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Yorick Build Guide by laytz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author laytz

Yorick season 5 Build and Guide (Patch 5.2)

laytz Last updated on February 10, 2015

Ability Sequence

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Offense: 9


Defense: 9


Utility: 12

Threats to Yorick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gangplank Just be super aggressive and he will pee in his pirate pants. Just dont forget to ward.
Kha'Zix This guy is totally countered because you ghouls make it impossible for him to isolate you for his passive.
Teemo Just go super aggressive and you will force him to back to base. Just don't forget to ward. Also if you see him place a mushroom just place you W (green) ghoul on top of it and it will explode.
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Summoner Abilities Explained

This is a good pick for any champion. It allows you to escape, jump walls, re-position and secure kills. So this is why you should get Flash.
This is also a very good and popular spell. It gives your champion more killing potential in the laning phase and is very good for sacuring kills late game. It is also good with Yorick because he will generally zone alot of champions away from the minions. When Yorick gets the enemy low they will just run away and recall, but in some situations ignite can allow yorick to do the killing blow while chasing.

Other Valuable Spells:
This spell can also be as good as Ignite in some situations. During the laning phase this spell also adds killing potential due to the slow, allowing Yorick to catch up and give the killing blow. This spell also Reduces the enemies kill potential when things go bad because of the slow again but also more importantly the damage reduction. This mechanic can also be used very effectively in the late game. For example if the enemy team has a really strong carry then exhaust can be used to reduce the carries damage and potentially saving a team-mate from death.
This spell is almost as good as Flash. It can give Yorick a better chance to escape when ganked by the enemy jungler due to this being one of Yoricks Weaknesses. It can also be used to catch up to an enemy to deal the final blow or even get to an objective that is under attack quicker.
This spell can be used in a few ways. It can be used to get back to lane quicker after recalling. It can be used to help defend towers in other lanes and can also be used to quickly travel to the other side of the map by using friendly minions.

Less Valuable Spells:
This spell is still good but is just less effective than other spells previously mentioned. It can give you more survivability and can also save you from a fatal blow in some situations.
This can be very good in the early stages of the game. Because Yorick is a very mana dependent champion, when he is low on mana you can use this to gain allot of your mana back. This results in a very strong and powerful early game because of almost unlimited poke. The main reason that this isn't as usfull as ignite is because the usefulness of this spell is very low in the mid to late stages of the game. This is because as your mana increases you find yourself using this spell allot less until the spell becomes completely useless.
This is generally a good spell. its only problem is that it only has one use. This use is to obviously remove CC. However this can be quite good with Yorick because he is terrible at escaping ganks.

Spells To Avoid:
The reason that you should avoid this is because of the de-buff it gives to you and your team. The de-buff if you didn't know is that it diminishes healing to whoever is healed by the spell by 50%. This effects Yorick sustain when used. You could argue that is can save your life, but if you wanted heal just for this than just take Barrier. It can give a bigger shield than the heal and gives no de-buff.
This spell simply isn't that good and the cool-down is very long. The reason that it is bad is because the main reason it would be used is to re-spawn instantly to save the base/nexus. If this spell has to be used then in most coses you are going to lose anyway. However this spell can be usefull if use with Teleport because you can Revive and Teleport straight back to lane and not losing much experience and gold, effectively preventing you from falling behind.
This Spell has became very pointless due to the new blue trinket. This trinket is free and does almost the same thing. So instead of using this spell you could just get the trinket and get a more effective spell in its place. The only use this spell has is to check Baron or the Dragon, but these should be warded anyway.

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Introduction To the Page:
In the masteries I generally like to run a mixture of all attributes because this can be very effective in the laning phases.

I take the Cool-down reduction because this will give Yorick more sustain and poke in the laning phase and this can help to zone out your opponent.
I take the attack damage points for obviously more damage but to also add more healing power to Yoricks E ability and to also help with last hitting creeps. this damage will also increase damage and give yorick more zoning power.
I take this because Yorick uses allot of spell so this will give Yoricks allies a significant amount of damage to the target enemy.

I chose this Point to give Yorick more sustain and also because it is more effective that the other points available at this point of the page.
I use this because the recommended build includes allot of protections so this can be quite effective in the mid-late stages of the game.
I use these to basically give Yoric a little more tanky-ness in the early stage of the game.
I use this because this is very effective when doing Yorick 'W' on the enemy because it will reduce there damage done to you.

I use these because yorick can be very mana dependent in the early stages so they will help stop this.
I use this because you will put yourself in less danger when warding a bush and I also get this to progress down the tree.
[]I use this because the recommended build includes lots of mana so Yorick can benefit from this quite allot.
I get these points because they reduce the summoner spells cool-down, which cannot be gained by an item from the shop. Also a spells like Flash or Teleport with long Cool-downs benefit from these points allot.
I get these points for more sustain in the lane phase of the game. This also allows your basic attacks and 'W' ability to give you life back.

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Runes Explained

8 Attack Damage Marks:
The Attack damage from these increases Yoricks Poking power and also increases the healing from his E ability.
1 Critical Chance Mark
This is to basically make you actually able to hit a critical strike.That random 'crit' can sometime give you the victory in a fight.

9 Armour Seals:
These are basically to give you more sustain against physical champions. I also recommend using armour per level seals if you know your going to face a magical champion in the lane phase.

9 Magical Protection Glyphs:
These are basically for the same reason as the amour seals. I also recommend using Magic Resistance per level glyphs if you know you are against a physical champion.

3 Attack Damage Quints:
These are for the same reason as the marks previously mentioned. I also recommend using Spell-vamp quints if you want more sustain in the early phases of the game.

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Pros / Cons

1) Strong Poke
2) Counters allot of top laners
3) High Sustain
4) Light CC
5) AD,AP hybrid
6) Good Late game
7) Excellent Laning Phase

1) No escape
2) No Hard CC
3) Melee

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Your Combos should be:
1) Harass= W, E
2) Enemy engages= Q, E, W
3) You Engage= W, E, Q

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How To Use Yoricks Ultimate Ability

There are 2 main uses to your ult. The first being to resurrecting yourself after losing a fight to try and get a 1 for 1 trade. The other use is to resurrect a key member of you team who gets targeted. If mastered this can potentially change the fight. Also if you have your ultimate then in some situations it is better to do it at the start of a 1v1/2 fight if it can help you win. You can also use it to take objectives quicker by almost doubling you damage.

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Things You Might Not Know About Yorick

Did You Know:
-That Banner of the Command gives the ghouls the buffs?
-That Black Cleaver makes the ghouls attacks shred armour?
-That Zeke's herald give the ghouls 20 damage on there attacks?
- That the ghouls auto attacks proc Spirit Of The Elder Lizard's burn damage?
- That the ghouls' basic attacks deal physical damage and benefit from Yorick's armour penetration and armour reduction on the target?
- That the ghouls have a base 10 armour and magic resistance plus 2 per level of Yorick?
-Their movement speed is 300 / 340 / 390 / 443 depending on Yorick's level?
and that their movement speed is affected by boots with the Captain enchantment and is increased to 360 / 408 / 457 / 500?
-Killing a ghoul will award the bonus gold from Loaded Dice, Hawkshot, Parrrley or Avarice Blade?
-That killing a ghoul will award a stack for The Bloodthirster, Veigar's Baleful Strike, Nasus's Siphoning Strike, and Sion's Enrage?
-That Yorick's ghouls can trigger traps such as Jack In The Box, Noxious Trap, Bushwhack, etc.