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Vayne's Final Hour: An Epik Nice Super-In-Depth Vayne Guide

Agoney Last updated on November 15, 2016
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Welcome, Vayne Apprentices

Welcome, Vayne Apprentices

Greetings one and all, and welcome to my in-depth Vayne guide! My name is Constantine III (the third) and today I'll be conducting this lesson in driving the Vayne pain train down elo gain lane. I'm a diamond ADC who has played since season two, climbing from high bronze in season two all the way to diamond five today. In season six, I climbed from gold three to diamond five maintaining over a 70% win rate with my Vayne.

If you're looking to dominate with Vayne and carry games with her, then look no further than this guide. I am confident that, should you have the wear withal to read this guide, you will indeed prove to me that you are literate. Besides that monumental achievement, you'll also gain some useful knowledge that will allow you to dumpster all the newbs that dare oppose you.

Armed with this guide, I can assure you that all enemy bot lanes will be in more danger than a greased up baby in a lit candle factory, in more trouble than Mark the Literal Steak Man deep within the heart of a Texas BBQ convention, and in more distress than a man prone to tripping tight rope walking across the grand canyon.

That's all for now, take care, and remember to walk with the night.
Watch this if you're still on the fence about learning Vayne

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Like what you see? Check out my YouTube / Twitch channel!

Hey reader! My name is Constantine, and I'm really glad you chose to check out my Vayne guide. While you're here, why not check out my YouTube channel? The written guide is fine and dandy, but I've been making some awesome videos about how to play Vayne that I'm sure you'd love! Finally, I stream on Twitch, so make sure to follow me. I answer any and all questions as best I can while maintaining a chill and fun loving environment. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, thanks again for reading and take it easy my friend.

Anyway, back to the guide!

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Vayne Hype Boys

I've done some cool things with Vayne before. Not claiming to be a pro, but I don't think I'm half bad. Enjoy!

If you liked what you saw, make sure you check out my YouTube channel. I upload highlights and stuff to it, so there's a lot of awesome plays on it: Klicken Sie Hier Bitte!

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What Makes Vayne Special

In League of Legends there are almost 20 attack damage carries to chose from. The first lesson I will teach you is that all of them suck but Vayne. Here's why: no one quite has the...


Vayne is one of two ADCs in the game that has stealth. She is also one of three ADCs that has a stun and the only ADC to have a stun available as a non ultimate. Let's not forget her ability to constantly re-position herself with Tumble, allowing for mind-blowing kiting and chasing. Couple that with one of the largest passive move speed buffs in the game, Vayne is one versatile champion. Her versatility ends at cooking though; once she tried to help the buffs spice up their stews. They died. Of explosive diarrhea. And now you know the real reason why we have a new map.

'Truly' Tons of Damage

Champions that deal true damage are rare, but even rarer is an ADC that deals true damage. You guessed it, the night hunter purifies with true damage. Vayne is also incredibly unique in that she has an auto attack reset and re-position spell wrapped into one spell that, when maxed, is available almost every two seconds. Thus, in a duel at level 13, when used with proper skill, Vayne can dodge an enemy skill shot while triggering an auto attack re-set every 2-3 seconds. It's important to note that as Vayne it is 100% appropriate to spam 'rekt a rue' in all chat after wining a fight because you dodged skills shots and kited well.

Outplay Potential

Most importantly of all, remember that a skilled Vayne player can do almost anything. Check out this video if you need proof. It's from one of the several grand-master night hunters, Gosu. He is what all Vayne players should strive to be: a total bad ***.

Gosu is so good at Vayne that he decided to become one with the champion. He has given up speaking and won't even reveal what he looks like in honor of the stealthy nature of Vayne. He's like a really nerdy monk! Edit: RIP monk status. Oh well.

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Wow! Vayne looks awesome! She seems like an invincible goddess, right?

... Kinda! Vayne does have her fair share of problems. If any of these seem like too much for you to handle, then maybe Vayne isn't the champion for you. In all transparency, there are two main problems that Vayne has as a champion. Luckily, one of those can be overcome with skill. The other is manageable. So yah, nothing too terrible!

Weak laning phase
While late game Vayne may be the closest thing to a God the world has experienced since the time of Christ, her laning phase is far from it. Low attack range, little to no burst, and a lack of a hard escape (like an Ezreal or Tristana jump) means it's easy to fall behind early on. It's 100% possible to do well in lane as Vayne, she's just a weaker laner than someone like Lucian.
She's kinda hard to play
NO SHE'S NOT VAYNE IS THE EASIEST- (knocks typical solo q hero on the head with a club)- Sorry about that. Sometimes those things can get out of hand. Anyway, ima be real with ya'll for a second. Vayne is one of the harder ADCs to play in the game, second only to Draven. Even someone who has mained ADC for awhile may find themselves struggling with Vayne. And this does not mean that these players are bad. Again, being realistic here, Vayne is nothing like other ADCs. She has no dash to get over walls with, she has a short range, and she relies on stealth to survive in team fights. Not only that, since she has a short range, she demands a high level of micro that not a lot of players posses.
Team fighting, laning, and dueling as Vayne requires constant vigilance of enemy skill shots, an eagle eye for assassins and, most of all, great mechanics.

That being said, she's beyond worth learning. Vayne is a super fun champion to play who is also extremely strong. Many people rank her among the top 3 champions for solo q, including extremely high level players like phylol and Gosu. I just want you guys to be aware of the rabbit hole that you're diving into should you chose to try and learn Vayne.

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Pre-Shadowy-Slaughter: Vayne Stat Ranking

More than ever before, League of Legends offers a lot item of choices. There's a lot of really strong items out there. There's also Banner of Command. To establish a context for what items, runes, and masteries are strong and which are Banner of Command levels of bad on Vayne, we need to first and foremost establish the basics of what stats are good on Vayne and why. Below, you will see a stat ranking in order of significance, the top being the best stat and the bottom being the least important stat, and at the very very bottom is Banner of Command.

Stat Ranking

Attack Speed

A narrow first, attack speed on the night hunter is the most essential stat. Nothing else is more important to putting out as much damage as possible than attack speed.

If you examine this item build and the skill set of Vayne, you should notice two very interesting synergies shared with attack speed: Silver Bolts and the passive from Blade of the Ruined King. Both of these sources of damage are huge and directly proportional to attack speed. That is, the faster Vayne attacks, the more she cashes in on these passives. Tried and true, attack speed Vayne is the late game monster we all love-- and fear.

Fair warning: microing (attack moving and kiting) as Vayne is difficult to do well and requires a lot of skill because of her short range and high attack speed. You're going to miss micro and interrupt some auto attacks or tumble into an enemy team. It's all good! Everyone sucks at the beginning. Even the mighty Gosu struggled to learn how to attack move-- it took him over 13 minutes to master it at level 3!
Attack Damage
Coming in at a close second, attack damage is the other basic essential to demolishing your enemies. Flat damage is a stat that every attack damage carry longs for and Vayne is no exception.

Besides the obvious fact that auto attacks become stronger the more attack damage an ADC has, it's also important to note that Vayne's Tumble and Condemn scale with attack damage as well. Thus the more AD Vayne has, the better the other parts of her kit(as in skills) becomes. Fun fact: Condemn used to scale off of AP. Besides the fact that Vayne had literally nothing else in her kit that even remotely synergized with AP, people used to occasionally try AP Vayne. Those 27 minutes of utter failure in the bot lane made old Fiora look like a rock solid champion.

Remember that attack damage is not perfect as it is counted by armor, which reduces the physical damage received by a champion. This problem is not shared by attack speed because Silver Bolts deal true damage, hence why attack speed "trumps" attack damage. Both stats are exceptionally important however, so please don't neglect either of them in your build!
Critical Strike
Critical strike is a stat that allows your auto attack to deal double (or, with an Infinity Edge, double and a half times) the normal damage of an auto attack. Ergo, with 20% critical strike chance, an auto attack that would normally deal 100 damage will, one out of five times, deal 200 damage.

Unlike attack speed and attack damage, critical strike is only a good stat to have in the late game. Why? First of all, early on, Vayne doesn't have much attack damage. Instead of doing 70 damage, level 4 Vayne crits for 140!... Wow... that's... really shi ty! Furthermore, if Vayne is firing really slowly, that one and five critical strike is going to land a lot less often than if Vayne is popping off an auto attack every 3/4 of a second.

You get the point. I hope it's clear now why Infinity Edge is the third item in my "standard" Vayne build. At that point in the build, Vayne has plenty of attack speed from both Phantom Dancer and Blade of the Ruined King to roll crits often and the attack damage from Infinity Edge and Blade of the Ruined King to boost the numbers sky high.

Critical strike is Vayne's late game icing on the cake so to speak. With fifty percent crit chance (IE + PD) Vayne will start to three shot squishy enemies. For that dirty dirty late game damage, pick up an Infinity Edge at your local Wall Mart today!
Life Steal
Tied for fourth place, the stat life steal heals a champion based on how much damage they deal to an enemy with auto attacks. Having some life steal is very handy for healing during the laning phase and often will result in narrowly cheating death or, better yet, not getting bullied out of lane by dirty Caitlyn players.

While life steal is important, it is mostly used in the early game, hence why we buy an item like Doran's Blade to start. Like the appendix in the human body, once Vayne evolves to her late game form, life steal becomes much less important compared to stats like attack speed. Unlike the appendix, life steal will not randomly become infected and almost kill you.

A question some of you may have is what happened the the life steal quints everyone used to run? Or, if you would like to put it in terms the league community would understand, " Lee Sin: I don't see why you kkkk f Urgot to get LS runes. Darude-Sandstorm. Sandstorm-Darude. Sandrude-Dastorm. ELO hell is real believe."

While you are correct that life steal used to be standard runage on Vayne, the simple answer is that life steal runes got nerfed and attack speed runes got buffed. So if you can't afford the current runes because you dumped several thousand IP into life steal quints, blame rito, not me.
Movement Speed
The co-owner of the fourth place slot may surprise you, but movement speed is essential to the success of any champion regardless of role. Movement speed allows a champion to preform everything in the game with more efficiency, making it a must have stat.

Speaking of needing movement speed, because Vayne has one of the, if not the, shortest attack range of any ranged champion in the game, she desperately needs movement speed. Why? Vayne has to get close to her enemies to deal her damage— dangerously close. To compensate for this, she's going to need to be quick and agile, which means movement speed is going to be essential. Remember: bryophytes cannot grow very high because they have no vascular tissue. I have... absolutely no idea what this has to do with Vayne.
Armor Penetration
Armor penetration, like penetration in real life, is a complicated topic. Most people like to think they know what they're talking about when it comes to penetration, but, in reality, most are inexperienced and poorly informed on the topic. This problem is only perpetuated by the fact that most people aren't comfortable talking to each other about penetration, and many adults simply won't tell their kids what they need to know about penetration, leaving sketchy people on the internet, like me, to teach them all about it. And now you don't even know which penetration we're talking about.

There are two kinds of penetration, va-... I mean... flat, armor penetration, and scaling. The tl;dr is that scaling is weak on Vayne but flat with a Q max is really good.

The way armor pen works is simple for flat variety; it simply removes that much armor from a target. Lucian has 50 armor, you have 20 flat armor pen, he's down to 30, bada bing bada boom easy money. The less armor a target has, the more effective flat armor pen is. Because math that's really boring says so and I don't think you really care that much.

On the other hand, scaling armor pen is quite weak on Vayne in most circumstances. At the very most, you're going to have one source of it from this build. More so than any other ADC, Vayne really doesn't need a lot of armor pen to be a strong team fighter. Because true damage!

To elaborate, even if Vayne does elect to buy scaling armor penetration, the primary source ( Lord Dominik's Regards) provides percentage based armor penetration on bonus armor, which means her armor penetration only really makes a significant impact when hitting tanks, which is really the only time you need it. Because of Silver Bolts, Blade of the Ruined King, and the already low defensive stats of squishy targets like mages and attack damage carries, Vayne does not need much, if any, scaling armor penetration.
Defensive Stats
As a champion that is focused on dealing a ton of damage as fast as possible, defense is hardly a priority. Instead, Vayne relies on things like stealth, knock backs, quick thinking and Tumble to re position and stay safe.

That being said, it is important to buy at least one defensive item. I will go into which defensive items to buy latter, but just note that defensive is not as important as damage on Vayne.

And that just about wraps up all you need to know about the stats. Throughout the guide I won't be explaining in-depth why AD on an item or mastery is a good thing because you already know why it's good, so i'll simply write a basic overview or a discussion of how good the sheer amount of a stat you get from an item is to avoid boring you guys to death. Now, let's move onto runes and masteries, shall we?

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Pre-Shadowy-Slaughter: Runes and Masteries

Your Rune Page


Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Vayne is by all means a weak laner who is exceptionally easy to poke down. Flat armor is essential for weathering the poke of the enemy lane as well as kiting bruisers, diminishing minion damage, jungle mobs, fighting the other ADC... you get the idea.

Last hitting is rough. We can make it easy with flat AD. Besides, you're late game doesn't need any help. Seriously, getting scaling runes on Vayne would just be cruel to the enemy team.

Attack speed is our best stat. Why not buff it up with some attack speed glyphs? Simple enough!

However, Vayne's primary weakness in lane is poke. Tough supports for you to lane against will be ones like Sona and Nami, who will relentlessly smack you with spells. I'd suggest running a second rune page with these magic resistance glyphs in it, just incase you run up against one of these rough match ups where you'll certainly need them.

Early game, Vayne's trading potential has... a lot left to be desired. These runes can help with that, making it much more likely for you to pop those juicy Silver Bolts early on. Good for last hitting and dueling early. They also scale into the late game quite well despite being flat runes.

Again, the old quints of life steal and attack damage are no longer used because they were nerfed and attack speed quints were buffed. Welcome to the next chapter of runadge you adc mains.

Your Masteries

So masteries have gotten a little more dicey recently and many of my choices may be points of contention. I want to say, first and foremost, that these masteries are recommendations. Please feel free to experiment, change, doodel, what ever you like with them. But, without further ado, allow me to explain my choices.

A solid summary of offensive masteries are that every choice you make is a sliding scale in terms of sustain vs damage. Based on your choices of masteries, you can give your Vayne build a better shot at making it in lane (sustain) or packing a heavier punch in duels and team fights. Personally, I find that the early sustain masteries tend to be better than the keystone ones, while the keystone damage mastery for attack damage carries is superior to the sustain version. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is best for each game. My thoughts of the masteries are below; they might help you come to your final decisions.

Feast VS Double Edged Sword

"But what abo-" It's garbage. "But isn't the extra da-" It's not worth it. Let's just not go there.

Anyway, this choice is rather straight forward. Feast tends to be the optimal choice as it gives fantastic sustain compared to Double Edged Sword . Vayne, now in this meta more than ever, really struggles against ADC's who are built to be strong in the mid game. These mid game power spiking ADCs are great at bullying Vayne out of lane, usually resulting in bad trades for her and losing lane. We can stop this from happening by building items that heal back the harass and taking masteries that do the same. Ergo, Feast .

However, there are games where Double Edged Sword is a a superior choice. For instance, the enemy bot lane is Janna Tristana. Obviously, this is a hyper carry lane with a hyper carry support. You aren't very worried about being harassed and for sure don't need the sustain from Feast . The extra damage from Double Edged Sword , however, really helps in the late game and is a much better choice than Feast .

TL:DR; Take feast if you need lane sustain, take double edged sword if you want a stronger late game and don't need the lane sustain from feast.

Vampirism VS Natural Talent

This mastery point title sounds like some sort of existential question about the morality of using vampirism to expedite the mastery of some craft. Ironically enough, Vampirism is a must have for Vayne and is absolutely better than Natural Talent .

Why, you may ask? Let's look at the math behind natural talent. First of all, Natural Talent gives an extra 15 ap at level 18, which is utterly useless to us. All Vayne has left to benefit from is the masteries 10 ad at level 18. That's a pathetic half an attack damage point per level. At its best, Natural Talent gives Vayne an extra long sword at level 18. Whoopie! Or, at level 1 and beyond, Vayne can gain an extra 2% life steal that will help her stay in lane, farm better, and earn enough gold to buy an Infinity Edge instead.

TL;DR: 2% life steal is just too good to pass up. Also natural talent blows donkey balls on Vayne.

Oppressor VS Bounty Hunter

From behind or ahead, Oppressor is always good. Bounty Hunter only helps when you're kicking the living hell out of the enemy team. So there's no reason to pick a "win more" mastery when you can pick a "help me get into a wining position always" mastery.

Fervor of Battle VS Warlord's Bloodlust

At first, Warlord's Bloodlust looks like a great keystone for Vayne. For most of this guide all I've done is rattle on and on about how badly Vayne needs sustain, and this is a sustain mastery, bob's your uncle right?

Well, yes and no. Basically, Warlord's Bloodlust got nerfed into the ground and is total **** now. Let's break down exactly how Warlord's Bloodlust actually works.
  • The lower your champion's health is, the more life steal they get. At some unknown threshold equal to very fking low, gain a max of 20% life steal against enemies.
  • This extra life steal is cut is half against minons.
  • If the champion is ranged ( Vayne is, obvious) the benefit gets cut down to 25%.

