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The AFKDyr (Beginner friendly)

AFKDYR Sibitrix Last updated on January 18, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0


Table of information





  1. Personal Introduction
  2. Introduction to Udyr
  3. Guide Introduction
  • Welcome from my side
  • What is Udyr about
  • Info about this Guide
Pros and cons
  1. Pros and cons about Udyr
  2. Pros and cons about this Build
Build explanation
  1. Skills&Skillorder
  2. Summoner Spells
  3. Itemization
  4. Masteries
  5. Runes
  • Udyrs kit and Skillorder with this Build
  • Summoner Spell choices
  • Corebuild and optional choices
  • Generell choices and keystones explained
  • Runesetup and alternatives
Important Matchups
  1. Jungle counters
  2. Generell counters
  3. Everything else
  1. First clear
  2. Earlygame clear
  3. Mid-&Lategame clear
  • First clear with map
  • Tips for Earlygame
  • Tips for Mid-&Lategame
  1. Opinion on Ganking
  2. Execution
  3. Tips
  • Guidename explanation
  • Expiration&combo
  • More indepth information
Jungle Objectives
  1. Prioritizing in the jungle
  2. Dragon
  3. Herold
  4. Counterjungling
  • Map with ranking of the objectives and counterjungle targets
  • Tips on when&how to dragon
  • Tips on when&how to herold
  • Counterjungling guide to Udyr
  1. When to splitpush
  2. How to splitpush
  3. Alternatives

Teamfighting and other alternatives to splitpushing
About me
  1. Changelog
  2. Future plans

Personal Introduction

This guide focuses on playing Udyr in the only right way - The AFK Way!
The idea of this guide is to get a huge amount of farm to get a good LoLSkillScore and carry games after the 20. minute. The core item is the devourer because it obviously sclaes with farm. You get the most efficient Items,Masteries and Runes to farm as fast as possible.
Udyr is not the most mechanicly-intensive champion but you have to constantly keep up using your spells to be as timeefficient as possibly and decision-making is very important because you have to know when to go for dragon,herold,counterjungle or even a gank (rare).
It takes time but if you Master jungle clearing, you can get to platinum 1 with this guide (Because i cant reach diamond but my friend Zângetzu can because hes better then me omg im so salty)

Introduction to Udyr

Udyr is a tanky, dps-fighter with some burst too who only uses autoattacks. Decisionmaking in generell but also in the fight is key because you have everything you want in your kit, but only one thing at once.
You have too decide between single target damage, shield and sustain, movementspeed and croud control or AoE damage.
The key of this guide is to practicly ignore his pretty good early game and hit hard in his insane midgame and try to reach his very good lategame as fast as possible.

Introduction to the guide

Since this is a beginner friendly guide, will explain the basics of Udyr in Chapter 2 a bit more, but i will always pair it with the use of everything in this guide especially so don't skip that if you are already experieced playing Udyr. I will also Link everything the first time it appears so if someone doesn't know anything he can look it up before continue reading.

After all that introduction, have fun and enjoy the Guide! I hope you learn a lot and if you do i appreceate every support you can give me! If you have questions or critism, leave a comment.

Please vote for my next guide!!!

h1Coming Soon![/h1]


Skills&Skillorder explanation

P: Monkey's Agility | Stance: You gain 10% attack speed (Up to 30%) and a flat amount of 5 movement when using a spell for a few seconds. Your passive also regulates your stance switching so you can't spam like 4 stances in one second. Every ability has 5 ranks but you still can only max 3 and put 3 into another one.
Your passive is the reason why Udyr clears so insanely fast. It's basicly 30% attack speed for free along with some movementspeed. Try to always keep the 30% up while splitpushing and clearing, it makes a huge difference.

