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Viego Ability (LoL): Sovereign's Domination

Sovereign's Domination Viego

Viego Ability: Sovereign's Domination
Whenever an enemy champion is killed by Viego or dies within 3 seconds of being damaged by him, a Mist Wraith spawns from their corpse for 8 seconds. Viego can basic attack a Mist Wraith to possess it, heal himself for 3% (+3% per 100 bonus attack damage) (+2% per 100 ability power) (+5% per 100% bonus attack speed) of the target's maximum health, and blink to its location after winding up for 1 second, during which he is untargetable (except to turrets).

Possession lasts for 10 seconds and replaces Viego's basic attacks, basic abilities, items, base stats (depending on Viego's level), and appearance with the champion the Mist Wraith was summoned by and grants him a free cast of Heartbreaker that is initially placed on a 1.5-second cooldown. Viego also gains 10% bonus movement speed while moving toward nearby enemy champions during this time.

Viego cannot use item actives, consumable items, nor the shop while under possession.

Viego will preserve his current health percentage between transformations.

Viego's Abilities

Viego Ability: Sovereign's Domination	Viego Ability: Sovereign's Domination	Viego Ability: Sovereign's Domination	Viego Ability: Sovereign's Domination
Sovereign's Domination	 is used by Viego

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