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Viktor, the Machine Herald Revealed

Creator: virago December 22, 2011 11:24pm
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Oct 30th, 2011
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Most of this information is community knowledge at this point, but here was today's release about the latest champion.

Posted by Average Gatsby on Thu, 2011-12-22

Viktor is a ranged mage with a mix of single target spells, area-of-effect crowd control, vector-targeting, and re-positional damage. This versatility is further augmented by his unique passive: a permanent item with different upgrade paths providing Viktor with both increased stats and bonus effects on one of his abilities. This high-skill cap mage is the perfect choice for those who wish to gain the advantage via their strategic decision making.


Passive: Evolving Technology Viktor starts with a Hex Core that provides him with stats and can be upgraded in the store to augment one of his abilities. The Hex Core can only be upgraded once, and cannot be sold back to the store.

Power Transfer - Viktor blasts an enemy unit dealing magic damage, returning a portion of the damage dealt as a shield.
Ability Augment: Increases Viktor's Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds

Gravity Field - Viktor conjures a heavy gravitational field, slowing all enemies and stacking a debuff every 0.5 seconds. At 3 stacks enemies inside are stunned for 1.5 seconds.
Ability Augment: Gravity Field has an additional 30% cast range.

Death Ray - Viktor uses his robotic arm to fire a chaos beam that cuts across the field in a line, dealing damage to any opponents struck in its path.
Ability Augment: Death Ray sets fire to enemies, dealing 30% additional magic damage over 4 seconds.

Chaos Storm (Ultimate) - Viktor conjures a singularity on the field which deals magic damage and briefly silences enemies. The singularity then does magic damage to all nearby enemies every second. Viktor can redirect the singularity.


Early in life, Viktor discovered his passion for science and invention, particularly in the field of mechanical automation. He attended Zaun's prestigious College of Techmaturgy and led the team that constructed Blitzcrank – a scientific breakthrough that he expected to vault him to the top of his profession. Unfortunately his triumph was usurped by Professor Stanwick, who stole credit for developing Blitzcrank's sentience and later used Viktor's research to revive Urgot. Viktor's appeals for justice fell on deaf ears, and he sank into a deep depression. He withdrew from the College and barricaded himself in his private laboratory, cutting all human ties. There, in secret, he conceived a project for which nobody else could claim credit. Desiring both to revolutionize his field and to eliminate the jealous human emotions which festered inside him, he engineered parts to replace and improve his own body. When Viktor re-emerged, almost no trace of the original man remained.

Not only had he supplanted the majority of his anatomy, but his personality had changed. His previous hope to better society was replaced by an obsession with what he called ''the glorious evolution.'' He saw himself as the patron and pioneer of Valoran's future – a future in which man would renounce his flesh in favor of superior hextech augmentations. Though Viktor's initial appeals were met with heavy skepticism, scientists were confounded by the sophistication of his machinery. By integrating his mind with techmaturgical devices, he had been able to drastically accelerate the progress of his research. His transformation had stripped him of what he perceived as his emotional weaknesses, but there was some lingering residue of resentment against the Professor. Viktor joined the League of Legends to pit his inventions against the greatest opponents Valoran could offer, and to correct any weaknesses or inefficiencies that remained.

''In one's hand, techmaturgy is a tool. As one's hand, it is liberation.'' -Viktor
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May 28th, 2011
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AHHHHH I am way more excited than I should be. Christmas day release maybe?

The most in depth guide to Twitch around.

Props to wRAthoFVuLK for the beastly sig and putting up with my request XD
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Jul 13th, 2011
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A lot of magic damage champions lately
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Dec 17th, 2011
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I hope Riot going to release a AD ranged carry soon. I think Graves and Vayne were the latest new champions that fall under that category.

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Oct 12th, 2011
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I'm wondering when they gonna add some support. Last time it's full of Mage champions.
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Oct 20th, 2011
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Ruiney wrote:

I'm wondering when they gonna add some support. Last time it's full of Mage champions.

I agree, a support champion with a few interesting mechanics would be a welcome new addition to the league
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Aug 18th, 2011
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I think I will love this guy. ^^)
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Aug 3rd, 2011
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i may try him!!!
but i am sick with ap champions
do a ad ranged ffs

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Aug 3rd, 2011
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an AD carry, lol? Graves is still a pretty recent champ, you know :|

Still hoping for a new support champ, would be nice :)

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Jul 27th, 2011
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