Ability Stats

Q: Tiger Stance: Udyr gains up to 70%bonus Attack Speed for 5 seconds and his first autoattack in Tiger
Stance, not his first autoattack on every champion, only the first one in the stance, deals a huge amount of AD Damage over 2 seconds. His autos deal 15% more attack damage permanent.
This ability gives you a lot of single targeted burst, the DOT is huge in every stage of the game, especially earlygame. With this build, you dont skill it until you maxed your other three abilitys. What you want is sustained AoE damage, another ability, the Phoenix Stance, is 10 times better for this. In the lategame however, the attack speed is extremly useful for power clearing bigger camps or jungle Objectives. You also use this when you splitpush for chunking down turrets.
Ability Stats

W: Turtle Stance: You gain a shield for 5 seconds and you permanently get a huge amount of lifesteal.
This ability is another essencial part of Udyr as a jungler. Despite the fact that all of Udyrs spells have a relativly short cooldown, in the jungle this is extremly useful for taking less damage. In the earlygame the lifesteal isn't as useful, but the shield even more. After some games of clearing practise you will be full life almost the whole time jungling just because this ability. But you use this for so much more things, it can be used for midgame towerdives, avoiding initial damage when ganking, flancing and getting kited, healing up in the jungle after devourer and generelly sustaining in fights.
Ability Stats

E: Bear Stance: You can move through Units and gain a lot of movement speed for 2-3 seconds and your
first autohit stuns the target for 1 second every few seconds, having the cooldown on the target itself and not on the stun. That means theoreticly you can run into a teamfight and stun all 5 of them in a few seconds.
Bear Stance is Udyrs main mobility spell, mainly used for speeding long ways up and for your first hit versus Champions for the CC. You always use this for engaging, may it be a gank on any lane, a skirmish or an actual teamfight. But it's also one more reason for Udyrs clear speed. Especially with bluebuff or mana items you can spam Bear Stance between every camp wasting 0 time on running through the jungle.
Your E also makes you such a good counterjungler. Ignoring unit collision is insanely important when getting chased. Pairing with the movementspeed, you will almost every single time get away. You can even stun melee oponents with barely stopping to move.
You max this Ability second with this build because of the insane mobility in the jungle and the lower mana cost so you can spam it when running long distances. It also makes ganking so much easier that you can effort it more often.
Ability Stats

R: Phoenix Stance: You get a damage aura for 5 seconds and your first autohit and every third autohit
following deals AoE damage in front of you.
Not much to say about it, it's the bread and butter for phoenix udyr, that's why he's named after it, it's very efficient to max because the auro damage is almost 4* as high at level 5 and the On-Hit damage is 5* as high, it gives you insane clear speed because the AoE alone deals 90 magic damage on level 1 (+ neutral Monsters have negative MR so it´s even more) already and the On-Hit is also AoE constantly procing Hunter's Talisman. You use this for damage when ganking, clearing, waveclearing when splitpushing, dueling and it synergieses with Sated Devourer extremly well.
You take Phoenix Stance at level 1 and max this ability first for the clear speed, raw damage output in fights and the lowered mana cost because you spam this in every situation at every stage of the game.
Ability Stats






















Start with Hunter's Talisman, Refillable Potion and the Standard Trinket because Talisman gives you more clear than Hunter's Machete and you have enough early sustain so you dont need 3 Potions.

First Back

Go back at 700-1000 Gold to get Stalker's Blade and eventually Boots of Speed or a Vision Ward for the extra sustain, clear speed and mobility.


Next, you get your Enchantment: Devourer as fast as possible because you obviously want to have it sated as fast as you can. Get Boots of Swiftness next along with Oracle Alteration for Counterjungling with the extra vision control and escaping with the extra mobility.

Core defense Items

Frozen Heart: You get this EVERY game because CDR is so important on Udyr just like Mana and 1v1 potential. Absolutely Core, even vs 5 APs the stats are worth. Also nice too get it early because CDR and Mana are virtually clear speed.
Dead Man's Plate: You get this almost every Game because it gives you very nice mix of armor and health, some extra burst, extra cc and a lot of movementspeed what is very important on Udyr.
Spirit Visage: Your core MR item. Extra sustain from your W, CDR and a good mix of health and MR.