So, at the very peak of its performance, Vayne gets an extra 5% life steal against minions. So yah, if Vayne is getting poked down to oblivion, Warlord's Bloodlust offers a measly 5% extra life steal against minions. Typically it's floating around 2% and 3% when Vayne starts to need it.

On the other hand, Fervor of Battle buffs up Vayne's ad by an insane amount in long lasting team fights. This ad buff is especially important for the time in between building Blade of the Ruined King and Infinity Edge, as you're not going to be getting any more ad for another 2.6k gold since Phantom Dancer is a core second item. Plus, the extra AD scales with life steal from your Fervor of Battle attack damage anyway, so it tends to give you a little extra sustain in fights anyway. Overall it's just mathematically a better keystone than Warlord's Bloodlust .

TL;DR: warlod's bloodlust doesn't really give that much life steal (only 5% at best against creeps) and fervor gives you a flip ton of AD, so yah it's just better because math.

Your Masteries: Cunning

The cunning tree kind of builds itself. Savagery is great because farming last hits as Vayne is great, Vayne doesn't get buffs until end game when she starts to take red buff and she always has a support with her so Assassin is terrible, mana regen is never an issue so Merciless is better, and finally Bandit blows because we're the one who's killing all the minons so we get almost no benefit from this mastery.

If I seem underwhelmed by the cunning tree, that's because I am. Sadly going resolve simply isn't an option due to that juicy Savagery mastery in cunning. Unlike the other masteries in ferocity, there is no wiggle room here and I would never change any of my masteries in the cunning tree.

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Pre-Shadowy-Slaughter: Summoner Spells

A choice? With your summoner spells? HA!

Flash is just Flash. It's unholy how good it is. Juke, run, chase, re-position, you name it and Flash can do it. The only thing it can't do is... oh wait I forgot. This spell is Flash. It can do anything.

Heal: The bad version of Flash

Since you can't take Flash twice, Heal is the next best thing. The movement speed gained from it is invaluable for both running and chasing. Plus you can also save your allies with it in a tough spot. Support your support when he needs support by choosing the more supporty summoner spell heal... for support.

Other choices

To be honest, there really are not other viable choices. Barrier is just strictly worse than heal, Cleanse is extremely situational(the enemy team has literally over 6 long lasting stuns with at least one on each champion), and Exhaust is taken by your support. Besides, the movespeed from Heal allows you to just... run away from the cc champions.

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Pre-Shadowy-Slaughter: Concerning power spikes

Before we get into buying items and laning, you need to understand what a power spike is. Power spikes are an incredibly important part of playing league of legends well. Through no exaggeration, understanding how power spikes work is the first step to getting into diamond. If you read nothing else in the guide, please take a minute to read this section; it's just that important.

So, before we go on, let's establish a basic functional definition of what a power spike is. A power spike occurs when a champion becomes particularly strong in comparison to other champions.

A metaphor for you all

I want you to imagine a line of clocks and two people winding them. Every time they finish winding a clock, let's say they score a point. At the very start of the clock winding competition, neither person has wound any clocks.

The winding of clocks is a metaphor for champions acquiring gold. Champions don't actually get any "points" (aka items that make them stronger) until they FINISH winding a clock, which is buying an item.

If the enemy Jinx has a 20 cs lead on you as Vayne, that doesn't amount to anything until she backs and spends that gold. Don't be afraid to fight someone in lane because their score is better. The only thing that matters ever is what level an enemy is, what teammates are around them, and what items they have. Maybe vision control. But CS, kills, all of that is just a tool to guess-ta-mate at their relative strength. Keep your head grounded in reality, not numbers.

Let's fast forward 10 minutes. Person A has wound up one clock and is about half way to winding up their second. Person B has JUST finished winding up their first clock. So, who's ahead in this competition?

The answer is no one. Even if you have 1,200 gold on the enemy ADC, you still only have one item and they still only have one item. You haven't actually got any power on them, you're just closer to additional power than they are.

If we were to take a snap shot of this clock winding competition, one could deduce that person A is wining, but at the very moment in time the score is still 1-1. However, if we were to look at the score five minutes later, person A has just finished winding up their second clock.

You're Vayne. You now have Blade of the Ruined King and a Phantom Dancer. The enemy Jinx has Infinity Edge and random components to some unknown second item. You have wound two clocks, she has only wound up one. You're much stronger than she is right now, so if you were to fight her 2 on 2, you would most likely win because you're simply more powerful.

If you were to fight her and put her behind, she has to stop winding up her second clock. She's dead. She can't CS or kill people or push towers or anything. You, on the other hand, are free to do so since you are alive. Now you're half way to winding up your third clock and she's still working on her second! If you keep fighting her and she keeps having to stop winding her clock, you're going to get more and more ahead of her and she's going to become more and more useless.

So why is knowing any of this important?

As a very good league of legends player, Hman, once said to me, "You should think of a game of league of legends as a race to get max power first. Power spikes are the times when we climb fastest but the periods inbetween spikes are not only slow points but also negatively affect our power levels (effectively) because the enemy champions are increasing in strength and endurance."

"In other words, they can more efficiently deal with your newfound power. This is why we try to deny cs and towers in order to delay the enemy spikes with respect to our own to reach high power levels faster."

Power spikes are a scientific theory that explain why it's good to level up and buy a big item. Knowing how to manipulate them and play around them can keep you consistently stronger than your opponents and help you become an amazing league player.

Why do power spikes happen?

I understand that this concept can be confusing, so I made this graph of the power level of Vayne to hopefully help you better understand.
While this graph does only take into account items, it does a good job of representing the growth in strength of Vayne. There are a few key points to stress.

Take a look at the magnitude of the power spikes. Notice how you get a small power spike when you buy a Recurve Bow and a huge power spike when you finish Phantom Dancer. Simply put, a Phantom Dancer makes you significantly stronger than a Recurve Bow does.

Why, you may ask? Not only does Phantom Dancer cost more, it also gives you much better stats than the raw items. The best example of the finished product being significantly stronger than the pieces is our classic starting item, Blade of the Ruined King.

Bilgewater Cutlass and Dagger x2 give you 30 attack speed, 25 attack damage, 8 life steal, 15 damage on hit, and a skill that deals 100 damage and a slow.

For the price of 750 gold you can combine these items to gain an extra 15 attack speed, the ability to acquire a spell that steals max health and movement speed, and a passive that deals 6% of a targets current health every auto attack. That's a massive power increase compared to where you were earlier.

Interactions with Enemy Power Spikes: The basics

Furthermore, let's consider a statement that Hman made earlier: "the periods in-between spikes are not only slow points but also negatively affect our power levels (effectively) because the enemy champions are increasing in strength and endurance. In other words, they can more efficiently deal with your new found power."

Here is yet another graph to help you visualize this concept that, again, can be confusing.
Here's the situation. Vayne got an early lead and was able to power spike earlier than the enemy Ashe by buying a Blade of the Ruined King. For a while, Vayne is quite stronger than Ashe is.

However, during this period of being stronger, Ashe buys an Infinity Edge while Vayne still only has a Blade of the Ruined King. Now Ashe is stronger, even though Vayne is still ahead. Vayne is waiting to power spike again but needs more time before she can finish her Phantom Dancer.

It's within these, as Hman described it, in between periods of power spikes that we are most vunerable to losing a lead. As you can see from the graph, Ashe is more powerful than Vayne for a short period of time before Vayne can buy her Phantom Dancer and take back her power lead. Vayne should play in a passive style in order to not engage in combat and thus not risk losing her lead to the temporarily more powerful Ashe.

If we were to reverse the perspective of the situation, Ashe should be doing everything she can to fight at this point in the game. Now that she has a temporary lead, this is the opportune moment to strike before she loses it again. If she can find an engage here and land a kill, she will not only delay Vayne's power spike even more but also push herself even closer to another power spike.

If you as a player are aware of this tide-in-tide-out nature of a League of Legends game, you can take advantage of these ebs and flows of power to take back a losing lane or clutch a lead and never let it go. To do this, you need to know Vayne's power spikes very well, which I have laid out bellow for your ease of access.

When Vayne hits power spikes

Knowing when Vayne's power spikes are and when her enemies are can be the difference between victory and defeat. Here are some classic power spike points you should be familiar with:

How to use these power spikes

When Vayne hits a power spike point (one of the many previously mentioned) you should immediately consider if you can pick a fight.

From what I've told you earlier, you should know three mains things; that this is the strongest you have been thus far, any time beyond this is an in between power spike period where you won't become significantly stronger for a substantial period of time, and that you are most likely stronger than the enemy is right now because they are likely to be within an in between power spike period. Thus, whether you are behind and trying to catch up or ahead and looking to further secure your lead, striking right after you have hit a power spike is an ideal and wise decision.

Always keep power spikes in mind while laning. Using these to your advantage will win you games.

For instance, if you hit level 2 way earlier than the enemy bot lane does, fight them! You have double the spells that they have (quite literally, as they have one ability and you have two) and you have more minons than they do, so at the very least you'll trade well with them.

Here's another example: If you have finished Blade of the Ruined King and the enemy Corki has the mats for Trinity Force, fight him. Why? Because you've hit a power spike earlier than he has. That is, you have a major item finished (your Blade of the Ruined King) and he hasn't finished his first major item ( Trinity Force). Take advantage of this and widen your lead if you can.

The enemy Lucian is level 5 and you're level 6? Fight him! You've got your ultimate and he doesn't. That's a big advantage. If you have 3 major items and the enemy Riven only has two, a duel is certainly in your favor so long as you play it right.

Essentially, power spikes are quick and easy ways to determine the wisdom behind your battles. Comparing power spikes is like a general seeing how many troops the enemy army has. It's not the sole indicator of victory of defeat, but fighting with more men certainly helps. Throughout this guide I will be referencing power spikes, especially in champion match ups. If you still don't understand power spikes, feel free to message me and tell me where the disconnect is. I understand this stuff is complicated and I want to do everything I can to help.

Also, f uck Banner of Command.

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The Arsenal of Shadows: Part 0 : The Tl;DR rundown on items

Just a short video here for anyone who only has 10 minutes or so to learn how to build Vayne. Enjoy!

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The Arsenal of Shadows: Part 1: Early Game items (BORK or Ghost?)

Starting Items

______ ______

These three items should always be taken at the start of the game no matter what. Doran's Blade is simply way too good for its cost for anything else to even come close to it. 7 AD, 70 health, and 3 life steal means this item gives you burst, sustain, and defense all wrapped into one 450 gold item.

Health Potion is taken for a band aid to stay in lane longer if a trade goes south or you get poked. And trust me, both of those things are far from rare occurrences when laning as Vayne.

Finally, the Warding Totem is taken for an obvious reason and a not so obvious reason. Obviously, you take this trinket to ward tri brush and river to get a heads up when someone is coming to murder you.

Something not so obvious is Warding Totem's synergy with Vayne's E, Condemn. Imagine bottom lane for a second and consider where all the walls are where you would typically pin someone. A significant number of those walls are lined with brush, something you can't see into unless you are A. in it or B. you have warded it.

If you've ever played Vayne before, you've probably had the annoying experience of pining someone to a wall and being unable to attack them because you literally can't see them. A smart Vayne will Condemn someone to a wall and immediately follow it up by warding the bush for maximum wreckage.

The Way of the Gosu Blade

My how times have changed. It's just so curious, as a veteran of this game, to watch the meta and core items for champions evolve with the shifting sands. Three years ago, I would have laughed in your face if you told me that Youmuu's Ghostblade would be core on Vayne. Yet here we stand in a world where it's a great choice. So as I'm sure may of you are wondering,

What the hell? Isn't BORK core?

I've preformed plenty of testing of this build, and as of now, due to a host of factors, Youmuu's Ghostblade is a viable first item on Vayne. Buckle your seat belts boys, we're going on a long and esoteric journey through the history of league of legends and why this change has occurred. I respect the history of Blade of the Ruined King on Vayne probably more than most people and was exceptional hesitant to make this change, so I want to show you guys exactly my thought process and why I think this is an awesome item.

How things used to be (Seasons 3-5)

Let's begin with what Vayne originally was. After her initial release and nerfs to her early game, Vayne settled into (in my opinion) a healthy spot as a weak laner hypercarry duelist. Understanding this will become important latter.

Now before season six, games used to last a lot longer. This was mostly due to stronger towers and longer death timers. This meant that champions such as Kog'Maw, Jinx, Vayne, and Tristana thrived in this meta. Meanwhile champions such as Corki, Graves (while he was still an ADC) and Miss Fortune suffered by comparison due to their strength in the mid game.

This is kind of an odd concept so let's make this explicit through examples. For instance, let's talk about Corki real quick. Corki is a champion who is very strong in the mid game for several reasons:
  • Corki is an ability based champion. This means that most of his damage comes from casting spells. While Corki obviously gets stronger by buying more items, he (compared to Vayne, more on this latter) gets stronger with levels by comparison. Basically, Corki really only needs Trinity Force to start dealing a lot of damage.
  • Because of all the reasons above, Corki power spikes in the mid game. If you aren't familiar with power spikes, scroll down real quick and read up. They're important to understand for this discussion.
  • Now, because he power spikes in the mid game, Corki's best bet to win a game is to end it while he is strong, essentially around or before the thirty minute mark.

Cool. Let's do the same thing with Vayne.
  • Vayne is an auto attack based ADC. While she does get stronger with levels, her primary strength comes from having lots of items.
  • Vayne reaches her strongest point when she has the most items, aka the super late game. She is, however, weak before she gets those items. Thus, Vayne power spikes in the late game.
  • Because she power spikes in the late game, Vayne is more than happy to secure an early victory, but realistically she needs to wait to get her items (usually around the 30 minute mark back then) in order to win a team fight and secure a win.

All right, now that we're clear on these two champions, let's talk about why a slow meta was bad for Corki. Remember how I said most games lasted longer? This is because the short death timers and strong towers meant that any success in the mid game couldn't be transitioned into a victory. If Corki had an advantage over Vayne, her team could simply turtle in their base and wait for her to power spike in the late game, leaving Corki in the dust. Towers were just too damn hard to bust to punish this playstyle.


But Everything Changed in Season Six

So what happened to this late game utopia I just described? Riot tweaked their secret sauce. Death timers last longer (AKA you're more punished for dying in the early and mid game) and towers are much easier to kill, meaning that while you're dead the enemies have a much larger window of opportunity to capitalize on said death.

Vayne has now found herself in an awkward spot. Without a late game to powerspike in, her usefulness as a champion took a serious hit. The best part about Vayne wasn't even in the average game anymore, and she was simply relegated to a tank buster pick against enemies that were trying to drag a game out anyway.

Again, without a late game, Vayne just wasn't a good pick anymore. And, furthermore, the absolute dominance of Lucian made it incredibly tough to even limp through a lane phase anymore, much less against that of the new and improved Caitlyn. Most of us high elo ADCs simply decided she wasn't worth playing anymore and moved onto other champions.


And Then Korea (and a nerf bat) Found a Way

That didn't stop people from trying to bring Vayne back into the spotlight. Like they always seem to do, Korea stumbled upon a miracle solution for the plight of Vayne's weak mid game. Rather than trying to boost her already strong late game by purchasing a Blade of the Ruined King, the Koreans simply decided to utterly abandon the idea of having an optimal late game power spike and instead purchase for max power in the mid game, aka, Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Furthermore, Riot, the spiteful God that it is, saw the land of the eternal sun ruled over by Lucian and Corki. And lo, with a swing of the legendary nerf bat, a twilight fell upon their fields of freelo.

So here's the situation as it stands; Riot released an item that made Vayne better in the mid game and, at the same time, nerfed the two big mid game power houses. As I watched Riot lay the foundation of this road to Vayne's redemption, all I could do was pray.

And it worked. Vayne, with this new build and new enviorment, has now found her way back into the meta. At least, in relatively competent hands, Vayne can do very well in this new season six. But enough about what has already happened, let's talk about this item and why you need to buy it!


What does Youmuu's Ghostblade Do?

To best understand why this item is king of the midgame, we need to talk about its stat line. You'll soon find that the stat trend for Youmuu's Ghostblade can be summed up in one phrase: this item is straight up odd. The cooldown reduction and flat armor penetration are not seen anywhere else in this build. Let's break down the stats:
  • 65 Attack Damage: A tremendous amount of attack damage. To put this in perspective, the AD on this bad boy is equal to that of an Infinity Edge.
  • 10 Cooldown Reduction: CDR is probably the second rarest stat next to AP to be purchased on Vayne, but in Vayne's case it's actually incredibly useful. More on this later.
  • 20 FLAT armor penetration: The flat armor pen simply takes away 20 armor from any target you hit. Where this really comes into play is making squishies even more squishy than they already are. More on why this matters latter.
  • Unique activate: Gain 20% move speed and 40% attack speed: Hit this button to activate gotta go fast mode or flee-in-terror mode. This extra attack and movement speed for six seconds can be a massive help when kiting murderous divers like Riven and Jax who have a million and one ways to lock you up and stay on you. Also helps you obliterate squishes faster.


Why is Gosu Blade good for mid game?

