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League of Legends Build Guide Author NekuShikazu

A Really Basic Guide Runes and Masteries for 5 roles.

NekuShikazu Last updated on August 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Honor Guard

Defense: 4


Utility: 4

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Why I made this guide.

As this is my first guide, I usually see people who have really messed up runes and masteries. It's a really frustrating thing to see when your team loses because of early laning. With this guide, you should be able to expand your champion pool instead of creating separate pages for champions.

Some runes that I have chosen were specific and I explained each one.

The goods of Runes:
-Help you big time in Laning phase.
-You can snowball (Gold Runes).
-They can make the biggest difference no matter how much little of an advantage they give you.

The Cons of Runes:
-They are not worth buying if you have no access to tier 3 runes.
-Expensive to buy (400 is small, but multiply it by 9 and it's 3600).
-Crafting sucks for runes.
-Buying a page is expensive.

The Goods of Masteries
-Cost nothing.
-You can select of variety of your needs depending on your champion pick.

The Cons of Masteries
-Limit on amount you can make.
-Your mastery page looks very identical to other pages if you play one class of champions.

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Offense AD

I put flat damage because rely on base damage is not enough. This will help last hits and give you the extra advantage in a level 1-3 fight.

Same as Marks, I need that boost of damage.

I need that small boost of attack speed because most champions that are AD tend to start with 0.60-69 (no 69 jokes please) attack speed. Even the .01 is useful in a basic attack fight.

I take flat armor penetration for mid to late game to break through a tanks armor. If there are no tanks on the enemy team, this will just dominate even more.

I go 22-4-4 taking as much offensive damage as I can and some health per level to increase sustain in fights. And assuming you need to move around to get kills, I put in some extra speed in utility.

If you're going attack damage, you won't have to rely on health as much because you're more focused on life steal and trying to take out champions quickly. If you're ranged, you should be in the back and rely on range while your teammates fight in the front. If you're building health, you know that you do not have enough sustain from life steal or you're in the front.

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Offense AP (For AP mana AP junglers)

I go for magic penetration to help burst down champions who are stacking magic resist. Very good if you're going top against a tank who starts off with magic resist.

Bursting down AD Champs is really easy, and assuming you're firing in the back, magic resist will help you last longer against AP Pokes.

I take flap AP to help me get kills early game, I tend not to rely on per levels because if I need lots of AP late game, then I haven't been farming as much.

I take more flat AP to give a huge boost in my laning phase.

I go 21-0-9, taking bonus damage to minions and monsters to help farming. Spell sword and destruction in Offense to increase pushing and as much ability power possible. And I finish it off with improved flash from utility and increase cooldown, mana regeneration and spell vamp for sustain.

Ability Power is amazing for bursting down opponents (taking them out fast). You have to rely on staying in the back and using your spells. If you're melee, you're usually a assassin and you probably make amazing plays like xPeke (the one who made the best backdoor). Ability power champions usually build a small amount of health because they are insanely squishy and end up dying fast.

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Tanks (AD/AP)

I get flat health marks because every 10 health makes a huge difference. Plus adding a Doran's Shield will make it even better.

I add flat armor to help my defense against annoying bruisers like Darius or Nidalee.

I go for flat magic resist for those AP Tops like Vladimir or Zac.

You won't believe how much health this would give from Warmogs. This works will with the marks I put.

For the usual AD tanks (AP tanks look at notes). I go 12-18-0, giving a small boost of damage and increasing my health with flat health and percentage. I also add some sustain from the boost of armor and magic resist. And decreasing the amount of time my champion is alive by 10% so I can protect my team more.

As a tank, you should always be in the front of the battle, guarding your squishy teammates. Most new players forget to build magic resist, and usually buy armor and health, or just flat health. Tanks can also deal a lot of damage from base damage.

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The AD Jungler

I go for flat damage to clear the jungle faster. And it's useful for machete!

Armor is useful from keeping yourself from getting executed! You know it's pretty noob if you die first!

I have 3 attack speed glyphs so that my attack speed is not insanely slow (I won't have to rely on 0.5 attacks per second..).
I also have some magic resist because AP Junglers will have some difficulty killing you and you probably have life steal to avoid death.

I add flat attack speed to jungle clearing and add life steal for those junglers who don't start off with life steal or shields. The armor penetration will also help against tank junglers who try to take advantage of counter jungling!

I go 21-0-9 taking damage in offense and some cool down to help champions like Udyr, Kha'Zix, or Lee Sin. I add movement speed for roaming and increased cool down and increased times on buffs.

AD junglers clear the jungle fast, and they have really decent ganks which involve crowd control. But it's really important to gank when a lane is being pushed!

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For marks I take flat health since I need to tank damage that my ADC might take, the smallest of health is important!

The smallest boost of gold will help for buying wards, and finishing your support build. Also great for rushing items that give gold.

Since all supports are ability power, this will help for healing, shielding, or increasing damage output. Items like Kage's Lucky Pick should be enough AP for you to last through a game.

I have gold per 10 because I am not supposed to be farming minions or kills (if this is happening, then you're bad...). I need to get myself ahead of the other support to control vision on the map.

I go 0-5-25, taking increased health for tanking skill shots for carries, and a small point of magic resist for other supports. I also put decreased cool down and increased mana regeneration, gold per 10, and movement speed.

Honestly support is a role no one wants to pick. I think it's a very fun role to choose, and the amount of assists you get start to build up on your summoner profile quickly. Also, you can usually get your build done fastest through gold items!

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Thank you for reading!

Just to mention again, this is my first post. Thank you for taking the time to look through this guide! Since I'm pretty noob around here, I'd like if you put some feedback in the discussion.

But don't put anything toxic.


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