Offensive Items

Trinity Force: Get this in almost every game, you use every of the stats and you can proc sheen on cooldown.
Iceborn Gauntlet: When you are behind and your team needs extra CC its good but you farm and splitpush faster with Trinity
Guinsoo's Rageblade: You can build it but i wouldnt because you dont reach the CDR Cap and its weird, also less burst and splitpush.

vs heavy AD

Thornmail: Only against full-AD comps.
Randuin's Omen: Get this against a full crit team like a Crit ADC+ Yasuo/Tryn

VS heavy AP

Banshee's Veil: If they have fed Single Target AP and there a full AP Comp.
Locket of the Iron Solari: If they have a fed AoE Midlaner.


Vision Ward: Buy a pink ward whenever you have none on the field. Use it to control the vision in your jungle at important buffs or in the river for scuttle crabs.
Enchantment: Alacrity:More movementspeed is always great; The flash one is also not bad.
Hunter's Potion: When you always want to be full life and you already got your core, take it, its just 250 gold.
Elixir of Iron: You dont carry
Elixir of Sorcery:You do carry


Generell Skillorder for Udyr (Same with all Masteries)(No Keystones)

In Ferocity start with Fury for the extra clear speed.Some phoenix Udyrs take the ability damage but you only have 1 damaging ability and it doesnt give you as much clear speed and sustain.
Continue with Double Edged Sword for DMG and clear speed. Feast is also viable and pretty worth actually but 3% damage is a lot in the lategame and 20HP is not. Also Feast may gives you more sustain, Udyr has a lot of that anyways, but Double Edged Sword provides clear speed what is more valueble when you already have good sustain.
Vampirism is great for the extra Sustain, the other one( Natural Talent ) is pretty useless, some say it´s super strong on hybrid champions but it´s freakin 15 AP on level 18 .. THAT´S NOT EVEN 1 AP PER LEVEL . As 12th point take Oppressor because the enemy is slowed the whole time when you have redbuff and you most likely will not get all 5 killed before the ultra lategame( Bounty Hunter is just Unreliable). Go on with a mix of Battering Blows and Piercing Thoughts because you deal so mixed damage. I prefer to put 3 points into magic penetration and 2 into armor but it´s really not gamechanging.

In Cunning, start with Savagery for the clearspeed. The movementspeed from Wanderer is also useful but you will never be Out of Combat in the jungle since you travel between camps so fast anyways. It's only useful for long chases or just running aroung on the map. You can take it - i don´t.
Runic Affinity is self-explanatory - You are a jungler, you take the jungle masterie. Even better on farm junglers.
Merciless and Dangerous Game for dueling and teamfights, the other ones are only good for supports. Meditation may sound useful, which it is, but 2% more overall damage in a 100%-0% fight is better, most of the time you as a jungler will join later anyways, what makes Merciless even better.
Precision is super great on Udyr since you deal mixed damage, what would be enough to take it, but it´s even better because this applies to jungle camps - and hits them hard because of there natural low resistances -. This is one of the strongest midgame masteries - where you want to shine. Intelligence ofc gives you 5% more CDR, what matters in the early and lategame, in the earlygame you don't really need any CDR because you don't have the mana to spam everything. In the lategame it's useful, yes, but you also have almost 25 flat penetration with [Intelligence] , what is arguably even better.

In Resolve Tier 1 you take the extra magic reisist and armor from Unyielding , the 2 healthregen from Recovery doesn't matter really after the super earlygame.
Tier 2 between Explorer and Tough Skin is just a personal preference. Explorer gives you a bit more mobility in the jungle and sightly more in Dragon,Herold and Baron fights. Tough Skin however is just a bit less damage. I personally think Explorer is just a bit stronger if you don't gank much early- and midgame.
Next one is an easy choice, you take Runic Armor because the other one is an early game only masterie and Runic Armor synergieses pretty good with your W.
The next one is personal preference again, take Insight if you want to gank sometimes, but with a lot of success. Its good when you´re new because you have something to orientate when ganking and you can learn to see oportunities. If youre expirienced it's especially very good combined with flash because of the E- Flash.
Perseverance is overall pretty good, gives you sustain and also in close fights and escapes, it sometimes gives you the extra regen you need to survive.
Lastly, not that of a hard choice, definetly Swiftness because Tenacy and Slow Resistence are pretty OP stats on Udyr. Legendary Guardian is not bad for teamfights but you will rarely get the full enemy team close to you unlike an Engage Tank / Supporter and you have no natural slow resist in your kit like Olaf or Zac.