If League of Legends were league of life, then the mid game is the teenage years. Everyone is in this clunky stage where the late game champions are getting scarier, the early game picks are weakening, and there's those weird kids who are peaking mid game and you have no idea how because life is confusing and you need more Van Halen.

Within this awkward stage of time, the awkward item Youmuu's Ghostblade shines. Awkwardly well!

Every square inch of this item screams fight as soon as you buy me. First off, the extra cooldown reduction means that you can use all of your spells more, namely your ultimate Final Hour. Thus, you can engage in combat more often because you will have access to your full kit more regularly. Because playing an ADC with huge burst true damage simply wasn't enough, you also have to become invisible and dodge stuff more often too.

Then there's the 20 flat armor penetration that makes this item a carry crusher. Let's say we have a level 13 Lucian. At this point in the game, Lucian will have 57 armor, assuming he has no buffs. 57 armor means that you deal 36% reduced damage every time you auto attack him. When you apply the 20 flat armor penetration, that number jumps down to 27% reduced damage, effectively meaning that the 20 flat armor pen gives you an extra 9% physical damage when fighting him. Which is a big deal; you basically kill him 5-10% faster than normal.

Furthermore, this extra armor penetration, coupled with the huge AD from the blade, allows us to max tumble in lane. This allows Vayne to trade exceptionally well with other ADCs. Before, with the Silver Bolts max, Vayne really struggled to trade efficiently, needing three consecutive auto attacks on a target to deal reasonable levels of damage. Most ADCs can simply trade faster and better than this, so with the BORK build, Vayne was essentially a passive or all in kind of ADC.

However, with Youmuu's Ghostblade, one Tumble auto can absolutly destroy an enemy ADC. Some math for you guys:
  • Let's assume Vayne is level six. She has a Serrated Dirk and a Doran's Blade.
  • ((Level six AD (base) = 62 AD)+ (Doran's = 8 AD) + (Dirk = 20) + (Runes=9)) * (Tumble Bonus Damage = 1.4) = 139 damage auto attack. (Assuming no stacks of fervor for battle)
  • ((Level six AD (base) = 62 AD)+ (Doran's = 8 AD) + (Dirk = 20) + (Runes=9) + (Fervor Stacks Max= 24 AD) * (Tumble Bonus Damage = 1.4) = 172 damage auto attack
  • Due to the armor penetration from runes and masteries and the Serrated Dirk, each auto from Tumble is going to deal about 1/8 of the enemies max health. Which is insane when compared to how little damage Tumble autos were doing with a Silver Bolts max.

Moving onto the active, a huge move speed and attack speed steroid. Youmuu's Ghostblade actually has cocaine hidden in the hilt, causing the user to go into a frenzy for a few seconds when they snort it. Surging in speed can really catch enemies off guard, especially if you're kiting or hunting someone down.

Don't over value the attack speed boost. While this item is really strong as a damage boost, staying alive always takes priority. Death kills people, and squishy Vayne is especially prone to death by dying. Redundancy aside, Youmuu's Ghostblade's speed enhancement can get you out of situations that you would have certainly died in without it. Don't fight your problems, run from them and hide behind your big fat Maoki who will be burned and stabbed while you delete the enemies trying to chop him to bits.

Finally, besides allowing you to obtain a strong power spike in the mid game, Youmuu's Ghostblade substantially increases your pushing power. Typically, a Vayne with Blade of the Ruined King and Youmuu's Ghostblade will two shot caster minons and three shot melee minions. When the objectives like dragon and easy towers are down, feel free to push out a side lane.

Your dueling power with this item (as I would really, really hope you know this by now) is really strong, so it's hard to imagine someone being able to 1v1 you. With proper wards and good map awareness added to the mix, you should get even more ahead of your foes even when you're not killing them or their structures. Seriously though, if you push a side lane, look at your damn mini map. Your support worked so hard to put those little green dots of salvation just for you. The least you can do is use them!

That being said, BORK still kicks ***

Blade of the Ruined King is the greatest blessing Riot has ever bestowed onto Vayne. This item is mind blowingly strong on her. Much like an atomic bomb, this item has many layers that interact in a lot of different and beneficial ways.
  • 25 attack damage
  • 10% life steal
  • 40% attack speed
  • Your attacks deal an additional 6% of the targets current health in physical damage.- This is current health, not total! If they have 500 life in total but are currently at 100 life this passive will deal 6 damage, not 30.
  • Activate: Steal 10% of the targets max health and 25% of their movement speed.
The flat stats are self explanatory, but the unique passive is... unique. 6% of an enemies current health chunked every time you auto attack them. Reminiscent of the good old Madreads Blood Razor, this passive in conjunction with Silver Bolts opens up another unique aspect of Vayne: her ability to utterly annihilate tanks.

Think about it, every auto attack deals damage based on their current health (which is a lot considering they are a beefy tank) and every third attack deals true damage that ignore all the armor they have stacked up. They won't know what hit them. Both because they died so fast and because you were probably invisible for half the fight.

Ah yes, and let us not forget the activate to end all activates. Not only does it deal 10% of a foes max health, it also steals 25% of their movement speed.

Just take a second to consider how absurdly good this is. Not only do you get 90 movement speed from Night Hunter when your ultimate is active, you can now steal 25% of an enemies movement speed while also healing yourself and dealing 10% of their max health in physical damage. It's practically impossible for someone to escape Vayne's clutches once she drops an ult and a blade onto a helpless victim. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, keep in mind you also have a stun.

Wow, they both sound really good. Which do I get?


Your Tier 2 Boots

Berserker's Greaves are significantly less interesting. Movement speed is good because going fast is good, and all T2 boots that aren't Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility give the same move speed. Any extra move speed from boots isn't really needed because of her built in move speed steroid Night Hunter.

Extra attack speed is strong for reasons previously mentioned. And if anyone is wondering if you should ever take Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, the answer is a definitive no. If the enemy has too much CC, there is an item you can buy that will take care of it ( Mercurial Scimitar) and if too much attack damage is an issue, there isn't any reasonable purchase on Vayne to help you with that problem besides GA. Berserker's Greaves, like Blade of the Ruined King, are non negotiable.

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The Arsenal of Shadows: Cutlass or Bow?

Bow or blade first?

After recalling from lane, if you do decide to go bork, chances are you won't be able to buy both your Recurve Bow and Bilgewater Cutlass at the same time. The question then arises of which to buy? Most people say that you always go for Bilgewater Cutlass first, but that is simply not true. What you buy first depends on which skill you are maxing.

If you are maxing Tumble in lane or you need life steal because the enemy is poking you a lot, you should always go for a Bilgewater Cutlass first. Why? Because Tumble scales off of your attack damage and life steal helps heal back up poke damage.

Think about it this way, your best skill is the one you're maxing first in lane. If you're buying items, you want that skill to get the most benefit out of that purchase as it can. Tumble doesn't need to make you attack faster to deal more damage, it just needs more AD to scale with. Hence, why you grab cutlass first.

The same can be said about Recurve Bow; if you level up Silver Bolts first, it's really important to get off as many auto attacks as possible to maximize your Silver Bolts damage. Doing more attack damage won't make your silver bolts deal more damage.

TL;DR: Buy bow if you max silver, buy cutlass if you max Q or need life steal.

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The Arsenal of Shadow: Part 2: Mid game decisions (2nd item)

Now that you (hopefully) understand the concept of power spikes and how to use them, we need to examine our two choices for mid game items and how they relate to the concept of power spikes. To be brief, Phantom Dancer is a late game power spike and Statikk Shiv is good for wave clear, burst, and a mid game powerspike.


The Path of the Phantom

As you can all tell from its title, Phantom Dancer is purchased when you want more power in the late game. This item is picked in about 90% of all your games: having a power spike late in the game, item wise, to compliment your natural late game power spike makes for an absurdly strong end game for a solid finish.

What does Phantom Dancer do?

Phantom Dancer is an item that focuses primarily on enhancing your auto attacks, dueling, and move speed. It is an item that literally scales in quality with your other items. Below is a specific breakdown of its stats:
  • 45 Attack Speed: The best attack speed you'll get from any item in this build.
  • 30 Critical Strike Chance: Even though Vayne doesn't stack much auto attack damage at this point in the build, the critical strike is useful when combined with Tumble for burst damage that will even surprise you. And regular crits are still ball busters.
  • 5 Move Speed Multiplier: This is not 5 move speed, this is a 5 move speed multiplier. You actually get a solid chunk of move speed out of this for ease of kiting and fleeing. For a complete article on how to calculate move speed, click here: Move Speed Wiki Article
  • Unique Passive: Spectral Waltz: Remember Vayne's passive? Same thing, but instead of flat move speed, Phantom Dancer gives Vayne 7% move speed. If there was any chance for an enemy to outrun you, spectral waltz is here to kill that dream real quick.
  • Unique Passive: Lament: An extremely powerful passive that helps Vayne do what Vayne does best; 1v1 skrubs. Cutting the damage of the last person auto attacked by 12%, this passive makes Vayne an absurdly deadly duelist that at times can feel a little unstoppable should you find your prey all alone.


Why is Phantom Dancer strong late game?

Phantom Dancer stats are unique because they scale very well with multiple other stats. The point in which you have the most stats that scale with attack speed is indeed the late game. Thus, this item is most effective at that point in the game.

The concept of stats scaling off of each other can be kind of odd, so I'll try and explain it as best I can. Everything in League of Legends has a balance to it. Think about making a build for an attack damage carry. The two main sources of damage come from attack damage and attack speed. Attack speed makes you deal more damage because you get to deal your attack damage more often, and attack damage makes your damage stronger because each attack hits harder.

If you were to make a build using only attack damage, you would be an idiot. Why? Because after awhile the effectiveness of your attack damage hits a soft cap.

Soft cap, you say? Is that the fuzzy thing my peppy aunt puts on my baby sister's head to keep her warm, regardless of the temperature outside because she "just looks so precious in it?" Close! When a stat in League of Legends hits a soft cap, it means that there isn't a literal limit to how much of a stat you can get, but eventually it becomes redundant to get more.

Logically thinking, if you had 1000 attack damage and were to attack once per second, giving yourself an extra 10 attack damage from a Long Sword would make a minuscule difference in your damage output. Your opponents wouldn't even notice; It's so pathetically small that they'll burst out laughing at it. On the note of small things that you mock, if you ever feel bad about Je-Ho-Chung scoring higher than you on a math test, just remind him that at least you can measure your man part in inches, not centimeters. If you don't get that joke now, you will when you're older.

What would be a much better purchase would be a Dagger. The 15 attack speed means you can slam your enemies for 1000 damage way more often. An extra 10 damage per second versus an extra 150 damage per second. I think the choice is obvious.

The inverse of this situation is the same. If your build is only attack speed, your overall damage output will go up tremendously with even the slightest addition of attack damage.

To surmise, attack damage gets better with attack speed, and attack speed gets stronger with attack damage. You could say that the effectiveness of a stat is inversely proportion to the amount of it that you have.

All attack damage carries strive to hit this balance of attack speed with attack damage. Except for Vayne, because **** the rules I deal true damage. For Vayne, attack speed doesn't get better just with attack damage. The entire premise of this build is based on abusing Silver Bolts and the passive from Blade of the Ruined King. That means that the more attack speed you get, the more true damage you deal, regardless of your attack damage. The same can be said for the passive from Blade of the Ruined King. These two things fill the exact same side of the equation that attack damage does, meaning that building attack speed on Vayne is essentially three times as effective as building attack damage.

Phantom Dancer simply gives you the best damage late game. At the late game, you have a solid amount of attack damage from Blade of the Ruined King, Last Whisper, and Infinity Edge. Add one, and sometimes even two Phantom Dancer's because the stats are just that damn good, to the mix and you can tear anyone to pieces. You have all the pieces to the puzzle: attack damage, a maxed out Silver Bolts skill, armor penetration, and Blade of the Ruined King. Attack speed just simply makes all of these stats better by making their damage happen more often. One stat to make four better? I'll be stacking that please, thank you very much.

And nothing my friends gives more attack speed than Phantom Dancer. Thus, because of the interactions between other stats previously discussed and its higher costs, this item is a beast built for the late game.

Furthermore, consider what actually kills Vayne in the late game. Besides bad positioning or supports that might as well not have hands they're playing so badly, getting blown up by assassins is the main way in which I die as Vayne latter on. Spectral Waltz, one of the unique passives on Phantom Dancer, cuts an assassins damage by 12%, which can be a massive life saver. So not only does PD give you nutty stats that help you deal a ton of damage, it also helps you survive in team fights. Like seriously, this item kicks ***!

When do I buy Phantom Dancer?

Phantom Dancer is the item that makes you a monster late game. Think of it as the fine wine of league of legends: it simply gets better with age. The best time to buy this thus is when you think you're best shot at wining is in the late game.

There are two main scenarios that you should buy phantom dancer in. The first is a stale mate match; win or lose, the result of the game could go either way and it wouldn't surprise you. You can make it go your way, however, by purchasing a Phantom Dancer. You can afford to not get a big initial power spike because you aren't under pressure to A) close out the game or B) not lose.

If you're on the fringe of defeat now is not the time to buy Phantom Dancer. Losing a game is like owing a mobster money; you don't invest the money you owe Vinni into a 401k (buy a PD). Instead, you give it to him so he doesn't break your legs. Your accountant Bert will be very sad if your 401k investment doesn't come to fruition because you died prematurely.

If you're wining, you want to end the game while you still have the edge and thus want as much power now as you can get, meaning that you don't want Phantom Dancer because its power comes latter.

The second situation is when you're behind, but your team is absurdly strong in the late game. Let' say your team is down six thousand gold in total. It's girm, but not a we're-hopelessly-being-stomped-upon scenario. There is yet hope, for your team consists of Vayne, Nasus, and Master Yi with two other anythings.

You three are mad strong late game and you are confident that your late game is vastly superior to your enemies. Buy Phantom Dancer here and hope that late game comes soon. Don't pick fights now, you need to wait for your fine wine to age along with your Nasus and Master Yi cheese.

When do I get Gosu Blade?

Any time you have a lead you think you can snowball it, aka you're convinced that if you get a big increase in power you can make some significant impact on the game.

Let's say you're one kill and 30 cs up on the enemy ADC. Awesome! If you're feeling confident, buy Youmuu's Ghostblade and rock the boat. By that I mean take a tower, do dragon, get into some skirmishes and team fights, invade the enemy jungle with some teammates, essentially do what all LoL players love doing: make plays! You have significantly more power than the enemy ADC, all he can do is attempt to fight back with his peanut bullets while you obliterate all living things on the enemy side of the map.

If, however, you buy Youmuu's Ghostblade and decide to play very passively... then you've dun goofed my friend. It's 100% okay to play passive if you think that's the right choice, but don't buy Youmuu's Ghostblade if that's the plan. Youmuus is a blood thirsty soul seeking animal that wants you to stain the fields of justice red with champion blood. He does not like farming bot. You know who does? Phantom Dancer. If you're not going to make plays mid game to capitalize on a lead from the early game, don't buy Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Zap, Wave Clear, Burst Carries Ft. Stattik Shiv

Our final mid game item is none other than Statikk Shiv, the soul shocking wave clearing squishy busting purchase that is always paired with an early game Infinity Edge. Cheap and effective, this item will really pack a punch when combined with some crit!


What does Statikk Shiv Do?

Shiv is a great item to pick up if the enemy team is really lacking tanks or loves to push hard. Normally this item isn't great on Vayne because Vayne isn't great at dealing with situations like these, but hell, if you must deal with them, Statikk Shiv has your back! Here are its stats:
  • 35 Attack Speed: Again, a solid amount of attack speed for more Silver Bolts procs and more damage from Blade of the Ruined King. Keep in mind that this is 10 less attack speed than Phantom Dancer.
  • 30 Critical Strike: A respectable amount of crit chance that's equal to that of a Phantom Dancer. However, the electricity from Statikk Shiv can actually crit which, in my mind, makes this 30% crit chance even more valuable. More on this latter.
  • 5% Movement Speed Multiplier: It's quite shocking(I'm so sorry I had to please show mercy) but this move speed is not only useful for movespeed... things... but also for charging up out... (see bellow)
  • Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! LIGHTNING BOLT!!!: After moving around and shooting for awhile, Vayne blast up to five targets with bolts of lightning that will deal 50-120 damage to each target. Get zapped nerds! The passive adds some nifty early game burst that can turn fights in your favor and evaoprate waves ( Statikk Shiv + Tumble + crit can one shot entire creep waves!)

Why Statikk Shiv?

Statikk Shiv is a fantastic item when paired with an Infinity Edge early on. But when do you buy an early Infinity Edge? And why is Statikk Shiv so good with it? Why do you buy it for wave clear? And why is it so good for bursting squishy targets?

Let's start at the beginning; when to buy an early Infinity Edge. If you've ever watched Gosu stream Vayne games on his smurf account, you've probably seen him build a IE first item into statikk second. Rather unorthodox, sure, but IE into statikk it does do very well under these circumstances:
  • Early lead: Although uncommon, obtaining an early lead as Vayne is the first step into making this build path viable
  • A squishy enemy team: There isn't much point in building a Blade of the Ruined King if you're not concerned with killing a tank. After all, dealing current health damage to an enemy ADC isn't going to give you much damage. Landing a 300 damage crit lightening bolt on 5 of them will.
  • Lack of poke from the enemy team: If you're really concered about being poked relentlessly by the enemy team, building IE + statikk is not for you. After all, without any life steal or ocean dragons, you'll never be healthy enough to engage in a teamfight without getting once shotted.

