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Amumu Build Guide by Fisk Tha Wizk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fisk Tha Wizk

Proxy Amumu top > Singed

Fisk Tha Wizk Last updated on November 26, 2016
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Summoner spells

Take Flash for that weird early double wave proxy in the enemies spawn, to Flash over the wall.

Take Teleport for quick 'back-to-proxy'. and for pressure

Take Ignite if you don't wanna proxy much (what are you doing) and will be going for kills

Take Ghost for escapability and no unit collision

Barrier is not that good, unless you need sustain in the form of blocking spells etc. Cleanse only if hard cc, all the other ones are bad.

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Courage of the Colossus for that ult / q shield that can save your life, and make an all in earlier on be more safe

Bond of Stone damage reduction works on minions aswell.

Meditation for the sustained mana

Tough Skin and Unyielding proxy lyfe bbe

Savagery for the proxy too.

Thunderlord's Decree can be used along with Intelligence / Precision , and Deathfire Touch can even be used too.

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Pros / Cons

PRO: Minions for days, Pressure in the way of starving your enemies for minion pushin power

CON: Gotta do that weird int feeding/execute turret, to gain minions, maybe.

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Math and Bond of stone

i did a test. I tested out Thresh with 0 added armor, 0 starting items that would make minions deal less damage, and 16 armor. and found out that:

Without Keystone mastery, and any form of damage reduction ( Tough Skin , Bond of Stone , Unyielding , Cloth Armor, etc) that the minions did following damage on Thresh, no souls on Damnation either.

Caster minions dealt = 12 damage

Melee minions dealt = 6 damage

and Siege minions dealt = 22 damage

However with Bond of Stone , and still without added armor / damage reduction (except ofc. Bond of Stone ) the minions did following:

Caster minions dealt = 11 damage

Melee minions dealt = 5 damage

and Siege minions dealt = 20 damage

So yes, Bond of Stone can be used to reduce minion damage. And ofc this is without adding in all the other things such as: Tantrum, Unyielding , Tough Skin , Cloth Armor, armor runes, etc.