Ferocity Dueling - Fervor of Battle

Masterie Page Pros Cons
  • Very strong Dueling, Insane Sustained Damage
  • Good jungle sustain due to Resolve tree
  • Best Page lategame
  • Excellent for splitpushing
  • No Teamfighting
  • Less burst
  • Less jungle clear and buff duration
  • Tier 5 Ferocity isn't that strong on Udyr.
This is a very carry-oriented Masterie Page. You give up a lot of Cunning Midgame and Buff Duration, what hurts earlygame. You will be slower in the jungle, however you will not lose more life then usual because of the Resolve-Masteries where you take Perseverance for the extra Sustain. When you are low Elo, you want to carry, your teams doesn't know how to push and finish games and you know how to chase as Udyr, i can recommand it.
Splitpush to win!
At level 18 you basicly get over 100 damage per auto with almost 2 attack speed for free what means 200 damage per second.
This page is even better if you with Guinsoo's Rageblade instead of Trinity Force because Guinsoos deals better consistent damage and that's what Fervor of Battle gives you.

However, i don't play this page because when your enemies know how to kite Udyr and do it succesfully, a burst type of Masterie is way better. Also, the other pages are all better in the midgame, where you get a huge powerspike with your sated, Trinity Force and your Masteries. I also like Trinity more than Guinsoos, i think thats just personal preference.

Resolve Farming and Sustaining - Strenght of the Ages/ Grasp of the Undying

Masterie Page Pros Cons
Grasp of the Undying
  • Best sustained fighting(Damage&Heal combined)
  • Good lategame scaling
  • At least a bit burst
  • Best low tier clearing masteries
  • Solid mix of clearing speed& PvP
  • Lacking earlygame damage
  • Damage and healing increase a lot later,after 2-3 items
  • 0 penetration into masteries
Strength of the Ages
  • Best clearing page
  • Keystone synergize with Devourer
  • Earlygame tankyness
  • Overall strong early-midgame
  • Synergy with your high resistance low HP build
  • No Lategame scaling
  • Lacking damage in generell
  • No burst nor sustain in fight
With Grasp of the Undying you go for sustained fighting and for lategame, because that's where this masterie excells. You deal more damage than with full damage masteries like Thunderlord's Decree but you also heal a **** ton of damage on top of your lifesteal. Before lategame you will not really feel how strong this masterie can be because with this build you get early resistances and late HP. It's also a good page for both clear speed and sustain.
I don't use it usually because it spikes too late and there is absolutly 0 penetration in this Page.
Strength of the Ages is another type of masterie, no damage of healing, but a lot of free HP. It has a great synergy with your itembuild and your farming playstyle and 300 HP in the early midgame are a lot. If you are very expirienced you can increase your limits to the maximum. Towerdives, counterjungling and dueling is so much easier and you can go much deeper.
However, as i said, 0 damage to champions and absolutely no scaling into the lategame, after midgame this will not get any stronger.
And thats why i don't play with Strength of the Ages neither, i want to burst people down in midgame to finish the game, however, if you learn to use this extra 300 HP to the full extend, this would as good as my normal one at least.