If you meet all 3 benchmarks, then have at it with this build. But before we do that, let's talk about why it's actually good.

The secret to this build lies in the passive of an Infinity Edge and Statikk Shiv: "...your crits deal 250% instead of 200% of your normal damage" (For Infinity Edge) and "(blah blah charge stacks blah blah math blah blah auto attack) ... these lightening bolts can crit but will only crit if your initial auto attack does." (For Statikk Shiv)

In case you aren't putting two and two together, IE + Statikk = 250% lightening bolt crits. Meaning that this item combo lets you deal 125-300 damage crits to five targets, meaning that, at max level, this combo can deal 1,500 damage off of one proc. Xerath just **** his pants boys.

So yah, bursting a squishy team with one or two of these AOE lightening crits can and will happen if you build this item combo in the right game. But what about the clearing power? More text you probably missed on Statikk Shiv: "... these lightening bolts deal 120% damage to minons." Did I say 1,500 damage to five targets? If they're minions, that damage is now 1,800, meaning that each bolt can deal 360 damage to each creep hit. Waves will melt like an iceberg hit with a nuclear warhead.

Finally, let's talk about why this item is so good at bursting squishies. It's real simple to be honest. Tanks have a lot of MR. Statikk Shiv lightening does magic damage. You know you doesn't have MR? Lucian. Lucian doesn't, and he will take that full 300 damage zap and it will hurt and lo the Vayne mains will rejoice as another lane bully gets his *** kicked in a level 9 1v1.

When do I get Statikk Shiv?

Pretty much only with an early IE or if you really need wave clear. Rushing statikk shiv as a mid game item is risky. But as maybe a third item if you really need to clear waves? Eh, sure, I wouldn't gafah at you for it.

But please understand that buying Statikk Shiv involves sacrificing a lot of your late game power. Again, Phantom Dancer gives you way more dueling, kitting, chasing, attack speed... you get the idea. For things that aren't bursting and wave clearing, Statikk Shiv just doesn't measure up to Phantom Dancer. Which is why I'm not a big fan of the item, but I understand why some people love it. This is a guide for how to play Vayne, not Constantine III's way to play Vayne. So yah. I dun knowledged you. Make your own educated choices and shi t.

Don't feel like reading? Here's a video all about this ^

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The Arsenal of Shadow: Part 3: Late game picks (3rd item)

Enter the domain of Vayne, the late game. This period is categorized as the time when Vayne kicks the most *** and makes the most enemies weep tears of blood. The item choices here are simple once explained compared to the mid game; none the less we must discuss them to ensure maximum booty hole wreckage.

Tailoring item choices for the game (3rd item)

_____________ _____________ _____________


When do I buy Last Whisper?

I know we have yet to discuss positioning and team fights, but it's important to know to know that Vayne does like to hit the front line a lot. This is both because it's safe and she is very good at it. If the enemy front liner/liners start to stack up on armor, purchase a Last Whisper. The general rule of thumb is that if multiple enemies have over 100 armor (meaning they have gone out of their way to get some) then it's time for a Last Whisper.

Even though the attack damage (resting at a laughable 25) is quite underwhelming, keep in mind that A) the item is quite cheap at an easy-to-acquire 1,300 gold and that B) the 30% bonus armor shred will give more than make up for the small amount of AD it gives you when fighting tanks.

Unless the enemy team has several beefy tanks, I'd hold off on turning this into a Lord Dominik's Regards. IE is just too important to delay any longer.
So when do I get LDR?


When do I buy a Bloodthirster?

For having such a straight forward stat line, this item can be real beast to wrap your head around. I don't tend to build this item a lot on Vayne, but it's certainly good. Before we get down into the weeds with this item, let's start with a stat breakdown.
  • 75 AD: HOLY S HIT. That is a gargantuan, ungodly abomination level of attack damage. That's more attack damage than an infinity edge. Sign me up!
  • 20% life steal: DOUBLE HOLY S HIT. That means for every 100 damage you deal, The Bloodthirster heals you for 20. Late game Vayne tends to deal about 350-600 damage crits, meaning this blood lusting blade refunds, on average, around 100 life a critical hit.
  • Bloody Bubble: Healing for 100 damage a crit not enough for you? How about a shield comparable to Maw of Malmortius anti magic shell? And, best of all, it blocks all damage, not just magic.

The Bloodthirster is the kind of item to buy when you're poppin off late game. I'm talking the main amigo of the carry lord, the ace up twisted fates, the final silver bolt for the last demon. They say that when Vayne buys The Bloodthirster, softly the words, "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds," echo through the rift.

In all seriousness, this item is practically the one versus nine item. If you have a potato support that won't peel, a team that keeps getting caught, and you know that in team fights it's essentially you versus the world, you want The Bloodthirster as your fourth item.

Simply put, you'll never be able to kill the enemy team without healing back all their damage. And The Bloodthirster, my friend, was built for just such an occasion. With the insane healing that it provides and great kiting, you just might have a chance at carrying this clown fiesta.

When do I buy a Quicksilver Sash?

Simple. Need to break some hard cc? Buy a qss. Understand that this item is great for removing slows, stuns, roots, etc, but won't remove things like attack speed slows. As an example, if you use Quicksilver Sash while exhaust, your movement speed won't be impaired, but your attack speed will. The best time to buy QSS is if you're confident that, if you can break one or two key stunes ( Annie and Lissandra stun, as an example) your team can peel for you and you'll have enough damage to carry the fight from there.


When do I buy Infinity Edge?

However, if there isn't much armor to penetrate, or mage damage to shield, or hard cc to bust, then there's no logical reason to buy anything other than our crown jewel damage item, Infinity Edge.

A quick stat breakdown for all parties interested:
  • 80 attack damage: This is adding more attack damage than a full level 1 Vayne has. Seriously, this is a monstrous amount of AD.
  • 20 percent crit chance: Not a bad amount of crit chance, but it's not jaw dropping either.
  • You're critical strikes now hit for 250% of your AD instead of 200%: Sweet Gabe Newll riding a robotic velasoraptor that's an insane passive. Your crits turn into flaming boulders that explode with the force of an atom bomb.

Because of aforementioned insane passive, IE also has a lot of synergy with Phantom Dancer due to the high critical strike chance that Phantom Dancer gives you. Prepare your anus enemy ADC, Vayne is coming for you.

Also, after buying IE/LW, Vayne hits a huge power spike. Even if you're behind, pick a fight. Your power level has hit...
wait for it...
a 10/10.

What, were you expecting something el-


Side Note

Making the correct item choice for the game is going to take some practice. Just understand what your options are and think about what would be best for the game. Use the guide lines I have given you and you should be fine. However, if you're not sure what to get, you can never go wrong with an Infinity Edge.

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The Arsenal of Shadow: Part 4: Even Later game picks (4th item)

A brief history of season six for you all.

"Top lane... bot lane... jungle... mid... long ago, the four lanes lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Graves jungle was f ucking busted. Only the Riot balance team, master of all four lanes, could stop them. But when the world needed them most, they got lazy and just nerfed the **** out of Sterak's Gage and Maw of Malmortius. A long *** time passed and everyone realized that ADCs can't kill tanks unless they build full damage. And although their damage dealing skills are great, they still get one shot by Zed. But I believe that with great positioning, ADCs can still carry games."

Confused? So was I when I first realized my ability to deal damage was crippled when I built Maw of Malmortius. Here's a video explaining everything by Phylol, a high diamond ADC who knows what the hell he's talking about:

Tl;DW: The only good defensive item is Guardian Angel. Build it if you seriously need some defense because, unfortunately, it's the only realistic defensive option for adcs in the game right now.

Wait... that's the end of the items section?

Yep. Unfortunatly for us guide writers, league of legends PC edition is not such a cookie cutter game that I can give you a build to follow every game. I have provided you with all the items that I think are worth building on Vayne. It's up to you to figure out when it's best to build what after your core of BORK boots PD. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but really, if I gave you a build to follow every single game, it would do more harm than good.

Just incase things change

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The Arsenal of Shadow: Part 5: Rageblade Vayne?!

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Skills To Pay Bills: The Basics (For Total Newbs Only!)

So What Exactly Does Vayne Do?

Good question! If you're a total newb to all things Vayne and need some enlightening on the basics, this chapter is for you. If you already know the basics to Vayne, please feel totally free to skip this chapter. Again, this chapter will explain what each spell DOES. Not how to best use it, not when to max it, not any tips or tricks, this is literally an expanded and explained tool tip chapter.


Tumble is a short range semi dash auto attack reset AA steroid spell. Okay, okay please don't freak out on me, it's a lot simpler than it seems. Let me break it down.
  • Tumble is a short range semi dash. Basically, when you cast the spell, Vayne rolls a short distance in any direction of your liking. She cannot roll over walls (Except J4 ult. Weird, I know, but seriously, you can Tumble through j4 ult. How cool is that?!) and, if she rolls into terrain (A tower, a wall, et cetera), she will instantly stop the Tumble animation.
  • ...Auto attack reset... If you watch Vayne fire her auto attack, she loads an arrow into her arm crossbow, fires it, then re-loads the arrow to fire again. Tumble cancels this re-load time if you cast the spell at the exact right moment. I have a video about this in the Vayne mechanics chapter, so if you want to learn more about this, check it out!
  • ...AA steroid spell. After using Tumble, your next regular basic crossbow shot deals bonus damage. Yey more damage!

Silver Bolts

Every three successive auto attack on an enemy will deal bonus true damage. True damage is damage that ignores any defensive... things. Spell shields cannot block the damage, it ignores armor and magic resist, hell the only thing it doesn't ignore is a shield like Janna bubble, but even then it still deals true damage so... yah it's just really good let's leave it at that.

Also, I italicized successive because you can't change targets if you want to make silver bolts deal damage. For instance, if I hit an enemy twice, then switch to a different enemy, my original target will lose all their stacks of silver bolts and they will receive no bonus damage.

However, there are some strange shenanigans where this isn't the case. For instance, when the fish frog tommy uses his consume spell on an allie, if the target he ate had any silver bolts stacks on them, you can hit other targets and your original target won't lose their stacks of silver bolts.

To be honest, these crazy interactions are so few and far between that it's not even worth thinking about. Just... hit the same target three times in a row. Let's leave it at that.


Vayne fires a giant freakin crossbow shot that knocks an enemy back. If the enemy slams into any kind of terrain, they will be stunned for a second or two. This spell also applies one stack of Silver Bolts. It also deals double damage if you pin them to a wall. Pro tip: the double damage thing is meaningless. That's like making double salary at a Mexican factory that pays illegally low wages.

Again, any means any. Anivia tries to box you in using a wall? Jokes on you bird because Vayne can condemn you into that wall. J4 ults you? You can pin him to his own wall!

Come to think of it, Vayne is a huge counter to Jarvin. Seriously, that poor guy. He has the worst of both worlds when it comes to his ult and Vayne; not only can she Tumble out of it, she can also pin him to it. Like, poor guy. He was just trying to help.

Final Hour

This ultimate is straight busted. When activated, Vayne essentially enters super sayon mode, gaining absurd levels of bonus stats and ability buffs. At ranks 1-3, you gain +30 AD, +50 AD, and +70 AD respectively. Which is insane. When you press R at rank 3, you get 7 long swords for free. Like holy ****. 7. Free. Long. Swords. That's INSANE. On top of that, you also gain triple the movement speed from your passive. Oh, and when you Tumble you also go invisible for one second.

For important information about this ult, please watch this short PSA:

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Skills To Pay Bills: Leveling Order

The skill order on Vayne is controversial to say the least. The issue stems from something that's far from an issue; both Vayne's Tumble and Silver Bolts are outstanding skills. Maxing Q let's you re-position frequently and grab tons of those sweet sweet auto attack resets, but maxing W let's you deal absurd amounts of damage, especially to beefy tanks like Alistar. Get it? I said beefy tanks and Alistar is a... I'll go home now. I'm sorry.

Ever since patch 6.17, it is, in general, best to max your Q first. Not only does it usually deal the most damage, but also allows you to re-position more often, allowing for the greatest out play potential. That said, there is a time and place for a Silver Bolts max.

Tumble Max

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This skill tree maxes out Tumble, which gives you tons of mobility and burst damage against squishy targets. Being able to frequently roll around skill shots and re-set your auto attacks is usually better than the raw dps of Silver Bolts maxing.

This skill order is very strong against a bot lane with a ton of skill shots. For instance, maxing Tumble against an Ezreal Zyra bot lane would be a wise choice. They are both squishy champions who can be slain without points put into Silver Bolts. It's also essential that you dodge their poke, and only being able to dodge one thing every six seconds with Tumble will significantly reduce your odds of victory.
Even when against tankier champions like Thresh or Leona, it's still better to max your Q. In general, if you have the luxury of hitting the enemy support, you're either trading on them in an extremely favorable position (where their ADC is too far away to contribute to trading back) or the enemy ADC is already dead. At this point, whether or not you're dealing "max" dps to an enemy target is quite irrelevant. At level 9, dealing 70% bonus attack damage with every tumble is simply too good to pass up in 90% of games.

Silver Bolts Max

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Here I've elected to prioritize leveling up Vayne's W, Silver Bolts. Maxing Silver Bolts first allows you to land the most burst damage in lane. While lacking the mobility of the other two trees, this skill sequence definitely packs the highest damage per second, meaning that if you're getting into fights where you're auto attacking the same target six plus times in a row, this skill tree is for you.

Obviously, this doesn't happen often. But it's worth notting that if you think an early Blade of the Ruined King still won't be enough damage against the enemy team (they have an absurd number of tanks, like a cho'gath mid, malphite top, rek'sai jungle, braum support, and _____ adc) then feel free to max your W first. Otherwise, Q max is almost always best.

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This chapter is built on the idea that you have read all the basic details about skills. If you haven't yet then what the hell are you doing with your life? Go read them! Back? Great! Let's go over some cool stuff you can do with your skills. Also, with all these points I have included a video where I discuss the skill and show some demonstrations. Hate my voice? Me too! Feel free to skip over them, they're just there if you want them.


Gives you extra damage after you cast it and makes you roll. Thankfully, Tumble can do much more than this. As you should known from reading this guide, Vayne is a broken champion and thus has broken spells.

Tumble Re-Set Combo

Tumble is a spell that re-sets the cool down on your auto attack. Here's a video where I explain exactly how that works:
Video Demonstration

How to speed-kill drake/baron

You can also use tumble to do crazy damage when fighting dragon. I'll explain how this works in another video of mine:
Video Demonstration

Tumble dodging skill shots

Projectiles that must be aimed can all be dodged with Tumble. All of Xerath's spells, for instance. There's one key rule to dodging skill shots with Tumble; always know what your opponent is capable of and be ready to dodge it. I know it sounds like some stupid ancient Japanese saying that Naruto ripped off during their off season, but it's true. If you keep your eyes and mind open, you'll be much more prepaired to dodge skill shots with Tumble. If done well, it can look a little something like this:
A little something like this

In the clip above, the entire fight I was paying close attention to certain enemies, waiting for them to cast their CC. For instance, in the first clip, I was waiting for Gnar to use his stun. The minute I saw the animation, I Tumbled back and manage to get a quadra kill because of that. A bit lucky that I dodged the Bandage Toss on top of that, but I'm not complaining.

The same goes for the second; I was waiting for the Nami ult. It's tough to do at first, but if you always keep in mind what can kill you in a team fight, you're much more likely not to be caught off guard by it.

Silver Bolts

Chunking all living things with this spell is an easy concept to grasp. There are combobs that involve silver bolts, but most of them invole using condemn, so I'll cover those in the section below. As Vayne says, silver is indeed "the purifying element" when used well. It is one of the three essentially elements of her alpha element, "the scrublord-dunking element." Read on to learn how to harness this dank mineral!


Ah Condemn. The skill that separates the good from the bad. We've all witnessed a Vayne who condemns away a free kill. It was probably me when I was learning Vayne because I had absolutely no ability to judge wall distance. That being said, this skill has more quirks than just, "Is the enemy next to a wall? If so, use condemn!"


To be a true master of Condemning, it's worth investigating the Flash- Condemn. This maneuver is challenging and may take some time to master. Not because it's hard to execute; choosing when to use this move, now that's the hard part.

Think of a Flash- Condemn as a ball-deep all in engage. If you fail, you're absurdly out of position and will be vaporized if you can't re position quickly. Here's a video where I manage to pull off a successful Flash- Condemn.
big play a rue!


If you are in range to cast Condemn but need to re-position for a stun, it's time to use the Condemn- Flash combo. Although it is harder to pull off than the Flash- Condemn combo, it's literally undodgable. I truly believe it is humanly impossible to react to this combo. A Flash- Condemn gives your enemy a split second to react, this gives them no such luxury.

