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Twisted Fate Build Guide by bob13318

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bob13318

AD TF viable

bob13318 Last updated on April 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my ad twisted fate guide, before I start explaining how I play this champion, I will start off by saying if you are looking for some crazy OP hypercarry, you won't wanna play twisted fate. Twisted fate is not as bad as everyone thinks he is, he is fun and brings some unique utility to the table, like being able to teleport to split push, revealing the entire map, being able to stun your enemys for 2 seconds on a 4 second cool down. Why I play twisted fate is because I would rather carry as a hard to master UP champ like twisted fate then some easy to play OP champ like graves or kog maw(not saying they are OP but they are just much easier to master). The way i play him is like any other AD carry really, get damage critical chance, attack speed and just kill people.

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Pros & Cons

- very good stun
- good damage
- passive gives team a gold advantage
- entire map CV with ult

- squishy
- ultimate's teleport is a pretty bad range thanks to a nerf he received a while ago
- Q is practically useless on AD twisted fate
- can have a hard laning phase
- his damage is good, but not great compared to other carries
- countered by thornmail(like any other carry)

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Armor seals are standard, I like flat magic resist glyphs you can take per level if you like do what ever you want. I use armor penetration marks and quints, why I use a 31 armor penetration page? because late game it won't matter at all that you have an extra 15 ad, the penetration scales pretty well into late game. So ya this is a pretty standard AD carry page. If you want last hitting to be easier you may take flat attack damage quints and marks, these will have little to no impact on your late game but can help you last hit if it is not your strongest point, you may also take a mix of flat AD and armor pen, I don't know, what ever suits you.

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Item Build

I have found this item build works well, its pretty much a standard AD carry build, I just threw a trinity force in because I love that item. I prefer to start with doran blade, you can also start with boots. I like rushing infinite edge maybe a vampiric scepter in between but my end game build is what is above, but late game i sell doran blade cause it obviously isn't a great end game item. Trinity force is nice because you can proc. sheen effect a lot with your W and end game with your Q. I don't see much else i need to explain in the items, they are pretty self explanatory. Another point is I added last whisper to my build, this isn't always the best item, this is good if they are buying a decent amount of armor(like raduins, thornmail, frozen heart etc.). If your enemy is just building a little armor, like maybe a little from ninja tabi, wriggles lantern, runes, then you should buy black cleaver, it will do better for you if the enemy has under 100 armor. Often in low eloƩnormal games your enemy may not have any armor at all, they might have their base 20-30, and not have champs like rammus or leona that have stats that give them free armor, in this case just bay another damage item, maybe another phantom dancer or blood thirster.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty sure you could have guessed you should max W first, obviously ult when ever you can. If you are new to TF you may max Q first, as AD tf you don't want to do this you will do no damage, E is pretty useful when you build attack speed. Why I don't put point on Q until level 13? well I find this skill useless as ad tf, its just a waste of mana and I don't put a point on it because if I have it I will use it and go oom fast, its kinda a personal thing, if I have a skill I will use it no matter how weak it is, in this case it will kill my mana. You may choose to put a point on it, do as you wish.

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Summoner Spells

I use ghost and exhaust but you can do any thing, personally I hate flash, you may choose to replace one of them with ignite if you like it, maybe teleport to help split push even better, these are a personal preference do what you want. Its pretty common to go flash and exhaust, or flash and ignite, but I prefer these spells.

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Unique Skills

Twisted fate's W is a unique ability there are no abilitys in the game like it. When you press W or click on it, on top of your head three cards will flash, a gold one that stuns, a red one that does AoE damage and slows, and a blue one that refunds mana, you now have to pick the one you want. The trick is to pick the one before it to get the one you want, the order is blue -> red -> gold. When you want gold card you click W again when it is red, if you want red card you click W again when it is blue, if you want blue card click W when the card is gold. Their purposes are gold to stun champions you always pull this when fighting a champion except if your oom, red card is to farm, and blue card is for regenerating mana and it also does the most damage so you can use it to harass and last hit.

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That's my guide, hope it was useful to you. Remember you don't have to do my exact items, you can experiment. And remember twisted fate isn't the best champion and he may not fit everyone's play style.