Personal Favorite - Thunderlords/Stormraider's Surge

Masterie Page Pros Cons
Thunderlord's Decree
  • Insane Midgame Spike, what
    synergizes with your playstyle
  • Best burst page
  • No really weak face of the game
  • Fast clear due to penetration
  • Better pure earlygame/lategame pages
  • Less sustain because no Resolve
  • Not the best consistent damage
Stormraider's Surge
  • Insane utility
  • You cant get kited anymore
  • Counter to one of Udyr's biggest weaknesses
  • No Damage from the keystone itself
  • Against some enemys you will not deal 30% of max health in 2.5 seconds.
Thunderlord's Decree is what i take into battle. Together with the flat armor and magic penetration of Precision it's insane AoE damage you deal in the midgame. If you get kited before you can attack you don't deal any damage because it's burst, and thats what every other Page lacks. The disadvantages are just so small because this masterie is at least good in every stage of the game and you have an easy way to proc it. Nothing much to say.
Stormraider's Surge is very interesting. At this time (17.01.16) i did not have had the time to test a lot, but in the few games i played, if you proc it, its funny to see how people use their flash and im on them again after 1 second. The question is how good you are at getting fed enough to deal the required damage. If you pull that off, you are unstoppable and it´s OP. You have like 90% slow resistance with Boots of Swiftness, what is insane. It´s a bigger midgame spike as Thunderlord's Decree . The rest is the same; good midgame, no very bad stage of the game. I'lld definetly recommand checking it out for yourself.



These are absolutly core. Always take Greater Mark of Attack Speed, as long as nothing changes there are just the best alternative. You get insane clear speed with almost +60% attack speed in the jungle at level 1 already with Monkey's Agility stacked. If you think Greater Mark of Attack Damage is better, just try it yourself in costume game. The difference is HUGE. Attack Speed Synegyzes so well with Udyrs kit so it's super good to take this runes.


I take 2* Quintessence of Movement Speed and 1* Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed for even more attack speed and one of Udyr's most important stats - movementspeed -. The attack speed is just for the clear speed and the more often phoenix procs in generell. Movementspeed runes are important espially if you want to counterjungle and gank - to get to or away from the enemies. This ones are also so good on Udyr since he has one of the highest base Movementspeeds in the game, what means that he gets more flat Movementspeed than for example an Anivia, who has one of the lowest base movementspeeds. For sure you can just take 3 times movement speed quints but i prefer to take the one attack speed one because i don't feel 1,5% movement speed are a gamechanging stat, but the other 3% are. I wouldn't recommand taking 3* Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed because not only is ganking insane hard, also counterjungling and splitpushing is slower and much more dangerous. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power isn't viable in my opinion because you don't need extra earlygame power and the other options are so much better later into the game.


It's a 100% personal preference if you take Greater Seal of Armor, Greater Seal of Scaling Armor or a mix of both. If you are new to Udyr, just go with Armor, it's nothing wrong with those. With scaling Armor you will get some free armor lategame and your earlygame is strong enough anyways - but you have to know how to clear the jungle without losing much health because especially at level 1-6 the camps hit harder. I personally play with Greater Seal of Armor only at the moment because i try to focus a bit more on the earlygame, but not long time ago i played with scaling only. Greater Seal of Scaling Health is another viable option, but armor is just better because Health doesn't actually scale with your shield like armor does and you just don't need health as early as you can use the armor.


Lastly, Glyphs are very variable because Udyr doesn't need any of these at all, they are just an addition to make your personal playstyle better. I personally love to have as much clear speed as possible, that's why i take 4* Greater Glyph of Attack Speed in here. (I take those on ADC and other attack speed champions too, they are underrated) In adition, i go with the standard Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because against full AD comps i barely build any magic resist but like 90% of all AD Champions deal some AP damage too and against mixed comps Magic Resist is as useful as armor, what is included in the Rune Page as well. Other options are Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for very few IP and a better early game; Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction if you play with Guinsoo's Rageblade and don't get the 40% CDR with items or if you don't feel like you need any magic resist you can also get up to 4-5 Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration.