Here's a video demonstration from the master adc himself, the legend, the most storied LCS player of all time, the one and only, IMAQTPIE BBY EPIK NICE PLAYZ INCOMING LET'S GO BBY.
**** this **** man I'm afk.

Incase you still don't get how to do it, here's a very basic walk through. Short, sweet, and to the point. Enjoy!
actual tutorial yo

Disengage Condemn

If it's simply impossible to use Condemn to stun an attacker, feel free to use it to knock them away. Ideally you should use this in conjunction with your Tumble to create the max distance. This is to ensure that they can't use any short range jump spells to instantly jump back on you.
Video of Viewingness

Unique interactions with condemn

Condemn has a lot of quirky interactions with some other champions and abilities in the game. I'll add to this list as I come across them, but for now I have two whacky interactions for you all.

First off, did you know that if you cast Condemn on Katarina while she is casting Shunpo, you will knock her behind you? This is super effective when your back is to a wall. Here's a video where I demonstrate this phenomenon.
The Kat Condemn Trick

Second, you can interrupt Thresh's Dark Passage by condemning while they are traveling. This can deny enemies their escape with a well timed Condemn. Here's a video for your viewing pleasure.
Dark Passage DENIED

As we observed in the dark passage denial video, Condemn can be used to interrupt spells even after they have been cast. There are plenty of other examples of this, mostly miscellaneous (AKA obscure, not practical, typically useless, not worth knowing, and so on) in nature, but one particularly potent use of this spell-cancel trick is against Alistar's headbutt. As always, here's a video on how to do it.

A video demonstration from yours truly.

Final Hour

Tricky, tricky Final Hour. Now believe it or not, this skill is actually deeper than the amount of trouble you are in for sexting your female principal instead of your girlfriend. The stealth mechanic is especially tough to use. Now that we've come to this point in the guide and your knowledge on Vayne should be exceptional compared to your peers, I think it's time we can discuss the finest point to playing Vayne.

The ancient art of the stealth juke

Many moons ago, one Vayne discovered the art of a the stealth juke. Created out of the necessity to sneak past the kitchen guard for extra sugar cookies, this move is a true sign of an internet bad ***.

The stealth mechanic on Vayne is exceptionally undervalued by the majority of players. Understandably, from a Vayne players perspective, it doesn't really mentally registered that you are actually invisible.

You can't really blame these Vayne players who forget; a blue tinted screen and a few words inside a paragraph of spell text are hardly screaming YOU SHOULD USE THIS IT'S REALLY GOOD!

Having said this, juking an enemy with stealth is just one of the many ways you can use this aspect of your ultimate. Your stealth can also be used to re-position in a team fight, surprise an enemy, and even sneak past an entire enemy team to re-join yours.

"Brushy-Brushy" juke

The master of all juking, SivHD, came up with this trick for LeBlanc. However, it's still very applicable for Vayne. Here's a video where I explain how it works and how you can pull it off.
brushy brushy!

Sneak attack

As you know well by now, Vayne is an exceptionally skilled duelist. If you notice someone is farming a lane by themselves, you can almost certainly assassinate them given that you get close enough. But sometimes, the enemies are way too far from a brush for you to get the jump on them. This is where the sneak attack manuver comes in.

First, stand at the very edge of a brush. Then, cast your ult and stealth Tumble toward them. Because they are busy farming minions, they probably won't notice a puff of smoke from the brush. You can walk toward them undetected until you're in auto attack range, and then unleash hell upon them. Here's a video where I do just that.
assassination boys

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Kitting as Vayne

Here's a YouTuber named Scrap Computer who made a fantastic basic kiting guide. I highly recommend you watch it, it's perfect for new ADC players.

While this guide is great, it doesn't cover everything you would need to know about kiting as Vayne. Not that I hold that against Scrap, Vayne is just a special snowflake when it comes to kiting.

Tumble: the key to master kiting

Tumble is one of the, if not the, best spell in the game for kiting. Why? The spell gives you the ability to constantly re position, re-set your auto attack animation, and burst down enemies.

Let's start with the obvious, the re-positioning aspect. When kiting, Tumble should never be used just for damage. Instead, good Vayne players will use it to roll away from enemies. This is also where the re-set part comes in that I discussed earlier. Remember the fourth step of an auto attack that Scrap mentioned? Tumble can be used to cancel Vayne's re-wind animation

On top of the re-seting and re-positioning, Tumble gives you a flat AD boost to burn down your foes. The absolute best way to use Tumble is to cancel a re-wind animation, get away from an enemy, and deal bonus damage all in one movement.

Stealth Kiting: Be smart about it

If you all watched my Vayne montage (bless your soul if you did) you saw multiple instances of stealth kiting. Stealth kiting is using Vayne's stealth to trick enemies into chasing after shadows. For instance, the Olaf that I 1v1'd top lane was fooled on several occasions by my stealth, running one direction when really I went the other. This allowed me to create extra distance and squeeze in a few more auto attacks than I would have been able to otherwise.

And frankly that's what stealth kiting really is, abusing invisibility to last longer in fights. Your foes cannot hit what they can't see, so why give up the advantage of being invisible?

The trick is, using stealth well is really... really counter intuitive. You remember everything you just learned from the Scrap Computer video?

Great, because you need to do the opposite when stealth kiting.

Dealing any damage while in stealth will break stealth. Essentially, after you cast Tumble, you need to re-position while the enemies can't see you. I know I sound like a broken record because I've mentioned this like five times, but seriously, it is imperative to do this well to become skilled with Vayne. People in bronze, silver, and gold will have a terrible time diving you if you can master stealth kiting.

Sadly, there really is no tip list that I can give you for this one. Here's the golden rule; Tumble in the exact opposite direction your enemy expects you to Tumble. Use the max time you can to be invisible. This disorientates enemies, making you seem like a shadow they can never catch. It's actually hilarious to watch a re-play of a good Vayne stealth juking bad players; they run around like chickens with their heads cut off. People are leaping over walls, throwing ultimates in random directions, pinging like mad, only to be butchered one by one in their weakest moments.

Don't just randomly dive into the middle of the enemy team and get picked off early. You are a night hunter. Make sure to act like one. Stealth juke.

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Pre-Game Part 1: Scouting Out Your Foes

So. You've just started the game. Now what?

No, seriously. You need to have a game plan before you even get to lane. In fact, you should have started planing before you even loaded into the game. Yes, it turns out load screens have a use other than texting back that girl you're hitting on. On a side note; face it, she's way out of your league.

Erm. Anyway. You need to mentally prepare yourself for the laning phase. And I know that sounds corny but it really increases your win rate. Here's a list of things you need to ask yourself:

  • How hard of a lane is this going to be (It's 90% about what ADC you are facing. Check out my enemy ADC section if you're not sure)
  • Evaluate the enemy jungler (See bellow for specifics)
  • Evaluate your jungler (See bellow for specifics)
  • Figure out what kind of team comp the enemy team has. (See bellow for specifics)
  • Figure out what kind of team comp your team has.(See bellow for specifics)
  • Consume the last of your hot pocket because the fecal matter is about to hit the fan.

How exactly do you make these plans? I don't know. Some loser with too much time on his hands probably wrote a bunch of chapters in a Vayne guide about it. Go look at that, I have better things to do with my time.

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Pre-Game Part 2: Understanding Junglers. Before it Kills You

Let's start by talking in depth about junglers. Let's say, for the sake of drawing examples from thin air, your game has a jungle match up like so:


Pantheon is your jungler, Maokai is the enemy jungler. In fact, let me back up even further and have us examine yet another list of questions to apply:
  • Where does the jungler start?
  • When can they gank?
  • How well can they gank?

Three basic questions that will win you games to be honest. If you have a loose conceptual grasp on how most junglers work, you can pretty accurately predict what they're going to do when. Allow me to demonstrate.

I know that Pantheon is a weak late game champion. Pantheon wins games because he snow balls people in lane by having insane ganks. Pantheon ganks are really strong because his ult let's him teleport in the middle of a lane and crush people 3v2. His level six ults are devastating if preformed correctly. Pantheon knows where to start so I don't need to worry about that.

Now let's talk about Maokai. I know that Maokai needs blue to jungle well. I'm guessing that he's going to start gromp and take blue. There's no way to know this for sure, but, if there's any doubt, feel free to try and ward near the enemy blue. Provided that it's safe to do so, of course.

I also know that Maokai can gank really well at level 3. If undetected, Maokai can sneak up on me and root me in place, sealing my tomb with Twisted Advance. That's pretty terrifying, so I would love to not get ganked by him. Ever.

However, I know that up until he's level 3, I'm safe. To abuse this knowledge, I'm going to keep an eye on my junglers level. When Pantheon hits level 3, I'd venture that Maokai is hot on his heels. Once Pantheon is level 3, I'm going to start warding river/tri brush and never push unless the enemy bot lane is dead or I have sufficient vision on the river.

More importantly, because I knew Maokai started blue buff, he's going to hit level three on the red side of his jungle which, depending on which side of the map I'm on, could be right next to me. If his red side is my top side, I have nothing to fear. If it's bot side, time to pull back.

I'm also going to play it safe until Pantheon is level 6. I'd be extremely confident in getting a kill from a Pantheon's Grand Skyfall gank, so all I have to do is bide my time until then.

By understanding how both the team's junglers function, you can always stay one step ahead of them and never get caught by surprise. This is a lot easier said than done, however. To always know where the enemy jungler is would be too much to ask of an ADC. That's what your support/jungler is for. You just need to have a general idea. Basically enough to keep you alive, but not enough to counter gank if you catch my drift.

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Laning with Vayne: General Info

"She's really not that bad in solo Q... you just need to learn to lose lane gracefully."- Double Lift

I couldn't of said it better myself. Much of the reason why people think Vayne is such a bad champion is because she has a tough laning phase. First off, let's address Vayne's weaknesses in lane:

  • Low attack range: Vayne's stubby range is the price she pays for having stealth, a stun, true damage, and extra move speed. A small price to pay in my opinion, but, Hell, even I will admit that sometimes it really sucks having such a short attack range. This can lead to tons of problems like losing trades, being zoned off CS, and not being able to get close to fights without risk of death.
  • Extremely Squishy : Like most other ADCs in the game, Vayne is squishy. Coupled with the fact that she has to get close to deal damage, bursty bot lanes (like a Sona Graves lane) will dumpster her if she's not careful.
  • No way to safely farm when behind : Many ADCs have a way to cs even when they are being zoned. Vayne has no such tool.
  • Can't last hit under tower by herself : In the early game, Vayne can't kill caster creeps in one shot after a tower hits it. That means she needs help from a support. Which can suck because some supports never feel like helping you last hit under tower.

I mention these now because they shape every decision you're going to make while laning. These four flaws dictate how you play. If you chose to ignore them, you will fail. Now, let's move on to a step by step guide for laning, starting with the begining: why Banner of Command is so terrible.

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Early Game Vayne: Levels 1-6 (Aggro Lanes)

Aggro Lane

If you guys have ever play Starcraft 2, a popular strategy was to rush the enemy down using zerglings, fast moving units that could be spawned very early in the game. Sometimes the strategy would work out and you would kill the enemy right then and there, wining a game in the first five minutes of play. Other times it would fail, the enemy would out scale you really hard, and you would lose the game from there. An aggro lane pitted against Vayne is akin to a zergling rush; should they fail to rush you down and kill you early, you will destroy them late game. Thus the key to wining is not dying in lane, short and simple.

What is an aggro lane?

An aggro lane is an enemy bot lane composition that is designed to kill the enemy champion. High burst carries with hard cc supports typically make up this composition. Again, they are the zergling rush of league. They will try and all in you level 2 or 3 and shut you down early, snowballing the lead from there.

How do I beat an aggro lane?

Many people don't understand this about Vayne laning, but the goal of laning as Vayne is not to win lane. Again, your goal as lane Vayne is to literally not die. Why? Because you outscale every single champion in the game. The longer the game goes, the better you get. Should you reach the super late game, you will literally be the most powerful champion in the entire game. So long as the game doesn't end before then, that is.

This is known as a win condition, basically the way you actually win the game. Vayne wins games because her late game is so terrifying. And she's an ADC who can peel for herself. And she deals true damage so she melts tanks. And she's one of the best duelists in the game. You get the idea.

Thus, against an aggro lane, you know that you will always out scale the enemies so long as you don't lose lane super hard. That means that the only way you can lose the game is if you die in lane. So just don't. Seriously. Just don't die and you will win.

That means playing hella smart all lane. Always being aware of your positioning, playing it safe and just farming, and typically only fighting the enemy bot lane when you are either dueling the enemy adc or getting a jungle gank.

Aggro lanes have really ****y poke, so you don't have to worry about being worn down. What you do have to worry about is getting 100-0'd. Here's a tip list concerning ways that you can avoid this consistently.

Tips on how to beat an aggro lane

  • Never ever ever go for cs where you have to run past the enemy support. This is the number one way people get killed when playing Vayne in aggro lanes. If you feel it is dangerous, then it is dangerous. It's not worth it, just let it go and move on.
  • Save Tumble to dodge skill shots. Using Tumble as an auto attack re-set is all fine and dandy, but its primary use is going to be dodging a life threatening skill shot from the enemy support like Zenith Blade. There are situations where it's wise to burn Tumble if 1) you are using it to trade on the enemy adc and 2) you are confident that the enemy support won't be throwing any skill shots your way. Same thing for securing a tank minon, just... be aware that you won't have that tool for six seconds and stay safe until it's off cool down.
  • It's okay to lose in cs, just don't die.
  • Never push past the half way point without river and tri brush warded. Because the enemy jungler will come and will wreck you.
  • Once you have Blade of the Ruined King, you can fight the enemy bot lane. Until then, be very cautious as one mistake can lose you the game.
  • You're going to be pushed into tower a lot. It's important to know how to last hit under tower. If you have time, ask your support to help you last hit the caster minions. All they need to do is auto attack each caster once. Then, let the tower shoot the minion and, finally, you auto attack the caster to finish it off. Melee minions die in two tower shots and an auto attacks.
  • It's acceptable to use Tumble to last hit minions under tower if you must. The enemy is very unlikely to tower dive you in the laning phase unless you have an absurdly low health pool.
  • If you're low on health, back. There's no room for greed here, just miss 20 cs and not die. Because if you stay you're going to miss 18 cs and die anyway.
  • The enemy bot lane will try and hard shove early to get a level 2 advantage before you do. A bot lane levels up after the entire first wave is killed and the first three melee minions of the second wave die. Watch out for this; if the enemy bot lane hits level 2 before you do, back the heck up and don't let them have the chance to all in you.
  • The same above can also be said about level 6. This is more unpredictable when this occurs, so just keep your eyes wide open.

A lot to take in, I'm sure. Before you move on, just one tiny little check list of your level and what you should be doing during each stage.

A level-by-level guide

  • Level 1: Try and get level 2 before the enemy bot lane. If this is impossible (likely) play it safe until you too are level two.
  • Level 2: Get your Condemn level 2 if you are feeling pressured. Otherwise take your Silver Bolts and continue to farm. Keep your brush warded and try your best to avoid any and all combat.
  • Level 3: The enemy jungler will try and gank someone, and that someone could be you. Keep your tri-brush warded if possible and continue to farm and play safe. You now have some power, so if your support catches out the enemy ADC, you now have power to punish them.
  • Level 4: More farming and playing safe. Enemy jungler can still gank, so keep that in mind.
  • Level 5: At this point, try to hit level 6 and look to back. If you haven't died yet or been forced out of lane, great job, the hard part is nearly over. The enemy bot lane is going to try one last desperate all in at level 6, so just deny this opportunity by continuing to play safe.
  • Level 6: At this point you have your super OP ult and some damage, most likely a cutlass or a bow +the mats of the other piece. Ask your jungler to gank because you're ready to kick some *** and take some names. Otherwise, continue to farm up, duel, and be an over all badass until mid game team fights start to break out. We'll cover what to do then latter.

Here's a full video of mine where I show exactly how this is done

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Early game Vayne: Levels 1-6 (Poke Lanes)

Poke Lane

If you're an inexperienced Vayne player, poke lanes can feel a little like having a chubby little kid pulling on your pant leg shouting, "HEY MISTER, MISTER, GUY, LOOK AT THIS ROCK I FOUND UNDER MY WIENER, MISTER, HEY, HEY MISTER, LOOK AT MY ROCK!" Inevitably, you develope this itch in your gut to smack him half way across the room and dislocate his jaw. However, as we all know, if you do so, you're going to be attacked by a crowd of strangers, beaten senseless, and throw in jail for a very long time. Instead, like a mature adult, you simply drug his ice cream so he passes out in the middle of the store. Or ignore him. What ever floats your boat.

What exactly is a poke lane?

Essentially, a poke lane is one that uses their auto attacks and abilities to whittle champions down from a range while leaving them unable to fight back. This can leave Vayne newbs feeling frustrated due to their inability to fight back, resulting in poor choices being made in a clouded state of mind. For instance, when I first started playing against poke lanes, I tried all in at half health because **** YOU Ezreal I HATE YOUR STUPID POKE SO FREAKING MUCH.

How do I beat a poke lane?

