional to this every time you walk it gives you a stack in which can give you up to 60 movementspeed at max stacks and you attack with max stacks this can give additional damage with slow effect.
  • Guardian Angel - magic resist + armor not to mention resurection . this item is use when the game goes rough, during the time it is cooldown , usually you can sell this and buy other armor item first until the cooldown is finish and buying it again if the passive is ready.
  • Spirit Visage - magic resist and additional cooldown reduction (for spamming) . not to mention the passive of this which increase your heal is a good combo with Blade of the Ruined King or Warmog's Armor
  • Warmog's Armor gives you a big amount of hp , if you have a at least 3000hp the regeneration of your's outside of battle will be very fast.

boots of choice

try new things

Use this item only if you are in normal or for fun
Crit type shyvana is good since Twin Bite can also proc it.
spellvamp is viable since Burnout , Flame Breath and Dragon's Descent are all magic attack , also increase your AP can increase Dragon's Descent and Flame Breath damage which can become a huge burst.

  • Infinity Edge - gives a huge amount of AD not to mention your crit will also enhance. if the opponents are all squishy and you are ahead of the team. try to purchase this early on. then with the help of Sheen + Twin Bite this can give a good burst and if you have enough money for Trinity Force then it will give a better output damage.
    simply autoattack then Twin Bite + Trinity Force + Infinity Edge combo is <3 or you can use Flame Breath then Twin Bite + Trinity Force + Infinity Edge combo which can give an even better result. havent tried it if Twin Bite + Enchantment: Devourer will give you 4 attack ??? if i have spare time maybe i will try it.

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  • Statikk Shiv - attack speed + lightning + crit
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter - fire and ice , this will give your skill some slow everytime you use them. not to mention it have increase health and huge AP (good if you are building Ap)
  • Nashor's Tooth - cooldown + attack speed + ap per hit (15% of your ap) better if you are playing ap shyv and already have Guinsoo's Rageblade
  • Rabadon's Deathcap - if you are building ap , then this gives you more AP
  • Zhonya's Hourglass - AP + armor plus if you are getting kite you can use the 2 second for you skill to cooldown or wait for respo from your teammates.
  • Liandry's Torment - i honestly haven't tried it yet but i think this will work since most of her skills are spell damage.


I will just simply write it in list form

early phase (lane)
  • if you are facing a melee opponent , try to use Burnout when during last hitting, this can give the melee champion a slight damage if he is close to you, advantage of this is faster waveclear which can made the next wave near enemy tower which can prevent the enemy from killing the minions, downside is that faster waveclear means you are extended to much and prone to ganks.
  • at leveling phase if you are facing an enemy in which you know that you can close the gap using Burnout then choose Twin Bite , simply use burnout and once you auto attack the enemy quickly tap Twin Bite since it auto-reset your attack giving your enemy a huge lost on their HP. on the other hand if you are being harass or at disadvantage try to take Flame Breath for lvl 2 and try to use it for last hit
  • at level 3 you all have the basic skill at 1 point each this can give you a good set of combo with huge damage
  • during lvl 4 until you reach level 6 just simply stick to your pace and try to get much last hit as much as possible since this will be your source of incom
  • at lvl 6 try to harass your opponent and until they are near half hp, let your skill be available then try to approach them with Burnout if they use flash then use your Dragon's Descent, or you can use the Dragon's Descent already for the burst damage.
tips during your early laning phase
  • just focus on last hitting
  • try to go to river if you have time and if you are lucky it may spawn a Honeyfruit which can heal you and gives you fury
  • try to check your opponents pace , if you know that your enemy's skill is in CD try to harass them
  • hit and run using Burnout and Twin Bite if possible but beware if the minion is still there they will attack you
  • try to play smart

early phase ( jungle )
  • i usually prefer to start at the toad then to the blue camp
  • try to add Twin Bite at level two and use it's auto reset attack to make the farming faster
  • try to go to river if you have time and if you are lucky it may spawn a Honeyfruit which can heal you and gives you fury
  • try to gank lanes when the lanes is having a hard time, or the lane have their creeps at near tower. with this you should have enough time to reach the enemy before they reach their tower. if your ally have slow stun or any form of CC try let them go first if and only if they can cast it , if not dont hesitate to use your exhaust, and as far as i'm concern it doesn't matter who get the kills since both of you are going to benefit anyway. (with my teammate)
  • try to rush Stalker's Blade so you can get an additional CC( slow ) so that you can use this as an alternative if you dont have your exhaust up yet.
  • also try to get boots if you have spare money since this will definitely give you a time advantage during travel and so that you can close the gap earlier
  • try to use Burnout so you can have a boost on your movementspeed if you are ganking, don't hesitate if you arent hitting anyone with it, because your main point is to close your gap to the enemy.
  • try to see / ask if its warded on their bush so you can know where and when to approach the enemy
  • use your Twin Bite 's awesome attack reset advantage effectively
  • try to gank as much as possible if needed especially if you have your Stalker's Blade
  • get the first dragon , this will give you your first bonus for your passive

mid game (laning)
  • try to have a Bilgewater Cutlass and use the active if you are planning for the kill or you can use it as an escape if you gank. try to lower first your opponents hp at least near half, then after all your skill got cooldown then try to use Burnout to approach the enemy or simply dive in using Dragon's Descent then auto attack then Twin Bite use the Bilgewater Cutlass along the process.
  • try to last hit as much as possible
  • if you or your enemy's first tower is down , try to gank or just farm depending on your team situation
  • try to adjust if you are going for a tank build or an AD build depending on your enemy and your teammate but most likely just follow what your instinct.

mid phase jungle
  • get dragon if is still up, or simply help your bot then if you succeed the gank make them help you on killing the dragon
  • try to split push when you think its ok to break the tower already
  • its up to you if you want to counter jungle but i personally think that ganking is much better than trying to fight their opponent jungle since 2 or 3 of you will benefit if you succeed in the gank vs you will be the only one benefitting
  • try to adjust if you are going for a tank build or an AD build depending on your enemy and you teammates build but most likely just follow what your instinct.
  • use Dragon's Descent to close the gap to your enemy or when things go wrong.
  • its better if you gank with Dragon's Descent since its an additional damage and can be use situationally. but its not a reason to not visit your ally if Dragon's Descent is on cooldown.

late game
  • during clash try to spot the AD range carry or AP carry ,use Dragon's Descent to close up the gap and try to decide who will you go for the ADr carry or AP both are glass cannon, you need to zone them to win the clash. base on experience i always hunt the AD range carry since shyvanna can usually burst those glass cannon.
  • if you choose Teleport try to know if you are going to split push or to use it for back up use this wisely
  • if you takedown one or two enemy try to tell your teammates that you can either kill the dragon or baron since the enemy team will be most likely wont stand a chance on a 5v3 or 5v4 especially if you kill the core on their team.
  • don't be confident , just because you are winning the fight does not mean you already won the game, especially if you win a clash. try to focus on the objective of the game.
    either you do a baron or straight end if your team can.

End of guide

Thanks for reading my guide, sorry if this is just a simple guide since its my first time making one. I really just want to write a guide of shyvana since she is the first champion that i bought and it was during the end of season 2.
this guide is basically using my experience and opinion when playing with her. so if i ever made a mistake, i am not a perfect person, so please guide and correct me.

once again thank you for reading this guide hope you enjoy and learn something new about it

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