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League of Legends Build Guide Author itzmebob

AP Katarina

itzmebob Last updated on May 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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I basically only wanted to show my item build, but adding other things is fine too. I am sorry if this guide is not specifically descriptive, but I am a new guide maker. As I said earlier, I only wanted to show my item build, but showing other things that go with it helps.

This guide is also made for killing a lot, so if you do not kill a lot, I suggest you jungle, kill dragon with teammates or gank with teammates. The killing is also in support of Katarina's Passive skill, Verocity (you get 25 gold per kill/assist).

Katarina is also a support character so do not attack first when it is a team fight. You can attack first when it is a gank because it is very doubtful you will die. Because this build centers a lot on attack and not a lot on tanking, or health, you do not attack first.

I also have no idea how to add pictures, so you just have to know the game, masteries, runes,etc... well to understand this guide

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1. Kage's Lucky pick. This item goes first because it gets your champion lots of money and it also gets your champion ability points
2. Ionion boots of speed. CDR is great for someone who does not use mana. Instead of this, you can also get sorcerer's boots
3. Mejai's soulstealer. As an attacker, it is great to use the benefit of killing or assisting the enemy
4. Hextech gunblade. This item seems to be perfect for Katarina, with AD and AP. As soon as you get this item, you can kill the dragon. This item also has spell vamp and lifesteal, unlike guinsoo's rageblade.
5. Rabadon's deathcap. This item gives AP Katarina more AP. This item is great for Katarina because it makes all of her abilities to do a whole lot more magic damage.
6. Void Staff. This item gives AP and Magic penetration which is useful for Katarina

If the game actually lasts longer than getting the last item (which it should or else Katarina will start sucking) then you can upgrade Kage's lucky pick to Deathfire grasp. This item has wasted mana regen though.
If you do not like Deathfire grasp, you can also get Lich Blade but thats not recommended for Katarina. Mana regen and mana is wasted, although you can kill faster.
If your having trouble with physical attackers
If your having trouble with Malhazar
Quicksilver Sash
If your having trouble with magic
Banshee's Veil
If you like AD and AP for Katarina and not Spell vamp and lifesteal
Guinsoo's rageblade
If you like AP and CDR for Katarina. This item has wasted mana regen though.
Morello's evil tome
If you like to use health pots, you can get them, but I personally do not use them for Katarina because her health regen is good, and I dodge others moves pretty easily unless they are undodgeable.

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You can change 2 points of Alacrity to other masteries. Also, the reason most of the points are on attack is because this guide prefers Katarina to be an attacker, so if your getting attacked a lot, YOU SUCK. Katarina is also a supporter. You can also carry the game easily if you are fed though.

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The seal runes, you can change to CDR or Ability Points, either one is fine. All the ability points you can also change to CDR if you are more fond of it.

All of the runes should be focused on magic except for Seal. Seal is not put on magic because it helps against mage or physical attackers. You also want to use runes for what it is best for. Seal is currently good for defense, health, dodge, etc...

For the defensive purposes, I get more armor than magic resist, because most damage on Katarina is from phyiscal attacks.

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Skill Sequence

The point of upgrading knives is basically just so you can farm more easily. You are also a great laner, and the knives are almost as strong as Shunpo. Another point of upgrading knifes a lot is so Katarina can hit the other champion easily. That is also the reason why killer instinct is 5th. While killer instinct is active, the knives do the same amount of damage to each target hit. If the champion is in the back, and it still hits them, the knives will do full damage to the other champion.

Killer instinct is also used with shunpo so that your champion will get 15% less damage from that one champion you have just shunpo'd; therefore, making it easier not to die and to kill the other champion

As usual you get the ultimate as soon as possible.

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This is completely obvious, but just in case your a noob, always use the knife whenever the minion has really low hp and is about to die. You can also spam this move to farm. You can also use Shunpo to farm, when they are low hp and the knives are not ready or can be used for something else within a second, but as soon as you use shunpo, I suggest backing off so range does not hurt you.

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Summoner Spells

I personally like ignite and exhaust because they help the whole attack idea. It also goes with the mastery points.

Others may like:
flash, but shunpo on minions is basicly the same.
Cleanse, if you don't want slow or malzahar's ultimate
Ghost, if you want to run quickly away with low hp
Heal, but Katarina's health regen is godly for some reason

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Pros / Cons


    You are a great Laner
    You are a great Farmer
    You are a harasser, and can slowly hurt the other champion easily while in lanes
    You are a quick killer
    You are a great ganker
    You are squishy
    You are prone to ganks. This usually does not affect your deaths as long as you watch whether the enemies are MIA or if one of your teammates warn you. You are also the ganker, so you usually often hide in the bushes

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Creeping / Jungling

As said in Items, as soon as you get Hextech gunblade, you should kill dragon to get bonus gold for yourself and for your team.
Throughout the game, you should kill any minions.
As soon as you are level 7, you can kill the golem for the blue buff then jungle more to get money. It is important to get the blue buff because Katarina is AP.
As soon as you are level 5, you can go to kill the two weak golems for money

Only killing certain creeps is okay for Katarina, especially for blue buff, red buff, or high amounts of money