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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sleh

A matter of wording

Sleh Last updated on June 26, 2012
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Hello summoners, Wouldy here from Legends of the League ('m virtually unknown in the League of Legends community but I hope my guide here among the greats of the league will help you become an even better player. If your on this site that means you want to get better at the game, and though Im not a high ELO player yet I'd like to provide some information that can do just that. My guides are not about any technical aspects of the game, there are tons of great guides by amazing players on this site that can give you all the information you need. No, my guides focus more on your mindset and attitude towards the game. I hope to give you the little push you need to get as good as you want to be by changing and improving little aspects of your thinking that can make great differences in your gameplay. If your actively on this site your already a good player, but if you want to be a great player read on to find out how a change in your wording can lead to more stress free and fun matches.

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Goal setting

Goal setting is an important tool that needs to be utilized if you want to accomplish anything, both in real life and in game, however most people are too careless about how they word their goals. The key is to set your sights on an objective that you have complete control over, something that can be acquired through your own efforts. For instance when you play a game with the goal of winning you are putting unnecessary stress on yourself because you are focusing on something that is outside of your control. In a 5v5 match on Summoners Rift there are 10 players and countless variables tbat all have to be in your favor in order to win the match. When these things dont go the way you want them you start to panick and react negatively, you get angry that your top lane is feeding and frustrated that your support wont ward the damn map; and before long you notice that your own gameplay is starting to decline. This happens because instead of putting all your processing power on doing your best you start focusing on those negative emotions, this cycle continues until you find yourself dying over and over until your team suffers the inevitable defeat. The worst part of this vicious cycle is that you wont notice the difference in how your playing until after the fact, when your raging it feels like your playing as well as you usually do but if you watch a replay later you'll see that this is not the case. You'll catch little mistakes all over the game that will leave you wondering how you could play so badly. But have no fear, your a great player at heart and I'll show you some easy tricks you can use to play at a more consistent level.
Before I go into what you can do to make more efficient goals let me bore you with a small discussion on the human brain. Compare your mind with RAM for a moment and imagine what would happen to your gaming if you had a bunch of "programs" open at once while you were trying to focus on one task. Lets say you are trying to focus on a ranked game while thinking about what you have to do later today, or what your teammates are doing, or what comeback you should angrily type to that jungler that just cussed you out; or whatever else is going through your mind at that moment. What do you think would happen to your performance on any one single task while you have so much activity going through your mind? Naturally your ability to focus on one task would decline, because your attention is scattered in all these different directions. My goal is to teach you how to reel your attention in and increase your focus on a single goal so that you can use all your internal resources to accomplish it faster and with more results. So with that all said lets dive in to a goal setting exercise that will start you on your quest to become a better gamer.
The first thing you should do before every game is clearly state your goals, this gives you some sort of reference to check your progress on while your gaming. Like I said earlier, trying to win is not an effective goal, theres just too much that you cant control and if things go badly you will sink with your team. Your best bet is to aim for objectives that you can accomplish alone that will ultimately help your team win. If you bring your best to the table and are a positive force on your team it can greatly help your chance of winning the game, so aim to do your best in every game. This might seem obvious but unless you clearly state this goal to yourself you wont be actively trying to accomplish it.
Before every game I go into I always make a point to:

    Do my best
    Be a positive force on my team
    Get better in general
    Get better at whatever aspect of the game I have trouble with (team fighting, last hitting, etc.)

By knowing what you want out of the game you can actively reach for it and this will make you a better player, faster. Another great aspect of this type of goal setting is that even if you lose the game, you can still accomplish your goals. Being good at League of Legends doesn't mean winning every single game, you just have to win more then you lose. So by setting your sights on constantly getting better you will learn from games you lose in as well as the games you win. This way you are always growing and getting better no matter what team you get stuck with.

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Want more?

Thats all I have for you today, but once again this is my first article here so please comment with your opinions and questions. Let me know how this exercise affected your gaming and if you want more articles like this head on over to my new website at where you will find more information that will improve your mindset in the game and in real life. Good luck in your ventures and I hope to write many more articles that will help you hone your skills.


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