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League of Legends Build Guide Author JoKeR69

Ryze for starters

JoKeR69 Last updated on January 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ryze for starters

JoKeR here, telling you how to make it while playing ryze.
I picked ryze as a more starting type spell caster just because he is eazy to grasp and all of his moves are click ons. But dont let that full yourself skill is still required!!!

Ryze himself is best built with lots of mana for the basic reason that his first 2 moves Q-overlord and W-rune prison both have a percent off his base mana added to his spell power. Now with this having been said keep in mind that his E is purely based off ap, and while it does lower the magic resist of the champ you hit it with and can bounce multiple times it is at best a gamble to rely on more than one or 2 bounces. Knowing that your Q is your strongest spell/with cdr, you have to work with is why you want to max it out asap. and your W allowing to hold someone or something "annie/annie's bear" it is best to take the one point in it early on and maybe even a 2nd to a good 3rd if you need that much more time to "burst" down.

Now as for the summoner spells it is purely up to you. Either you go with teleport/fire/ghost run/heal/flash whatever you feel best suits your style

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The runes are set for your basic char to have the better skills he has already gotten from his masteries.

Quintessence: speed boost/movement speed around the map during game play is always worth getting, consider this much as well there arent a lot of speedy buffs youll get from any of your items and while every ad in the game does, hell even most of your tanks have at least 2 that can speed up or slow you down

Glyph: magic resistance/mr help you have that natural tankyness vsing most of your ap based opponents, seeing as most of your items so far are for dammage and a few for sustain latter in game

Seal: mana XD more mana more power baby

Mark: going with magic pen on this one to help you break through that mr/magic resist that you might be facing, and yet again more power baby XD

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Skill Sequence

Yes yes ill be up your *** about this...
Q is most powerfull and needs to be maxed first always.

W is holding and has your 2nd highest power needed but wont always do what you need in terms of getting dammage in.

E is your main source of making sure whoever your hitting wont have their full magic resist in working order allowing your spell vamp to work so much nicer and also just damaging over all.

R your ulti allows you to have extra mana, extra spell vamp, and a very much needed aoe for team fights. I repeat needed for team fights.

While maxing your Q, you do have your options of putting an extra point here or there for either your W/E which is up to you. Very important to know when to lvl what because hey guess what FML Im using more holds cause im getting ganked at mid more >.< give up a point or 2 more in your W for easier escapes. Hear how this goes so far. Good XD

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Now your masteries are very basic and ideal to function with ryze, you do wanna have the edge in any game play that most ap will not have. You do not need ap to make your char stronger nor do you need to have any ap items to work at all XD. Having said this your masteries are set up for what makes ryze a star out of a lot of your caster chars. He will gain even more mana with fully lvled mana boost. If you still go and make "will" this will only stack up even further in surviving a battle along side your ulti R- desperate power. the rest very much explain themselves because gaining lvls faster is such an early/mid game advantage that most your enemy will not have that its crazy!!!

As for the 21 in offence youll want to have something for decent strength for last hitting those creeps, yes it is an art form to almost never miss a creep but your Ryze XD you dont need ap XP remember. Also having more cdr/cool-down reduction and extra flat % of magic pen/mp is all the more power hehe.

As for the difference in your summoner spells youll consider what points to take into your masteries once youve fully figured out what youll want, when youll want it and how youll want it XD.

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Last but not least is your items as shown above, the core items are the basic's of ryze's. To be tanky have lots of mana and make sure your mana is also convered to serve as your ap. Simple enough sure yes, but also not the best build for every game you play in..

See Veigar page 2, for other items you might want to consider

The next 4 items are mostly for your defensive going against a more ap heavy team/ veiger. Reason why i mention "veiger" alone... is because any ap you have 80% of that is converted into his own ultimate move R. Quickly getting the hint here meaning youll die that much faster while a "Veiger" is around if you make "Death Cap". Having said this your "Will" already sounds like a bad idea if you want that extra boost for your spell vamping. Well see that little item "Spirit Visage" that will not only boost your basic regening/health,mana but it will also boost your ultis basic spell vamping along side your masteries spell vamp, with the added health and magic resist.

Guardian Angel serving as a middle point for being the most pure defensive item you could get for not only ad heavy but also ap heavy teams.

The next 5 items blah blah blah for mostly ad heavy teams... Bare in mind though as to read up on some of them because some might server you so much better than others. Take "Tornmail" ohh kool 100 armor nice.. 30% damage taken is returned as magic damage. Sounds good. But wait.. take a sec to remember that last part 30% damage taken is returned as "Magic Damage". HMMMMM but what if they have a lot of MR on their team. You are Ryze after all... Meaning if they fear you they have built up Magic Resist already. But what if the enemy team isnt hitting you anways. The type of "AD damage their putting out isnt attack style, its spell style" quickly you might get horse ****ed in the *** because you not only spent your money on the wrong item but also now your dead because you didnt take 10secs outta your time to realize what the enemy team has in store for you. BTW tornmail doesnt give you any health. Tornmail's spell damage return is effected by how much magic pen/mp you have also.

So in short yes take your time. Read up on all the items that there are in the game. Learn about the chars youll be vsing. Hell take some time out and try other chars XD this way youll know what to expect right as you see them coming off the loading screen. And remember always remember that knowing what your going to want to build before built is always the best idea ever XD.


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