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Taric Build Guide by Noxaes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noxaes


Noxaes Last updated on October 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

In which we cover the positives and negatives of Taric himself:
Easy Heal.
Easy Stun.
Not easily killed.
Ridiculous possible ability in lane (Both to keep control of lane and to keep him and his lane partner up and running at max capacity).
Very Possible to melt a good bit of health off his enemy.
Extremely useful Auras.

Slow Attack Speed unless changed otherwise.
Easily one of the first to be overwhelmed in team fights or ganks (At which I personally choose the option of "French Tanking" just to get back and let the DPS and Burst damage people in so I can get busy popping heals and stuns. Ghost is very useful in this regard).
"Focused" For being a ridiculous heal bot and for having an annoying stun
Horribly homosexual looking with Armor of the Fifth Age (or any of them, excluding his initial). Also Black and really Jewish looking. (I'm considering that he may just be Jesus. I mean seriously, just look at him and his power, the similarities are uncanny.)
Needs more awesome/scary looking skins, seriously. He's in Tier Five Paladin armor for Christ's sake. (Comment on if you agree with that, I personally think an Opal, Jet, or Ruby skin would be awesome.)

In which we cover the general ***ests of the build:
This is a build for Taric (He is my main and a personal favorite) I use quite a lot, built from personal experience in keeping up heals, stuns, and Lane Pushes. It works well for me and as long as your lane partner is at least semi-competent, you'll do well. This build is in no way meant to get many kills, but instead, to get assists by your teammates not dying brutal and painful deaths to such champs as Galio, Garen, Cassiopiea, and Malzahar. With this build if used well, you -will- be able to lane to at least level seven, after which, Team Fights, Ganks, and other issues might come up for which you'll need to buy the other Items of the build.

In which we cover how to lane correctly:
You'll want to lane with Semi-Squishy rDPS champs such as Miss Fortune, who's AOE (Make It Rain) attack works well with a well placed Dazzle, Ashe, who's Volley is amazing at close range with Dazzle, and if you're level two when you try it, you'll keep her alive with a quick Imbue. Garen Is another good champ to lane with if you're short on rDPS, his Judgement works amazingly with Dazzle and Shatter, if you're building right, You'll be able to break them down at least a third of health with just Taric's attack by the time shatter is taken. If at least one enemy is Squishy, you'll have absolutely no problem and will probably be keeping your enemies at their tower for most of the game. Sneak attacks are important to this, try to get into second bush, and if you cant do that, Dazzle and run back a small way to establish a good bit of early Lane Control. Bushes are your friends for quick heals or sneak attack. Remember to push as hard as you can whenever you can, the choice of when that is ultimately depends on your thoughts.. Making minion/tower hits will allow you to keep Imbue up for just when you need it since every hit reduces it's cooldown by two seconds. If your Lane Partner needs to go back for any reason, make your way back to tower by using the bushes and pass as many stuns to your enemy as possible to keep your Lane Dominance long enough for them to go and get back. Always, keep your enemy on the run and watch out for ganks if you're doing very well.

In which we cover the correct use of this guide in Team Fights:
The best assets for Team Fights are you're Ultimate, Radiance, and your Shatter's passive Aura. It's an Aura combination that is amazing in Team Fights for it's rapid self heals, increase of attack power, and bonus armor. The Attack Damage/Bonus Armor/Rapid Heal combination is perfect for Team Fights. Keep it up for five to ten seconds and you'll have taken out as many enemies as needed with the combined use of that, Dazzle, and Imbue (Use only as needed; You cant heal everyone, especially not in a hot zone in which everyone is vying for dominance and minion/champ kills. One or two may die depending on ability and health, more if you don't get there on time or in the possible but unlikely event you die) to push your enemies back, at which point you may attempt pushing through to towers. Keep up heals and you'll be fine. Eventually you'll be able to solo turrets, not that you'll want to being a support and considering the high risk of getting ganked.

In Conclusion:
So that's a good support Taric in my opinion. It works for me, my best score being, honestly 5/3/17, worst 2/6/10, both victories. I guarantee nothing but having a good amount of longevity for both you and teammates. Play smart, play well, and I can guarantee very few deaths and very few games ending in defeat. Good Luck, Have fun, and if at first you don't succeed, remember to try, and try again. This build works very well with arranged teams but always remember to play solo games and try it.

Your's from the shadows,