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League of Legends Build Guide Author khronos127


khronos127 Last updated on March 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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to start

Fiddle is one of the best people to 1v1 with, he almost always comes out on top. Using the right build with fiddle will pretty much determine if you carry or if you feed. Fiddlesticks is my personal best champ however is no where near my favorit. Found out using the champion you're the best at gets a little boring and so does using this same build over and over again. This build gives you tons os ability power as well as some magic pen. The hour glass helps out with those team fights, without it doing an ulti with fiddle is pretty much death no matter what.

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Pros / Cons

1. Almost always comes out on top 1v1
2. Insane carry early game
3. A must in team fights
1. Very squishy
2. Can't run away if his live depends on it
3. More then not dies in team fights

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Team Work

Fiddle is a great person to lane with however can also do great in mid. From what ive found, teemo and fiddle, jax and fiddle, and mundo and fiddle, can all do great. I know there is alot of other champs that work with fiddle but i don't really care. Teemo can help hugely in 2 ways, early game while fiddle fears and drains someone, it most likely wont kill them and they are going to be faster then he is to get away. Flash helps but still dosent always get it. Teemo can run very fast and plant shrooms heading to their turret and in the bushes. If they do get away teemo can normaly turret dive and get the kill with maybe just a turret death.
Jax does some pretty crazy damg early game and after fiddle is done draining he can normaly jump in and get the kill or vise versa.
Mundo, you can guess on that, slow +fear+tank good mix. diving with mundo dosent hurt either.

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Summoner Spells

Anyone who plays fiddle will tell you flash is a must and without fiddle pretty much sucks. Flash early game is great for catching up to someone with low hp to fear and drain them. flash comes in handy in team fights when you wall jump ulti and need to get away or more in the fight. Last but not least getting away flash surely comes in handy with fiddle, he is one of the slowest people i've played with and flashing through a wall can save you. Now im going to get some haters for putting clarity up but it has saved me early game when i've run out of mana after i jumped into a 2v1 and it's just what i would like. The alt. for that would most likely be ignite for easy early game kills.

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My rune build is based mostly on easy "early" game kills. Late game fiddle can get kills or not the runes arent going to be the ones to say weather or not he does. The magic pen is just to insure you can get those tanks early game so they don't end up getting fed. Little bit of mana regen so you don't have to recall all the time.

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Skill Sequence

Another thing i'll be hated for is my skill sequence, i go mostly for alot of terrify and drain so i can help with ganks. laning with this sequence can help alot more then trying to solo mid so i would stick to laning with someone if your using this build. maxing out drain and fear as fast as you can is pretty much all it is and if you have'nt tried it then do so before you hate me for it =p.