The earlygame is the most difficult part of the game, you have to be concentrated to use your skills in the exact right order too jungle the most in the shortest amount of time possible.
Remember: You play AFK-Dyr, your main goal is not ganking, you just want to farm up.
If you see a laner with low HP who is over extending or where your own laner has CC, then come by and say hi. Try to take every kill in order too get devourer as fast as possible.
When your team falls behind, mute them all until you are sated. As long as the other laners dont push to your T2 towers where you can kill them (or just overextend because of their lead anyways) just tell your team to play safe how every other player in ranked does after someone falls behind.

Middlegame is just too stack your devourer. Powerjungle, counterjungle and most importantly, try to get 1 herold and 1 dragon for 10 free stacks. You can also get stacks by walking to a lane where your laner kills the other one and smite the enemy before he dies so you get a free assist. (With my expirience i can do it very frequently every game at least 1-2 times)

If the game is even, a good time to get your sated is around 14-18 minutes.
However, if your botlane is losing you most likely will not be able to get dragon (Unless you steal it, you can do it just at the right time) its still ok to get it a bit later.
Its just important to get your devourer sated before 20 minutes at least since you get your homeguard then.
With homeguard and sated you are allowed to rush out of the base, powerclear the jungle in a very short amount of time and be up for teamfights or splitpushing.

Thats where this guide is not that different from others. You powerclear your jungle; you teamfight if your team needs help; you splitpush if teamfights are lost/won anyways/if you have a good oportunity.
Remember to run through the enemy jungle and clear it as good as you can since one of our goals is to get a high amount of farm.

Efficient clearing doesnt only mean too clear the fastest way possible but also manaefficient since you waste time if you go out of mana in the early and sometimes even in the midgame.
First clear route on blue and red site.
Purple: Your path
Yellow: Camps you smite

The first clear

Your first clear is a simple full clear. You always start where your botlane is because they can leash better.On Blueside start Krugs, clear the whole redside jungle, then you run to Blue Buff, do Gromp and finish with Wolves .
On Red side, you start at Gromp , you clear the blueside Jungle and the redside Jungle ( Raptors , Red Buff, Krugs) and after that you kill the topside Rift Scuttler . When you are on the Red side you have more options after doing Rift Scuttler because you are almost full life, like one of your rare early ganks.

Earlygame clearing tips

  1. Before your Enchantment: Devourer is finished (this is especially important in your first clear) your mana is very limited so you cant spam everything.
    To never get oom you should do at least a few autos before you switch.
  2. While doing a camp only switch between Phoenix Stance and Turtle Stance. In phoenix at least do 4 auto's so you proc your damage 2 times, when you switch to turtle try to kite the camp so your shield last as long as possible and you can switch back to phoenix without losing too much health.
  3. Always hold your passive on 3 stacks when you do a camp or run to a very close camp.
  4. Use bear between each camp (Not between Gromp/Blue Buff, Red Buff/Raptors) when you have Blue Buff and only between River/Jungle or Redside/Blueside when you have none.
  5. Dont forget that you can heal up on Rift Scuttler .

Mid- Lategame clearing tips

  1. After you own devourer or even sated devourer your clean is insanely fast anyways and it's more important to run through the jungle as fast as possible because you dont want to waste time at no stage of the game, so just keep hitting your E key while running
  2. Just spam R and W when doing the camps. But still keep an eye on your mana and use turtle less often when you lose too much.
  3. Lategame with sated devourer and Trinity Force you melt through camps like butter, just use Tiger Stance once,stay in phoenix after and run around with bear. Its just about your clear speed because there are more important things to do in the lategame.

