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Build Guide by pro in elo hell

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pro in elo hell

AD Ahri

pro in elo hell Last updated on December 15, 2011
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I know it looks bad

but im lazy and dont want to try and make it look pretty . there is some damn good information in here if you care about doing well as a ranged carry in general, be it ashe trist caitlyn.

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Start with Dorans Blade
go back and get Dorans Blade and Boots
Rush a BF Sword
depending if you are doing well or not here are 3 different situations
doing bad: rush swiftboots after d blades
doing ok: Get a BF and a ZEAL
Doing great: GO Straight for the Infinity Edge baby.
next get a vampiric scepter
get phantom dancer
get black cleaver
get starks
get banshees
(ur 6 slots are full)
end game these are slots. Banshees veil, Swift boots, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Black Cleaver, Stark's Fervor.
You will destroy anything with this build; however, you will be squishy as F*** so do not initiate EVER.

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Rune Choice

These runes are used by Reginald. I see him as being one of the best ranged ad players I have seen. They have shown themselves to be great since ive used them.

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But, Ahri is a Caster.......

I made this guide because at present there are no guides explaining Ahri's potential for ranged ad dps. She has a long range at 550. She is the best chaser in the game. Her spells scale very poorly with AP. They do however have a high base damage. All of this adds up to an AD carry that can trade with any of the top tiers.

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abilities explained

AD Ahri needs mainly her E to kite hard. This spell must be maxed first. 2 full seconds of an enemy walking toward u slowly, fully disabled??That is more than enough time to crit anyone's face off. THAT IS SKARNER'S ULT MINUS THE RISK. Next max Q for true damage. You will not need to use this spell unless u are in a tiff with an enemy champion or want to deal a finishing blow. Her W kind of sucks so max it last but take a rank in it early.

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I just tried this build and went 16 4 8.

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Get 2 AD Quints.
1 Armor pen quint
Full armor pen marks
3 AS seals
6 AD seals
9 AS glyphs

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masterys standard ranged ad 21 0 9 making sure to grab the extra damage to minions as it helps with the farm

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Summoner Spells

flash exhaust

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Unique Skills

Ahri's ult enables chasing on a new level. Combined with flash you will be able to catch elusive escapers such as lee sin or tristana. 4 dashes. I do not believe in over explaining how to play the game.

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Make sure to last hit only. Ahri is best played with a support that can set up a quick charm. Taric and Ali are recommended.

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Pros / Cons

pros: Mobile and able to get around battlefield very well
Good escapee.

cons: Ap ratios are poor (part of the reason she is best played ad)
Easily stunned and gibbed before the fight starts.

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Team Work

Do not Do not Do not initiate anything. Come in late after for example annie has already thrown tibbers down. Come in after veigar wasted his ult on your alistar. Come in late clean up and take the tower. THAT IS THE JOB OF THE CARRY.

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Skill Sequence

R, E, Q, W