Obviously, I lost those lanes pretty decisively. However, poke lanes are deceptively simple to beat. Here's the secret: just back when you're low. If you make a few positioning mistakes and you get low, just back and buy Vampiric Scepter and some pots. Your win condition is simply not dying to the enemy poke. Think about how strong AD Ezreal or Caitlyn is late game. Hint: they aren't. Like everyone else in the game, you out scale them really hard. Just don't die to poke in lane and you win the game. As per usual, a list of tips to help you weather the hellstorm that is a pokelane.

Tips for poke lanes

  • Always stay behind your minions. All poke champions have some sort of skill shot that can be blocked or mitigated by minons. Jinx's Zap!, Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker, you get the idea.
  • If you can, ask your support to pick someone who can keep you healthy in lane. Soraka, for instance, is the biggest counter to poke lanes in the game. Their damage is meaningless because she can heal you right back to full.
  • Try and all in once you hit level 6. Typically, poke lanes have underwhelming all in potential. If you're full life and the enemy is out of position, level 6 and beyond is the time to fight.
  • Again, always back when you're low on health. Over staying will lose you the lane. If you stay in lane when you're low, you can't get any more CS without risking dying anyway. So really all you're doing is getting some extra XP in exchange for a lot of gold.
  • Poke lanes tend to push a lot. Ask your jungler to come bot when they do. Make sure to keep tri clear with a pink ward.
  • Don't get frustrated! It's annoying to lane against a poke lane, I get it. Just don't do something stupid like buy Banner of Command or all in when you're at 20% life.
  • The best time to secure CS is when the enemy ADC is killing their CS. If they're killing a minion, they can't auto attack you when you get in range!

Over all it's pretty simple. Don't die, wait until late game, win the game. Here's another brief level by level guide of what you should be doing.

A level by level guide to poke lanes

  • Level 1: The poke starts now. Stay behind your minons and play it safe. Always keep your eyes open for enemy skill shots and stay behind the wave. A level 2 all in is possible but unlikely for your enemies to try.
  • Level 2: Same story as always, but the poke is going to get worse. You may be pretty low at this point. If that's the case, feel free to go home and buy a D blade/pots soon. You'll need it to survive the early game.
  • Level 3: If you got chunked hard earlier, now's the time to back if you have around 500 gold. Buying a Cull against a poke lane is a smart decision if you're struggling. Although it slows you down, it's well worth the investment so you can get stronger latter in the game. And it gives you life back on hit, which is nice.
  • Level 4: If you haven't backed yet, do so now. Unless the enemy bot lane is trash and hasn't been poking you, which is unlikely. Buy some items and wait until level six to try and pick a fight.
  • Level 5: Start making trades at this point in the game. Standard auto- Tumble re-set-auto combos will do. Only do this after they use up their poke and have nothing to fight you back with.
  • Level 6: Sion : "STAND UP. FIIIIIIIGHT!" if you think that's a wise choice. If you're uncomfortable, wait until you have blade of the ruined king. Then you can really smash their faces.

TL:DR= Hide behind minions. Don't fight. Back when low. Wait till six. Fight.

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Adjusting your play style to your support

These two don't lane the same!

Laning in League of Legends is just as much about who you're laning against as it is who you are laning with. Keep in mind that different supports play in different ways and it's up to you to accommodate their skills. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out these young examples!

Poke-Vayne Combos

This is a lane that is all about getting ahead with smart early trades early on. That means that you need to be more aggressive than you normally would. No flashing onto a Draven Thresh level 1 obviously, but trading with this lane is potent to say the least. Nami's heals and auto attack buff can devistate an ADC who is caught off guard.

On the flip side, Nami's kit isn't really great for all in engages against enemies with full health, as bubble is really hard to land aggressively and her wave moves way too slow to catch anyone who isn't running at you. If you were to go hard in the paint, unless you're really really strong, you're going to lose if you have a Nami support.

This rule goes for other poke and sustain supports like Soraka, Janna and Nami. TL:DR- Poke your enemies, get off good trades with their healing, don't go all in until you've established a health advantage through poke.

All-in lane

This is a lane that loves to go hard in the mofoing paint. With such a potent kill combination (hook into knock up into wall stun into silence o.o) you're looking to fight as often as possible after level 3. Frankly, any squishy targets that find themselves being snatched up by a Blitzcrank hook are about 10 seconds from a grey screen.

What Blitzcrank doesn't want to do is get into little skirmishes. The poor robot is big and clunky and can't really heal you or poke anyone. He's going to get chunked by Sona supports and sucked dry by Soraka q's. Don't try to trade too often with this guy, let him bring the victims to you.

Supports that function like this are Blitzcrank, Alistar, and Leona. Typically, Vayne doesn't do so hot with these guys, but if you end laning with one, hell, at least you know what to do now! TL:DR- Go all in. Don't trade. Avoid these lanes (besides Blitzcrank if you can.

Dat level 6 power spike doeh

Not much to say here other than certain champions become significantly stronger once they hit level 6. A good example of this is Morgana. As the great imaqtpie once said, "Basically in lane, morg like, throws a puddle at your feet. And until she gets her ult, you can pretty much dodge her q."

While most ADCs won't be quite as good as THE LEGEND HIMSELF, his comment has some merit for us. Morg can be a bit weak pre six if your enemies can dodge her Q. But once she gets her ult.

Dear God. Once she gets her ult. It's pain time boys.

As soon as you two hit six, go in. There is not a single lane that is more spooky than Morgana Vayne post level six. That combo disgusting. There are other lanes like this, such as Vayne Sona, that are insane at level six. If you find yourself laning with a support that unlocks some kind of hard core CC at level six (naut is another good example) just play it safe until you hit six and then clean the floor with your foes.

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Mid Game Vayne: A Brief How-To

Farm. Fight. Secure.

The mid game is all about getting to the late game as fast as possible. That means taking dragon with your team, farming side lanes as much as possible, and team fighting once you have two major items.

It's honestly that strategically simple. Because you're an ADC, you don't have to make many tough choices. That falls to your jungler. This is the part of the game where he becomes the commander of the team. Your job is to follow orders and help your team as best you can. The way you do that is to keep farming lanes and the jungle to get strong as fast as possible.

Once you hit a power spike of two major items (90% of the time it's going to be Blade of the Ruined King + Phantom Dancer) it's a good idea to start fighting with your team. Until then, you're not bad, you're just a bit... underwhelming. Especially if you're behind.

Here's a good rule of thumb: If the enemy ADC is one major item ahead of you, you're seriously behind and need to stay away from team fights until you have three items.

Let's say that the enemy Lucian has tri force and IE. That's ****ing terrifying to be honest. You only have Blade of the Ruined King and your boots. At this point, you need to sit bot lane and farm for Statikk Shiv and Last Whisper. If you go into a five on five team fight against him, unless he gets caught and dies instantly, you're useless compared to him. If you sit bot lane, he's going to come and try to counter your split push. That way, your team has at least a shot at a 4 on 4 team fight.

To be entirely transparent with you all, there are a lot of nuances to the mid game that I don't have nearly enough space to explain to you. Nor is it really worth your time to read them. This is something you're going to have to play for yourself and learn through failure.

I can, however, give you a list of tips that can help guide your decision making process. These are some key facts that are always the case in every game, so make sure to cross check them with the choices that you make mid game.

Tips for mid game success

  • Dragon is a crazy important objective to take. Make sure you know when it spawns and make sure you're there to help your team get it.
  • Mid game, team fights are super easy for Vayne if she's ahead. Make sure to scrap if you've got a lead!
  • Always think very carefully before trying to "1v1" someone. Chances are the entire enemy team is waiting in a bush and this lone Sona is bait.
  • Make sure to grab your upgraded Scrying Orb once you hit level nine. When pushing out bot lane, you can use this to ward tri-brush from a distance, ensuring your safety even after your tower is down.
  • Speaking of safety, don't push past your ward coverage in the mid game. Enemies are always looking to gank a lonely Vayne pushing alone in the bot lane.
  • If you're playing on split pushing, hold off until you have three items. Your team isn't ready to go for split push strats yet. Mostly because you kill towers too slowly.

That's all I have to say about the mid game. Good luck and stay on your toes.

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Late game Vayne: Team Comps Concepts

Hark! A video from a Skrubs! This gent does a great job explaining the bare bone basics of a team comp. Explanation starts @ 30 seconds, although the whole video is worth the watch in my opinion.

Vayne fits wonderfully into two of the three team comps: split push and team fight. If your team is looking like a poke comp, it might be time to grab Corki or Ezreal. You don't have to play Vayne every game, and she's really bad in poke comps. Like. Super bad. Fish out of water bad. Moist African Cloth 9 bad.

Fitting in with a split push

In a split push composition, Vayne is a great champion to do the split pushing with. Keep that in mind while buying items. Mostly, consider Youmuu's Ghostblade a little more than you normally would. It's quite powerful 1v1. Again, I would really really recommend you watch the Skrubs video above, he does an outstanding job explaining everything. Here's a basic outline incase you didn't follow something he said.

First off, split pushing is pushing a lane by yourself in an effort to either take a tower or distract the enemy team so your allies can take an objective. If you're the one pushing, make sure there is actually an objective to take, like dragon, baron, or a tower. Second, make sure your team is ready to push or fight. Splitting when everyone is low and backing to the nexus will only get you killed.

Once you've decided it's time to push, go for it. Turn on your gosu mode and get ready to 1v2 some srkubs, because they are coming for you. Even if you die, it's a huge win if your team can get an objective off of your push.

If your split pushing and your team gets in a team fight, do not stop pushing. By the time you could get to a team fight, it will already be over and you'll find yourself unable to do anything to help the corpses of your teammates. Instead, take a tower while they fight. Even if they lose the team fight, you'll still get an objective or two out of it.

If you're not split pushing, then stick with your team and help them take objectives and team fight. Since you're the adc, you don't have to worry about what objectives to take when. That's your junglers job. Your job is to back him up and crush his puny enemies. The next chapter is all about team fighting, so check that out if you need some help doing so.

The teamfight comp: No thinking necessary

If you're a team fight comp, just stick with your team and try to death ball down the enemy team. How? Mechanics, that's how! Look bellow for how to team fight as Vayne.

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Team fighting as Vayne

This right here is by far the trickiest part of playing Vayne well: team fighting. From getting Vayne spotted by tumbling into the middle of the enemy team to getting blown up by assassins, team fighting can be melt your brain with its difficulty.

Let me start this chapter by saying that you need to be very patient with yourself when learning how to team fight. It's not easy, the proper way to do it is not intuitive in the slightest, and it's going to lose you games if you don't do it well. Scratch that, you can't win any games if you don't team fight well.

Hard and fast team fighting rules

  • Always save Tumble to re-position. This is by far the most important rule out of any of these bullet points. If you use Tumble for damage, you won't have it to kite away from enemies and you will die.
  • Never dive the back line. Always hit what is in front of you. If you try to attack the enemy carries, you will die because the front line will melt you like ice cream on a sweltering marshian day.
  • If anyone tells you to, "Stop hitting the tanks," they are officially an idiot and you no longer have to listen to them.
  • If someone tells you multiple times to stop hitting the tanks, it is both necessary and justified to mute them. You always hit what is in front of you. There are literally. No. Exceptions. Always. Hit. What. Is. In. Front. Of. You*.
  • Say it with me. "I will always and only hit what is in front of me. It is both acceptable and best for me to hit the tanks. I will focus the back line divers and the assassins. Only when the enemy team has no CC left and no front line can I dive the back line."
  • Say it again.
  • You do not need to hold Condemn to stun an enemy. It is both necessary and justified to Condemn back someone who is trying to burst you down.
  • Unless the enemy uses their upgraded red trinket or a pink ward, use your entire one second of stealth to walk away from the enemy divers.
  • If you have your ult up, always Tumble in a different direction than you are facing to confuse enemies.

How to fight against dive comps

Dive comps are focused on diving onto the back line and killing the squishy carries as fast as possible. Champions that are good at diving are Rengar and Irelia, for instance. They thrive at blowing up squishies as fast as possible, wining their team games by deleting carries from the game. However, if you stay alert, the out play potential is real. The secret to beating dive champions is quite simple: always blow all your escapes as early as possible.

For instance, let's say that nasty fed Rengar leaps onto you in a team fight. You need to instantly go invisible or risk getting deleted. Depending on how fed he is, you might even need to instantly Flash away. What ever the case is, make sure you get away from him as fast as possible.

Once the tiniest bit of distance has been created, drop a Blade of the Ruined King activate. This will both slow him down and heal you. Now, it's time to spend the rest of the team fight kiting this diver. When he gets close to you, Condemn him back. If he flashes on you, Tumble or Flash away. Do whatever it takes to keep him off of you. Your support, if they are good, will help you do this.

If you kill the enemy diver, the enemy team has probably lost the team fight at this point. Without you dead, it's going to be an easy clean up. This is why it's so important to focus the person diving you in a team fight. Always be ready for them to jump on you. Do what ever it takes to stay alive. Their doom is your victory.

How to fight against wombo combo comps

A wombo combo team is a team composition focused on chaining multiple abilities together to melt an entire team. For instance, your Gnar ultimate plus Ziggs or Viktor aoe plus Graves ultimate and End of the Line wombo= a dead enemy team. The wombo combo team is simple to play against; don't get caught in their wombo combo. If you simply stay far enough away from your team to not get hit with the enemy AOE, but close enough to your team to join the fight when it starts, you'll win against most wombo combo teams.

The way wombo combo teams lose is by pulling the trigger on their crazy combo too soon, so to speak. For instance, the enemy Galio flash ults three enemies, none of which are you or your mid laner. While it's good to get the wombo combo off on three enemies, they may lose the team fight because both carries are alive and well, very much so ready to answer the pain the enemy team is dishing out. Without their epic spell combo, the enemy team is pretty weak in comparision to two stand alone carries, which is where you come in.

It's easier said then done, however. You will get caught in the wombo and you will lose games for it. Don't be afraid to Flash a Sejuani ultimate, it will win your team the game if they engage without you dying early. Remember that you have a lot of tools for dodging enemy engages like Tumble, stealth, and Condemn.

How to fight against poke comps

A poke comp is an enemy team that focuses on whittling your team down from a distance, then engaging while members of your team are either too wounded to help or absent from going back to base. The best way to beat this kind of composition is to just flat out engage. Don't play their little hit and run game, just yell at your sion to start the fight by plowing into the middle of the enemy team.

If you don't have the luxury of a hard engage, it's time to split push. This is far from ideal, but you're not going to accomplish anything by sitting mid lane and getting chunked by spears. An important thing to note about poke teams is that, typically, you can 1v1 any poke champion. Except a fed Jayce. That guy can deal absurd amounts of damage late game.

While you're split pushing, the enemy team might have to send 2 members to deal with you. When they do so, there may be a small window of opportunity for your team to collapse on the split up team. Not a huge chance, but it's a shot.

Fighting poke teams can be rough as Vayne. To be honest, wining those games are, in a lot of ways, beyond your control. It's up to your team to start fights so you can actually deal damage to the enemies. Just pray that your top laner picks Sion because that guy does not give a **** about poke.

How to fight against split push comps

As you know by now, split push comps send one or two members of their team to try and take down towers while your team is distracted elsewhere. The best way to counter this? Follow these simple instructions.
  • 1) Go to your bathroom. Smear your sister's black eyeliner under your eyes like army war paint.
  • 2) Turn on very loud and very fast techno music.
  • 3) Go to the lane the enemy is split pushing.
  • 4) In all chat, write, "HI. I. AM. GOOOOOSSSSSSSUUUUUU!!!!!!"
  • 5) While your ears are bleeding from the 97 decibel techno music and you have lost your voice from screaming, 1v1 that pleb that dares try and split push your bot lane.
  • 6) (Hopefully) You won and are enjoying the, "OMG DAT VAYNE" messages in all chat.

How to fight against tank teams

Tank teams are teams that focus on being as beefy and hard to kill as possible, essentially out lasting your team. Do you guys remember the tank meta when all anyone did was pick tanks? This can be very tough to handle as an ADC as you only tickle the front line.

Expect that you're Vayne. You were literally made to kill tanks. This is the best team comp you can ever be put against. Literally all you have to do is auto attack the front line. No ADC in the game can out damage you when hitting tanks. There is no kitting, no skill, just right click the tanks and win the game. Allow me to demonstrate:

It's ranked draft mode, and the enemy team has pick a Sion top, a Braum support, and a Maokai jungle. Your team has picked a Viktor and a Lulu.

Braum: This is going to be such an easy game. They have no way to kill our front line.
Sion: Free LP boys, let's go bby.
Maokai: Do you guys remember last game when the entire team focused me and couldn't even get me to half health? Ha that was the best, I wonder if i can do the same thi-

An enemy has locked in, "Vayne"

Braum: Huh.
Sion: So uh. I guess we lose.
Braum: Yep.
Maokai: I'm AFK. Anyone give a flip?
Sion: Not really. I think I'll go do my taxes now.
Braum: -hangs self from ceiling fan with mouse cord-

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Laning with Vayne: The Match-Ups

I have decided that, rather than you give you some arbitrary number to represent the strength of an enemy, I'm going to use three colors: Green is an easy lane, orange is an average, kinda hard lane, red is a very challenging lane.
Also, this will only be covering attack damage carries. I will mention some support that typically lane with them, but other than that, all you need to know is to try and keep track of their cc and only go in when you think you can A) avoid it or B) they don't have it.