My opinion on ganking as Udyr

I dont recommanding camping a lane or ganking a lot in generell. Why? Yes, Udyr isn't the worst ganker at all, that is true, but in my opinion he excells much better at other things and other junglers excell better at ganking. A Lee Sin brings as much CC as Udyr to a gank even pre 6 (Slow for 2 seconds instead of 1 second stun) but deals insane amounts of damage early and midgame. He can burst a lot of damage when ganking and has 2 gapclosers, he can gank even when the lane is pushed.
After 6 he is one of THE best gankers with his long knock back.
Even a Nautilus is better at ganking, he has a Gapcloser and insane amounts of CC.
The problem with Udyr's ganking is wether the damage nor the CC, it's the required setup for a gank.
Some laners such as Zed are impossible to gank as Udyr unless they overexstand very very hard AND use their gapcloser (With Zed as given example his W, Living Shadow offensive. But imobile laners aren't gankable always too, with a Lee Sin you can gank always as long as the enemy isn't standing under his tower, with Udyr he should at least stand in the middle of the lane, unless your laner brings CC and engages the gank, what honestly almost nobody does.
When a laner tells you with 1 kill he can snowball, sure, tell him to let the enemie overextend and clear the vision.
I don't gank when it's a waste of time. Unsure if there is a ward? Enemie laner is playing defensive? In the earlygame you can't gank in this scenarios.
The midgame, however, is another story! Towerdives are easy to execute, espially if the enemy laner isn't full life.

Something more generell about Udyr
Udyr is about using every second of the game as good as you can. It's also called tryharding, sounds stupid but basicly that's what you do. Use every second farming up as fast as you can, take every kill who doesn't require waiting in the bush for 30 seconds; look for oportunities and use every single one of them. When you are farmed up tell your team to group or just don't, powerclear the jungle and splitpush them down. That's how winning games works.

Combo's and execution of Ganks

Normal Gank Combo

Turtle Stance -> Bear Stance -> Smite -> Autoattack once -> Phoenix Stance -> Furthermore Autoattack -> (After you can stun again Bear Stance)

Normally you run to their lane from the enemy's jungle so you can come from behind and they can't just flash.
You activate W for Ability's the laners will throw on you while running up to them, activate Bear stance for faster running. When you are in range, smite for the extra slow. Autoattack them as soon as you reach them in bear form or attack them in bear form when your allies CC ran out. After that just continue hitting them with your phoenix, dont forget running with them the whole time.

Flash Combo

Bear Stance -> Smite -> Flash -> Autoattack once -> Phoenix Stance

You use this combo if the enemy isn't pushing but you still want to gank. Run in with bear, as soon as you are in range Smite and follow with Flash Autohit after. It's a burst combo because normally you don't have the time to Chase, so only do it if your laner helps you bursting him or he isn't full life.

h1Coming Soon![/h1]

h2Explanation Coming Soon![/h2]

When to dragon

Do the dragon as soon as possible because maybe you can do a second one before you are sated. When your botlane is losing and the dragonpit is warded probably place a pinkward in front of the pit.
Best situation for dragon is when the enemy botlane just ported back or you know that the enemy jungler is topside.

When to herold

The herold is most likely less protected and prioritize. But herold is a 2 man job so ask your toplaner to do it whenever the lane is pushed or the enemy toplaner went back/ is dead and sweep the pit before you do it.

When to counterjungle

With Udyr counterjungle as much as possible when you are able too. It takes some practise to use every given oportunity and learn to know the matchups (When you can 1v1 the other jungler).
In generell, in the earlygame counterjungle whenever the other jungler is ganking a lane on the other side of the map, you have vision of the jungle and later when your jungle is cleared (You should be able to 1v1 them or at least run away always by then).

How to splitpush as efficient and fast as possible

To push the wave as fast as possible, activate E to run through the wave and just use R to clear it instant. When you tank them because you run faster then your own minions just activate W once before activating E.
To push down turrets, try to always have the Attack Speed from your Q and use every Sheen Proc from Tryforce always on Cooldown.

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About me

Hi, im Sibitrix, a platinum 1 jungle main on the EUW server. I play active since late season 2 and main Udyr since season 3. I play on diamond level but im too lazy because platin 1 is elo hell and i once had a big losing streak making me almost quit ranked. In season 6 however ill reach it for sure.
Other champs i like to play in ranked are Stealarim, Stealynn and Elise (I only played good with her when she was OP).

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Change log and plans

Change Log

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Future Plans

24.01.2016 - Section 'Important Matchups' new and extension of the explanation of the itemchoices and on the early-, mid- and lategame section
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