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Summoner Info

XMagiaNegraX (Unverified)
Jax, Skarner, Vayne
Melee DPS, Jungler, Ranged DPS


I started playing this game in S2 and I actually love this. I began as Jax since level 5, right when he was on free week champs, so I bought him. Practically I went to level 30 as Jax and I still enjoying him at the moment. My first ranked was so bad hue hue... I didn't know anything about it and I was too excited to think rightly, so I was brainless, but later my experiencie told me that I could do it, so I played a lot of normal games trying to improve my ability with the champs and practicing against my counterpicks (as Jax) and other champs. At the moment, I play in EUW, my name is XMagiaNegraX.

Skype: nosemeocurrenahdenombrexD <-- add if you want