Every champion will have pieces of information that are absolutely imperative for you to know. The rest will be explanation/more esoteric stuff that you don't HAVE to know when laning against them. So, if you're in a rush, just read the three and tab back in.

Finally, and I believe this goes without saying, but Vayne doesn't have any "good" lane matchups. Green is literally code for, "She has a very high chance to not get crushed in lane," and red is, "You are going to get torn to pieces in lane." If it's draft pick, avoid picking Vayne into any and all red matchups. Again, Vayne's goal is not to win lane, it's to survive lane and carry her team with a strong two item power spike toward the end of the mid game.

Power Level


Ashe is a strong, newb friendly ADC who specializes in poking enemies down with Volley, then going for a crushing all in engage with her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Vayne can evenly trade with her early game (hooray!) and can duel her post six, even if Ashe lands an ult. Vayne is much stronger than Ashe late game and is much weaker than Ashe early mid game, spanning from levels 8-12.

3 things to note

1) Ashe has solid poke with Volley. Always stand behind your minons to avoid this.

2) Ashe has a spell that gives her a sort of rapid fire mode. Her arrows make a high pitched sound when it is active. Do not fight her when this is active, she will always out damage you with it pre-six. Wait to fight until it's on cool down.

3) Her ultimate is a very easy to land long range stun. Post six, always be ready to flash dodge it or, at the very least, keep your lane well warded so the enemy jungler can't follow up on her ult. Ashe get's strong because of this ult; if she doesn't have it, Vayne will annihilate her.

Typically, Ashe will lane with either a support that compliments her poke or her all in. Janna Ashe is a common bot lane as Ashe has no peel besides her ult in her kit. In this lane, you need hard cc if you want to kill either of them. Otherwise you out scale them, so just play it safe.

In an all in lane, like Leona Ashe (A more popular lane for her than the poke style) their main goal is to hit level six as soon as possible and all in you. If, however, you can dodge their cc (Using either Flash or Tumble) their strength is crippled and they will almost always lose a fight to you.

Something to note: Ashe's Hawkshot has a huge range and is quite capable of scouting brush and dragon, even when she's very far away. Sneaky dragon kills and death bushes are significantly less good against her because of this.
Power Level


A notoriously brutal lane matchup, Caitlyn is the bane of Vayne's existance. With insane poke damage, tons of ways to escape your all in, and her terifying range, Vayne has almost no hope of surviving in lane against a Caitlyn if she doesn't know what she's doing. However, I made a video, a long one, covering just this lane matchup. Since ya know, it's so damn hard.

Get enlightened mother f ucker

So that video basically covers everything, but just to re-iterate; there is literally no reason to walk up and grab cs when she will just shoot her. Think about it, if she keeps killing creeps and doesn't poke you, the lane will push to your tower. When it pushes to your tower, she is taking a lot of risk to poke you. When she can't poke you or tries to and gets ganked by your jungler, she will lose the huge edge she had on you.

So what if she has a 25 cs lead in lane? Even with that lead she can't 1v1 you. In a 1v1 her ultimate spell is useless unless you try to run with really low health. You can dodge her Q (which is about 30% of her damage) with Tumble easily. Her slowing neat can also be dodged, but even if you don't, your move speed passive will stop her from escaping.

The key to beating Caitlyn in lane is patience. Just let her do her little farming thing early game, don't get near her until the minions are close to your tower, and then dumpster her post six. Easy game boys.

3 things to note

1) Her poke is nuts. Stay away from her early and let her push the minons into your tower. Ask your support to auto the caster creeps once so you can get the last hits under tower.

2) Tell your jungler to gank often. Caitlyn pushes like a maniac and, while her escape is good, she can only go so far with 90 Caliber Net before she must use Flash. If she has no Flash, a Flash Condemn of your own will seal her fate in conjunction with a jungle gank.

3) Try and fight her after you get Blade of the Ruined King and Final Hour. You will annihilate her. Truly, Caitlyn is strong for five levels, then she falls off hard.
Power Level


Corki is a real mixed bag of a match up. Everything in Corki's kit and playstyle screams that he should destroy Vayne in lane. A strong mid game power spike, lots of burst damage, a stealth reveal on his q, high poke... he has it all and yet... and yet no one seems to play him well enough to beat a good Vayne. I love Corki; he's my second most played champion and I mop the floor with people when I get ahead as him. But in my hundreads and hundreads of games in season six, I have played against less than 15 Corki's in the bot lane and have seen even less Corki mains.

So with that in mind, the Corki that you're facing is probably being piloted by a newb. And a bad Corki player is one of the easiest ADCs in the game for Vayne to beat.

Forget everything I said earlier. When played by someone who doesn't understand how to play Corki, Corki becomes a really terrible version of Vayne without any lategame. Like Vayne, Corki has a very short attack range (Both sit at 550 range). Unlike Vayne, however, Corki doesn't like to get close to auto attack. Most of his damage comes from hitting the back line with his Missile Barrage and chunking the front line with Gatling Gun and his Trinity Force critical hits.

As you can tell, Vayne really isn't either of those things, thus she wrecks him. She absolutely destroys Corki at every single stage of the game if he's not played well. Early on, he won't be able to hit you with his q, Phosphorus Bomb, because you can simple Tumble out of it as often as he can fire it. Once you hit level six, his Missile Barrage is a bit harder to dodge (the projectile is a lot faster) but still very dodge-able.

Your all in crushes him. To put it simply, you deal a lot more damage than him 1v1, especially if you can dodge his skill shots. Corki has his power spike in the mid game, so try to avoid fighting him then. Wait until late game, then you'll mop the floor with him if you didn't already do so in lane.

Again, all of this is only applicable against bad Corki players. But that's all I see on ladder, both on my smurf (I recently climbed from silver 4 to plat one) and on my main in diamond. However, I really want you guys to watch this video as a fair warning. Should you come across a good Corki or even any Corki in ranked, you need to respect them until you're sure what kind of player they are. Because, otherwise, this might very well happen to you.

A video of forewarning

Regardless, here are some tips you probably won't need.

3 things to note

1) Corki's damage comes from his spell damage burst combo, like Phosphorus Bomb into a Sheen auto attack into a Missile Barrage for some quick burst. If, however, you manage to dodge his Phosphorus Bomb, you will cripple his damage. You should always save Tumble to dodge his skill shots.

2) Corki has a mid game power spike. If you avoid fighting him then and force fights late game, it should be an easy win. Corki is strongest when he has just bought his Trinity Force. 1v1ing him, even if he misses everything, can be difficult then.

3) Corki can burst you if you get hit by hard cc. If he's laning with a Leona or Braum, be very cautious about being stunned. Play it safe until you see a window to go all in after they have used their cc.
Power Level


Draven. Fawkin dray boys. I used to play this guy a bunch and man o man was I happy to see myself laning against a Vayne. This guy is a freaking monster in lane that can snowball you like a fat man rolling down a mountain.

For instance, have you guys ever heard of the term "The Draven Pain Train?" It's a point in the game where Draven can continuously throw spinning axes at you and always keep up with you using Blood Rush. You can't out run him and he just beats you down... with style. Even if you Flash, he can stop your fleeing cold with Stand Aside.

I say this just to re-iterate that this guy is a behemoth in lane. He was built to absolutely destroy you and make you weep tears of blood. By picking Draven, he basically wins lane 90% of the time. Your best defense is to be really, really passive. Sit by tower, farm up, and pray that late game comes soon because you out scale him hard.

Your one advantage is that Draven takes a lot of skill to play. To be blunt, if you and your opponent are of equal skill, late game you will beat him in a duel just because Vayne is easier to play than Draven. It's going to be very hard to win this game, but it's doable if you know how to play it safe in lane.

3 things to note

1) Draven will out trade you frustratingly well. Two hits from his Spinning Axe will chunk you near half health after his first major item, and in lane his autos will always out damage yours. Do. Not. Trade. You. Will. Never. Win. Only fight him if he's under cc or being ganked. Otherwise, you're going to lose.

2) When fighting against Draven, you can use Condemn to knock him away from a Spinning Axe, forcing him to drop it. This will destroy his damage as he not only loses the extra AD from Spinning Axe, he also can't re-set the cool down on Blood Rush without it. Only do this if pining him to a wall simply isn't an option.

3) Stand Aside is an effective disengage tool for the drayster. If you're hunting him down on low hp, he's most definitely going to try and use this move on you. Mentally prepare yourself to flash over it or Tumble to the side in order to dodge it. This could nab you a cheeky kill if you keep your eyes open.
Power Level


Ezreal is like a worse version of Corki; you use the exact same strategies to beat him, it's just a lot easier to do so. All of his damage comes from skill shots, and Vayne has a really easy time dodging them. This lane should be a piece of cake.

However, that's not to say it won't be obnoxious doing so. Ezreal embodies all that is hair-pulling annoying in this game. You can just hear him shouting as you lane against him: KE-YAA! MYSTIC SHOT! YAS! GET THEM JANNA YAS! OH NO I GOT HOOKED... GOOD THING I HAVE ARRRCCCAAANNNEEEE SHIIIIIFFFTTTTT YAS! NO DON'T HIT ME VAYNE GOOD THING I HAVE ARCANE SHIFT AGAIN YAS!

... Did I mention I ****ing hate Ezreal. Every single kill I get against him fills my heart with delight and it makes me sad that I don't have laugh micro'd to a key TO SPAM ON HIS COLD DEAD CORPSE **** YOU EZREAL YOU PIECE OF ****ING ****.

3 things to note

1) Max out Tumble first against Ezreal. You'll be able to frequently dodge skill shots and cripple his damage.

2) Always stand behind your minions! They will block Mystic Shot with their faces so you don't have to.

3) Always keep track of Ezreal's jump spell, Arcane Shift. Going all in on this guy is tough because he basically has a free flash every fight. Unless you have hard cc, it's hard for even a night hunter to catch this little prick.
Power Level


The cowboy himself. Gaben help us all. A horrifying lane in all honesty. You take one wrong step and with a push of three buttons ( Quickdraw into End of the Line into Collateral Damage) will pop you like a balloon hit with a grenade. Much like a grenade, it's really hard to actually miss with Graves. Truly, one game on my smurf account, someone banned Vayne so I had to pick Graves. Without ever having played him before I got 19 kills in one game. He's that easy to play.

Basically what I'm telling you that even a neaderthal could beat Vayne in lane with graves. The match up is that outrageously bad. What you're dealing with is an easy to play, tanky (due to his passive) burst ADC who can wreck Vayne without having to think about it. His late game isn't nearly as good as yours, but, again, he can still kill you with this combo.

However, if you can dodge his spells with Tumble and Flash, his damage is actually pathetic. You can duel him once you have Blade of the Ruined King as per usual. Just... just be careful. If you get hit by his burst combo there isn't much you can do other than wilt and die.

In lane you have to really respect his burst. Don't get close to him to grab a cs unless he is getting one as well. If the enemy support has a stun it's time to turn on farm-under-tower mode. Play it safe until you have BotRK, then try and kill him when the enemy support has no cc up and you are confident that you can Flash dodge his ult.

Yah. This is going to be a rough game. Sorry friend.

The good news is that as of patch 6.9, graves is much more popular in the jungle. So you don't have much to fear as most people won't take him bot lane. Hooray!

3 things to note

1) When dueling him, always use your max time in stealth to re-positioin. You might get lucky and make him panic Buckshot the wrong way, making the fight much easier.

2) Again, his burst is nuts. Play the lane hyper safe. It's 100% okay to lose in cs in this lane. Just don't die. Under no circumstances can you die, because if you do, the game is essentially over.

3) If you can afford to, save your Tumble to walk out of his Smoke Screen while stealthed. This spell can lose you fights because it blocks your sight of everything around you; you're a sitting duck while stuck in that thing.
Power Level


Jinx can be a really dangerous adc to play against if she is skilled. In short, she's just a better scaling version of Caitlyn who has less escapes but much... and I mean a lot more damage. Her rockets are going to poke you hard in lane, and, tragically, she out ranges you pretty hard with them. Unlike Caitlyn, when late game comes around, Jinx is still going to be really strong. So waiting her out isn't an option like it is with Caitlyn.

The best advice I can give you is try and farm until you get Blade of the Ruined King and fight then. Her mid game is solid but she's certainly beatable. Plus, you can destroy her in a duel so long as you dodge her spells. This is a rough lane for lane for sure. It's easier than Lucian, Graves, and Draven but, without a doubt, the hardest orange match up in this list.

Play very, very carefully. Try your hardest to not die pre-six, it's really hard to come back from an early death in a Vayne v Jinx lane. If you get ahead early, the lane is over because you out scale her all ready.

Four (gasp!) things to note

1) In lane, be wary of her poke spells in the form of her rockets and Zap!. These will chunk you and, if you're not careful, set you up for doom at the hand of a Super Mega Death Rocket!.

2) Zap! reveals you for a duration of time after it hits you. If you've been tagged with Zap!, your stealth is useless.

3) All of Jinx's moves are very telegraphed, meaning that it's easy to tell when she's doing a move like Super Mega Death Rocket!. Keep an eye on her and you'll be able to Flash dodge any and all of her skills. She even shouts out what move she's doing when. Seriously, next Jinx game just listen to her: "WATCH THIS/SEE YA!"= firing ult.

4) Flame Chompers! are a devastating root spell that can spell doom for you. Always keep an eye out for them in a duel, and remember that it's always worth it to path around them rather than get stuck in them. Again, like her ult, it's pretty obvious when she's using this move. While screaming, "PWA-TAH" (seriously I have no idea what kind of unholy noise she makes but you have to hear it to understand...) she will throw three flame chompers on the ground that have about a one second arm time. So yah, easy to dodge, just keep your eyes open.
Power Level


Kalista is another one of those super polar champions. I've seen great Kalista players who kite like pros and position around my Condemn like pros. I've seen some bad Kalista's wiff spear after spear and ult their support away from free kills. And then I've seen Banner of Command level Kalista players. You're going to fight them all, but, sadly for us, the good Kalista mains can be one hell of an enemy.

Kalista has two kinds of supports she does really well with: mage supports and tank supports. This is due to the passive on her W(Why she/her allie hit an enemy, they mark the target. If the other hits the same target, they take bonus damage) and her ult(She can suck someone up and they can launch themselves quite a distance). Tank lanes and suppports lanes play very differently for Kalista.

If she's with a mage support like Lulu, Kalista will spend most of the lane poking you and having Lulu slow you and pop the afromentioned W passive. This is the worst kind of Kalista lane for Vayne and will be red level difficulty. Never ever ever be afraid to back when you've been poked. Losing cs is better than losing your life.

The other lane, a tank + Kalista lane, will be pretty passive unless you hella missposition. Their big spike in power is in team fights, where Kalista can throw an Alistar into your team and wombo you to hell and back. Add a Yasuo to the mix and the pain will be brought, tears will be shed, and games will be lost.

To avoid this wombo, you just need to stand away from your team. Let them get blown up and focus on bursting down Kha'Zix when he leaps into the mix. In lane, farm up and get your tank shreding items like Blade of the Ruined King fast. Watch where you stand, one wrong move can result in a Leona standing on your face.

Three things to note

1) Kalista can do massive burst damage with her E, Rend. The more spears you have inside you, the more damage the spell does. It also re-sets if it kills anything, including a minon, so don't be fooled thinking it's on cooldown when she uses it to farm. However, the range is short, so if you think she's going to finish you with it, it's very possible to flash out of range and live before she can pop it.

2) Kalista's W passive, Sentinel, deals max health damage when poped by her soul-bound friend or Kalista, from 12% (rank 1) up to 20% at rank 5! Be very wary of this as you can get blown up by poke if you chose to be reckless around Kalista.

3) Night Hunter allows Vayne to keep up with Kalista's bunny hops. Don't be afraid to chase her, not even she can out run the night hunter.

Power Level


You... You have to face a Lucian? Well, as Vayne once said, "Fu*k that sh*t." Lucian is a trading monster who does best beating the **** out of squishy targets. His passive gives him a double shot after every spell he uses. So yes, in one trade he can speed himself up, hit you with a huge burst of damage with his Q, dash to re-position, and shot you 6 times with auto attack all in the time you can get about 4 auto attacks off. Trading is not an option.

Pretty much you need a support that can peel for you and keep you alive during laning phase. Despite what a lot of people say, Lucian's late game is not that strong compared to Vayne's. "BUT THE DOUBLE SHOT!" they say, "IT LET'S HIM BLOW UP TANKS FOR SURE." Really, you think a champion that deals true damage is weaker late game than a guy who gets an extra 3 auto attacks off after casting spells? ********e is what I say to that. You out scale Lucian hard.

Just to re-iterate this key point, do not trade. Don't do it. I know you want to. Just move your mouse away from the black man and keep farming. Because he will kick the sh*t out of you.

Once you have Blade of the Ruined King, as per usual, you can duel him. But with the caviot of landing a condemn stun. Otherwise he could quite possible beat you 1v1. Not likely, but with an Infinity Edge and some lucky crits you can lose.

Three things to note

1) His ultimate sucks if you know how to play around it. After casting it, he can't change which way he is facing while firing. He can move left to right, but he can't rotate his angle of fire if that makes any sense to you. So if he starts to ult, just move behind him or stealth Tumble to the left hard. Why the left? Because no one ever expects the Spanish inquisition, that's why.
2) Lucian is a trading monster, so don't trade with him. However, his damage drops a lot in lane if you can dodge Piercing Light, his q that's a skill shot solid beam of light. What I had no learned until I played him, however, is that Piercing Light is not a skill shot.

He actually has to target an enemy with Piercing Light in the way that Annie has to with her q or Janna does with her shield. The cast range is quite small compared to the actual range, so Lucian players will angle their Q through a minion trying to hit you with it. So if you're keeping an eye on him, draw a mental line from him through your own minons. If he uses Q, Tumble toward him moving left or right.

This is kind of counter-intuitive, so listen very closely. Lucian is standing to the top left of you, and you see him charge up Piercing Light, Tumble to the left. If you think about it, the light beam is going to be moving to the right through a minion. If you Tumble right, the beam of light is going to hit you. However, if you move left, the beam is traveling right, so it's going to miss you. Geometry boys!

3) After using his ult, The Culling, Lucian can use his dash while firing off bullets. If you outmaneuver him and all his shots are missing the side of a barn, be ready for him to dash and be back on you like the annoying pest he is.
Power Level


Sivir is one of those annoying champions that doesn't really do anything other than make you have a bad time. On a list of things Sivir does well: She is really good at running away. She is the best split pushing adc in the game, and, if she gets caught doing this, she is great at blocking cc with her spell shield. So she can run away even better. And, of course, she can poke you in lane. If you try to fight back, she can run away. It's just... It's just a blast to play against this super fun champion.

You're never going to lose to a Sivir unless you let her split push out of control or she gets fed in lane. All you have to do is farm up in lane, don't get poked or killed (hard but doable if you follow the laning tips of when to play safe) and then go and team fight. Sivir is pretty strong in team fights too. For instance, she can help her team run away. Are you noticing a theme here? She runs away a lot and it's more annoying than a baby with a toy that sings a song about friendship. But besides fleeing, Sivir doesn't deal great damage in team fights, especially if you have a strong front line. So instead she split pushes and tries to take a tower while you guys team fight.

So long as your top laner runs TP, she will always fail her split push. That's why she's not very popular at the moment. Because she is garbage. But that doesn't seem to stop people from playing her, so here are some tips to help you come out of laning phase ahead.

Four (gasp!) things to note

1) Watch out for her Boomerang Blade. It's a pretty slow projectile, so Tumble dodging it should be easy peasy. However, should you get caught by it, a max level boomerang will chunk you like a fat kid eating birthday cake. Keep in mind that it deals significantly less damage if it passes through minions. If she tries to Q you through a wave, it's going to tickle.

2) Her ultimate, On The Hunt, gives Sivir's team a huge burst in speed. Not that you would ever be able to push against a Sivir, but if you do, keep in mind that you can never out run her and, if a jungler shows up, you are guaranteed to have a fight on your hands. If you're comfortable with a 3v2, kudos to you and keep pushing. If not, back the hell up because unfavored combat is inevitable.

3) Sivir players have this magical ability to turn off their brain and auto push a lane. If you can get your support to clear tri-brush and river brush wards, ganking her will be a piece of cake if your support has hard cc or a slow.

4) Unless you know Sivir doesn't have spell shield, don't try and condemn her. Try and force her to use it to dodge a slow or some other toss away spell from your support, then Condemn her into a wall and seal her fate. Alternatively, if you know Sivir will never be near a wall, you can use Condemn to pop her bubble and set your support up to land some hard CC. Use your best judgement when taking either avenue of attack.
Power Level


Tristana can be a real power house if she gets ahead in the right hands. Late game she can clean up entire teams by pumping a team full of auto attacks from Rapid Fire and exploding them with Explosive Charge. Mix in her outstanding self peel with her Rocket Jump and Buster Shot and you've got one hell of a champion on your hands. But, like every other champion in the game, Vayne is better.

Truth be told, a fed Tristana is the only adc that can contest Vayne damage late game. Rapid Fire +400 AD = melted faces, to put it scientifically. Be wary of her insane burst late game; one Explosive Charge from a brush can easily spell doom for even the tankiest of champions. In things aren't going her way, a Buster Shot and Rocket Jump can create massive distance between the two of you.

In lane, Tristana is underwhelming unless her support has hard cc that they can consistently land. If you have a support that can peel for you, however, Tristana won't be able to do much more than annoy you in lane. The general idea is to power spike before she does and engage in a 2v2. If she gets slightly ahead of you, don't sweat it. Unless it's the super super late game, she can't hold a candel to your damage.

Three things to note

1) While Explosive Charge is attached to a champion, the more times Tristana attacks them, the more damage it will deal. When trading, it's best to back off after she casts this on you. If she has no Explosive Charge, her ability to trade is laughable at best.

2) Rocket Jump can be interrupted mid-cast. If you're next to Tristana and she leaps into the air, you can pin her to a wall mid flight if your reaction time is fast enough.

3) A standard kill-combo on Tristana is to cast Explosive Charge, auto attack you four times with Rapid Fire, and then use Buster Shot to deal burst damage and stop you from finishing her off. This can be countered by maxing out your time in stealth and waiting for her Rapid Fire buff to fade. For this reason, it is best to max out Tumble against Tristana to optimize this strategy.

Are you looking for an adc and can't find them? Chances are they are really... really unpopular. This would be the case for Kog'Maw, Miss Fortune(even with the re-work, no one plays her), Twitch, and Vayne (kappa). However, if you guys know that Twitch is like, the **** in silver*, as in he is picked more often than zed was last season, please let me know so I can write him in. I don't want to waste my time covering an ADC you'll never fight, but by all means if I missed someone important, don't hesitate to ask!

* I mostly play in the mid plat (main) and bottom of gold elo (smurf)
Anything lower than gold 4, as in who is strong/weak in those ELOs, what champions are the flavor of the month, what starts are prevalent, et cetera are totally unknown to me. For all I know, urogt is a contested pick in bronze. Don't hesitate to tell me these things, I want to help in any way I can.

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Who Should Support Me?

After years of playing Vayne, I have compiled a list of supports that pair up with her like cheese and wine. That's not to say that only these champions work well with her, these are just the optimal choices. Bard Vayne isn't a bad lane, it's just not as good as Morgana Vayne. Ya dig? Cool stuff, let's get into this.

All hail Morgana. The greatest support in the entire game.

You think I'm kidding.
No one even plays this champion, how could she possible be the best?
You blind fool.

I forgive your sin of being ignorant of the glory and prestige that is Morgana. Let's think about what Vayne is weak to. Instantly, hard CC comes to mind. If only there was a champion with a spell that made you immune to it.

Oh wait.

Oh wait.

Oh wait there is her name is Morgana she has Black Shield it makes you immune to hard cc next question please. Vayne is pretty weak to people diving her. If only there was a champion that could literally stun an entire team.

Oh wait.

Oh wait.

Oh wait there is her name is Morgana her ult Soul Shackles can stun an entire team next question please. Condemn can be hard to land some times. If only there were a champion that could root someone next to a wall for up to 3 seconds.


If you have not played the Morgana Vayne bot lane, then you have yet to eat the chocolate ice cream of league. When I duo with my silver 3 friend we play Vayne Morgana. You know when the last time we lost bot lane was? I can't remember because we literally haven't this champion is the best support in the history of the universe thank you very much.

Finally, the radical nazi feminists love this bot lane. It's two goth chicks kicking everyone's ***, men included. Radical nazi feminists literally hate everything but this and punching men in the balls. This is a sign from all that is good and just in our world. Play this lane. I'm telling you everything in your life will be perfect if you do.

Because F uck Assassins

Have you ever died in league of legends? If so, you didn't have Janna on your team. I cannot imagine a more frustrating experience than trying to dive an ADC when a good Janna is on the enemy team. She has a knock up, an aoe knock back/heal, a slow, she can speed you up, she can shield you and, at the same time, give you a BF sword, this champion is almost as insane as Morgana.

Late game, unless the team has 4 assassins on it, you're never going to die. She's so incredible at peeling enemies away from carries it's mind blowing. No pun intended. Combine her sick peel with your disgusting damage and you're in for a fun ride.

Also, let me re-state that her shield gives you 50 ad at max rank. Also, for every 10 Ap she has, the shield gives you an extra AD. Because apparently making your ADC immortal with peel wasn't enough. 5/8 The Bloodthirster in damage to go along with a 240 damage bubble? Seems legit.

A con (and why she's second rate, literally in terms of this list) is that she is super passive in lane. Unlike Morgana, her kill power is pretty underwhelming when mixed with Vayne. You're hardly going to win lane as a Janna Vayne lane. You're honestly one of the most terrifying late game combos, however. Chill out through the laning phase, don't go aggro, and crush everyone late game.

Is what I would say about most Janna's. However, if you have spilled the blood of a virgin goat under the 3rd black moon on the Satanist Family Fun Calendar, then you may be granted a good Janna. A good Janna will, as the gangsters say, "pop a cap in the ***es of her foes." Her kill pressure in lane, if she knows what she is doing, can be insane. Tons of knock-ups, slows, healing, extra AD, and a shield spell disaster for any ADC caught out of position.

However, most Janna's are not good because you didn't sacrifice enough virgin goat blood damnit. Keep that in mind and play it safe in lane unless your Janna starts to pop off. Then prepare for a fun time.

The synergy... dear god... the synergy

Nami is a forgoten support, a relic from a time long gone. Or so you thought, until you read this. What does Nami bring to the table exactly? What makes her a top tier support?


You don't understand. Nami Vayne is so good. My duo Q partner is a Nami main and dear lord can that man do work. Let me break it down.

First off, Nami has CC for days. Her Aqua Prison and Tidal Wave can lock up a target like jackson state prison. Couple this with a well timed Condemn and your victim is going no where fast.

This CC is also fantastic in team fights. Knocking up an entire enemy team? Yes please I would like that. Nami can stop a dive dead in its tracks, allowing you to slip away and come back in for an easy clean up. Got a Rengar who wants to rip your face off? Aqua Prison is near instant close range (travel time affects how long the spell takes to actually land) so he's going to great a great view of you running away as your team slowly closes in around him.

In adition to tons of CC, Nami is freaking fantastic at trades. Nami's Tidecaller's Blessing gives you a damage and slow buff on your three auto attacks. Three auto attacks? What in Vayne's kit requires 3 auto attacks... God I just don't know I feel like it's something important OH YAH YOUR TRUE DAMAGE.

Finally, Nami has fantastic lane sustain with her heal, Ebb and Flow. Not quite as good as Soraka I'm afraid, but it's pretty damn good in all honesty. Also, mouse over the text on that bad boy. Wheels spinning. A question arises in your head. "It can hit up to three targets. So like..." Yes. Ebb and Flow can heal you, damage the ADC you're trading with, and then bounce back to Nami to heal her, effectively casting a spell three times. In those magic three bounce trades, the lane advantage you get to establish is a little bit busted.

If I haven't convinced you of Nami's power yet, maybe this will; in the plat 3 elo, my Nami support and I won ten games in a row with this bot lane combo. Seriously, try this lane out. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

Un-reash da wombo combo sun

Do you like kill lanes? Do you hate passive laning phases where all you do is farm? Then I have a support for you! Introducing, the steam golem himself, Blitzcrank. With the ability to pull the enemy adc into you, it's a cake walk chaining cc with him to crush an adc dumb enough to wander away from their minons.

Picture this: Caitlyn struts in front of her minons, a bullet with your name on it locked and loaded. A hook out of no where screams at her. Everyone holds their breath. No room to run, she's dragged toward a wall with doom written all over it. A Power Fist to the gut makes her kiss the sky. You've maneuvered behind her with Tumble with a sort of grace that bring a tear to my eye. Your Condemn slams her face first into the cold stone of summoner's rift.

First blood.

You'd be surprised how often this can happen with a Blitzcrank as your support. I went up a division or two in just one day by duo quing with a top tier Blitzcrank. Most suck. But, if you do find a good one like I did (he's since put the game down due to being perma tilted, RIP bud) you can carry games left and right.

Late game, Blitzcrank can straight up win the game by hooking a carry. Otherwise, he can peel for you quite well. Not as well as a Janna, which is why he's #3 to be frank, but it's enough to get the job done if you have fast feet for kiting. Er. Fingers, I should say. Give him a try, it's about the only aggro lane Vayne can prosper in.

The undying bot lane

An anecdote for you all; Once upon a time in ranked champion select, a Teemo support with a Caitlyn adc were chosen to combat me, my Vayne already locked. Feeling near tears, I was about ready to dodge until the unthinkable happened. Something extraordinary

Soraka was locked in for all to see.

Blessed be the bannana, I shouted to the heavens. Blessed be she who heals and never stops healing, the life giver, the provider, the giver of lane sustain, the one, the only, the Soraka.

Sacrilege aside, this champion is freaking broken when it comes to lane sustain. Remember that bot lane I mentioned? I was able to stand in the middle of the minion wave, spaming "LOL **** YOU" in all chat for about 5 seconds and Soraka wouldn't even flinch. I would be taken to half health and in two heals I was back to full.

Poke lanes CRY when they see Soraka. If you've had it up to here with poke lanes and just want something to kick the **** out of them, go Soraka Vayne. You will never die in lane, she can peel with roots and slows, and did I mention you can literally never be poked out of anything because incoming fact you can't.

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A duel to the death; How to duel (champion) video guides

Hi everyone! Very excited to bring you all this new series where we break down how to duel the most dangerous foes that can be found on the rift. As I make more videos I'll be sure to post them here, but to keep up to date, make sure to sub to my YouTube. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!


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Changes to Vayne: My thoughts (Patch 6.17)

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A final word about your future as a Vayne player.

Good to see you down here my friend. So if you're one of the few who decided to read the whole guide (IE the book of Vayne) then I have nothing to say but thank you and I sincerely hope you enjoyed your time and learned a lot about Vayne. She's not easy, she's not meta, and she's certainly far from freelo. But, if you have read this whole guide, then I'd imagine you feel the same way I do about Vayne. A sort of redundant passion, a willingness to struggle and fail time and time again, all to make something of this old, hyper late game carry that everyone refuses to forget.

Vayne will forever be a very special part of my life as a gamer. She inspired me to write this guide and start a YouTube channel, both of which are getting more and more popular every day. But more than that, she motivated me to make something of all the time I spent playing her. I doubt many of you will go on to make something like all of this, but I hope you can turn the passion and patience it takes to main Vayne into something amazing. Anyone with enough drive to lose lane one hundred times, grit their teeth, and head in for yet another brutal lanning phase is, in my opinion, a spectacularly driven person.

In any case, I wanted to talk to you all about the future of playing Vayne and you. This guide is (I think at least) a fantastic foundation for you as a Vayne player. As you begin to grow as an ADC and Vayne, you'll start to realize that a lot of what I've said to you guys is simplified and fails to represent the complex system that is this game. Like science, rarely are there rules that cannot be broken. Sure, like the dogma of biology, all ADCs buy AD. But, like most of our conceptions about the world, there are exceptions to even things we think are fundamental to existence itself.

With the knowledge I've armed you with, I encourage you to really explore this game and all things Vayne. Things such as, "never diving the backline" and "avoiding trading unless the enemy miss-positions" are all things that aren't hard and fast rules. I told you they were so you wouldn't go and die in every single team fight trying to dive the backline.

Once you master the basics, the fun really begins. League of legends will start to feel like a game that you truly understand the flow of, something that you have an almost God-like power to manipulate. And I truly believe that once you get good at it, this game will never stop being fun for you. The possibilities, the creativity, the outplay potential, every game feels like a brand new world for you to conquer.

So good luck, have fun, and may you always walk with the shadow of Shanna Vayne.

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Show's over folks. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here (A lis

A long list of thank yous

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for reading this guide. You are all so awesome for taking time out of your day to read something that I created. You cannot possibly understand how thankful I am for that. I wish you all the best.

Secondly, I would like to thank ConsumerOfFood for helping me get the ball rolling for this guide. I would like to thank Gbay99 for introducing me to the song in my montage and inspiring me to make it in the first place. I'd also like to drop a thank you to all the better ADCs in solo Q who have kicked my *** over the years and, in turn, made me a much better player.

Also, you can thank jokersprank (This nerd) for that hella sexy intro thing. God bless man, thanks a bunch.

Other sources

1) ScrapComputer's Vayne guide: Link

This is a very very long and very very detailed video guide about Vayne. It's about as extensive as mine, maybe redundant at some times, but it's still a very good source. If you are lusting for more knowledge, feel free to check it out.

2) DoubleLift Guides: Short basic guideFull game walk through (WARNING: VERY OLD)

These two guides are both very high quality from one of the best Vayne players in the world. Not much else to say about it. Check them out!

If any of you find other guides that you think are solid, feel free to IM them to me. I would love to expand this section.

Once again, thank you all so much for reading. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. Take it easy, and remember to always have fun.